15 Of The Most Cringeworthy Athlete DMs

Athletes have always had it easy when it comes to picking up women. Just imagine if you lived in New York; what would be the easiest way to go into a bar and come out with the most beautiful woman in there? You just have to be a New York Yankee. If you don’t believe it, just ask any single New Yorker who was inside a bar when someone from the Yankees walked in. There are just some things regular folk cannot compete against. That being said, even though some of them have a certain ease to play the game, athletes are also trying to integrate their game to the social media spectrum.

That seems like a match made in heaven, right? If you are an athlete you don’t even have to go to the bar anymore, just use your verified Twitter account to see who is up to do whatever whenever you head into a new town for a game. Well, it turns out that reality is not as simple as the theory. As much as we are sure some women look forward and even instigate athletes to slide into their DMs, there are also those who are in it to cause controversy. The amount of cheating scandals in the sports world is something ridiculous, but these days an athlete doesn’t even need to physically cheat in order to get heat for something like this. All they need is one little mistake on Twitter or Instagram and someone who is willing to screenshot it and post it for the whole world to see.


15 Classic J.R.

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What do you say we start this list off strong? Is there any better way to start a list of athletes doing something shameful than putting J.R. Smith right at the top? No, there isn’t. And for all the weird and unpleasant things J.R. has done through the years, this might have just been the worst.

We cannot even start to comprehend how many messages NBA players get on their DMs every day from thirsty fans. But knowing how to react to them is a part of the job. Some guys just don’t respond, but others, like our good friend J.R., just reply with: “you trying to get the pipe?”

The best part of it all is that once people found out the girl was a high school senior, J.R. tried to do damage control and fake as if that was his way of starting a Twitter hashtag.

14 That Italian Flavor

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One of the most common movie tropes in the romance industry is that Italian men are men of passion. But some guys take that to a whole new level. For example, Marco Belinelli seemed to be one of the guys who would be the quiet one in the locker room, have a happy family and stay with his wife forever. But one little DM was all it took for everyone to see the truth behind they good guy face Marco had.

The Italian marksman was having a great year in 2013, and it seemed like he was eager to spread the wealth. Unfortunately for him, he decided to take a rather graphic route to allure a particular young lady. That young lady decided to show the world what that route was.

13 Troy Aikman

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You know, this is one of those things that just makes us sad. It is not like Troy Aikman meant to get caught trying to slide into someone’s DMs, but what seems to have happened is that his age kind of got in the way of what he was trying to do. This is clearly an issue of old people trying to make good use of social media and failing miserably.

The guy probably had a mistress in L.A. and was trying to give her the heads up that he was coming into town and wanted to do whatever they did when he went to L.A.. Unfortunately for Troy, the way to send a DM is not to write “DM” before your message. We are sure his kids had a blast when they saw this one trending on Twitter.

12 Poor Wilson

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Athletes usually seem to have one big common problem. It doesn’t matter which sport these guys play; whenever they are having a run of good form, they think they can do anything, even outside of the ballpark. An excellent example of that was Chicago Cubs’s Wilson Contreras. The kid was balling, and he helped the Cubs win their much-needed World Series in 2016. But running that high, Wilson thought he had a chance of scoring with a lady who is somewhat notorious for her controversial antics.

We are talking about Mia Khalifa of course. And don’t give us that face, we all know you know who she is, save the act for your parents. All joking aside, the kid tried to slide into her DMs, and she was as savage as they come in exposing him.

11 Alex Bregman

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One of the cornerstones of being a professional athlete is that you should be able to handle criticism from the media and fans. It doesn’t matter how good you are; there will always be someone criticizing you. Wayne Gretzky got criticized at times, as did Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Who the hell is Alex Bregman to think he should be above criticism? The dude won one World Series, and he already thinks he is above criticism? Please…

We are saying that because this kid ended up getting burned because of his reaction to criticism from a fan on Twitter. The guy really DM the fan to curse him out for criticizing his play. That is just too low a place for a professional athlete to lower himself.

10 Down With The King

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Well, we guess even the greatest of basketball players and human beings can have a little slide here and there. LeBron James is undoubtedly a happily married man who loves his family more than anything. He is also a role model every single father should want his kids to follow. But then again, there is this little gem that was attributed to King James.

We have seen some disgusting messages, but this is far from being one of those. This is one of the simplest conversation starters there is. But there could be so much behind it that the DM caused a huge commotion. We are not saying the king did anything wrong. We are just saying he should be careful not to slide into the DMs of someone who will screenshot it and post it to the whole world.

9 Joffrey Lupul

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Hockey players also get their fill. If you think basketball and football players are the only ones who get the most attention from groupies, you are dearly wrong, my friend. To prove that point we found a little DM by Joffrey Lupul that illustrates how easy it can be for a professional athlete to score some naughty pics from groupies.

For those of you who are not familiar with the sport, Joffrey Lupul is about as good a scorer as they come in hockey. The man has a few NHL records, including being the first player to score four playoff goals in one game. It is only natural that he would also be good at scoring away from the ice. As you can see, it doesn’t even seem like he had to put a lot of work in.


8 Khalifa Strikes Again

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So the woman has pretty much made a name for herself for blowing up the spot of athletes who try to slide into her DMs. By now the guys should already know that it would be best to refrain from trying to score with someone like Mia Khalifa. Seriously, if there are so many precedents like this, why would you risk it? We are sure there are a lot of “safer” sports fans whose DMs these guys would be welcomed in.

Still, it is fun to watch them crash and burn time and time again. Here is the example of Duke Williams, a former standout at the University of Nevada who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2013. Too bad Duke didn’t know any better than to stay away from this lady.

7 Another One

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Since we are on a roll, we decided to dump all the Mia Khalifa crash and burns we could find at once. Another athlete who fell into her DM trap was former Ole Miss quarterback, Chad Kelly. A pretty good college quarterback, Kelly had some great years leading the offense at Ole Miss. For example, during his sophomore year, he became the starter and finished the season with 31 passing touchdowns and only 13 interceptions.

Unfortunately for him, the worst pass he threw during his college career was on social media, and Mia Khalifa returned it for a pick-six. At least there was a silver lining in the whole ordeal as it didn’t affect Kelly’s chance at a pro career. He was later drafted by the Denver Broncos. Sure, he has yet to play a game, but Chad is still getting that pro money.

6 Sweet Justice

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Is there anything better than watching someone get a taste of their own medicine? Yeah, this is the kind of thing that just warms our hearts. For how long have the many athletes who were her victims waited for the day Mia Khalifa would be caught sliding into someone’s DMs? The best part of it all was that she decided to try to score one former athlete who might just be the most savage guy on social media. No Chill Gil indeed. Gilbert Arenas caught this young lady trying to slide into his DMs, and he had none of it. The guy immediately went to Instagram to expose her the same way she exposed countless athletes before.

If we had to give an MVP trophy for social media hero, it would undoubtedly go to Agent Zero, a.k.a. Gilbert Arenas. #Hero

5 Too Much Information

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

There is little doubt that Ray Allen is one of the greatest shooters who ever lived. The man has done a little bit of everything. For example, he is a two-time NBA champion, a 10-time All-Star, and an NBA Three-Point Shootout champion. Yeah, Ray is one of the greats, and there is nothing anyone can say to take that away from him.

At the same time, we have seen examples that even the greats commit mistakes here and there. It just happens to be that when Ray Allen made a mistake, it was a pretty nasty one. We all know what these guys want whenever they try to slide into a young lady’s DMs. But still, you don’t have to be as graphic as Ray was when he sent this particular DM. The language was a little too graphic for us to share here, but here's a screenshot of it. Seriously man, too much info.

4 Super Mario

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If in the US people have basketball and football stars as the prime specimens of professional athletes and Canada has hockey players, the rest of the world has soccer players. If you live in Europe and you play for one of the big European soccer clubs, believe us when we say you will not have a hard time scoring with some beautiful young ladies. However, if you try to be prolific and use social media for your hustle, you might end up crashing and burning just like your American counterparts did.

A great example of that was Italian striker, Mario Balotelli. The man is notorious for his off the field antics, but we had never seen anything like this. He slid into this girl’s DMs and asked her a series of questions that everyone knew where they were heading. But he didn’t expect her to have a boyfriend or that the boyfriend would take a screenshot and post the exchange on Twitter.

3 The King On The Hunt

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As much as people might try to say otherwise, whenever we see LeBron James sliding into someone’s DMs, it always seems to be a rather tame and innocent way of doing so. As far as we know, the King is a faithful man who would never cheat on his wife. And again, what is the problem if he wants to talk with other people? The guy is allowed to have friends, isn’t he?

Well, the problem is that when you are LeBron James, everything you do is looked at from under a microscope. For example, he had an innocent looking exchange with an Instagram model/hunter, but as soon as she posted a screenshot of their conversation, the whole world went wild. Poor LeBron, the guy just wanted to learn how to hunt.

2 Just Weird

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We have seen all kinds of athletes trying to slide into women’s DMs. There are some that are funny, some are disgusting, but some are just weird. And you will have a hard time finding a dude weirder than Cam Newton (maybe Kyrie Irving). The Carolina Panthers' quarterback is notorious for using some of the most ridiculous fonts on the Internet. And apparently, that is also something he does when he is trying to slide into someone’s DMs.

To tell you the truth, we can hardly understand what is written here. But for some reason, it seems like the woman Cam is trying to talk to does understand his unique language. Either way, we just thought that it would be negligent of us not to show you a little bit of this exchange because it is just too weird.

1 Class Representative

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Every class needs a representative. They need someone who can talk in front of a crowd, someone who could be the voice of their group. The person we chose to headline the group of athletes who slid into other people’s DMs is not exactly an athlete. Nevertheless, Eli Gold has been the voice of Alabama football for quite some time, and we do think that qualifies him to be on this list.

There are so many reasons why this is funny, but the first one is that this guy is over 60 years old and he is fully integrated into the DM game. You gotta respect that. The only thing you don’t have to respect though is the skill he showed because for someone with experience this was just terrible.


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