15 Little Known Facts About Blake Griffin's Love Triangle With Kendall Jenner

Boy meets girl. Boy starts dating girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl live happily ever after. That’s how the story goes, right? But what happens it becomes a pointy love triangle? Things are bound to get M-E-S-S-Y. Unfortunately, Detroit Pistons player, Blake Griffin signed up for that never-ending rollercoaster when he strung along his outrageous partner Brynn Cameron for years and then decided to drop her for reality star and model Kendall Jenner faster than the L.A. Clippers dropped him.

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Jenner and Griffin have been linked together since August 2017, though they never officially announced a relationship. Jenner, much different than all her other famous siblings, prefers keeping her private relationships private. They have been spotted out together multiple times, but you won’t find any pictures of the pair on her social media accounts. Nonetheless, Jenner and Griffin appeared very much happy with where their relationship stood.

Enter Blake’s ex-fiancé Brynn Cameron. She was not too thrilled to learn Griffin moved on from their relationship to someone like Jenner less than a month after their tumultuous split. Cameron is now doing everything in her power to cause Griffin as much trouble as possible, including suing him for abandoning his family. Griffin was already struggling with life over being dropped from a team he played with for the last nine years, now he faces a rocky road as he juggles a long-distant relationship with a reality star and a fast imploding situation with his baby momma.

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Think you know everything about this messed-up love triangle? Think again.

15 Happily, Ever After?

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Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron started seeing each other in 2012 after meeting at an NBA conference. Cameron, herself, was a popular basketball player at USC and the two really hit it off. They were reportedly love struck and everyone assumed they would be getting married soon. After a year together, Cameron gave birth to Griffin’s first child, a son named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin. Three years after Ford’s birth, Cameron and Griffin welcomed a daughter named Finley Elaine-Griffin.

Behind the scenes though, Cameron’s dreamy relationship with one of the NBA’s leading heartthrobs was not as smooth as it seemed to fans.

Griffin and Cameron committed to each other fully and completely; Griffin even accepted Cameron’s son from a previous relationship. However, sometimes life gets in the way. Their relationship came to a full stop in 2017 after five passionate years together.

14 Jersey Chaser

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Brynn Cameron is no stranger to dating athletes. The father to her first son is former NFL player Matt Leinart. Cameron met the Heisman Trophy winner while they were both attending USC. Cameron says she met Leinart in study hall during his freshman year. She didn’t discover she was pregnant with their son, Cole Leinart, until they ended the relationship after two years together. Although the now-six-year-old boy lives with his mother and has visitation with his father, things weren’t always so black and white.

Cameron wasn’t exactly ecstatic to find herself pregnant during college and they fought a dirty custody battle full of arguments and hate.

Cameron claimed Leinart was an absentee father obsessed with Hollywood relationships. They get along just fine now, but that’s most likely because Cameron won her child support claim and now receives up to $15,000 a month in support from Leinart.

13 Until Drama Do Us Part

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When Griffin and Cameron started dating, his NBA career was really heating up and he needed to dedicate more and more time and attention to the game. Cameron claims she 100 percent supported him and his dreams. She quit her sports marketing job and interior design business to become a stay at home mom, so Griffin could spend more time focusing on basketball. She was willing to do anything for the NBA star, because he allegedly promised her he would fully support her and their family for the rest of their lives. Even if one day they were no longer together, he pledged he would still support them and they would always have a place to live.

Though this promise was strictly verbal, and nothing was ever written down or officially documented, Cameron took Griffin for his word and full-heartedly believed he would never abandon them or the love they shared.

12 I Love You… Just Kidding

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During the five years Griffin and Cameron shared together, they had a very on-again-off-again relationship. At the time of their first child’s birth, it wasn’t even clear if Griffin and Cameron were dating.

In several love letters submitted to the courts by Cameron, Griffin admits he has hurt Cameron many times over the years and those are some of his biggest regrets.

They always seemed to work things out, though. They had intimate shared nicknames like “Blakey” and “Brynnie.” His words sounded genuine, and he was truly dedicated to the kids. When a couple breaks up and gets back together all the time, it gets tiring for everyone involved, but it’s no wonder Cameron thought they would end up back together after their break up last year.

11 I Ain’t Saying She a Gold Digger

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But she ain’t messing with no broke… Cameron’s dating history with star athletes and her outlandish behaviour following breakups has gained her a rather unfortunate reputation of being a gold digger. Cameron and Griffin were engaged to be married.

However, things started going downhill after Cameron refused to sign a prenup for Griffin, stating it violated their 2013 verbal agreement.

Obviously, the heart wants what the heart wants, and she could be innocent in the whole matter. But history has a way of repeating itself. Cameron fought Leinart for $30,000/month child support after he signed a big contract with the Arizona Cardinals. Now, she’s slapped Griffin with palimony lawsuit claiming he shamelessly abandoned their entire family. Palimony, similar to Alimony, is support reserved for unmarried cohabiting couples who break up.

10 See You in Court

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Brynn Cameron filed a palimony lawsuit against Blake Griffin on Valentine’s Day 2018. In the lawsuit, Cameron opens up about her former relationship with the NBA star. She claims Griffin abandoned their family to begin a relationship with Kendall Jenner. Griffin ended his engagement with Cameron just one week before the day they were to be married and ran off to party in Vegas without her. According to sources close to the couple, this was most likely a result of Cameron’s refusal to sign the prenup.

However, if you ask Cameron, she’d say he ended the relationship because he became blinded by the Hollywood spotlight and started pursuing a relationship with Kendall Jenner. In the suit paperwork, Cameron brings up Griffin’s broken promise to always support the family.

9 You’re My Everything

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Along with claiming Griffin abandoned the family he shared with Cameron, the palimony lawsuit goes into full detail about how much Cameron actually did for Griffin during their five-year relationship. After Cameron quit her job to raise their children, she spent a lot of her time devoting herself to Griffin and his rising career. Cameron states she was Griffin’s constant support.

She acted as his personal assistant, meal planner, scheduler, stylist, publicist, nurse, party planner, branding expert, nutritionist, cheerleader, therapist, and fitness consultant.

Cameron is seeking retribution for all her time wasted on Griffin. She claims he took everything from her and their family when he left them in the dust. It remains unclear how much money she is going after him for, but he did just recently sign a multimillion dollar contract.

8 Hollywood Love

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Remember when Cameron went after Leinart’s money? She bashed his parenting skills saying he was more interested in Hollywood. The same situation is now being duplicated nearly a decade later with Griffin. Within the palimony lawsuit, Cameron spends a lot of the time focusing on Griffin’s infatuation with Kendall Jenner rather than his betrayal of her love.

Kendall Jenner was a frequent court side attendee to Griffin’s Clippers games, and surely Cameron began to take notice. Cameron claims Griffin set his sights on Jenner immediately after Griffin called off their engagement. He sent out a note to the would-be wedding guests saying, "Brynn and I take this commitment to each other seriously and want to ensure it is done in the right way” He then went out to party in Vegas, and embarked on his relationship with Jenner.

7 Couch Surfing

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The palimony suit against Griffin alleges Cameron and her three children have since been left homeless after Griffin completely cut all ties with them. The couple ended things in July 2017, and he began his public relationship with Jenner in August 2017. Around October 2017, Griffin requested he be granted joint legal and physical custody of the children.

Less than three months after his formal request, Cameron claims he kicked all of them out of the $12 million home they shared, forcing them to “couch surf".

Cameron stated she only had $100 in her bank account and asked the court force Griffin to pay child support. However, as of January 2018, Griffin had yet to agree to any type of financial support or help with housing for Cameron and her children.

6 Brotherly Love

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In addition to Cameron’s couch surfing from house to house and staying in hotels because of Griffin’s refusal to support them, Cameron has been forced to lean on her brother for financial help. In Griffin’s absence, Cameron’s younger brother former NFL player, Jordan Cameron has stepped up to financially support his sister and her children. According to the lawsuit, Griffin continues to earn millions from his NBA contract and endorsement deals, while Brynn has been severely strapped for cash.

Not wanting to see his niece and nephews starving or hurt in any way, Jordan offered his help and money. However, this is not a path Brynn wants to be on for the long run. Borrowing money from family can get real complicated really fast, though.

5 What Relationship?

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Although Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin never really had any type of formal relationship announcement, they have been romantically linked up since around August 2017. Jenner prides herself on being very different than her Kardashian siblings, though, and keeps her private life to herself. There is absolutely no proof of Jenner even knowing Griffin on her Instagram account.

Jenner shares no intimate selfies of her boyfriend and doesn’t like to speak on the matter.

The only evidence of a relationship in the beginning was Jenner’s consistent appearance court side to Griffin’s games. On a few rare occasions, the duo was spotted out in public together being physically close. Fans were desperate to find out anything and everything about the budding relationship and rejoiced at news they were using the “L-word.”

4 Couples Therapy

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While Griffin and Jenner started to explore deeper connections, Cameron was frantic trying to restore her once-was fairytale life with Griffin. Cameron insists she tried everything to repair any damaged part of their relationship after she refused to sign a prenup for him. Griffin and Cameron went as far as attending couple’s therapy together to try to fix their issues. However, according to Cameron, Griffin had no interest in fixing their problems, because he immediately started a relationship with Jenner. Griffin became a person Cameron didn’t know once the spotlight started shining on him. Some speculate he may have actually been seeing Jenner on the side while attending therapy with Cameron and pretending to be willing to work on the relationship.

3 Say What?

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After the shocking news surrounding the palimony suit started hitting the headlines, Jenner was completely stunned. She had no idea Griffin still had a relationship going with Cameron while he was starting one with her. According to Jenner, Griffin assured her things were completely done with Cameron despite their on-again-off-again status. However, after learning about the timeline of their affairs and the moment Griffin allegedly kicked Cameron out of their home, Jenner began questioning everything Griffin ever told her.

Those closest to her assure that she would never have pursued a relationship with a man involved with another woman and kids and was disgusted at the news Griffin was withholding child support. As far as anyone knew, before Cameron let the drama fly, her and Griffin ended things mutually and remained close friends. According to Cameron’s lawsuit, that was definitely not the case.

2 Not My Drama

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In addition to being completely caught off guard over claims Griffin was still with Cameron when he started dating Jenner, Jenner was shocked to learn that she was mixed up in the whole lawsuit. Griffin knew the palimony suit was coming before it was released and warned Jenner about it. He knew she would be involved to some degree but wasn’t aware how bad it would be.

Jenner is being dragged through the mud as a result of Griffin’s actions. She has been called everything in the book, including a home wrecker. Griffin and Cameron were on-and-off for years, so to assume Jenner had anything to do with the split is being called ridiculous. Jenner wants her name out of Cameron’s mouth, because she insists she has nothing to do with their family problems. She is really mad she’s in the news for this issue.

1 Mommy Dearest

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What does dear mommy, Kris Jenner have to say about the whole debacle? She thinks it’s great publicity. Kendall is going through a really hard time right now. Her boyfriend has been traded to a team located in another state and now she’s learning the full weight of all of his baby momma baggage. She’s not sure if she can trust Griffin or what to do about how it’s affecting her own reputation.

However, despite all the heartache hitting Kendall, Kris has advised Kenny to ride it out and to not break up with Griffin for the sake of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show and its ratings. Insiders claim Kris cares more about the storyline of portraying a romance for Kendall. For now, Kendall and Griffin have stayed together through the hate articles, and fans believe they will continue working on their relationship while Griffin battles his ex-fiancé in court.

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