Exposed: 15 Photos Of Female Athletes Revealing More Than They Wanted To

These ladies have found themselves among popular internet searches for reasons that have nothing to do with their accomplishments!

A female athlete's body is an amazing sight to behold, whether it is covered by uniform or not. Considering the surface of the body that needs to be covered, it's easy to believe that there are far more opportunities for wardrobe issues and times in which these beautiful competitors have accidentally revealed slightly more than they wanted to. With the amount of different camera angles, not to mention the improvement in social media and candid photos taken by fans, sports stars have to be a little more aware of the times in which they may be caught in a compromising situation.

As we all know, sex sells and in the sports world, it is no different as brand names such as Nike, Reebok and Lululemon to name but a few know good and well that something tight and flaunting of all the curves of the female body will help draw viewership. With apparel that sometimes leaves little to the imagination it's not hard to believe that some of these wardrobe choices would end up revealing a bit more than the ladies that wear them had hoped for before they entered competition for the day.

Whether it be a snag, rip, tear, broken strap, or just a case of being a little short on fabric, the following fifteen ladies have found themselves among popular internet searches for reasons that have nothing to do with their accomplishments on the field of competition, and more so for the fact that they treated fans to just a taste of what their mamma gave em. Enjoy!

15 Jenifer Benitez - Olympic Diving


Imagine you're 19 years old and on the biggest sports stage in the world, the Olympic Games. You've finally made it to the top of the mountain, the best of the best. The world is watching every step you take, all your successes and all of your failures.

14 Nikki Bella - WWE


There have been numerous times in which the Bella twins have found themselves in less than favorable situations during their time with the WWE. Some are part of the storylines, others, mostly pertaining to wardrobe issues, not so much.

There have been a few times in which both Nikki or Brie have been caught on camera with an exposed undergarment, but there were a pair of situations in which each twin found herself exposed. Brie found herself exposed to the world while promoting Total Divas, whereas her sister Nikki ended up revealing a bit more of her own "Bella twins" when she was in a battle against Stephanie McMahon and a cast of other Divas.

13 Flavia Zoccari - Swimming


So you're thinking, "Hey, I have a top of the line swimsuit that will probably cut some time off my race, awesome, let's break this baby out!" Unfortunately for the Italian swimmer, a breakout is exactly what happened during her heat in the 2009 Mediterranean Games.

12 Ekaterina Rubleva - Figure Skating


Like many other female sports outfits, figure skaters have to deal with tight wardrobes that have a high likelihood of a malfunction. Back in 2009, one has to wonder if Rubleva's partner Ivan Shefer may have had an alternative motive when he "accidentally" placed his hand possibly a bit...okay we are reaching here.

11 Eve Torres - WWE


Some fans choose to use the ladies wrestling matches as a reason to head to the fridge, change the channel or head to the washroom. Others enjoy watching these beautiful individuals roll around the ring with their long hair flowing around in tight wrestling attire. To each to their own.

10 Elizabeth Phillips - UFC


Some fight fans prefer the ladies of the squared circle, whereas others appreciate those who battle in the octagon, each to their own, however both have their own issues with wardrobes.

Booty shorts and sports bras don't necessarily mesh well with UFC and mixed martial arts. Sure, they're probably the closest you can get to a second skin and they limit the amount of material that could get caught up in a hand or foot, but in the case of Phillips, maybe she needed another layer.

9 Stephanie McMahon - WWE


Being a "Billion Dollar Princess" doesn't necessarily mean that you are exempt from being included on a list like this. In fact, there are numerous times in which we could have included Stephanie for indecent exposure and revealing a bit more than planned, not that we're complaining.

During the Attitude Era, Vince's daughter found herself in compromising positions, mostly thanks in large part to her husband Triple H. Hey, if you're going to end up flashing your goods, might as well have you better half to blame, right!?!

8 Larissa Franca - Beach Volleyball


We have all been to the beach and seen wonderfully put together female bodies laying around in bikinis. Most of them hardly enter the water for fear that something will happen, in fact, most of the ladies hardly move, just laying there like eye candy. Not that there is a problem with that.

7 Samantha Peszek - Gymnastics


Not to be confused with the classic early 90s bodysuit that had men drooling as women all over rocked the body clinching outfit that had creative option for removal, the gymnastics leotard is its predecessor.

6 Legends Football League


Beautiful kickass women of all shapes and sizes tossing around the ol' pigskin while wearing bras, panties and garter belts. Yes please. Ignore for a moment the shoulder pads and the helmets, these ladies aren't your stereotypical Powerpuff Girls.

5 Paula Creamer - Golf


Considering the game of golf is supposed to be tailored to the prim and proper, this untimely shot of Paula Creamer doesn't do her or the game any favors. Currently ranked outside of the top 100 on the LPGA, Creamer still rates among one of the hottest ladies on tour despite her lack of success in the fairways.

4 Laura Lopez - Water Polo


It's not hard to believe that in the game of water polo that something might go wrong with one's wardrobe. We have all been swimming and purely by accident when diving or jumping around that our trunks or tops have either come loose or shifted somehow. Just imagine adding some clutching and grabbing by a defender thrown into the mix.

3 Venus Williams - Tennis


She has nearly fifty singles titles to her name and another 22 as a doubles player. Add to that capturing every Grand Slam Title, all but the French Open multiple times and yet she is still not the most famous Williams player on the WTA.

2 Allison Stokke - Track & Field


At the age of 17, Stokke became one of the hottest internet searched names. But considering that she was not of legal age, we won't go there. However, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate her time as a member of the California Golden Bears. Chances are many of us never followed the Pole Vault competition when flicking on track and field events, however, odds are many warm blooded male sports fans know of Stokke's name and have seen a pic or two.

While she had tried to downplay the sex symbol status since day one, obviously the people at Nike didn't really help with her quest when they outfitted the Bears with their team gear that hugged the body just a little too tight in certain places. Maybe they just wanted to coin the phrase "bear paw" as opposed to "camel toe".

1 Simona Halep - Tennis


Whatever brand of sports bra the Romanian tennis star is wearing, it is definitely working overtime and still struggling to contain its cargo. While a good number of female sports stars are a little lighter in the chest, Halep is one of those who has been gifted with an amazing set of twins.

Consider for a moment that she actually had to reduce her girls at a young age, from a 36DD to a 34C in order to help her compete at a high level. Although she has yet to capture a major championship during her time on the WTA, Halep recently reached the top of the rankings just last month. Just imagine trying to run and jump with those obstacles holding you down.

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Exposed: 15 Photos Of Female Athletes Revealing More Than They Wanted To