Chris Jericho Calls Kenny Omega A 15-Year Overnight Sensation

During a post-Double or Nothing media scrum, Chris Jericho called Kenny Omega a 15-year overnight sensation and is glad he's able to create awareness and bring attention to how good Omega is.

Jericho competed against Omega in the main event of AEW's first-ever pay-per-view, Double or Nothing. In a wild contest that showed Jericho may be older, but still has the goods to headline a huge show, the match ended in a Jericho victory, but his celebration was spoiled by the debut of Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose).

Jericho spoke with the media afterward and when asked about how he thought his match came off, what it feels like to be part of AEW and what's next for himself, Jericho wasn't shy about giving praise to his fellow AEW performers.

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Jericho called his match a brawl that was meant to be a different style than the match that they followed. Part of the success of that match goes to Omega who Jericho is honored to be able to work with and is happy to shine a light on for fans who don't know him yet.

Jericho called AEW the place that's right for him currently because he can help get eyeballs on the product. For fans looking for an alternative to WWE, they may see Jericho's name and go, 'oh hey, we should check that out.' When they do, they'll see how great Omega is. And, for that matter, they'll also see how great some of the other performers are they've never heard of.

Jericho says he was able to bring awareness to Omega in Japan and is doing the same here and now people are starting to see just how incredible Omega is, and has been, for a long time.

What This Means

Jericho was in character most of the weekend of Double or Nothing, but this interview was one of the rare moments he broke kayfabe to talk honestly about AEW, his role and more.

With the event now completed and in the books, it will be hard to imagine Jericho needs to give Omega a boost in exposure any longer.

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