Christmas Abbott: 15 Steamy Pictures Of The Baddest Woman In Fitness

Anyone who sees her now will find it difficult to believe that 35-year-old Christmas Abbott wasn’t always a fitness fanatic. In fact, as a young woman, she smoked, drank, and even dabbled in drugs. When describing herself, Abbott stated in the Charlotte Observer, “Physically, I was almost like a shell of a person,” Abbott says. “I was about 95 pounds. You could see all of the bones in my chest. People thought that I had an eating disorder, but it was just from lifestyle choices and malnourishment. ... It’s funny because I look back at some of those pictures and I’m like, ‘Wow.’ I just want to feed me and hug me.”

These days the fitness guru is 5-foot-3-inches of solid muscle. While she is arguably best known for being a CrossFit athlete, Abbott has several other impressive credentials to add to her resume. The muscular motivator is also an author, reality star, and was even worked for a NASCAR pit crew.

Abbott is an excellent example of a person who turned her life around and went on have a great deal of success. Moreover, the tattooed model is also one the most attractive women in CrossFit.

However, there is no reason to take my work word, instead, take look at these 15 smoking hot photos and see for yourself.

15 Over The Shoulder

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The fitness queen shows off her muscular back as she gazes over her shoulder in this photo. This image also allows fans to see many of the tattoos that have helped make her famous, up close. Also, working out with s 35-pound dumbbell is pretty impressive for someone who’s body weight ranges from 115 to 125, as is the case with Abbott. Folks who love women that lift will certainly appreciate this pic.

Fun Fact: One of Christmas Abbott’s most notable tattoos is the gun on the gun on her hip. Apparently, the gun is meant to symbolize the time she spent in Iraq. When she was just 22 years of age, the future CrossFit competitor followed her mother, who was a general contractor, to Iraq and spent four years there.

14 Black And White

via Popular-World.com

This artistic black and white photo allows Christmas Abbott to show off her modeling chops a bit. With her tight pants and stylish heels, the bestselling author gives new meaning to the word seductive. The photo doesn’t need any color in order to highlight Abbott’s impressive physique.

Fun Fact: Abbott made NASCAR history by becoming the first female member of a pit crew. She was hired as a tire changer by racer Michael Waltrip. Interestingly enough, she was hired just three days after another woman, Danica Patrick, made racing history by becoming the first female to win the pole in a Cup series race. Moreover, much like Patrick, Abbott also received as much (if not more) notoriety for her appearance as opposed to her accomplishment on the track.

13 Bikini Fun

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The reality star looks like she is ready for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with this stunning photo. The tiger print bikini helps to demonstrate the benefits of spending countless hours in the gym. The animal print makes Abbott look as though she is ready to reign as queen of the jungle in this fun beachside photo. The reality star may not have the eye of the tiger, but with this animal print swimsuit, she definitely had the eye of any male beachgoers in the vicinity that day.

Fun Fact: Christmas Abbott has had some impressive physical accomplishments over the course of her career. For example, she has been able to deadlift 255 pounds. If you are keeping score at home, 255 pounds is over twice her body weight (125 pounds).

12 The Window

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Christmas Abbott appears to be enjoying a moment of contemplation as she stares out the window, while posing in this revealing outfit. The fitness champ looks like she could curl a refrigerator with the impressive arms, that are on full display in this photo. While saying “strong is the new sexy” is becoming something of a cliché, it definitely applies to this particular photograph.

Fun Fact: Back in 2012, Abbott took part in a steamy photo shoot for the popular tattoo magazine, Inked. When asked about posing in a magazines like Inked in revealing attire, Abbott was quoted by the Charlotte Observer as stating, “Look, I know that there’s a lot of pictures out there of me half-naked or implied nude, but that’s just because I love my body, and I’m proud of it, and I worked hard for it.”

11 Rock-ing Out

via BeautyMuscle.net

It’s fair to say that this is one photo of Christmas Abbott that really rocks. This image shows the fitness sensation carrying what looks like a small boulder on her shoulder, with relative ease. The female powerhouse proudly displays her shoulder muscles for her fans, in a photo that can only be described as impressive. Only Abbott could make a weightlifting belt look this good.

Fun Fact: Fan’s of reality television know that Abbott was featured on the 19th season of CBS reality television show, Big Brother. Unfortunately, she ended up breaking her foot very early on in the season, which ultimately required surgery. However, despite her injury, Abbott was able to persevere and ended by making into the final three that season, becoming the last member of the jury.

10 Laugh A Little

This lovely Instagram post shows Abbott enjoying some coffee in little more than a light coat, after her season of the reality show Big Brother had concluded. The caption below the post sums up her mood nicely, “Sometimes you have to laugh a little at yourself and other times you have to laugh a lot! The first week outside of the house has been both beautiful and grueling. I’m enjoying a lot of down “Christmas” time and finding my feet on the ground again. I was so overwhelmed when I first exited the house. It felt like I was in a dazed daydream. “ There may be some folks who feel like they are in a “dazed daydream” after seeing this photo.

Fun Fact: Christmas Abbott was born on December 20, 1981, thus making her a Sagittarius.

9 Strike A Pose

The reality television personality steals the show, yet again, with another gorgeous Instagram post. This time she poses in a floral one-piece for Dave Laus Photography. Based on her comments in the caption, it sounds like the modeling gig was a positive experience. Abbott states, “This is experience was nothing short of AMAZING. There are so many things I’m thankful for, so many things I’ve learned about myself and others and so much love I feel from all the #bb19 fans and the #badassbody community. “ With over 27,000 likes on Instagram, it would appear that she is getting plenty of love for this particular post.

Fun Fact: Christmas Abbott not only enjoys working out; she also owns her very own CrossFit gym, which she opened back in 2007.

8 Happy Friday

Christmas Abbott looks like she’s ready to go out to sea, in her one-piece bathing suit and classic white Captain’s hat. Those who follow the popular fitness guru on Instagram know that she likes to post inspirational messages on social media. In this instance, her caption reads, “ Life is all about BALANCE. Living a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a social life can be a struggle. Embrace the Journey, the balancing act, & the good and the bad days. If you don’t accept that the occasional “slip up” is part of your overall healthy lifestyle, you’ll drive yourself absolutely crazy, and your efforts will end up back-firing.”This sounds like pretty good advice.

Fun Fact: Abbott has a large following on social media. In fact, she currently has over 650,000 followers on Instagram alone.


via soapoperaspy.com

In this photo, we can see that Abbott doesn’t need to be wearing a bathing suit or skimpy attire in order to look amazing. The healthy lifestyle advocate looks incredible in this casual, yet stylish, gray dress. The outfit serves to highlight the Big Brother star’s hourglass figure as she smiles playfully for the camera. The CrossFit legend looks every bit the VIP in this breathtaking red carpet photograph.

Fun Fact: In order to stay fit, Christmas Abbott follows a very strict diet. Her first meal consists of a protein shake with almond milk, berries, and almond butter blended together. After her pre-workout, at around 9:30 AM, she eats three strips of bacon, eggs, an apple, some almond butter, with  water to wash it down. It sounds like quite the healthy breakfast.

6 Short Skirt

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Christmas Abbott shows off her toned legs in this short dress. This is a rare photo that shows what the reality television sensation looks like with the majority of her tattoos covered. As we can see from this image, Abbott looks amazing both with and without her tats on display. While the dress may be a little short; Abbott herself never comes up short, when it comes to delivering a great photo for her loyal fan base.

Fun Fact: Abbott usually enjoys lunch between 12 and 1 PM. The meal often consists of meatloaf a vegetable medley and half an avocado. She will eat again, around 3:30, and indulge in some more meatloaf, an orange, and the other half of the avocado from earlier.

5 The Jump Rope

The fitness competitors show us her flawless frame in a pair of short shorts, while posing with a black jump rope. Of course, Christmas Abbott would not simply post a gorgeous photo on Instagram without having a motivational caption to go along with it. In this instance Abbott says (or types), “Redefine whats comfortable. It’s so much easier to follow the path of least resistance and just keep doing what you’ve been doing all along. A single decision to change will bring a cascade of success.” Apparently, after seeing images like this one, it's clear that Abbott has been making an excellent decision when it comes to health and fitness.

Fun Fact: After her 4:45 PM Pre-workout, Abbott often enjoys a protein shake with coconut water before dinner. Protein, which helps build muscle, is a major part of many fitness diets.

4 Grenade

In this Instagram post, Abbott asked her followers if (the object in the picture) is an “Easter egg or grenade?” While it’s difficult to tell for sure, one thing is for certain in regards to this photo; Christmas Abbott’s abs look ready to explode off the page. Over 13,000 of her Instagram follower seem to agree that this photo is da bomb. The Big Brother star looks totally ripped in this form-fitting workout attire. While playing with a grenade is generally ill-advised, the fitness star seems to be able to look good, whatever she does.

Fun Fact: Abbott usually has dinner around 7:30 PM. Her meal often includes food like pork loin, bacon, apples, sweet potatoes and even more avocado. Surprisingly, this isn’t even her last meal of the day in most cases.

3 Eye Of The Tiger

If one could earn a Ph.D. in looking awesome in swimsuits, then it’s fair to say that Christmas Abbott would already be a doctor. The animal print bathing suit helps the reality star show us her wild side. She also provides her Instagram followers with some good advice, “Make this your motto: I am an unstoppable warrior who is strong & fearless. I live with courage & compassion in my heart. I wear my confidence like a shield to deflect all negativity. I am powerful & proud of who I am and what I do. I wake up each day positive & ready to take on the day ahead because I am on to achieve my goals and nothing & no one can stop me.”

Fun Fact: Christmas Abbott can Clean and Jerk 170 pounds.

2 Baywatch

In this Instagram post, Christmas Abbott announces she is going to try her hand at acting. From the looks of things in this pic, she may be auditioning for another Baywatch movie. If she is thinking about going the Baywatch route, she is definitely in shape for the part. This pic, which was taken for Fitness Girls, has Abbott looking almost as good as former Baywatch star Pam Anderson in her prime. The tiny gym owner would make a great addition to David Hasselhoff's lifeguard team.

Fun Fact: It was at the age of 22 that Abbott decided to give up drugs and alcohol for good. She took advantage of the time she spent in Iraq and used that as an opportunity to turn her life around.

1 Pushup Time

via si.com

It’s hard to believe that all that muscle can be packed into a 5-foot-3 frame. Speaking of which, if short girls are your thing, then check out, Short And Sweet: The 15 Steamiest Female Athletes Under 5-Foot-3; you will be glad you did. In this image, we see Abbott doing some pushups in her extremely figure flattering work out attire. Seeing this world-class athlete in action is a real treat for fitness fans everywhere.

Fun Fact: In 2015, Abbott released her popular book, The Badass Body Diet: The Breakthrough Diet and Workout for a Tight Booty, Sexy Abs, and Lean Legs. The title does a very nice job in explaining what the book is about. Moreover, judging by the shape she’s in, Christmas Abbott definitely knows what she’s talking about.

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