Big Show Explains His Future, Why He's Been Off TV

Big Show hasn't been seen on WWE television since losing to Braun Strowman on the Sept. 4 episode of Monday Night Raw, where he lost a steel cage match. This was done by officials so that Big Show could undergo much-needed hip surgery.

On Tuesday, Show appeared on Busted Open Radio to give an update on his health. He explained that the recovery was stalled because of an infection he suffered from the surgery.

Big Show said that if the infection got any more severe than it already was, he would have required full hip surgery, which would have ended his wrestling career. He also added that he's lost 27 pounds since the new year and has resumed training in the gym.


As for how the rest of his WWE career? Big Show still believes he has plenty to give:

"There's always something to do in our business. I have a lot to contribute. For the younger talent, simple things like in and out of ring etiquette, treating yourself like a brand...Being a WWE superstar is about giving, and I think there's a few guys who get that...

Little things like that are what I still feel like I have to contribute. Also, I'm still having fun. It would be different if I wasn't having fun anymore. I have done everything The Big Show can do personally aside from going out to have fun. I'm not under any pressure other than to go out and have fun. For me, this is the best time of my career. I can go out and interact with my fans."

Vince McMahon has never been shy in letting top talent go, but he obviously feels a lot of loyalty is owed to Big Show. In the midst of Monday Night Wars, Show left WCW (where he competed as 'The Giant'), to join the WWF.

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The Big Show has spent nearly two full decades in the WWE. He's a Grand Slam Champion and won the Andre the Memorial Battle Royal Trophy in 2015. The World's Largest Athlete has been slowed down a bit by injuries and age, but he's still capable of putting on the high quality matches.

Though many fans feel that it's time for Big Show to hang up the boots, the man feels like he has enough to give, so don't be surprised if he's here to stay for the long haul.


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