15 Most Embarrassing Attire Mishaps In Women's Tennis

It's steamy enough watching fit girls in scantily-clad miniskirts playing tennis. It gets a little more steamy (if not comical) hearing these same women make all kinds of groans and moans as they undulate while smashing balls as hard as they can, depending on your tastes. One thing is for sure - a good attire mishap brings a smile to any red-blooded male’s face. Some are embarrassing, while some are just plain funny. Even the tennis stars themselves can't help but laugh at these temporary lapses in dress coverage.

Henceforth we here at TheSportster have scoured the Internet for all kinds of fun pictures depicting beautiful tennis pros in interesting and compromising positions. Women from North America or women with names that are hard to pronounce from places that are hard to pronounce – they’re all here. Some attire mishaps reveal more than others, but they're all worth taking a look at for a good laugh.

We all love to stare, and these professionals and their sponsor HAVE to know this, why else would all of these gorgeous athletes be dressed in as little as possible? Sure, it’s to help them out on the tennis court with free mobility. We’ll let them just keep telling themselves that while in the meantime, we take a look at 15 of the Most Embarrassing Attire Mishaps In Women's Tennis.

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15 Venus Williams Gets Some Air

via wordpress.com

Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of the younger, higher ranked, more decorated Williams sister soon enough. Thanks to the Williams sisters and a few other women, an interest in tennis was re-invigorated, an interest not seen since the days of Andre Agassi vs. Pete Sampras. But those two pros didn’t have the added weapon of assets like these ladies have. The Williams sisters playing against each other and together have always drawn a slew of eyes to the court.

Normally, a player in mid swing even revealing a little of their undergarments isn’t that much to check out. But here, thanks to the colours of Venus’ shorts along with the colour of her skin, this one has a lot of guys and gals doing a double-take to see if she’s even wearing anything at all.

14 Caroline Wozniacki Gets Wacky

via pinterest.com

We're all in the wrong line of business. Unless of course, you swing a racket and smash yellow balls around for a living. At only 27 years old Caroline Wozniacki has earned one million dollars for every year she's been alive. More likely than not, other pros have achieved this feat, which doesn't seem fair.

It also doesn't seem fair that Caroline also has model looks. She's also currently the number two ranked player in the world. As evidenced by shots like her Sports Illustrated collection, she doesn't mind showing off her sultry side. She also doesn't seem to mind being a goofball either, as she also does her best Ace Ventura impression in the other picture, which is also oddly alluring to some for sure. Especially when you look a little closer past the racket and see how her tight little shorts reveal a wondrous backside.

13 Maria Sharapova Gives The Side Eye

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When a man is caught pulling this stuff, his girlfriend might (rightfully so) flip her lid. But when of the best and most beautiful tennis players is caught ogling another one, that familiar “bow-chicka-wah-wah,” song is heard throughout the heads of men from all over. To be fair, fellow player, doubles player, Daniela Hantuchova was probably just walking by Maria Sharapova and her eyes followed her comrade’s backside.

That being said, if Ms. Sharapova was giving Daniela the side-eye, can you really blame her? After all, they've faced off on the court several times over the years and Sharapova has the edge on Daniela, but they’ve faced off. Rarely has she seen Hantuchova from the back, perhaps Maria was actually checking out her cover-girl competition.

12 Jelena Jankovic Gets Help From Fans

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Oddly enough, Jelena Jankovic has never won a Grand Slam singles titles. She did win the doubles version at Wimbledon in 2007 and has been ranked number one before way back in August 2008. But at 32 years old, she is still ranked within the top 200 players in the world and can still compete in big-time competitions.

On the right is a popular pic of her and while it seems innocent enough, Jankovic just standing on the sidelines, the fan behind her is actually adjusting Jelena’s bra which had snapped while she was playing Sloane Stevens at the 2014 Rogers Cup in Montreal. The other pic is an unfortunate side-effect to the power of the internet and cell-phones and insta-photography. While being examined by her trainer in the middle of competition, which puts Jankovic in a compromising position, which could lead to all kinds of impure thoughts.

11 Arantxa Rus Just Needed To Adjust

via twitter.com

It’s pretty cool that a beast of a competitor like Dutch cutie Arantxa Rus currently resides in a province called Monster in the Netherlands. A pro since she was 14, Rus has been actively playing in several competitions and is currently ranked 138 in the world. But her ranking professionally is no slight on her beauty.

There are pics out there that aren’t as good as this shot of Arantxa. Sure, she’s merely adjusting herself or scratching an itch as she readies herself for another volley. She’s concentrating on what really matters to her, the actual game. Meanwhile we get to concentrate on what matters to us. The Netherlands must have something in the water, the Dutch tennis girls all seem to be very attractive and not afraid to flaunt it at all.

10 Gabby Sabatini Needs Support

via pinterest.com

We’re going old-school for this entry, Argentinian player, Gabriela Sabatini had played pro for eleven years (1985-1996) and had made nearly ten million dollars in prize money over those years. Most notably in her career, she upset Steffi Graf in straight sets to win a Grand Slam singles title.

She posed for several magazines and old-school milk ads over the years and once you get past her bad eighties hair, Gabby’s pretty beautiful. Thankfully she also didn’t mind if male fans’ eyes wavered. But with all that prize money and you’d think Gabby would buy some support for her chest. Most pics of her show her sweating profusely, which is what the tennis players should be doing. But she also was a victim of a wet shirt and no cover.

9 Eugenie Bouchard And The Power Pleat

via npr.com/wordpress.com

Nike had created a Power Pleated dress designed for cooling and comfort on the court. While the dress was bright white, it certainly raised concerns every time a player raises her arms to serve or return or backhand. Basically, any time a player would move, the dress would move with it and in all kinds of directions.

Canadian stunner Eugenie Bouchard would defend the dress, even as every move exposed her fabulously-toned stomach. But plenty of other players such as Rebecca Peterson from Sweden felt differently, “When I was serving, it was coming up, and I felt like the dress was just everywhere.” Hopefully, all the girls who were wearing this dress in 2014 were also wearing white underoos as well, otherwise the world would see.

8 Simona Halep And Her Assets

via wordpress.com

Good gawd, how can you help but not leer at ravishing Romanian Simona Halep and her exceptional… tennis skills? What did you think we were going to say? Simona is currently the number one ranked player in the world, and should be looked at for her skills on the clay. She has earned over 20 million dollars to date. When she started at 18 years old, the girl did have a few distracting… distractions.

You’d have to have a very strong sports bra to keep everything in place. She would eventually have them downsized. While some might be sad over the downsizing, take a look at the picture on the right… her game and her body are better than ever and when she’s done swinging a racket, perhaps she could add model to her resume.

7 Serena Williams Was Poured Into Her Catsuit

via wordpress.com

Thanks to just how phenomenal their combined skills are, the Williams sisters became a phenomenon in America, where the sisters have been on all kinds of TV shows and movies, and of course endorsement deals. Serena, in particular has also been lauded because of her physique.

While Serena doesn’t look like your conventional tennis player, the girl is built like a tank and that is a compliment in every way possible. All of these attributes lend to Serena’s game with speed and power. She also every now and again is critiqued for what she wears on the court. This outfit might be the most form-fitting in sports history, let alone tennis. There’s only one other person who has ever looked like they were poured into their super-tight latex outfit and that’s Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns.

6 Vojislava Lukic Comes Out All Over

via reddit.com

One day, science will have to look into why some of tennis’ best are also some of the most gorgeous Europeans we’ll ever see. Also, add that with the harder the name is to spell and more likely than not, the more beautiful the woman will be.

Enter Vojislava Lukic, a 30-year-old from Serbia who once did a cover shoot for that country’s FHM magazine. While Vojislava’s highest ranking doesn’t show that she’s amongst the best in the world (223), her beauty ranks far, far higher. This pic shows all of the hard work she has put into crafting her body. In mid-swing she’s coming out of her top and her shirt is coming up to show some abs and hip muscles, which are phenomenal to gawk at. If you’re questioning ‘Slava’s beauty just look at some of those FHM pictures.

5 Anna Kournikova Invented The Tennis Malfunction

via pinterest.com

While plenty of her detractors might think that former Soviet beauty (yes Soviet, when she was born it was still the USSR), Anna Kournikova was only worth a damn because of her looks, she was also at one point one of the greatest players in the world.

As good as she was on the court, her beauty far surpassed her skill and her model good looks is what she is mostly known for. For a time, Kournikova did in fact do both, and sponsors would of course put the Moscow stunner in the same kinds of clothes other players wore, but obviously not only did Anna wear it better, she also invented the modern wardrobe malfunction, as lecherous photographers would find wonderful times to catch the player just right.

4 Maria Sharapova’s Dress Doesn’t Stay In Place

via pinterest.com

Maria Sharapova has won at least one singles title every year between 2003 and 2015, a rare feat only achieved by three other players at that time. Similar to Anna, Maria is more known for her looks, model shoots, and dating life off the court.

Besides dating Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, and appearing in dozens of magazines, Sharapova of all people wound up in a doping scandal thanks to taking a doctor-prescribed medicine that happened to have been banned by the tennis tour. Thankfully, she returned to action last year. And thankfully, stiff winds are able to reach the tennis court. You'd think Maria would invest in some shorts, but when you've already posed in all kinds of clothes perhaps you just don't care, which her fans can thank her for.

3 Kristina Mladenovic Feels Constricted

via wordpress.com

At just 24 years old, French born Kristina Mladenovic has rocked the tennis world. Kiki has already been ranked number 10 and has raked in a cool 7 million dollars. Looks wise, she epitomizes what a tennis bombshell looks like, tall and very blond. With tennis being a young person’s game, she's one of the youngest, and certainly a winning combo of skill and looks.

While Kiki is certainly on track to win a Grand Slam sooner than later, what she rocks on the court is fodder for all kinds of photographers, who certainly celebrating after catching this shot of Kristina celebrating as well, and clearly not realizing what she was showing.

2 Leopard Print

via wordpress.com

Caroline Wozniacki certainly likes to have fun on the court, as evidenced by a prior pic. With all of the rules about wardrobe being created a long time ago, girls like Caroline are breaking those molds while still adhering to them. At one time against Serena Williams, she decided it would be funny to stuff her top and bottom and saunter around the court impersonating her opponent.

While she clearly doesn’t mind the attention, it’s doubtful that she thought this pic was funny or even sexy at all. The embarrassing shot clearly wasn’t taken at Wimbledon where the rules clearly state your undergarments need to be respectable as well. But her shorts didn’t do a whole lot to hide her underoos either, which showcased Wozniacki in all her leopard-print, thong underwear glory. Thank goodness for sweat and the iPhone, right?

1 Maria Sharapova Is Really Limber

via pinterest.com

Clearly, no one here could give a rodent’s derriere as to how limber the ravishing Russian known as Maria Sharapova actually is. Scratch that, there are a slew of men (and possibly women) who are as happy as pigs in excrement to know that the tennis beauty can bend exceptionally well in exceptional ways.

Did you know that she’s worth 36 million dollars? Do you care? Do you even care that Sharapova is one of the top athletes in the world? Of course not, and why should you when creepers are all around the Russian bombshell ready to take pictures just like this one? See-through shots are nice, wardrobe malfunctions are great, but there is something that can be said for seeing that ever-so-sexy panty line sticking out from a girl stretching every thing out.

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