Eugenie Vs Beatrice: Who Is The More Beautiful Bouchard?

Eugenie Bouchard is one of the most popular female tennis players in the world. She may not have the career to boast about like past athletes such as Billie Jean King or current bombshells like Caroline Wozniacki, but trust us when we say that at least in terms of her appearance she can definitely stack up to any competition you put in front of her.

But Genie Bouchard could not get to the place she has in her career without the support of her family. Nobody who has perhaps been there for her more than her twin sister Beatrice. That's right, twin! And while Genie may be gorgeous, there are photos on our list that will make it abundantly clear why many people may be left thinking that Beatrice is the more alluring of the two.

I mean sure, Genie leaves very little to the imagination when she posed in a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated, but just wait till you get a look at Beatrice in one. Adding to the intrigue of Beatrice is that while Genie is beautiful, we don't know if she'd be quite as wild as Beatrice who modelled for a lingerie company! Speaking of wild, you'll also see that both women have no issues putting their bodies on prominent display when enjoying Halloween.

There only gets to be one winner who gets the extra photo though, and for that, you'll have to delve in and find out!

15 Beatrice Knows How To Smile For A Photo

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When it comes to what you find desirable in a woman, the answers are always going to vary from person to person. But there is definitely a large portion of people out there who prefer it when women don't look too "dolled up". And while Beatrice may be wearing a significant amount of makeup in the above photo, she's still got a super casual look going on with the outfit choice.

Beatrice shared her thoughts on the photo with the caption "Say cheese", but Beatrice probably spends more time smiling throughout the day than frowning, so catching her with a positive disposition is probably a pretty easy task! Seeing her happy also makes us happy, so it's a win-win!

14 But Genie Does It In A Swimsuit!

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Genie Bouchard looks tremendous whenever she steps out on the tennis court. But at the end of the day, Bouchard is also just a 23-year-old girl that loves having a good time with her friends. And if the above photo is any indication, Bouchard may look even better in her everyday life than when she is sweating up a storm for a match. Granted it may help that what she was choosing to do to relax involved her wearing a swimsuit!

Bouchard has aspirations for her future that extends beyond the tennis court, including hoping to potentially one day find herself at a post-secondary institution to further her education. We're sure you'd be ecstatic to have Bouchard as a study buddy!

13 Beatrice Looks Great For A Night Out

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Beatrice Bouchard probably is going to be attending far fewer award shows or red carpet events than her sister will. But that doesn't mean she won't find plenty of opportunities to put on fancy outfits that help highlight why she might be the more attractive sister. We're not too sure what event prompted Beatrice to up her fashion game, but we wouldn't be surprised if her outfit was more memorable than anything she would have done that night.

While she may not have as large a following as her sister, over 10,000 people voiced their love of the above photo on Instagram. You might have never seen the photo, as it is from 2015, but we wouldn't be flabbergasted if you'd like it too.

12 Eugenie Appeared In Sports Illustrated

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Sports Illustrated is a tremendous magazine when you want to keep in touch with the world of sports. But every year they also put out a swimsuit issue that definitely lets you get an up-close and personal look at some of the biggest models and female athletes in the world.

While Bouchard looks tremendous when she is wearing a swimsuit with her friends, you might think she looks even sexier when she is appearing in outfits picked out by Sports Illustrated. When talking about the racy photo shoot (that at least for the people shooting it, involved seeing her topless), Bouchard said she was nervous at first but eventually conquered her nerves and didn't mind people seeing her in her birthday suit.

11 Beatrice Embraces Her "Good Girl" Side For Halloween

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Whenever you are heading out for a night to party with your friends, you may feel a certain pressure to look amazing. That pressure may be ramped up even higher if the night you're celebrating just happens to be Halloween. But if you're hanging out with Beatrice Bouchard on Halloween, you may just want to accept the fact that you aren't going to hold a candle to her! At least unless you're Genie Bouchard...

Though if this costume is any indication, Beatrice clearly doesn't mind putting some of her best features on prominent display. Beatrice shared the photo on Instagram back in November with the caption "Born sinner." Maybe she should take that costume to the nearest confessional, though we're sure she's not the "sinner" she makes herself out to be in this photo.

10 Genie Embraces Her "Evil Side" For Halloween

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Genie Bouchard is a huge fan of Halloween, something that clearly runs in the family as evidenced by our list. While she tried on several stylish outfits this past year, we don't know if any of them were as eye-catching as when she elected to embrace her naughty side and dress up as a devil.

There are definitely a lot less scary things to see on Halloween that Genie embracing her beauty. Though with that much skin showing, let's hope she also was smart enough to pack a jacket or she may have spent part of the night embracing hell, but freezing her buns off. Not to mention fending off creepy guys who we're sure came up to her and offered to help warm her up or make some corny version of a corny joke.

9 Beatrice Looks Amazing On The Beach

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Beatrice Bouchard may not have the athletic talent of her sister, but she may have the talent to also end up in Sports Illustrated one day. It just may be side-by-side with Eugenie in the Swimsuit Issue!

If the company needed any motivation to at least bring Beatrice in for an audition, this photo is probably going to help seal the deal. Though Beatrice might want to be careful, as drinking while in the sun can be a dangerous combination. The last thing she wants to read is a tabloid headline about her getting sick by the pool. Especially because while we're sure the models for Sports Illustrated work hard, the parties after the photos are done being taken are probably pretty fantastic. Know your limit, drink within it!

8 So Does Genie!

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When it comes to Genie Bouchard in a swimsuit, the biggest example may come from when she appears in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, something we're more than happy to show you on our list. But do you think that's the only time Genie dropped your jaw with some swimwear? Heck no!

If Genie's Instagram page is any indication, she may appear to love hanging out in swimsuits as much as she does playing tennis. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but the girl does seem to love her some sun. We don't know if you'll prefer this photo over her professional one from Sports Illustrated, but we bet you'll love comparing the two. With a stressful job like Genie has, nobody will blame her if she spends some time in the next few months escaping the cold and embracing the sun somewhere else in the world.

7 Beatrice In Yoga Pants

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It can be really easy to make the wrong assumption that having a tremendous body is something that comes naturally. And we're sure that by the time you reach the end of this list that you definitely won't be arguing that Beatrice isn't in tremendous shape! But while there are probably plenty of moments out there of Beatrice sweating up a storm, we don't know if she's ever looked better in workout gear than in the photo we tracked down for you. Even if she does appear to just be relaxing in the above photo!

Bonus points to some humour, as Beatrice captioned the photo "Me working really hard, ft. lazy man in the background." If Beatrice ever needs a gym buddy, we're sure her sister would be more than happy to oblige.

6 Genie Rocks Them Too!

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It is definitely not easy to be a professional tennis player. Genie Bouchard has trained relentlessly for this her entire life. Which is something that she is more than happy to show to her fans on Instagram. Though we think she is showing us a little bit more than simply how to stay in great shape.

While the above workout may not look like the most conventional thing in the world, it's hard to argue with the results that Bouchard is getting from it. Though it may help when you're famous like Eugenie and can have professional trainers and doctors at your beck and call to make sure you are always doing what you can to maximize your performance on the court.

5 Beatrice Also Looks Great By The Tennis Court

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Wait, is that Beatrice Bouchard with a tennis racket beside her and not Eugenie? Perhaps Genie better watch out or Beatrice is going to come and give her a run for her money! Though if the Sedin twins in the NHL are any indication, these two women are really missing out if they haven't at least given doubles play a shot for fun.

Beatrice may not be as popular as Genie, but the photo above indicates that she at least has enough of a following to help gain a sponsorship from Oikos Canada Yogurt, which she promoted with the post. Which to be fair, is pretty delicious yogurt! One day yogurt, next day Nike. Who knows!

4 Eugenie's Area Of Comfort!

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Genie Bouchard looks comfortable in a variety of outfits, but perhaps she feels the most at home when she has a tennis racket in her hand. Especially if she has her sister cheering her along from the sidelines!

Though after this list, we wouldn't be surprised if for her future matches you kept your attention extra focused in case Beatrice made a cameo appearance on the screen. Bouchard has plenty of reasons to love tennis, including the fact that it has earned her over $5 million in prize money over the course of her career. Bouchard has also lined up several sponsors, including working with Nike.

3 Beatrice REALLY Loves Halloween

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That's right guys, you're not only going to get one photo of Beatrice Bouchard in a scantily clad Halloween outfit, we're even going to circle back and give you another one! While the sexy catholic girl was donned in 2014, Beatrice clearly knew she had to up her game when she stepped out for a night on the town in 2015.

Beatrice captioned the photo "Don't p!$$ me off" and judging by the size of her (prop) sword, we're sure that is great advice to heed. Though sword or no sword, someone as popular and beautiful as Beatrice surely has at least one friend around that would be more than happy to inflict some punishment if your creep status gets too high.

2 Genie Embraces Her Nerdy Side

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There may be no bigger proof that the Bouchard sisters love Halloween than the fact that both sisters are bringing not one, but two Halloween costumes to the competition today. While the two would be tremendous candidates to dress up as Mario and Luigi, Genie was playing to her more antagonistic side one past Halloween when she elected to do her best impression of a "Bowser".

While many people may complain that women use Halloween as an opportunity to overdo their outfits, there definitely weren't many people complaining about how amazing Bouchard was looking. As an added bonus, maybe she'll even make you less frustrated about days that were ruined by trying to beat Bowser?

1 Beatrice Comes Out On Top!

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There have been many fantastic battles throughout the history of sports. We're sure Genie Bouchard has even been apart of some of them and been victorious. But when it comes to the battle of Genie Vs her sister Beatrice, Genie may find herself disappointed in the end. As you have what you may consider an "underdog" story with Beatrice nabbing the top spot.

Perhaps it's the shock factor that not only did Genie have a sister, but she may be even more wild and beautiful than her! While Genie may be given more opportunities in the future than Beatrice to be put into the public eye, perhaps it won't be long before Beatrice is rocking out in the modeling world.

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