Discussions Ongoing For Undertaker To Appear at WrestleMania 35 In Some Capacity

While his role is not determined, reports are coming in that The Undertaker is in talks with WWE to appear at WrestleMania 35 in some capacity.

Despite booking some non-WWE appearances and discussion by plenty of media outlets connected to the professional wrestling industry that there may be some issues between WWE, Undertaker, Starrcast promoters and a few other prominent wrestling people, a recent social media post by WrestleVotes suggested they would be shocked if The Undertaker did not somehow make his way to WrestleMania 35.

The popular news outlet did not suggest he would be part of a match, but while news it tight-lipped backstage, speculation is that WWE is not happy about Undertaker being involved in too many outside projects and not with WWE. They are working to make him part of the show.

Not long ago, Undertaker was front page news because he took a few outside bookings, one of which was with Starrcast on the same weekend as the AEW Double or Nothing event. He's working closely with podcast host Conrad Thompson on that event and, perhaps coincidentally, right after the news was announced, WWE hired Bruce Prichard— one of Thompson's fellow podcast partners and former WWE employee — back to work with the production and writing team. Many believed it to be a retaliatory shot to Thompson.

In recent weeks, however, Prichard and Thompson have kept airing episodes of their popular Something to Wrestle podcast and whispers are that WWE and The Undertaker are back to talking about how to bring him into the fold for their biggest show of the year.

What This Means

Whether it's that WWE is not a fan or others working with The Undertaker or they always wanted to use him and just didn't know where to, WWE seems to believe that WrestleMania 35 and The Undertaker need to go hand-in-hand. That makes sense considering this year's card appears a bit underwhelming compared to previous cards.

It's probably also not a coincidence that WWE doesn't want any doubt in the wrestling world that Undertaker is not still very much a part of the WWE family.

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