ESPN Sportscaster Loses Her Mind on Camera!!

Today we bring you the latest episode of Mean Girls: Tow Low Throw Downs (not a bad idea to pitch to TLC).

Britt McHenry is the blonde beauty you all know and love from your friendly neighborhood sports media behemoth ESPN, but as is generally the case with media members, you never really see what they're like in emotional moments outside of the arena of sport.

We caught a glimpse of the young lady's "real life" this week as McHenry had something of a run-in with a tow lot attendant after her car ended up there, and was caught on camera while lashing out viciously at the attendant she was seen dealing with.

McHenry was suspended one week by ESPN for the incident - did you really keep they'd keep off the air for longer than that?

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ESPN Sportscaster Loses Her Mind on Camera!!