Danica Patrick vs Jeff Gordon's Wife: Who's More Attractive?

In this edition of Who’s More Attractive, we have the world’s hottest racer going head-to-head with the gorgeous wife of NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon. As most racing fans already know, Gordon is married to Belgian supermodel, Ingrid Vandebosch.

Danica Patrick has done nothing but breaks hearts and records since becoming a professional race car driver. She is without question the most successful female to ever get behind the wheel and has managed to become a household name. There is no question that Danica Patrick is a skilled driver. However, the 5-foot- 2 brunette’s undeniable sex appeal has helped her become a pop culture star that transcends the sport of racing. The 35-year-old has made a fortune an industry dominated by men and looked good doing it.

Ingrid Vandebosch is more than simply the wife of a famous racer. The 5-foot-9 brunette is also an extremely successful model and even an occasional actress. The native of Limburg, Belgium has been featured in several top fashion magazines, such as Glamour and Vogue. Vandebosch is arguably best known for her appearance in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Now that we’ve been properly introduced to these two lovely ladies, it’s time for the hard part. You are about to take a look at 16 images of Patrick and Vandebosch and decide, once and for all, who’s hotter?

16 Danica: Black Bikini

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One certainly won’t encounter many NASCAR drivers who look as good in a bikini as Danica Patrick. The brunette megastar sizzles as she showcases some of the features that helped make her one of the biggest names in the sport. Patrick has no trouble diverting our attention from the throw back vehicle she is lying on in this revealing, yet extremely flattering, black bikini.

Fun Fact: Danica Patrick is originally from a small city in Wisconsin known as Beloit. Beloit is part of Rock County and is located near the southern border of the state. As of 2010,the city has just under 37,000 residents. It is even home to minor league baseball team, the Beloit Snappers. Patrick was born there on March 25, 1982.

15 Ingrid: White Swimsuit

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This is a picture from Ingrid Vandebosch’s stunning Sports Illustrated Pictorial. The Belgian beauty looks simply flawless in this photo that showcases her impressive physique. The busty pic demonstrates why she was selected to pose for one of, if not the, most famous swimsuit magazines in the world. Vandebosch’s shows that she might be the best thing to come of Belgium since chocolate in this memorable shot.

Fun Fact: Vandebosch was born in Zichen-Zussen-Bolder, Limburg, Belgium. Limburg is Providence located in the northeastern portion of the country. It is also one of Belgium’s five Dutch-speaking provinces. The area it encompasses is roughly 932 square miles or 2,414 kilometers. As of early 2016, the population sits at approximately 863,425. Tongeren, which is regarded as the oldest city in Belgium, is also a part of the providence.

14 Danica: The ESPYS

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Danica Patrick looks every bit the A-list celebrity while attending ESPN’s red carpet event. The Wisconsin native's stylish white dress was likely the talk of the ESPY Awards, a prestigious annual event that features everyone, who is anyone, in the world of sports. The immaculate dress helps to highlight the 5-foot-2 driver's hourglass figure as she poses like a pro for the camera. Patrick is the very definition of class and beauty in this particular image.

Fun Fact: While Danica Patrick may have been born in Wisconsin, she actually attended high school in Rockton, Illinois. While attending Hononegah Community High School, the future racing star was a member of the cheerleading squad. The eventual racing star decided to drop out of high school, though she would later go on to obtain her GED.

13 Ingrid: Top Heavy

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This busty pic emphasizes the glamours model's impressive top half. Ingrid Vandebosch clearly has the type of fashion since one would expect from a European supermodel. The tall brunette proudly flashes her impressive ring for the camera, as her stylish long earrings hang down around her shoulders. Her remarkable silver bracelet glistens in front of the camera in this memorable photo.

Fun Fact: It was mentioned earlier in the introduction that besides being a model, Vandebosch also dabbles in acting. In fact, she was even featured in the 2004 film, Taxi. In this comedy, the swimsuit model was cast as the Third Robber. The main stars featured in the film were Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah. Despite being a financial success, the film was almost universally despised by critics.

12 Danica: Weight Lifting

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If you ever wondered why Danica Patrick always looks to be peak physical condition, then here is your answer; this girl works out a lot. Anyone who follows the racing superstar on social media can attest to the fact that she shares her workout photos quite frequently, much to the delight of her legions of followers. The bodacious brunette looks ripped in her tight-fitting workout attire. Patrick proves that one can fit quite a bit of muscle on a meager 5-foot-2 frame. The First Lady of professional racing is as fit as you will see any athlete, in all of professional sports.

Fun Fact: Danica Patrick has achieved some impressive firsts in the sport of racing. She became the first woman to win an Indycar Series race, when she won 2008 Indy Japan 300 (Motegi).

11 Ingrid: Beach Day

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Most folks know that Danica Patrick has a killer bikini bod. However, as we can see from this photo, the lovely Ingrid Vandebosch is certainly no slouch in that department either. The occasional actress shows off her impressive 5-foot-9 figure in this candid beach pic. The black bikini serves to highlight her toned abdominal region as well as her impressively long legs. It’s easy to see why she has become so popular with racing fans, despite not even being a professional driver. Vandebosch shows that she can give Patrick a run for her money in the swimsuit department.

Fun Fact: Vandebosch is known for having modeled in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The cover model that years were none other than Marisa Miller with an inset of Heidi Klum.

10 Danica: White Top

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This photo kind of makes one wonder if Danica Patrick wears this attractive white bikini underneath her racing gear all the time. The vivacious brunette almost looks like sort of racing mermaid, the way this photo came out. Mythical creatures aside, the NASCAR star looks amazing, as per usual, while posing in what looks to be an exotic location. This unique photo combines both bikini modeling and racing, two things that Danica Patrick does very well. This isn’t your ordinary bikini pic, which makes sense, because Danica Patrick isn’t an ordinary bikini model.

Fun Fact: Danica Patrick made history at the Indianapolis 500 back in 2009, by coming in 3rd place overall. This has the best finish by a woman in the storied history of the famed race.

9 Ingrid: Revealing One Piece

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This is a fun photo which shows Ingrid Vandebosch in one piece bathing suit that appears to be missing its sides. The tiger on the swimsuit adds some additional flair to an already exciting piece of attire. The beautiful race car driver’s wife stares seductively into the camera. In fact, one could even say, she has the eye of the tiger in this particular photo. Moreover, Vandebosch flowing brown hair looks amazing in a photo that her fans won’t forget anytime soon.

Fun Fact: Ingrid Vandebosch and Jeff Gordon met for the first time all the way back in 2002. However, they were initially just friends, before they would eventually start dating sometime around 2005. The couple would go on to be married at in 2006 at a ceremony held in Mexico.

8 Danica: Upside Down

This pic shows Danica Patrick promoting her book Pretty Intense. The book offers a 90-day plan that tells readers how to improve their body, mind, and dieting habits. Based on what we have seen in photos like this one, Patrick is definitely someone who appears to know what she's talking about when it comes to fitness. The racer shows of her muscular frame in an Instagram post that her fan base is sure to enjoy. This image, which shows Patrick pulling off an impressive hand stand, was able to generate 15,900 likes from her loyal Instagram followers.

Fun Fact: Back in 2005 there was some controversy regarding Patrick’s weight. Driver Robby Gordon even went so far as to claim that her low body weight (100 pounds) gave her an unfair advantage. However, Indy Racing president Brian Barnhart told the New York times that her weight had “minimal effect on competition.”

7 Ingrid: Silver Dress

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Ingrid Vandebosch certainly warranted in a great deal of attention at the NASCAR awards in this fashion-forward silver dress. One can almost see their reflection in this gorgeous outfit. It seems nearly impossible to find a photo of Vandebosch were she isn’t wearing some gorgeous attire. The model shows us, yet again, why she is considered one of the best looking driver’s wives in racing history. Her excellent fashion sense is on full display in this pic.

Fun Fact: While Vandebosh is originally from Limburg, Belgium, she has actually lived all over the world over the course of her career. She resided in Paris, France for around seven years while working with Christian Dior Perfume. She would then move to New York City, where she became the lead model for a cosmetic company known as Artistry.

6 Danica: Jeans

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There is no question that Danica Patrick always looks great in a bikini or skimpy work out attire. However, as we can see in this photo, the NASCAR star doesn’t need those types of outfits in order to look amazing. This picture shows the subtle beauty of a small town midwestern girl in a pair of jeans. Patrick shows that she is the kind of celebrity who knows how to make casual look exceptional, in this image.

Fun Fact: Patrick has appeared in a number of television commercials over the years. She endorsed Secret deodorant in the mid-2000s. Moreover, she was also featured in an ad for the Honda Civic Coupe. That being said, the 2009 commercial for GoDaddy.com, which aired during Super Bowl XLIII, is the ad she is best known for.

5 Ingrid: Fashion Icon

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After seeing these photos of Ingrid Vandebosch, it would be almost fair to say that the world is her runway. The tall Belgian beauty shows off an impressive set of teeth that would make any dentist proud. Vandebosh in one celebrity who clearly knows who to accessorize, as we can see here, based on the stylish purse she selected. She shows that she knows how to stand out even when wearing relatively casual attire.

Fun Fact: Vandebosch’s husband Jeff Gordon has had an outstanding career as a professional race car driver. He has won the Sprint Cup on four separate occasions and the prestigious Daytona 500 an impressive three times. Moreover, the legendary driver won at least one pole for 23 seasons in a row.

4 Danica: Game of Thrones

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Danica Patrick looks like she is ready to conquer Westeros, the fictional land from the HBO series Game of Thrones, in this fun image. The brunette driver looks right at home sitting on this modified version of the Iron Throne. The Instagram post shows her wearing her full racing attire while smiling for the camera. Apparently, more than a couple of her social media followers like the idea of Patrick as queen, since the photo was able to generate 12,400 likes.

Fun Fact: Patrick received criticism from fellow NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, the son of the legendary Richard Petty, when he was quoted by Yahoo Sports as saying, "She's not a race car driver." We would also refer to her as a "marketing machine.” Patrick responded by telling USA Today that, "I really don't care."

3 Ingrid: Black & White

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Ingrid Vandebosch looks every bit the throwback beauty in this sizzling hot black and white photo. The 46-year-old proves that she looks amazing in a swimsuit, especially the bikini she is modeling in this shot. The brunette helps to create a beautiful image, partially covered in sand, at what looks like a cozy beach. It’s easy to see how she managed to capture Jeff Gordon’s attention after seeing images such as this one. The swimsuit model shows us why she has had such a successful career thus far.

Fun Fact: Vandebosch's man has certainly accomplished a great deal over the course of his racing career. However, despite all his wins, one of his most impressive accomplishments was becoming NASCAR’s “iron man,” by participating in 797 consecutive races.

2 Danica: Chalk

Danica Patrick shows off her humorous side with her pun in the caption below this image, “chalk it up to a good day.” This Instagram post shows off the drivers incredibly ripped abs. Patrick has definitely been doing some crunches, and the results are apparent in this pic. This post is, once again, promoting the star racers fitness book. Patrick has a physique that one would expect from a world class gymnast or MMA fighter as opposed to a race car driver. In any case, Patrick looks nothing short of flawless, in her flattering gym attire.

Fun Fact: Patrick has appeared on several television shows over the years. She was on an episode of CSI: NY, voiced a cartoon version of herself on The Simpsons, and even participated in the competitive cooking show, Chopped.

1 Ingrid: Raising Awareness

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Ingrid Vandebosch looks lovely in this multi-colored dress, while attending breast cancer research event. It's always good to see celebrities lending their star power to a worthwhile cause. The Belgian babe shows of her flat midsection in a dress that was surely noticed by those who attended this event. Vandebosch makes looking good seem effortless in a photo that showcases the European model’s undeniable beauty. Her star-themed purse works well with the rest of her outfit.

Fun Fact: Before meeting Vandebosch, Gordon was married to a woman named Brooke Sealey for nearly a decade from 1994 to 2003. Sealy is a former Miss Winston Cup Model, whom Gordon proposed to in a banquet hall following the 1994 Daytona 500. The couple officially divorced in June of 2013.

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