Blonde Ambition: 15 Female Athletes Who Are "Golden"

Blondes are said to have more fun, although it is hard to say exactly why that is. One thing is for certain though: it's fun to look at them when they are having fun. I guess it's fun to look at them, period. There's just something about that hair colour that brings "fun" to mind. It has the connotations of lightheartedness and summer, brightness, and warmth. A smile surrounded by such brightness is a much needed source of sunshine..

A blonde with a perfect smile and a sporty figure... the three just come perfectly together and connect instantly when you think about it. The world of professional sports is an obvious go-to-place when you're in need of beautiful women with sporty figures, but behind every pretty face here there's a competitive fire which separates them from the rest.

These athletes are about more than being just pretty faces. They will outclass you or any of your friends in their disciplines. Through that they should not only be admired for their physical features, but also respected for their athleticism. They are great at what they do and they also look great while doing it. What more can you ask for?

Here are 15 blonde, beautiful and ambitious athletes that will leave you stunned.

15 Paige VanZant

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The MMA fighter is known more for her looks than her fighting ability, which stands as proof of how beautiful rather than how weak of a fighter she actually is. Paige fought six times for the UFC, earning Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night honours in two of her four wins in the organization. She hasn't entered the Octagon since December 2016 and pulled out of her UFC 216 fight which was supposed to take place this October due to various injuries. Apart from MMA, VanZant appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Chopped. In both reality shows she has reached the finals, finishing as runner-up and winner respectively, which proves that her competitive nature goes well beyond sports.

14 Maria Sharapova

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The doping scandal tarnished her reputation, but it didn't influence her looks. Sugarpova still looks sweet and innocent, even at 6'2". Because of her height, the tall Russian finds dating average men a bit problematic, which sort of explains why she decided to turn her attention to basketball players. She could've picked better than Sasha Vujacic though and she eventually realized that as well.

She's now one of the most controversial figures in world tennis and it will take same time  for her to regain the trust of other players and most of her fans, but we're looking forward - looking being the crucial word here - to seeing her on the tennis courts.

13 Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey is one tough cookie... but don't call her a cookie to her face, because she can easily bash it in with her fists, legs and whatever else she has at her disposal, as she is basically a fighting machine. Rousey remains one of the biggest stars of female MMA despite not fighting for a year. Fortunately she's one of The Four Horsewomen, appearing during WWE events and she's also acting in movies. Beause of this we can still see her on our screens and follow her career. Rousey is the face of female MMA and one of the biggest names in the UFC. Many fans cannot wait to see what she will do next, be it in UFC or for WWE.

12 Blair O'Neal

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Professional golfing is probably one of the last disciplines that comes to mind when thinking about beautiful athletes. Since the universe loves balance it seems that for every John Daly out there, there's a Blair O'Neal. Born in Macomb, Illinois, O'Neal took the golf world by storm, albeit mostly because of her good looks. Torn between golfing and modelling, she eventually turned to the latter, as her golfing career was cut short by an injury. She managed to win the golfing reality show The Big Break Dominican Republic before retiring from the sport. While it is unfortunate her career didn't last longer, we could not be happier with the career she chose to pursue instead.

11 Lauren Sesselman

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The Canadian soccer player started as a forward, but decided that she's much better on defence and enjoyed the most success playing at that position. Throughout her career she has collected 46 caps for Canada, even though she's been a citizen of the country only since 2010. She acquired the citizenship through her Canadian-born father. She was the starter on the 2012 Canadian team that won bronze at the Olympics. Now she's a fitness trainer with her own line named Fit As A Pro. One must admire her success. One thing is for sure, I would go to the gym more often if she was my trainer!

10 Caroline Wozniacki

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Wozniacki has been a top tennis player for so long that it's easy to overlook the fact that she's just 27. Being a pro since 2005, she has never won a Grand Slam tournament despite making the US Open final two times. Even without the title she finished in the top ten of the ATP ranking from 2009 to 2014. It seems that this year she might finish there as well - she's currently sixth - after a longer hiatus. As for her dating history, she's been engaged to Rory McIlroy, and is currently dating NBA power forward David Lee. She's known for her sense of humour and easy-going attitude, and she's friends with most of her competitors, including Agnieszka Radwanska and Serena Williams.

9 Lindsey Vonn

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The American skier and Olympic gold medalist has an impeccable work ethic, as she trains up to eight hours a day to stay in shape. Despite that enormous commitment to her craft, she's also quite a gossip-column filler as well, as she's been seen dating Tiger Woods and J.J. Watt. This shouldn't come as a surprise - Vonn is one of the most beautiful athletes in the world and even made Maxim's 100 Hot List. With such looks, media attention is inevitable, regardless of one's professional achievements. It is unfair that her personal life sometimes overshadows her athleticism, but there is no denying she is incredible in every way.

8 Gabrielle Reece

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She might be retired for some time now, but former volleyball star Gabrielle Reece still looks stunning. In 1989 Elle named her one of the five most beautiful women in the world, while in 2001 she appeared on the cover of Playboy. The fact that these two were 12 years apart is already a statement of the longevity of her beauty. Judging by the recent pictures posted on her website, she could still make that cover without any preparation, despite giving birth to two beautiful daughters some years ago. This example just proves that real beauty can stand the test of time.

7 Brittany Jackson

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One of the most prominent three-point shooters in the history of the University of Tennessee and Albert Haynesworth's ex-girlfriend/baby mama, Jackson is now involved in an ugly media brake-up with the former NFL player. This involves accusations of racism and physical abuse. Her professional basketball CV doesn't look as good as she does, yet she still managed to play in Turkey, Poland and the NWBL. She failed to realize her WNBA dream, but she seems over it now. She runs a basketball academy for boys and girls, as well as appearing on NBA TV and ESPNU as an expert.

6 Penny Taylor

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Another basketball player on this list, Penny Taylor enjoyed a very successful basketball career both in the United States and internationally. She played in the WNBA for 13 seasons, won three championships and was selected to the All-Star Team three times as well. She also has two Olympic and three World Championships medals. On top of her incredible international achievements, she is also stunning! The Australian now works for the Phoenix Mercury and is happily married to former teammate (and now employee) Diana Taurasi. The two married in May this year. On top of being beautiful and talented, she is also clearly happy.

5 Silje Norendal

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The multiple X Games gold medalist has over 300k followers on Instagram and she didn't earn them just because of her snowboarding achievements. The Norwegian didn't win a medal in Sochi, but she's still just 24 years old and has some time to make up for it. As proven by her popularity, she's appreciated for more than her hard work and she appears in many articles that have highlighted her good looks. But remember, she's also a great competitor. She is so good at what she does that she has earned sponsorships from Rockstar and Under Armour. In her case it seems she's rich, beautiful and talented. Truly the perfect combination!

4 Eugenie Bouchard

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The 2013 WTA Newcomer of the Year and 2014 WTA Most Improved Player, Bouchard is next to Milos Raonic the best Canadian tennis player ever. She's been to the final of a Grand Slam tournament just once, but remember, she's just 23 years old and still has a lot of time to improve. She's also the first Canadian-born player to do so. Apart from her impressive tennis skills, Bouchard is known for her beautiful body, which she put on (almost) full display in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Although her tennis career has taken a dive recently, she is always the centre of media attention and definitely has a long modelling career ahead of her.

3 Anouk Hoogendijk

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Would you believe that this Dutch soccer star is in her thirties? It's not polite to mention a lady's age, but in this case I think we can skip the etiquette. The defensive player made over a hundred appearances for the Netherlands National Soccer Team and played for Utrecht and Ajax. Her spell at Arsenal lasted just one season and she appeared only in three games due to injuries, which is a shame, because she could've gotten more exposure in England. Still, there's no denying her charm and beauty. Despite playing in a physically demanding sport, she hasn't aged a bit!

2 Laura Dijkema

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The two-time silver medalist of the European Championships has played volleyball in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and now Italy. Her current team, Igor Gorgonzola Novara, are the reigning national champions. During the 2017 European Championships the Dutch international was named the Best Setter. Her great game got her team to the final, where she once again failed to win the big one. But that's OK, she's a winner in our hearts. She definitely has us thinking about the beach, although we wouldn't want to start a pickup game with her unless we were ready to be humiliated!

1 Darya Klishina

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A long jumper since she was 13, Klishina amassed quite a collection of medals during her career and as she's just 26 it seems that more are still to come. This year she won the silver medal during the World Championships in London. She competed as an Authorized Neutral Athlete, which was a consequence of the doping scandal in Russia. In the Olympics in 2016 she was the only Russian track and field athlete allowed to take part in the competition, because she was living in the USA and was subject to the international doping testing. Her lack of participation would be unfair, because she's innocent. But we already knew that when taking one look at her face, right?

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