I will admit it. I love my smartphone and I take it with me everywhere. But when I play sports even I put my phone away. Well, I guess boxer Marvin Jones loves his phone even more than I love mine, because this dude put the phone in his boxing trunks before heading into the ring for a fight.

I guess given the rule of no hitting below the belt, he figured the phone would be safe. And I guess it was, until that embarrassing moment when it fell out of his trunks and onto the mat causing the referee to stop the bout while the phone was picked up and given to Jones’ corner.

I know the image is a little blurry, but is that a flip phone with an antenna? I think it is. You know what? Maybe Jones was actually boxing back in 2005 and was sucked into some kind of space/time continuum that landed him in the ring here in 2015.

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