Bro Code Breakers: 20 Athletes Who Destroyed A Teammate's Relationship

For someone who doesn’t follow sports, a team and its players might seem like nothing more than a bunch of coworkers who get together in order to get a job done every week. Nevertheless, if you are someone who follows sports, or better yet, someone who has practice team sports at some point in their life, you know that the truth is very far from that. In reality, the group of guys or gals who form a team is nothing short of a brotherhood. You spend so much time together with these fellas that you unavoidably become family. And like in every other family, there are those who fight among themselves, but at the end of the day, you all need to come together in order to get the job done. The problem here is that sometimes even within those families there are people who cross boundaries that should never be crossed.

We are talking about relationship boundaries. While the brotherhood of teammates is something sacred, it might just not be as holy as the bond of family. Yes, all of these guys spend a lot of time together during the season, but they all have families and loved ones they should deeply care for. The ones who don’t have kids yet may have girlfriends and people they spend a lot of their time with. So you can imagine what the biggest treachery could be among these groups of guys. And we are not going to sugarcoat any of that around here, so be ready to meet 20 of the most despicable guys in all of sports, as we show you 20 athletes who allegedly destroyed a teammates' relationship. We should point out these were not all proven, but long suspected by many.

20 Derek Fisher Flirting With Tim Hardaway Jr.'s GF

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The NBA is filled with guys who ruined a teammate’s relationship, and one of the people who did it more than once was Derek Fisher. From the outside, Fisher might look like one of the most upstanding individuals in the basketball world. He was the head of the Players Association for a long time. Fisher represented his colleagues in all of their work issues and stuff like that. Meanwhile, he was also no stranger to having affairs with his teammates’ girls.

This first one is an extra level of treachery because he was actually a coach when the rumors started going around that Fisher was getting frisky with Tim Hardaway Jr.’s girlfriend. So yes, this is a coach allegedly sleeping with a player’s wife. Imagine how that locker room turned out after this came out.

19 Was Lucky Whitehead The Reason For Zeke's Domestic Violence Allegations?

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Ezekiel Elliott is going through a bunch of stuff this season. The Dallas Cowboys’ running back is serving a six-game suspension for a domestic abuse. No one seems to have any doubt that he did it, and he doesn’t really seem that keen on fighting against it, as he finally gave up on appealing and chose to serve his suspension this year, rather than keep pushing it back to next year. What many people didn’t know until now was that, apparently, Elliott said that he had good reason to smack his woman.

And while we believe there is no reason to assault another human being, the argument Elliott made is quite disturbing. Apparently, his girlfriend was having an affair with one of his teammates, Lucky Whitehead. Not only that but she apparently also taunted Elliott about the affair through text messages.

18 John Terry Hooks Up With Wayne Bridge's Wife, Gets Her Pregnant

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In the world of soccer, no extramarital affair ever became as notorious as the case of John Terry sleeping with Wayne Bridge’s wife. The two of them were teammates in the English National Team, and they were getting ready to play the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Before the tournament, however, word came out that Terry had been sleeping with his teammate’s wife behind his back.

As you could probably imagine, it was impossible for the coach to manage keeping both of them on the team after that, and ultimately cut Bridge from the national squad because Terry was the captain. But the cheating might not even be the harshest reality of this extramarital affair, as apparently Terry had impregnated Bridge’s girl and forced her to have an abortion.

17 Dany Heatley With Jason Spezza's Fiancée?

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Dany Heatley is not one of those talents you see coming out of the NHL draft every year. No, this guy was quite special, and he went on to prove it throughout his lengthy NHL career. He played for five different teams between 2001 and 2015 and had quite the stat line by the time he retired. Heatley played in a total of 869 games, scoring 372 goals as well as 419 assists. The guy was a two-time All-Star, and perhaps one of the great German players ever.

On the other hand, Heatley might not have been the greatest of teammates. Just ask Jason Spezza. It takes guts and a very low bar for ethics to sleep with a teammate’s girlfriend, but to do with a teammate’s fiancée? Yeah, that takes something else.

16 Shaq Spills The Beans On D-Wade's Affairs

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Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest basketball players ever to live, but he might not be one of the smartest when it comes to keeping things on the down low. Don’t get us wrong, in terms of IQ and being book smart, Shaq is one of the brightest guys ever to enter the league. But this one email exchange between him and a journalist named Allison Samuels made people question how street-smart Shaq actually was.

The journalist was supposedly trying to connect Shaq with some love prospects when she brought up the actress, Lauren London. For better or for worse, Shaq was kind of being a nice guy to his teammate when he said he wouldn’t do that because London was actually Dwyane Wade’s girl. The problem is that Wade was a married guy at the time and this was how his extramarital affairs came to light.

15 D’Angelo Russell Records Nick Young's Confession

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Social media has come to stay, but unfortunately for a few guys, it can be quite the damning medium of communication. Just ask D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young about their experience with social media and how that can ruin someone’s relationship. You probably all remember this one since it became an instant classic when it happened.

Nick Young was dating the famous singer Iggy Azalea, and their relationship seemed to be quite nice, as they made the covers of magazines everywhere you looked. However, that all ended rather quickly when Russell filmed Young bragging about his extramarital conquests and supposedly leaked to the video afterward.

Yeah, this really happened. We don’t know what would be a more dirtbag move than this one. Needless to say, Russell became a pariah in the Lakers locker room and eventually was traded.

14 Paul Terry's Affair Leads Dale Roberts To A VERY Dark Place

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We talked about his brother John, but it was Paul Terry who had the worst experience in ruining a teammate’s relationship. At the end of the day, sleeping with someone’s wife is always emotionally damning, and it should always be bad. But when Paul Terry slept with his teammate Dale Roberts’s wife, things went from bad to worse in a blink of an eye. While Terry was a more experienced player, Roberts was just a young goalkeeper fighting for a first-team spot.

That all ended when the affair between Paul and his wife became public news. It is sad that, because of the shame and the publicity that his disgrace attained, Roberts could not hold it in anymore and ultimately took his own life. So yeah, John Terry might have cost a teammate a spot in a World Cup roster, but Paul Terry cost someone his life.

13 Brendan Shanahan Steals His Teammates's Wife And Starts A Life With Her

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Let’s travel a couple of decades back in time, so we can remember a little bit about the victorious career of Brendan Shanahan. For those who are not that familiar with hockey, Shanahan was one of the great left-wingers of his time. The guy is a Hall of Famer, he won the Stanley Cup three times and was also a three-time All-Star. Yeah, that is a resume that most hockey players in the world today would be extremely jealous of. And still, Shanahan might not have been the most upstanding guy in the locker room.

Not only did he sleep with one of his teammate’s wife, he literally stole her. Yeah, after having an affair with Craig Janney’s wife, Shanahan fell in love with the woman, married her, and the two of them had three children.

12 Colin Kaepernick's Past Isn't So Squeaky Clean

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Colin Kaepernick is a guy who should be admired for taking a stand (or a knee) for something that he believes in. The guy has become a symbol of the movement of African-Americans demanding equal rights across North America, and that is a long due protest.

Nevertheless, a man’s good deeds should never erase the dirtbag moments he had during his past. And believe it or not, Kaepernick was very far from being a squeaky-clean individual in the locker room when it comes to respecting his teammates’ relationships. Don't you believe it? Well, all you need to remember is how right before he started the whole kneeling protest, he got in a fight at training camp with Aldon Smith because Kaepernick was the guy who stole Smith’s girlfriend Nessa Diab, whom Kaep is still dating.

11 Derek Fisher Swoops In On Gloria Govan

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We already told you that Derek Fisher would be featured more than once on this list, and the second time around might be even more disturbing than the time when he allegedly had an affair with one of his players' girlfriends. This was a way more publicized ordeal because even the police had to get involved in the love triangle fiasco that involved Fisher, Matt Barnes, and Gloria Govan.

The story here is that Barnes and Gloria had been in a long-term relationship until she met Fisher. And in what seemed like a classic Hollywood movie trope, which is very fitting since they all live in Los Angeles, Gloria had an affair with Fisher and ultimately left Barnes and started dating the point guard turned coach. This all culminated in an incident where Barnes drove to Gloria’s house when he got tipped that Fisher was there, and went on to beat up the former Lakers great.

10 Brett Favre Ruins A Fellow Employee's Work Environment

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Brett Favre is one of those guys who tried to stretch his career a little bit further than he should have. The reason we think that Favre actually went playing longer than he should is because the latter years of his career served for nothing but to taint his legacy. And while he still produced some okay numbers on the field, it was outside of it that Favre took the biggest hits to his otherwise squeaky-clean Hall of Fame career.

He didn’t exactly ruin a teammate’s relationship, but what he did was so bad that it kind of ruined his own relationship with his family and with the franchise he was playing for. This happened when he joined the New York Jets. Instead of being the upstanding Brett Favre everyone knew and loved, he went on to allegedly text pictures of his junk to the Jets' gameday host, Jenn Sterger.

9 The Real Reason Tyler Seguin Was Traded?

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Being an up-and-coming young player in the NHL cannot be something easy for a guy to handle. Sure, there are all the perks that come along with it, like hundreds if not thousands of women throwing themselves at you every night you go out to a club. But, as impossible as it might seem, some of these guys appear to get tired of that rather quickly. We say that because there are a few players who instead of settling for the beautiful girls who throw themselves at them, decide to pursue married women.

In the worst of cases, those married women are actually married to their veteran teammates. That was the case a few years back in Boston when young Tyler Seguin decided that the women of New England were not good enough for him, and he set his sights on Nathan Horton’s wife. Seguin would be traded in the summer of 2013 amid character concerns and some have theorized it was due to the alleged affair.

8 Tony Parker Cheats On Eva Longoria With Brent Barry's Wife

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Tony Parker seems like one of the most loyal guys in the NBA. After all, this is a man who played for only one team throughout his entire career. The guy is revered in San Antonio as he helped bring multiple championships to the city. Now, we will have to get into the question of whether or not those are enough to erase the dirt in Parker’s past. And no matter how you spin it, nothing is going to erase the ghost of what he did to Brent Barry.

Barry was also a key guy in some of the Spurs' championships, as his three-point shooting was second to none. None of that, however, stopped Parker from allegedly sleeping with Barry’s wife, Erin. The funny fact here is that Parker was also married, and the affair led to a pair of divorces.

7 Thibaut Courtois Is Used By Teammate's Wife For Spite

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If we had to give any advice for an up-and-coming soccer player, it would be to become extra-aware of their loved ones if they were ever called up to a national team. Seriously, while there were many cases of soccer players sleeping with her teammates’ wives at the club level, the number of guys who slept with the wives of national team teammates is just ridiculous.

This one happened in Belgium, where two of the best players in the world got involved in dirty affairs. First, Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne cheated on his girlfriend, which is no big news in the world of soccer. However, the way the girlfriend managed to get back at him was by sleeping with his teammate; goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

6 Did Jason Richardson Father Steve Nash's Kid?

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Welcome to one of the most mysterious affairs in the history of basketball. The Phoenix Suns during the Steve Nash era were some of the greatest run and gun teams the NBA has ever seen. But that was not the only thing the Suns were good at during that period. The guys in Phoenix were also pretty good at causing controversy. And no controversy at the time was as big as who was the father of Steve Nash’s kid.

This all started when Nash immediately divorced his ex-wife after the birth of their kid. Then the rumors started flying about that they divorced because the child was actually mixed race, which left the public guessing as to whom the actual father was. The two big names that came out were Jason Richardson and Leandro Barbosa.

5 Paul George

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For the good part of a decade, Paul George was the king of Indiana. The guy was the face of the Pacers, and if there were something you shouldn’t do during that time, it would be to cross Paul George if you wanted to be successful. When the Pacers started struggling, however, since no one would point the finger at George, the load went to Lance Stephenson, who was heavily blamed for how bad their team was playing.

And that is how, at some point, Stephenson cracked and lashed out. What he said, however, would go on to become NBA folklore, as Stephenson allegedly yelled: “Y’all need to look at Roy’s ass, he’s been off ever since he found out PG was f****** his b****.”

Thus was born the legend of how Paul George allegedly slept with Roy Hibbert’s girl.

4 Jaromir Jagr Caught Red-Handed, Doesn't Seem To Mind

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They say that the hardest thing about becoming a professional is not getting there, but maintaining your status in the league. That seems to be true since we have seen tons of players coming through the draft of the major professional leagues, who despite being able to get into the league, are not able to stay there long enough. That was not a problem for Jaromir Jagr. The guy is so good that at 45 years old, he is still skating and playing.

But during his almost three decades of being a professional, Jagr has hit some bumps on the road. The biggest one of those, however, happened somewhat recently. The 40-something Jagr allegedly had an affair with an 18-year-old girlfriend of a Czech junior player. The funny thing here is that she apparently even tried to blackmail him, but Jagr gave zero f**** about it.

3 Mauro Icardi Steals Maxi Lopez's Wife

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The last soccer player on our list, Mauro Icardi falls into the realm of players who destroyed a teammate’s relationship but ended up making something out of it. That is because Icardi is one of those few guys who not only slept with one of their teammates’ wives but actually went on to steal her.

A young Argentinian striker trying to make a living in Italy, Icardi seemed to be somewhat close with his compatriot Maxi Lopez, something that is not hard to see in the world of soccer where players have to leave their countries at a rather young age. The thing is that Icardi didn’t only get close to Lopez for advice, but also to get to know his teammate’s wife a little better.

It all ended in Icardi having an affair with Lopez’s wife and ultimately marrying her.

2 Shaq Strikes Again

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In the first entry we wrote about Shaquille O’Neal, he was actually trying to be a nice guy and defend his teammate. This, however, is on the complete opposite side. Here we have an instance in which Shaq actually slept with a colleague’s wife, or soon-to-be wife, as he got frisky with Gilbert Arenas’ fiancé.

This is quite the interesting case because, at first, Arenas didn’t really believe the reports when they came out saying that Shaq had been sending some rather graphic messages to his fiancée. Nevertheless, it was when Laura Govan decided to tell the world that Arenas had given her an STD that the point guard decided to start fighting back. Not only did he file a defamation suit against his former fiancée, but he also told everyone that he believed she got the STD from Shaq.

1 Kobe Bryant Snitches On Shaq

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The Gilbert Arenas incident was what ultimately led to the end of Shaq’s marriage, but it was far from being the first hint of him having extramarital affairs. Since one of the first indications came from Los Angeles, it is not hard to guess that Kobe Bryant was the primary culprit behind the end of Shaq’s relationship.

It is no secret that Kobe and Shaq did not like each other, but still, what Kobe did to his center was far from what you would expect of a teammate. It was while Kobe was being accused of rape in the early 2000s that he ratted Shaq out in order to save his own ass. Kobe allegedly told the police that Shaq either paid off the women he had affairs with or even went as far as giving them cars and other presents to keep them quiet.

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