Do You Think Kentucky Would Make The NBA Playoffs? Larry Brown Does!

via scoopnest.com

Larry Brown is the only coach in basketball history to win both an NCAA national championship and an NBA title. So, he obviously knows something about basketball at both the college and pro levels.

Which is why we have to take it at least somewhat seriously when he says that he believes that the current Kentucky Wildcats team could make the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

At least he was smart enough to narrow it down to the weak Eastern Conference which, as it stands right now, would have 6 teams making the playoffs with lower winning percentages than the number 7 seed in the West (San Antonio).

But even then, do we really think that a college team (even an undefeated one) could make the NBA playoffs? Well, I know at least one person who doesn't think so. The coach of said Kentucky Wildcats team, John Calipari who tweeted back in November, "Let me be clear: If we played ANY NBA team, we would get buried. ANY."

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