Erin Andrews Vs Charissa Thompson: 20 Photos That Will Have You Tuning In

In this day and age, sideline reporters working the biggest sporting events of the year are required to have an immense amount of knowledge as to what's going on during the game as well as being able to think quickly on their feet. A certain level of talent must be possessed by the individual who tries to make a career in this field, and very few people who pursue this make a name for themselves. Whether it is at the professional or the collegiate level, sideline reporters have become an integral part of any sports broadcast, and some of the most successful individuals to be sideline reporters have been beautiful females.

Contrary to what Cam Newton might believe, these women are incredibly knowledgeable about a wide variety of sports, and they do an exceptional job in providing in-depth details for viewers at home about the behind-the-scenes action. Though we have seen many different people try their hand at being a sideline reporter, there have been a few who have achieved the level of success of both Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews. These women were not only the cream of the crop in their profession, but they also happen to be two of the most beautiful women who have ever come across our television screens.

Today, we will be bringing you 10 of the steamiest photos of each woman. While both deserve their own list, we decided to combine both women to make a super list of sorts. Regardless of which one you prefer, we have plenty of pictures of both that will satisfy everyone.

20 Charissa Thompson: Red Carpet Stunner

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Charissa Thompson has legs for days, and she is not afraid to show them. Pictured here at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Charissa Thompson was easily one of the most beautiful women to attend the event. She may not have turned heads on the big screen, but she looks the part of a Hollywood bombshell blonde. Not only does she possess a natural beauty, but she made sure that her outfit was on point before walking on the red carpet.

It's not uncommon for beautiful women to attend celebrity social events, and a woman as beautiful and talented as Charissa Thompson is a no-brainer to be included for any event. Whether she is sporting a short haired look or a more traditional long hairstyle, Charissa Thompson is without a doubt one of the hottest women around today.

19 Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot Queen

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Who could have predicted that Erin Andrews would have become a household name when she first broke into the industry? She was a very talented sideline reporter who boasted truly beautiful looks, but most people who take part in the profession hardly become famous. Not only is Erin Andrews a household name thanks to her work for ESPN, but she has turned her career into an unstoppable force now that she is a legitimate television personality. Her fame has brought with it a number of different opportunities to showcase her beauty, and she has been featured in a number of high-profile magazines. One thing we can say about this photo is that Erin Andrews looks dynamite in white. Then again, she looks just about perfect regardless of what she happens to be wearing.

18 Charissa Thompson: Bikini Beauty

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Some things in this life are just meant to be together, and judging by this photo, Charissa Thompson was meant to be pictured in a swimsuit. Not only is she insanely good looking, but Thompson is also sporting a physique that is worthy of its own discussion. She has made sure to keep her body in tip-top shape, and viewers at home went into a frenzy when this picture first surfaced online. It should come as no surprise that Charissa Thompson is a fan of getting in the water, especially considering that she went to school at UC Santa Barbara.

Not only has Thompson done an exceptional job with her sports reporting, but her time spent on the show Extra help catapult herself to legitimate fame. Regardless of the type of show that she takes part in, Charissa Thompson's beauty and talent make anything she's involved in worthwhile.

17 Erin Andrews: Too Gorgeous For Words

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Erin Andrews' career is quite possibly at her peak right now, and this is largely due to her hosting responsibilities on the hit series Dancing with the Stars. The show was a hit long before Erin Andrews took over hosting duties, and it has continued to be immensely popular with viewers around the country. Prior to hosting the show, Andrews was a competitor, though she failed to win the competition. In the end, you could argue that she did win considering that she's making an insane amount of money to host the show.

Because she spends so much time in front of the camera, the hair and makeup team that work on Dancing with the Stars do an incredible job of making sure that Erin Andrews look as gorgeous as possible. Despite wearing a number of different outfits on the series, we would be remiss if we didn't include this one on our list.

16 Charissa Thompson: Smouldering Looks

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Is it possible for this woman to get any hotter? Not only does Charissa Thompson look gorgeous while she's wearing a bikini, but she can take just about any look and make it all her own. Whether it is a selfie that gets posted to her Instagram or a professional photo shoot for a magazine, you can rest assured that Charissa Thompson will produce something that is worth viewing. This photo here is a perfect example of what we are talking about. She simply used her natural beauty to give viewers a sensual stare.

In direct contrast with the first photo that we feature of her on our list, Charissa Thompson is working with a longer hairstyle here, and she looks stunning. From here on out this list is only going to continue to get hotter, so we suggest you brace yourself for what's ahead.

15 Erin Andrews: Casually Slaying

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While celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the series of Dancing with the Stars, Erin Andrews was able to leave onlookers speechless as she strutted her stuff through the event. We have talked at great length about the incredible body that Charissa Thompson possesses, but we would be remiss if we didn't talk about Erin Andrew’s body. Whether she is wearing a beautiful dress on Dancing with the Stars or she is wearing an outfit that shows off her toned midsection, Erin Andrews looks stunning.

Normally stars wear clothes that seem to be uncomfortable while they are attending events, but it seems like Erin Andrews chose to go for a more comfortable set of clothes. Her toned midsection is on full display in this photo as are her assets. Whoever helped Erin Andrews pick out this outfit should give themselves a pat on the back because she looks too hot to handle in this photo.

14 Charissa Thompson: Off Her Back

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We’ve shared plenty of photos of Thompson that have shown off her legs, so we decided to include this one that shows off another side. Pictured here once again attending a Screen Actors Guild Awards show, it's pretty clear that Carissa Thompson is the belle of the ball wherever she goes. Despite the number of beautiful performers who attend these events, the second Charissa Thompson makes an appearance, all eyes are immediately drawn to her.

It may be too hard to tell exactly what it is in this picture, but Charissa Thompson is sporting a tattoo on the left side of her body. Tattoos tend to make women exponentially hotter than they already are, and getting a sneak preview of her body tattoo will have your mind running wild trying to figure out what it is.

13 Erin Andrews: Stepping Her Game Up

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Once you have reached the level of fame that Erin Andrews has, getting invitations to attend events and premieres is commonplace. What is rare, however, is seeing a star on the red carpet completely render the movie a moot point. That is how beautiful Erin Andrews is, and that is how bad the film Step Up 3 is. Andrews is too beautiful in this photo, and the outfit that she is wearing does a good job of showing just enough skin to be captivating.

Normally, we would give you a recommendation to check out Step Up 3. If you haven't seen the film, then keep living your life the way you are because you are clearly making the right choices. The cast and crew might have worked tremendously hard while making the film, but we recommend just sticking with looking at pictures of Erin Andrews.

12 Charissa Thompson: Stunning At The Oscars

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Each year, the Academy Awards take centre stage, and eyes around the world are fixated on the event. It is considered the premier award ceremony regarding film, and winning an Academy Award can do wonders for a person's career. Since its Inception the best directors and actors on the face of the planet compete against one another to take home prestigious hardware. Should a performer win an Academy Award, their name will forever be etched alongside others in the pantheon of film legends. These stars flood the red carpet and strut their stuff for cameramen. Unfortunately for them, Charissa Thompson has also attended the Academy Awards, and the other women who were in attendance stood no chance. The elegant gown that Charissa Thompson is wearing in this photo is not only fitting for the occasion, but it helps amplify her looks. She is truly too hot to handle in this photo.

11 Erin Andrews: Too Fine

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It seems that regardless of the outfit that she is wearing in any given photo, Erin Andrews has a very unique and distinctive way of capturing people's attention. Her exposure on television has done wonders for her career, and despite receiving an immense amount of fame for an unfortunate incident, Andrews has done her best to let her talents trump her personal life.

This photo is yet another example of Andrews and her hair and makeup team coming together to create an out-of-this-world look. Most stars who hit the red carpet, despite having a team of their own, fail to look as good as Erin Andrews does. Once her time with Dancing with the Stars comes to an end, we firmly believe that Erin Andrews will quickly find work on television. She is simply too beautiful and too talented to be ignored.

10 Charissa Thompson: Yoga Pants Queen

Exercise is very important for anyone who wants to stay in shape and look great, and when you're Charissa Thompson you need to maintain your looks to keep viewers captivated when they tune in. While it is great to see anyone get excited about physical activity, the real exciting part of this photo is the fact that Charissa Thompson is rocking Yoga pants! This outfit designed for getting active has definitely activated our imaginations. On top of her overall beauty being on display, we get a glimpse at her beautiful ab muscles. It's clear that she takes exercise very seriously, and we're sure she didn't have to have her arm twisted to go through with this photoshoot.

9 Erin Andrews: Dancing With Success

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Back when she was still a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, people were interested to see what Erin Andrews would bring to the table. Andrews was able to have an immense amount of success on the series, and out of the 11 competitors on the 10th season of the show, Andrews was able to use her dancing background to achieve third place. In this promotional photo for Dancing with the Stars, Erin Andrews looks absolutely incredible, and this is largely due to her beautiful red dress in the photo.

Four years after competing on Dancing with the Stars, Erin Andrews took over hosting duties on the show. Though her tenure on Dancing with the Stars hasn't been free of a little bit of controversy, she has done an incredible job hosting, and fans of the show genuinely seem to love her presence.

8 Charissa Thompson: Gorgeous Lady

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There is no possible way that we could have done a list of hot photos of Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews if we didn't include one of them wearing a little black dress. The pictures of both women range a number of different styles, and while both of them look beautiful in whatever they happen to be wearing, there is something to be said about the way a woman looks in a little black dress. This photo of Charissa Thompson is another example of her showing off her gorgeous legs and also looking stunning in the process.

Another intriguing part of this amazing photo is the smile that Charissa Thompson is giving. Whether she is utilizing her sensual stare or her beautiful smile, Charissa Thompson has a natural ability for modeling that she should take full advantage of. There isn't a man on this planet who doesn't find this woman to be beautiful, and a career in modeling could be beneficial for her.

7 Erin Andrews: Foxy Lady

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When you're as beautiful and as talented as Erin Andrews is, you tend to have a lot of different television studios who are willing to work with you. Erin Andrews has covered some of the biggest sporting events that have taken place over the years. Some of her most notable accomplishments are working with ESPN and Fox Sports. She has covered everything from Sunday football to the World Series and the Daytona 500. These events attract and unfathomable number of viewers, and these millions of people have spent plenty of time looking at Erin Andrews. This photo here shows of Erin Andrews sporting a blue dress while attending an event for Fox Sports 1. While it may not be as elegant as some of the outfits that she wears on Dancing with the Stars, she is still able to get all eyes to focus on her.

6 Charissa Thompson: All White Everything

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If Charissa Thompson hadn't already spent so much time looking incredible at awards shows, we wouldn't have nearly as many pictures for you as we do now. She truly has a knack for stepping her game up when she attends high-profile events, and when we came across this picture of her showing it all off, we immediately knew that we had to include for you all on this list. But if we're being honest, most people are only going to pay attention to what she is wearing in this photo and we really can't blame them. Not only does she look dazzling in white, but this dress shows the world exactly what she's working with. It might be hard to believe that there are hotter pictures of Charissa Thompson than the one we have for you here, but you had better believe us when we say that you haven't seen anything yet.

5 Erin Andrews: Sizzling At The NHL Awards

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Hockey might not be an overly popular sport in America, but its fan base spans the globe, and the NHL is the premier league for hockey players to test their mettle against one another. Each year, the NHL hosts their very own awards show, and they make sure to pack it full of the biggest and brightest stars in the world of hockey. Cut to 2012 when Erin Andrews and her shimmery dress made an appearance at the prestigious ceremony. The awards show may have been about the players, but you had better believe that Erin Andrews captured everyone's attention as soon as she arrived.

It's fitting that Andrews would spend a great deal of time around the sport of hockey considering that she is married to a professional hockey player. Sure, playing in the NHL is quite an honour, but being married to Erin Andrews is quite the feather the cap.

4 Charissa Thompson: Black Dress Beauty

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Charissa Thompson looks so stunning in a black dress that we would kick ourselves if we didn't include another photo of her sporting a similar look. Pictured here absolutely slaying it on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, Charissa Thompson looks stunning in this photo. The dress that she is wearing does an incredible job at accentuating all the right areas while still being formal enough to wear to an awards ceremony. The Emmy Awards might be all about honouring the biggest stars on television, but Charissa Thompson completely stole the show when she showed up in this gorgeous black dress.

We appreciate the fact that she and her team of stylists chose to emphasize her gorgeous legs in this photo. It is just another one of her incredible physical attributes that have helped make her one of the hottest women working in the world of sports today.

3 Erin Andrews: The Host With The Most

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While there is nothing overly flashy about what Erin Andrews chose to wear on the red carpet while attending the premiere of Dancing with the Stars, the outfit that she chose couldn't look any better on her. Without sporting too much flashy jewelry or an overly done hairstyle, Erin Andrews beauty is truly able to shine in this amazing photo. Though the show itself has had many gorgeous women as both hosts and contestants, Erin Andrews has been able to stand out among her peers.

Though competition reality shows tend to run their course after a few seasons, it appears the world is still completely enamoured with Dancing with the Stars. Given her popularity and the incredible job that she has done as the host of the series, we cannot imagine a world where Erin Andrews isn't the face of this popular show.

2 Charissa Thompson: Perfection On The Beach

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Now that we are reaching the conclusion of our list, we had to find a picture that was worthy enough to be considered the hottest that you'll find of Charissa Thompson. After some careful consideration, this photo of Charissa Thompson at the beach wielding a surfboard was the clear-cut choice to be number one. There is little left to the imagination in this photo, and you will never hear a single complaint about that. Spending plenty of time in the water helps athletes get some of the nicest bodies in the world, and it looks as though Charissa Thompson has spent plenty of time in the ocean.

Though she isn't looking directly at the camera flashing her signature smile, she looks absolutely stunning in this photo, and we feel that pictures of her on the beach should be more commonplace on the internet.

1 Erin Andrews: CMT Beauty

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For everything that we have said about women wearing little black dresses, there are a number of celebrities out there who looks simply to die for a while sporting and all white look. For Erin Andrews number one photo, we went ahead and plucked out this gorgeous snapshot of her attending the CMT Music Awards. Keep in mind that we are not necessarily placing this photo ahead of Charissa Thompson's number one photo as a means of competition.

Nevertheless, this photo of Erin Andrews looking too hot to handle on the red carpet is one of the best photos that you will find of her on the internet. Thanks to her massive surge in popularity, we may have to do another list like this a few years down the line, because the internet will continue to be jam-packed with new photos of this beautiful woman.

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