15 Photos Of Paulina Gretzky That Would Drive Her Family Crazy

One of the most difficult things in the world is being the son or daughter of a former professional athlete. There are so many expectations and so much pressure on the backs of the children that they don't know what to do with themselves. It makes it even harder when you are the child of former hockey great, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky was arguably the greatest NHL player to ever lace up the skates. With over 500 goals, over 1,000 assists, multiple Stanley Cup championships, four seasons of over 200 points, and being a 15 time All-Star; that can be a tough legacy to uphold. Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones, have five total children. But we want to put all of our attention and focus into the firstborn, Paulina.

Paulina Gretzky sure has had quite the life for herself thus far, despite the fact that some might only always know her as Wayne Gretzky's firstborn daughter. But at age 29, she has already accomplished a lot. She is currently engaged to professional golfer Dustin Johnson and they have two sons together, both under the age of three years old. She is a model, a singer, and is starting to make her way into acting. She was on the cover of Golf Digest in May of 2014. She has had some of her songs make its way to television, such as "Collecting Dust" on the MTV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She also made a cameo in Grown Ups 2. So as you can see, she is doing just fine for herself. But what about some photos the Gretzky family probably shouldn't see? That is what this list takes a look at because let's be honest, we all have those photos we don't want everyone to see. Let's examine 15 photos of Paulina Gretzky that her family doesn't you to see.

15 Exposed off the Bat

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During her younger days, Paulina Gretzky was known to have a lot of fun. She also didn't mind posting her pictures online for all to see and for some to even ogle over. This first photo definitely shows us that she was willing to have a good time in nice weather at any moment. But for the Gretzky family, this is one instance that they probably wish she didn't post it for everyone to see.

Paulina is shown having the bottom part of her shirt yanked up to reveal her black bikini bottoms and butt. While Paulina is known for having good looks in the family, this is probably one look that Wayne and Janet would have liked to stop right away. Imagine Wayne trying to explain to one of his friends why his daughter's butt is out for the whole world to take a look at. No amount of autographs and photos would stop people from remembering that image of Paulina.

14 When in Mexico

Bae Watch 🚩

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Every college student likes to have a good time on Spring Break. They all want to go away to a warm, beautiful place like Florida, Hawaii, etc. Well, Paulina Gretzky got her "Spring Break" in a sense when she went with a friend on vacation. You have to remember that Paulina didn't go to college, so this in a sense was a college experience for her.

She is seen with her friend, on a railing, wearing a red one piece bathing suit with the words "Tequila Sunrise" on the front in big letters. We get it that young college students and young people in general want to have fun in general. But when you have a father of greatness like Paulina has in Wayne, you have to be careful with what you post for everyone to see. It is one thing to like to have fun, it is another thing to be aware of who might see that and interpret it in a completely different way.

13 Golf Digest?

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Modeling is an honest and respectable career. It allows for people to confidently display their bodies in a way that makes it pleasing to the eye for others to see. Paulina Gretzky is no different in the sense that she is just trying to make it in the modeling industry. When she did a photo shoot for Maxim, her results came back very stunning. But did she maybe reveal too much that the Gretzky family wishes she hadn't?

Now, she does a great job of modeling off the clothing and looking good while doing so. However, many in the golfing community were upset over Paulina getting to grace a cover of Golf Digest despite not being a golfer. Wayne's a pretty avid golfer himself, so we wonder if he chose to save this magazine, or if he threw it out the second he got it.

12 Paulina Likes to Party

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Once again, this is probably just a case of Paulina Gretzky having a good time. She still is pretty young at only 29 years old. But in her early 20's, she wanted to just have fun and be a regular young adult, even if she will always be connected to greatness. Paulina clearly didn't care who was watching in her next photo that gives us a sense that she might have gone on her own version of "Spring Break" more than once.

Here she is laying down on two men, one of them sporting a Captain America costume. She has a drink in hand and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. This was seen as one of the many racy pictures that Paulina put on her social media accounts. While she is just having fun, this is once again just a case of her not remembering she is connected to a major sports icon for the rest of her life.

11 Skirt Just Does the Job

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Paulina did have to grow up at some point. After all, most of us if not all of us do at one point or another. She is now engaged to professional golfer Dustin Johnson and have two young boys. This was all after the couple had only dated for seven months. She wanted to support him at the US Open. But this picture proves that even at the biggest sporting event in the world, she can still take away the spotlight in a negative light.

Here we see a beautiful family photo from the back. But the focus isn't on Dustin as much as it is on his fiancee, Paulina. She is wearing a white skirt that seems to barely do the job of covering herself up. Surely, Paulina doesn't want the reputation of being a scandalous dresser. This was probably her trying to be classy and sophisticated, but it just ended up being another photo the Gretzky clan wish they had in their private possessions.

10 A little too comfortable on the beach


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The beach is a great place to go during the summertime or any time during the year if you live in a warm weather place. You can enjoy some cold beverages, play some games such as wiffleball or Can Jam, and be with friends, family, etc. Paulina Gretzky decided one day to go to the beach and enjoy herself. What she probably didn't plan on is having a photo like this one that the Gretzkys would prefer for us not to be able to see.

She is on the beach in a bikini. That part is not the problem as most women wear bikinis to the beach, understandable. But with this one, her butt is out for all of us to view. While some fans might enjoy the site, the Gretzkys definitely roll their eyes when seeing this. Once again, it is just a situation where Paulina didn't probably realize the backlash she would get for being the daughter of the greatest hockey player arguably of all time.

9 Get A Room

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Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson are clearly happy and deeply in love. After all, they have been engaged for over four years and have two sons. They definitely support each other through thick and thin seeing as Paulina has been seen at some of Dustin's PGA events. They even have the time to go out and spend some quality alone time together just like the photo above dictates.

They are seen in the middle of a nightclub, sharing a nice kiss for everyone to see. On the surface, doesn't look like the worst photo in the world. But it could have been an indication of what they were planning to do later on that night. Although this is a photo the family may have preferred to stay private, it is nice to see Gretzky be fully in love with someone now after her big partying days when she was younger.

8 Paulina Supporting the Pros

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Paulina Gretzky definitely has a unique love for golf. Maybe it comes from the fact that she is dating a professional golfer and going to marry him. She is seen walking along the green at the Hyundai Tournament Championship. But what everyone might be focusing on is not a long putt or great chip onto the green by Dustin Johnson. Another photo for us here shows just what could be distracting people from keeping their eye on the golfers.

She is wearing a blueish gray dress which clearly shows that Gretzky left her support at home. It's clear that whenever Paulina goes out in public she instantly takes the spotlight, and even though her fiance is the professional golfer, all eyes are on her, which means plenty of paparazzi to snap pictures from multiple angles, highlighting her choice of outfit.

7 You're Under Arrest

Halloween is one of the best times of the year with pumpkins, witches, and great costumes to be worn by everyone. Paulina Gretzky was no stranger to this annual fun tradition. She definitely got into character as she chose to go with the beautiful cop look, complete with handcuffs. For many others, this would be no problem posting on social media for friends to enjoy and like and comment on. But for Paulina, it is just another photo that needs to be taken down.

The cop outfit comes complete with handcuffs, the hat, the badge, and sunglasses. She did put a lot of thought into the outfit. But with a lot of skin showing and her history of posting racy pictures, it just combines to be a photo that she probably regrets sharing. But this showed she definitely had her fun when she was younger, for better or for worse.

6 Wayne Won't be Happy with This

SaturDaze Vibes 🎶

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Sometimes, you just need to enjoy the summer and enjoy a nice pool at your convenience. Considering Paulina Gretzky grew up in the sunny city of Los Angeles, she is use to having the opportunity to swim whenever she pleased. She also was fortunate to be the daughter of a hockey player that definitely made his fair share of money during his playing career. But this particular picture shows she doesn't (or at least didn't) care about who viewed her photos like this one.

She clearly didn't care about the repercussions and consequences that came with posting this stuff online. She has a solidified career now, but a photo like this reminds us of her old ways and of a photo that should have been kept in her phone for her own memories.

5 Social Pariah Back at It

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By now, we have all probably all grown to like Paulina Gretzky. But, we also probably question a lot of her decisions that she has made based on her social media postings. This picture doesn't prove to be any different as it gives off the vibe of having a good time while on a "Spring Break". She definitely has all of the signs of having a good time in hot weather.

She has a drink in her hand, the sun to enjoy, her arm around somebody, all the while his other hand makes his way down to her butt. This isn't the type of photo that the Gretzkys want to see their daughter associated with. Sure, she is having fun, but this is one photo that she can maybe show her family to highlight her vacation, but after that, it goes right into the secret stash of photos to not be seen in the light of day.

4 Paulina REALLY Loves Halloween

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Some people just really love Halloween and can get into the spirit of Halloween every single year. For Paulina Gretzky, she seems to easily fall into that same category. She surely has gone to some parties whether it be through friends, fiance's friends, etc. She had a good Halloween to remember in this next photo, that Wayne and the rest of the family wishes didn't make it out to the internet.

Here she is with a friend of hers as they are dressed as a soldier and a French maid, while wearing noticeable lingerie. This is one of the many racy photos that got Paulina Gretzky in trouble and had Wayne monitor her social media usage more carefully. Paulina seems to have turned a corner from her costume days. But the picture is still out there which the Gretzkys wish wasn't.

3 She Has Everyone Staring

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Going on a boat in the summer time with some of your best friends might be one of the best summer memories you can have. Everyone seems to have fun and enjoy themselves while relaxing. Paulina Gretzky has probably seen her fair share of boats in her days. We get a nice picture of her in a boat while somebody takes a look at her from the back.

This is a picture the Gretzkys wish wasn't out there because it is simply uncomfortable. Parents usually have a tough time with seeing their children getting checked out by somebody. How else is Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the Gretzky clan supposed to react? There really isn't any other feeling they can feel. So instead of trying to get through the awkward, surprised looks; Paulina could have instead tried to keep this photo from being published any way possible.

2 Now We Know Why Wayne Shut Down Her Twitter Account

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The thing about social media is that people can report when somebody posts something awkward, weird, or just plain inappropriate. Paulina Gretzky got in a lot of trouble for posting numerous racy pictures that she seemed not to care about being out there for all to view. This next picture definitely defines the word racy and gives all of us an insight as to why Wayne monitored her social media accounts.

Paulina is laying down on a bed with a duck face for all to like. If you thought this picture was a little racy, there were plenty of others we could have easily shared here. Wayne eventually got Paulina to remove her Twitter account, so Paulina instead took to Instagram. While she doesn't go as far as she used to, there are plenty of goodies there for her followers to enjoy.

1 She's Too Beautiful for Her Own Good

Slay, All Day 🗡@casamigos @jeremyc0hen #casamigoshalloween

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Paulina has definitely had a lot of photos thus far that the Gretzky family wishes the world has not seen. Well, she has one more for us to all see and have the family wish the internet didn't post things so quickly and frequently. But she does do a good job of showing another racy picture that got her put on notice by everyone who originally saw the picture.

She is wearing all black everything once again. These are the types of photos that beg for attention from tons of people, whether it be good or bad. She could be kissing her past goodbye as she now has a loving fiance, beautiful little family, and great career opportunities to look forward to in the future.

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