Canada's 10 Steamiest Sportscasters And America's Top 10: Which Country Wins?

Not that I’m clued up on the stats, but it’s fair to assume that nowadays, more people than ever before are watching sports. America and Canada are two sports-mad nations anyway, so people belonging to these nations don’t need much encouragement to tune in and witness a sporting event. But now, even those who weren’t previously into sports, find themselves turning on the TV when it’s game time. That’s because shows and broadcasting networks know how to entice people in, know how to boost their ratings. Even if the sport might not be a great spectacle, might be rather mundane, people still tune in, because very often there’s something else worth watching. I’m talking about sportscasters.

Sultry female sportscasters have become common place on sports shows, and we as sporting fans love it. They don’t act as distractions from the main event, rather they enhance the show with their beauty and sporting knowledge. That really is the ultimate combination for many guys. But which nation has the more attractive sportscasters? Canada or America? There are real beauties in both. It’s going to be a hard decision, but we’ll help you make up your mind. Here are the 10 steamiest sportscasters in Canada and the 10 most beautiful in America. Which country wins? You decide.

20 CANADA: Sophia Jurksztowski

Since she was a young girl, Sophia had one ambition, and that was to make it on Hockey Night in Canada. She used to watch all sorts of sports with her parents when she was a kid and wanted to get involved. Low and behold she’s achieved that goal. The Sportsnet babe has also branched out, and is now sportscasting on a range of different sports. She has many different TV segments, does videos, and has become a firm fan favorite. She’s not just a fan favorite because she knows her sports. Sophia’s acquired quite a following partially because of her looks. She’s beautiful and possesses one hell of a physique, which she showcases regularly on her social media channel. Sophia’s basking in the limelight, and we as fans hope she continues to do so.

19 AMERICA: Leeann Tweeden

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Don’t think for one moment that sportscasting is a young woman’s game. Leeann Tweeden is flying the flag for those in their 40s, but you certainly wouldn’t know it. She’s 44, but possesses a body to die for, and is just sizzling hot from top to toe. It won’t surprise too many of you to learn that she’s balanced her sportscasting career with a career in modeling. A lot of people would know Leeann solely for her modeling credentials, but she’s made great strides as a sportscaster over the years too. She’s currently hosting a radio show, but I think we can all agree, hers is a face that’s not suited to radio. We’re all looking forward to the time she gets back in front of the TV, gets back to sportscasting full time.

18 CANADA: Renee Young

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While she's billed as Renee Young now due to her being under contract with WWE, prior to her stint with the company, Renee was up north on TheScore, known to Canadian viewers as Renee Paquette, her actual name. Since her arrival into WWE, Renee has caught quite a bit of attention from WWE fans for her deep knowledge of wrestling, as well as the fact that she's gorgeous. She's gotten quite a decent following in mainstream media thanks to her appearances on E!'s Total Divas. Her career's progressed quite a bit and one has to wonder if Renee would ever consider a move into mainstream sports to take the next step in her sportscasting career.

17 AMERICA: Holly Sonders

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There’s little wonder that an increasing number of people have taken to watching women’s golf. If there are beauties like Holly Sonders on show, even the old-fashioned golfing purists are going to be tuning in to watch the LPGA. Holly Sonders is no longer on the golfing circuit, not in a playing capacity anyway. It’s a smart move. Why battle on the golf course when you can earn what we’re assuming is decent money, stand out and become a major personality in the game on TV? Holly Sonders was just made for TV, and her sportscasting has no doubt attracted a whole load of new fans to the women’s game.

Unsurprisingly the Golf Channel sportscaster is also a model, and she frequently wows her fans by posting steamy pics of herself on social media, partaking in some sultry modeling shoot or other.

16 CANADA: Alyonka Larionov

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Alyonka Larionov probably isn’t the most well-known sportscaster on this list. But that doesn’t matter – popularity in terms of what networks they work for, which sports they cover and the frequency of their appearances on TV aren’t criterion for this list. This article is about steamy sportscasters, and bearing that in mind, Canada’s Alyonka Larionov certainly fits the bill. She works for TSN, mainly doing features on social media related to the NHL, but she also occasionally appears on TV, doing the odd show and getting the odd sportscasting gig. It’s actually pretty staggering that she hasn’t done more work on TV. The camera loves her and so do her fans. She’s the daughter of Russian sports agent and former ice hockey player, Igor Larionov, so sports and a love for ice hockey in particular definitely stayed in the family.

15 AMERICA: Samantha Ponder

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A lot of American sports fans rate Samantha Ponder to be second only to Erin Andrews. Samantha is regarded to be one of the best sportscasters around. That’s because she knows her stuff, and is of course sizzling hot. She started off working for Liberty Flames, then Fox Sports, and eventually ESPN where her fan following grew exponentially, when she replaced the main women herself, Erin Andrews. People didn’t mind the replacement, and Samantha soon became a regular. Todays, she’s not just a sportscaster, but her popularity has meant that she’s become an all-round TV personality. People just can’t enough of Samantha; luckily, we get to see plenty of her on TV, but she obliges by posting a ton of saucy pics on Instagram too.

14 CANADA: Jackie Redmond

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It was always going to be a tough job for whoever was replacing Renee Paquette on The Score (now rebranded Sportsnet 360). Jackie Redmond has done a phenomenal job since Renee took up the opportunity with WWE, Redmond has hosted WWE Aftermath, a post RAW and SmackDown show on the Canadian network. She's also hosted Sportsnet Central and Misplays/Plays of the Month. Redmond first got her start with Sportsnet after winning the network's show Drafted which was essentially a talent search show for Canada's next top sportscaster. It seems the show was a success for the channel, because it helped them discover one of their brightest stars.

13 AMERICA: Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson – here’s another blonde bombshell on this list. If you didn’t know Charissa was a sportscaster, you’d think that she was a model. She has done plenty of modeling gigs over the years, has taken part in some spectacular shoots, but most people associate Charissa with sports, specifically the Fox Sports Network. When she’s doing her sportscasting duties, she really does light up the screen. You can’t help but watch, be transfixed by her beauty. She’s had that effect on sports fans for around a decade now, and thankfully she’s still going strong. Charissa is rated as being one of the hottest sportscasters around – feast your eyes on some of her raunchy pics and it’s clear to see why. She’s got the body, the beauty, the charm appeal – she really does possess the entire package, making her the ideal sportscaster.

12 CANADA: Evanka Osmak

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And the blondes just keep on coming. This time it’s a blonde babe from Canada you get to salivate over. Evanka may be blonde but she’s certainly not your stereotypical sportscaster. It’s something she just fell into. She got her civil engineering degree, but then decided to switch careers and made a go of things at sportscasting. It was a great decision because it’s proven to have been a success. She’s done some sportscasting work in Canada, then moved to The States, but is now back home working on all manner of things, as a broadcaster on radio and as a sportscaster. You wouldn’t say that Evanka is your raunchy, model-like sportscaster. That’s in no way doing her a disservice. She’s still a steamy sportscaster, in an adorable, cute kind of way.

11 AMERICA: Erin Sharoni

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Now this woman certainly does look like a model, and she has had a fair few modeling gigs in her time. Before embarking on a career as a sportscaster, Erin was a model and took part in many national ad campaigns. That’s what initially got her noticed - someone saw her strutting her stuff and felt that they just had to get her on board. She currently does segments for Sportsnet, and she’s branched out into other forms of broadcasting too. She’s also a writer and does some editorial work. Amazingly – something you wouldn’t think by looking at Erin – she’s a tech freak and a serious science geek. Erin loves to get her geek on - she’s certainly one of the hottest geeks I’ve ever seen!

10 CANADA: Jennifer Hedger

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Jennifer Hedger has been in the public eye since the late 90s. Looking at her, it seems inconceivable that she could have been around for that long. But yes, Jennifer is 42 years old and has spent the majority of her adult life in the limelight. It’s something we’re certainly thankful for because Jennifer is certainly one of Canada’s steamiest sportscasters. She started off sportscasting for the Ontario Hockey League, then branched out into other things, becoming not just your run-of-the-mill sportscaster, but a TV personality in the process. She’s rated by many esteemed publications, to be one of the hottest women on television, not just Canadian TV, but on television full stop. She’s certainly one of the hottest sportscasters in the world, and looks stunning for a 42-year-old.

9 AMERICA: Laura Rutledge

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Boy has Laura Rutledge’s career progressed massively since her modeling days. Just five years ago, Laura was known for being crowned Miss Florida 2012. That’s a pretty massive achievement and led to her face being picked up by various organizations. Plenty of doors opened for Laura, and she’s gone through them, making the most of her opportunities. What a lot of people didn’t know is that she’s actually got a degree in journalism. Beauty as well as brains and the perfect combination for a sportscasting role, for a career on TV. She’s done just that and has worked for Fox and is currently with ESPN. She still models too, and regularly posts steamy snaps on Instagram. What is there not to love about Laura Rutledge?

8 CANADA: Tessa Bonhomme

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If we were doing an article on the hottest hockey players of all time, Tessa Bonhomme would certainly feature on that list. She’s been voted, by many esteemed publications, as being one of the hottest hockey players around. During her playing days, Tessa tasted plenty of success and made quite a name for herself. She’s since thought about the next stage of her career and has transitioned into sportscasting. It’s only natural that she’d do so. She has pedigree in the world of hockey, is knowledgeable about the game, and is drop-dead gorgeous, has a face that’s perfect for TV. She made the choice and there was no shortage of networks eager to get her on board. Tessa is currently with TSN's SportsCentre, but has made numerous other TV appearances over the years too.

7 AMERICA: Michelle Beisner

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At the age of 41, Michelle Beisner is a veteran of the sportscasting game. She’s been in the business for many years, wowing TV audiences with her demeanor, look, just the package she brings to our screens, but for some reason she probably still isn’t thought about as being one of the best sportscasters out there. Look through her résumé and it seems inconceivable that that would be the case. She’s done a lot of work for the likes of the NFL Network and for ESPN, but she’s still not regarded as being one of the best. But Michelle’s certainly on people’s lists when it comes to the hottest sportscasters though. She’s absolutely stunning and the camera just loves her. She’s even featured in a few movies, has done some film and other TV work.

6 CANADA: Andi Petrillo

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Andi Petrillo always wanted to work in TV, and from a relatively young age, did everything possible to try and make it happen. She did voluntary work at her local TV stations to build up experience, then she began getting odd jobs on set with the production team, and then finally she was given her opportunity to appear on TV. Things progressed, she got other opportunities, then she found her niche in the world of sports and has stuck to sportscasting ever since. Andi made history when she became the first woman on the Hockey Night in Canada show. She’s smart, witty and vivacious – a pocket rocket who’s just a bundle of energy and eager for success. Oh, and not forgetting the fact that she’s beautiful too, without a doubt one of Canada’s hottest sportscasters.

5 AMERICA: Rebecca Grant

The beautiful face of Rebecca Grant has been around since the late 90s. She’s pretty much done everything a person can do in front of the camera. That’s why she’s known to a wide array of audiences and she’s got over 51k Instagram followers – that may not sound like a lot compared to someone like Erin Andrews, but that’s still a considerable number of followers. Rebecca started out on TV as a sportscaster, working on the Empire Sports Network. She’s done work for ESPN and Fox Sports too. But a whole lot of people know Rebecca Grant because of her prowess as an actress. She’s starred in a number of TV shows and films, and has also had a considerable amount of success as a model. Rebecca’s done a bit of everything; luckily for us she’s done some sportscasting so we can include her on this list.

4 CANADA: Carly Agro

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As a youngster, Carly Agro was obsessed about soccer. She was putting things in place in order to make her dream of becoming a soccer star a reality. But things didn’t quite work out as planned and her passion changed. She got a soccer scholarship, but then fell in love with the broadcasting side of things. The sportscasting gigs just kept coming, and Carly travelled all over the place, covering different sports across Canada for different networks. She’s now with Sporstnet Central and is one their main attractions. She still plays sports too. When she’s not chatting about sports, she’s playing some sport or other – she’s just a sports nut. Carly’s also got a twin sister, Charlsie, who’s just as gorgeous and is also a broadcaster, is a regular on TV.


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Molly Qerim has been in the sportscasting came for around a decade now, and over the years she’s established herself as a firm fan favorite. She’s one of the hottest sportscasters around and has done work for all of the top networks, including the NFL Network, and currently for ESPN. She knows her sports, is glamourous, beautiful and has a body to die for. It’s no surprise she’s become one of the most popular sportscasters around. She’s certainly one of the steamiest. It’s pretty much a certainly that many people tune in to her show on ESPN just to soak in the eye candy that is Molly Qerim. Fans can also get their fill on Instagram, as her 213k followers do day in and day out.

2 CANADA: Natasha Staniszewski

Natasha Staniszewski made the transition from athlete to sportscasting, and it’s proven to be a very wise decision. She was winning numerous accolades in basketball and volleyball in high school, and it seemed inevitable that she’d pursue one sport later on. But nope, Natasha’s an academic and chose instead to pursue a degree, first in business, then in broadcasting. She began working for CICC-TV, moving around to wherever the job took her. Natasha is currently a regular on TSN where she sportscasts and anchors. She’s been with TSN for quite a while now, and it’s no surprise that they wanted to keep her on. Natasha’s gorgeous in every sense of the word, looks radiant and a million bucks on screen. She’s without doubt one of Canada’s steamiest sportscasters.



Putting Erin Andrews at the helm of this list was a no-brainer. There are plenty of steamy sportscasters belonging to both nations, but Erin tops the list in terms of her all-round popularity, beauty, and pedigree as a sportscaster. She’s arguably the hottest, most beloved sportscaster on the planet, not just in America. Erin’s pretty much done everything there is to do in the sportscasting game. She’s currently with Fox NFL, but has done a ton of other stuff over the years. Due to her vivacious, bubbly, vibrant personality, her charm appeal, she’s also become a TV personality, loved by not only sports lovers, but by pretty much everyone who has a TV set. The 39-year-old beauty is certainly flying the flag for America when it comes to sportscasting, and for sportscasters full stop.

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