Check Out This Awesome 3-Year-Old Kid Playing Snooker

Irish 3-year-old Adam Wynne can barely see over the snooker table, but that doesn't seem to stop him from sinking balls with ease.

This video, that his father filmed, of him playing snooker has gone viral and there is no way you can watch it without being thoroughly impressed as the kid sinks ball after ball after ball from all angles. One of the cutest parts is when he pulls out a little step stool so he can get up a little higher for one shot.

Adam has been playing snooker since he was 1-year-old and in the video he is aged 2-3 and "never having been trained" according to the YouTube description. And what is really great to see is just how much fun he looks to be having.

I'm sure I would have more fun playing pool/snooker if I could shoot like this kid.

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