15 Canadian Athletes That'll Make You Change Passports

Whether they are members of the Canadian 2018 Winter Olympic team or the 2020 Summer Olympic hopefuls or a professional in their own respective field of play, the fact is, Canada has been producing some of the best looking female athletes that the sports world has ever seen. And they look pretty damn good doing it at the same time. Let's face it, for the longest time, Americans have dominated the sports media in some fashion or another, but over the last few years, Canadians have started to make the world take notice of their athletes for one reason or another.

Let's not take anything away from athletes from around the world, heck we embrace them for everything that they are, but there is something unique about these Canadian cuties that draw you into them. Sure for a good chunk of the year Canada is dealing with either snow or rain and therefore many of the country's most beautiful athletes are bundled up in oversized sweaters and parkas, but hey if anyone can make those look great, no doubt a Canadian will. As we appreciate and salute everything that these fifteen beautiful women have done for their sport of choice, we equally thank them for looking so darn good and likely, make those from other countries change passports.

15 Tessa Virtue

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Talk about being put in the ultimate of all friend-zones. Imagine being with a work partner as steamy as Virtue for nearly 20 years and not be her boyfriend/husband. Crazy right? Now for all we know, Scott Moir and his 28 year old skating partner could have hooked up on the down-low a few times, but somehow in the day and age of TMZ and social media, they managed to keep that affair secret, so maybe it just didn't happen. Poor guy.

As the duo has collected more gold medals that they probably know what to do with, including multiple Olympic, World, Grand Prix and Canadian Championships, their success has propelled Virtue into the pop culture spotlight. As with other figure skaters, Viture has the style, grace and elegance often associated with her sport, but she also carries a steaminess factor that has placed her on this list. But let's not think that all figure skating moves aren't risque as within the last month, the duo was was told that their Moulin Rouge inspired piece was a little too steamy for the IOC. Imagine 50 Shades of Grey on ice...

14 Sage Watson

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In 2016, the Alberta 400 meter specialist fell just short of claiming an Olympic medal, as Watson found herself in the fourth place of the 4x400 Canadian hurdle team. At just 23 years old, a spot on the 2020 Olympic team is still something that is well within reach for the former University of Arizona Wildcat, as is the elusive place on the podium.

When you think of running and jumping (as Watson competes in sprints, long distance running and hurdle events) you think of strong, well defined legs, glutes and abs. Watson has the trifecta. When you know that the difference between having a medal draped around your neck is less than one second, the focus and dedication to be part of the Tokyo Games has been on Watson's mind ever since the end of her time in Rio.

13 Lauren Sesselmann

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After the defender finished her career at Purdue and played for a handful of WPS and W-League teams, she used her pops maple syrup heritage to help her obtain a Canadian citizenship. With a number of appearances at various national level events including the 2012 Olympics and the 2015 World Cup, at 37 years old it looks as though her career with the Canadian national team has come to an end.

However, after taking a self-imposed sabbatical from the professional ranks, Sesselmann has signed on to play with the Santa Clara Blue Heat of the United Women's Soccer League. When she isn't on the pitch, as you can see by some of her Instagram posts, Sesselmann takes great care of her body and could have a future in modeling.

12 Adriana Leon

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She may have played the majority of her professional soccer career in the United States, but that's only because the major league soccer program for ladies in Canada are unfortunately operating on a smaller scale than it is across the border. But that doesn't stop the 25 year old Ontario forward from returning back home to rock the red and white kit of the Canadian Women's team.

For those that happen to check out Leon's social media accounts, you will see the amount of hard work that is required to be one of the best players in Canada as she captures a number of her gym workouts and on-field training sessions. We are also lucky enough to be exposed to some very steamy pics of Leon enjoying a rare moment or two of downtime at the beach.

11 Kirsten Moore-Towers 

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When you define figure skating, steamy isn't usually a word that comes into play. Beautiful, elegant, graceful, angelic are more descriptive words that may describe the lovely (see there is another one) ladies that don the glitter and ruffles that are a figure skaters outfit.

As a member of Team Canada's pair skating duo with current partner Michael Marinaro (professionally, not romantically), Moore-Towers isn't the most well known member of the Canadian figure skating crew (at least to the general population of sports watchers). However, with her silver medal at the 2014 Sochi games and hopes for a strong performance in the 2018 games, Moore-Towers may soon find herself a household name. While the 25 year old appears to be soft spoken, there is also a steamy side to her as evident by the photo-shoot for Sportsnet Magazine Beauty Of Sport issue a couple of years ago. Who says figure skaters can't have a wild side?

10 Kaetlyn Osmond

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The beautiful 22 year old Kaetlyn Osmond can expect her name to enjoy a surge as a recent gold medalist at the 2018 Winter Games. Osmond took home the honors in the figure skating team event as Canada dominated the field. It was a tremendous moment for the youngster winning her first ever Olympic gold medal, a moment she’ll never forget that’s for sure – she won silver during the 2014 Olympic Games at Sochi in the team event.

Along with the gold medal, Osmond is quite the stunner to look at, her face is all over Canadian tabloids nowadays which has only enhanced her popularity. She’s got near 50 K followers and we can expect her to surpass the mark once the games are over with.

9 Kaylyn Kyle

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If you don't know Kyle for her role as part of Team Canada's midfield, you may be familiar with her absolutely stunning Instagram pics, especially the ones of her well toned and tanned body in a white swimsuit, be it a one piece or bikini. Although soccer shorts don't do her body justice, they did allow us to catch a glimpse of her powerful long legs.

Sadly, it seems as though her professional and international career in football has come to an end as she retired from Team Canada in 2017 and was released by the Orlando Pride of the NSWL after a decade of playing for various professional clubs. Considering she is only 29 years old, Kyle could probably still hold her own on the field, but she has decided to pass on her knowledge and experience to the next generation of Canadian female soccer stars.

8 Gabrielle Daleman

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There is something completely captivating and steamy about Gabby's eyes that draw your attention, big and bright enough to take away from the 2018 Olympic gold medal that hangs from around her neck. At just 20 years old, the Toronto native has had a whirlwind 2017-18 season capturing the trifecta of medals, starting with a silver at the 2017 Four Continents Championships, then a bronze at the World Championships and then most recently helping Team Canada to first place podium at the PyeongChang games.

Now if you happen to check out her Instagram, there aren't any steamy pics, but the off the shoulder look gives you that sort of teasing feeling, but then when you see her six pack and her well toned biceps, they kinda make you take a safe step back and just appreciate her eyes once again.

7 Sarah Nurse

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The Nurse family may be the next big name in sports when it comes to national pride in Canada. Kia, is a two-time national hoops champion with the UConn Huskies and Darnell is a member of the young (and underachieving) Edmonton Oilers defensive unit. While she may not have the following that her cousins have, Sarah has carved her own path when it comes down to being one of the best athletes that Canada has to offer.

While the feisty forward has been known to light the lamp during her time with the Wisconsin Badgers, Nurse has proven that while she has the finesse to put the biscuit in the basket, she isn't afraid to mix it up along the boards at the same time. As a key member of the gold medal favorite Team Canada, look for Nurse to get plenty of camera time. While it is hard to come across an edgy photo of the 23 year old Hamilton native, it is very easy to get lost in her big bright eyes.

6 Justine Dufour-Lapointe

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Dufour turned into a household name last Olympic Games when she stood on the podium with a gold medal around her neck - making things that much better, she stood alongside her sister on the podium as they captured both gold and silver. This year, Dufour once again lived up the expectations placing second in the moguls event and capturing another medal, this time, silver. Like the other Olympians on the list, her name is all over the tabloids nowadays and we can expect that to continue.

You can really see her beauty via Instagram with near 60K followers - you would think she was a model given some of the pictures on the profile. Still only 23, it’s remarkable that the beauty is already a two-time Olympic medalist.

5 Mellisa Hollingsworth 

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You know that Hot/Crazy Matrix video that came out a few years back. We aren't calling Hollingsworth crazy per se, but you have to have a certain level of craziness in order to bomb down an icy track at breakneck speed on a tiny little sled head first. Hell, some people are afraid to toboggan down a little bunny hill.

Now, lets either forget or applaud the fact that Hollingsworth is 37 years old and the elder-states-woman on this list, she is still able to hold her own against the other fourteen ladies at this party. As a multi-sport athlete growing up, the 2006 bronze medalist may have halted some of her steamier photos due to her role as a real estate agent and family member, but that doesn't mean that there aren't smoking photos of the Alberta native rocking a very revealing white one piece swimsuit. For those that may be a little more conservative, a simple pic of her in Canadian gear can captivate your attention for hours.

4 Jennifer Abel 

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Let's be honest, not a lot of people watch diving. Sure, on the rare occasion you might be channel surfing in between commercials or when there isn't anything really on and stop to watch these athletes fling themselves off of various heights and contort their bodies in multiple different ways while bombing through the air into an awaiting pool of water below, but few of us race home or PVR a diving event.

However, if for anything else other than a shallow reason, the 26 year old Canadian Olympic diver, both individual and synchronized, gives us one reason to tune in. Considering that her sport requires a powerful lower body for explosiveness, it is no wonder that Abel's legs and booty are among the top for Canadian athletes. And while we can certainly appreciate a well put together body in a variety of swimsuits, be it her competitive one piece or eye opening bikini pics, there is something steamy about Abel rocking her diving attire in an Instagram posts.

3 Taylor Pischke

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When you think of Canada, beach volleyball is one of the last things that come to mind. Taylor is trying her best to help change that stereotype. While most sports fans in the great white north relate better to hockey, curling, skiing and basically any other sport that doesn't include a beach, the 24 year old basically came out of the womb with a volleyball in her hand as both her father and mother played a major role in the sport for Canada.

Although a major championship has eluded the Winnipeg native, she has still gathered quite a following of supporters despite changing partners last summer. With the Tokyo Olympics still two years away, Taylor has some time to polish her game in hopes of representing the maple leaf in Japan. Considering the popularity that the beach game had in Rio, catching Pischcke diving around the sand in a skimpy bikini is a high probability.

2 Robin Bone

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If you were to ask any guy to name a female pole vaulter, most would scratch their heads and look at you with a puzzled stare. If you are a lucky a few might answer Allison Stokke, but she is American so she doesn't count (at least on this list). Canadian's have a pole vaulter of our own that can give Stokke a run for her money, both on and off the field. Prior to taking up a sport that she propels herself through the air with a stick over a bar and onto a foam pit below, the Toronto native was a next level gymnast who turned an unfortunate accident into a complete positive.

After suffering a career ending concussion as a teenager, Bone swapped her gymnastics leotard in for a pole, a pair of shorts, a sports bra, track shoes and a helmet. Yes, the only way that the 24 year old beauty could participate in the pole vault was if she wore a helmet for protection. Most would think that would take away from her stunning good looks, but Bone found a way to turn a negative into a positive as one of the steamiest helmet wearing pole vaulters the sport has ever seen.

1 Eugenie Bouchard 

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In Canada, Bouchard for whatever reason has hit iconic status that was once reserved for people that you can identify by just a single name. When talking sports, when you mention Crosby or McDavid, people automatically know who you are talking about. With Bouchard, you just have to say the name "Genie" and people clue in.

The problem is, for the most part when talked about recently, it has more to do with her off-court life than anything positive on the court. After her one year rocket ride to the 2014 Wimbledon finals, her tennis career hasn't really lived up to the expectations. Oh well, neither did Anna Kournikova and she's doing just fine. Now as for beautiful photos, well there seem to be far more of those floating around than W's as of late. Take your choice from a buffet of evening gown, yoga pants, bikini, skimpy tennis outfits, they're all there. Sure her professional career may be on a roller coaster ride, but her personal life seems to be doing just fine.

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