How Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

There aren't many people giving Conor McGregor a snowball's chance in hell of walking out of the superfight against Floyd Mayweather with a victory. After all, Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer in history, and McGregor is not a professional boxer fighting in a professional boxing match.Mayweather's 49-0 record in professional boxing matches versus 0-0 (McGregor) does not instill a lot of confidence for McGregor fans, but it hasn't stopped people from believing there is a way for McGregor to win. In fact, there might be five ways.

There are a handful of areas where the UFC lightweight champ has the advantage over Mayweather. Are they enough to decide a victory in the Irishman's favor? Oddsmakers don't think so, but Complex Sports believes McGregor has a fighters chance. But does he?

It turns out, the fight may not be as one-sided as its being made out to be, and the UFC fighter does have some advantages over the veteran boxer. Here are five ways that McGregor could, in fact, pull off the upset of all upsets and leave T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as a winner.


5. Size

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The size mismatch in this contest has to be accounted for. While in non-fight standards having a one-inch height advantage isn't a big deal, in boxing it's significant. Also, McGregor may come in at almost 15-pounds heavier a weight than Mayweather by the time this fight actually takes place. If McGregor gets to stay in close on Mayweather, this advantage could pay dividends.

Will McGregor's size be intimidating? Will the fact that he's going to look physically bigger and stronger weigh on Mayweather's mind? Many don't think so, but stranger things have happened.

4. Age

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Mayweather is 40 years old. McGregor is 29 years old. Does this matter?

Mayweather's fighting style is one that is designed to last over a longer period of time, but he's been fighting this style for 21 years. McGregor's in his prime. It doesn't mean that an 80% Mayweather can't beat McGregor anyway, but it McGregor's age can help him go the distance without getting as worn down.

How quickly will Mayweather get tired, and how long can McGregor go without breaking a sweat? Mayweather won't be as fast as he once was. He's still in great shape, but not the same shape he was in his prime. “This is not the elite Floyd Mayweather,” says ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas.

3. Ring Rust

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He took the fight on relatively short notice, and it's been over two years since Mayweather last boxed in a big ticket event (Sept. 12, 2015 when he took on Andre Bertohat). This will be the longest layoff he's ever faced. Meanwhile, it's been well under a year for McGregor. What happens if Mayweather isn't quite as sharp as he used to be? Is that enough to give McGregor the opening he needs to shock some people?

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2. Desire

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No one is giving McGregor a chance—maybe even Mayweather. If Mayweather is looking at this like it's going to be an easy payday, then what? Sure, he might win anyway, but perhaps he overlooks his opponent and McGregor surprises him. In a match like this, it could be that simple.

So too, some people view this as McGregor having a lot more to lose than Mayweather. Regardless of who wins, Mayweather will have made his millions and in a gimmick fight like this, that might be all that matters.

1. McGregor Called It

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Sure, every fighter says they're going to win. What kind of fighter would you be if you didn't believe in your own ability? But, there's something uncanny—almost creepy—about the accuracy of McGregor's predictions.

He detailed his fights with Diego Brandao, Chad Mendes, and Jose Aldo before they even happened. In some cases, to the second. After doing that, if McGregor says he can beat Mayweather inside of four rounds, who are we not to believe him?


Obviously, many of these advantages might not matter when the night of the fight comes around, but maybe these factors can be the difference between a win and a loss for McGregor. Do you think McGregor stands a chance? Let us know!

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