The Celtics Are A Strong Team With Terrible Chemistry

The Boston Celtics have been going through some hard times. While the team is filled with talented players, their chemistry just isn't where it needs to be.

It's no secret that the Celtics' offense just isn't what it used to be. According to Sportsnet, the team's offense is 24th-ranked. This isn't good when compared to their defense, which is apparently top quality.

So, they clearly need to up their game for the offense area if they want to see some more success on the court. They've got some players who just don't have their head in the game.  Al Horford is one good example of this; he's supposed to be a veteran player, but he is still managing to put out some of the worst offensive numbers he's ever provided. However, he isn't the only player that doesn't seem to be feeling the game at the moment. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kyrie Irving, Terry Rozier, and Gordon Hayward are all capable players, so long as they're armed with the ball. When they don't have the ball, they seem out of place as they come off as not knowing the entire support aspect of the game. This isn't a bad thing but having many guys who are like this can result in bad chemistry and that's what we're seeing with the Celtics.

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The Celtics have got the talent. All these guys are very good players but they just haven't found their place. It seems like the team needs to do some experimentation with who works well together, and once that's done, they'll be able to determine how to create their plays based on skills and experience. This is something that could give them a far better chance at winning when compared to their contemporary style.

What this means for the team as a whole is that if they want success, they need to take the time work on themselves. They've got everything they need to destroy those who come in contact with them but aren't doing so as they can't seem to trust each other to do a good enough job on the court.

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