10 Awkward Fan Photos With Female Athletes (And 10 With Male Athletes)

Fan photos with athletes or any celebrity are commonplace in the 21st century. It is part and parcel of the entire process of becoming famous and something that all top athletes in any sport have to deal with. Most athletes are totally fine with taking pictures with the people who help support them throughout their career and make them a star in the first place, but that doesn't mean that all the pictures are going to come out great.

Many times fans catch athletes in situations where they just want to get on with their lives, whether that be at an airport or a hotel. This can create an awkward image when the athletes aren't interested in smiling or posing. But at the same time, these images can come from organized events where the fans have paid for the opportunity to meet the athletes, yet the way they want the picture to be taken and the pose they ask for makes it even more awkward than before.

While the pictures might not have been what the fans were hoping for, they certainly are what the internet is begging for. They often give everyone a good laugh with many going viral due to how awkward they are. The fans may have been starstruck, but the athletes look dumbstruck in these photos. So join us as we look at 10 awkward fan photos with male athletes, and 10 with female athletes, uncovering the most awkward pictures available.

20 Male: Conor McGregor Looks Unimpressed

via uproxx.com

There are just so many things wrong with this photo, creating possibly the most awkward photograph in history. From the fact that UFC megastar Conor McGregor is in his boxer shorts to the fact that he is also hurt and on crutches, the entire thing screams of awkwardness.

McGregor isn't even looking at the camera while the fan is obviously having the time of his life, finger point and all. How he has managed to bump into McGregor in this situation is beyond me, but it has created a hilariously strange picture. A beaten and bruised UFC star who is clearly unimpressed with the entire situation and an overly excited fan combine to create this image in all its awkward glory for us to enjoy.

19 Female: No Time To Talk For Kelly Kelly

via wrestlezone.com

There are certain moments when taking a picture with an athlete is wrong. After all, they are humans as well and they do deserve a life and some privacy and one of those times is certainly when they are on the phone.

However that didn't stop this fan, who saw Kelly Kelly and jumped at the chance to take a picture with her, regardless of the fact she is clearly on the phone having a conversation with somebody and not free to take a picture. The awkward factor isn't being helped by the tight grip that the fan has on Kelly, even though they don't know each other. At least she was kind enough to still put on a smile for him... unless she is laughing at the situation.

18 Male: DeAndre Jordan Staredown

via blazepress.com

During a game day is probably not the best time to be asking for selfies with an athlete and is a moment when they likely won't be interested in giving you a picture, as this selfie with LA Clipper DeAndre Jordan proves.

While the lucky fan who is sitting court-side is excited to be meeting Jordan, the expression on his face doesn't give the same feeling, with a look of disgust more than anything else. Whether the fan actually asked for this picture or not is unknown, but it doesn't seem likely that he did because Jordan does not want to be part of this in any way, shape or form. His stare says "get away" more than it does "have a nice day".

17 Female: Bella Twin Cosplay Fun

via twitter.com

Nikki and Brie Bella are likely no strangers to wildly awkward photographs but this one might be taking it to a new level. With two male fans turning up excited to meet them, they took their chance to create an image to remember. Too bad it's one the Bella Twins might want to forget.

With one man dressed as Nikki's partner John Cena and the other pretending to be Nikki herself, the entire thing must have been very awkward for the twins who wouldn't have been expecting anything like this. While the snap might be very awkward, it is a very funny picture and one the fans and the twins will likely remember well into the future. We have to give these guys credit for thinking outside the box.

16 Male: Christiano Ronaldo Is In A Hurry

via slodrive.com

Christiano Ronaldo is potentially the greatest soccer player of all time with his goal record speaking for itself alongside the trophies he has captured with Real Madrid and Manchester United. It is no surprise to find out that he gets stopped constantly for pictures.

However, you would think that the Portuguese star, with all his glory, fame, and money would be a little happier to meet the people who cheer him on from the stands every week when they ask for a photo. Here, Ronaldo looks like he would rather be anywhere but this moment. With his sunglasses firmly kept on, he clearly has no interest in this fan. The fact he isn't even managing to pull a smile makes this very awkward.

15 Female: Serena Williams Gives Fans A View

via cnn.com

Serena Williams is a top tennis player, and arguably the greatest of all time. Here she is happily posing with one of her many fans, one amongst a large number who are clearly all waiting to see her.

However given the wind, Williams has ended up revealing a little more than she had hoped to during this moment. While it didn't end up in the fans photo, it did wind up on this image that was captured. Even though this is something that is common within a tennis game, and Serena likely won't have been bothered by it, the situation does make the image slightly awkward. We're sure she started paying more attention when bending to take after this incident.

14 Male: Tom Brady Gives Thumbs Up

via mix1041.radio.com

Tom Brady is one of the biggest athletes in the world of sport right now and there is no doubt that he has come across many awkward fan interactions, with there likely to be countless amounts of strange photos on the internet.

This one isn't overly strange but the oddness of the whole thing makes it an awkward image. Why they both have their thumbs up we will never really know, but it makes the whole thing look forced. While Brady has what appears to be a very forced overly happy face, the man next to him doesn't look thrilled in the slightest. Let's not even get into the irony of that Best Buddies top that Brady has on either. It is truly strange that a fan would be so stone faced when meeting a five time Super Bowl champion QB.

13 Female: Sasha Banks Isn't Pleased

via twitter.com

This image blew up in the wrestling community on social media and certainly went viral due to how awkward and tense it is. The picture is so bad you can actually feel the tension between the fan and WWE Superstar, Sasha Banks.

Banks had just traveled from a flight and this fan had actually called the airport to find out about her flight details as she later revealed, which is why she probably looks so frustrated about the entire thing. The last thing that a wrestler wants after a long flight is to be bombarded with photos. From her angered expression, it is clear that she was not impressed about this moment at all. This fan is actually known to follow WWE stars, so she may have even recognized him.

12 Male: Connor McDavid's Awkward Airport Interaction

via twitter.com

This photo is incredibly awkward while also hilarious at the same time as Canadian ice hockey centre for the NHL's Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid just looks like he wants the world to swallow him up and take him out of this situation as quickly as possible.

McDavid looks more scared than anything and the awkward tension between everyone involved here is palpable. The couple is obviously thrilled to meet him, yet he clearly doesn't feel the same way. From the way the lady is grabbing his arm while the man is actually holding McDavid's hand. McDavid just wants to get out of the situation as quickly as possible, this is the perfect example of an awkward picture.

11 Female: Will You Marry Me, AJ Lee

via blacksportsonline.com

Fan Conventions always lead to some awkward fan photos as people get given more time with the people they are meeting and can potentially setup images like this, but even those fans tend not to go this far. AJ Lee was an incredibly popular wrestler during her time with WWE and was a fan favourite amongst most, especially this fan. Why he decided to have an image pretending to marry Lee is beyond anyone, but it is certainly very awkward.

While the former Divas Champion has happily played along, the fact she doesn't even get out of her seat would suggest she isn't that fond of the idea. Instead of taking a normal snap and having a simple interaction, this fan went to the extreme, leaving a strange moment behind.

10 Male: Where Is Randy Orton Looking

via imgur.com

In this photo it isn't the fan making the situation awkward, it is the athlete. Randy Orton's wandering eyes are clearly struggling to contain themselves here as the WWE Superstar stares down at the fan's chest rather than looking at the camera.

All this fan wanted was a simple picture with one of her favourite wrestlers to remind her of a live event, and instead, she became an internet sensation with the image going viral due to the sheer awkwardness of the encounter. The fan is clearly having a great time and doesn't realize what is happening, likely thinking that Orton is going to be smiling, like a normal person, only for her to later work out he is simply checking out her prominent features.

9 Female: Holly Holm's Tough Image Destroyed

via ufc.com

Some athletes build their reputations form their performances and can create a tough image for themselves, something that is certainly the case for UFC's Holly Holm who quickly made her name due to her impressive fights.

Holm created a tough girl persona that people quickly began to respect, with most people wanting to steer clear. During this pre-fight press conference, this lucky fan got to take a snap with Holm and made that persona seem weaker within the same second. From the linked up arms and overly forced smiling faces to the live crowd that will have likely been in attendance and the strange hand signals they are making, this image is one that Holm will want to forget in hurry.

8 Male: David Beckham Is Surprised

via dailymail.co.uk

David Beckham is a football legend, having played for some of the biggest clubs in the world and leading his country to World Cups, he is a national treasure in England and a big hit across the world.

So when these fans got a glimpse of the soccer legend, they immediately started to grab at him. His expression appears to be one of moderately flattered and fearful simultaneously. Luckily he has a member of Miami law enforcement close behind him to make sure nothing funny happens. However, protection or not, this photo turned out pretty funny anyway. This must be normal for Beckham by this point, so his genuine look of surprise is very strange. Maybe he felt a hand somewhere it should not have been.

7 Female: A Date To Remember For Eugenie Bouchard

via twitter.com

The way this came about isn't so awkward, but it was a very strange situation never before seen in sports. John Goehrke won a bet against Eugenie Bouchard over Twitter, with his win ensuring that they had to go on a date.

The date itself seemed to go well and they both enjoyed the experience, with this image being one for them to take away. Given the situation, it probably is an awkward photo due to how close they are pretending to know each other properly. The duo was very close during this picture but Bouchard does seem a little awkward in the moment, with her smile appearing to be forced while he simply looks smug and pleased with himself, as you would be if you scored a date with a tennis star.

6 Male: Rear View For Roger Federer

via splashnews.com

While we don't have the actual image of tennis sensation Roger Federer with this fan on the beach, we do have a snap of the moment leading up to it, which is incredibly awkward to say the least. Having caught Federer on the beach enjoying some relaxation, this fan clearly wanted to grab a quick picture with him. He seems to be fine with it and everything looks ok. But then you realize that the woman's rear is fully on display, something she is clearly aware of given her hand placement.

Whether she is hoping to impress the legendary sportsman or she just lives totally carefree is unknown, but it will likely have come as a surprise to Federer when these pictures popped up all over the internet.

5 Female: Ronda Rousey Is Swallowed By Fans

via sport24.gr

WWE's newest signee Ronda Rousey is arguably the most popular female sports star around right now after an incredible career in MMA. Rousey broke down barriers for women with her UFC career, and it is no surprise that she has a legion of passionate female fans.

While this image isn't awkward in the sense of Rousey not wanting to be there, although we don't know if she is enjoying it. The way she is being totally swamped by her fans, who are clinging on for dear life, is enough to make anyone laugh out loud. It is good to see how beloved Rousey is, something that likely isn't going to change anytime soon. Let's hope she does actually enjoy these types of moments.

4 Male: Amir Khan Is Surrounded

via keighleynews.co.uk

British boxer Amir Khan is one of the most popular boxers in the world. He is a known philanthropist and often can be seen getting involved to help communities. One notable example were his efforts to raise funds after the 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami. To show just how much his charitable work has impacted people's lives, he was given an honorary degree by the university of Bolton.

In this photo, he is obviously surrounded by way too many fans. He probably couldn't take a photo with all of them, so he settled for a group shot. Clearly not knowing how to pose, he simply had everyone raise their arms. While nice, it makes for a very cheesy photo of an otherwise tough boxer.

3 Female: Sweaty Selfies For Maria Sharapova

via twitter.com

If you played sports at any point in your life, when you have just finished and are naturally feeling tired, sweaty and ready to just relax, the last thing you would want to do is start taking pictures with your fans. Especially if you haven't yet had a shower.

Yet that didn't stop this fan grabbing a shot of Maria Sharapova as soon as she had finished on the court. While she stopped for the photo, even throwing up a peace sign, it doesn't mean it's not awkward, with the man in the background clearly not happy with the fan's proximity. It's a sweaty selfie for all concerned, though why the fan is sweating so much is unknown, perhaps because he knows how awkward this picture is going to turn out.

2 Male: A Confused Ric Flair

via twitter.com

Ric Flair is a global icon, the Nature Boy is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time and the way he lived his lifestyle attracted women to him and made the men want to be him, Flair was a true rockstar. This fan clearly saw the WWE legend walking around and decided to jump at the chance to grab a quick snap with the Nature Boy, which is fair enough. The only problem is that Flair doesn't seem to have a clue what is happening and isn't even looking at the camera.

Flair looks more puzzled than anything and appears to just want to move on with his day and there is nothing more awkward about a fan photo with an athlete than when they don't want to be part of the picture.

1 Female: Too Close For Comfort For Paige

via twitter.com

There are some incredibly strange photos of fans with WWE's female athletes, but this one has to be the most awkward by far. The tight grip of the fan, his hand placement and the faces of both of them, make this incredibly awkward.

Instead of just having a normal fan image like anybody else, this fan seized his opportunity to take this picture, for some reason. Quite why he wanted to strike this pose with Paige is unknown, but it is very awkward, to say the least. One thing I would like to know is how this picture possibly came about in the first place. There are many images of Paige doing different poses with fans so it is something she clearly isn't against, but the conversation itself must have been just as awkward as the outcome.

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