Fandemonium: 15 Embarrassing Photos Of Sports Fans Gone Wild

There is one thing that every sport has in common, and that’s that they all have fans. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, often with varying levels of enthusiasm.

In some cases, there are extremely loyal fans, who are often referred to as die-hard fans. Die-hards will stick with their team even through the tough times. We also have what is known as fair-weather or bandwagon fans. The bandwagon fans won’t stick around when their team is losing, but the minute the organization (or athlete) is in doing well, they will start to come out of the woodwork.

Both the die-hard fan and the bandwagon fans make up what is known as a fanbase.

However, there is also another type of fan that we don’t see quite as often. These are the super-fans, and they are often the craziest of the bunch of them all. The term Fan, which is often used to describe one who follows the sport, is actually an abbreviated form of the word fanatic. The super fan, in many cases, lives up to the fanatical standard.

In this article, we will see not only super fans, but other sports spectators going completely nuts. So with that in mind, it's time take a look at 15 photos of sports fans gone wild!

15 Grab A Seat

via YouTube.com

In terms of college sports, baseball usually isn’t among the most popular in most areas of the country. Baseball attendance, at least at the collegiate level, is relatively sparse compared to sports like football and basketball. That being said, there are still some very passionate college baseball fans out there. In fact, as we can see from this photo, some might even be a little too passionate.

In this photo, we see a young lady who appears to have run onto the field, to give her favorite player a little more than a pat on the back. The security guard in the shorts who is  chasing her looks like he’s trying to keep from laughing, which definitely adds to the photo. It’s fair to say that this fan was (or had) a handful.

14 Low Blow

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This photo was taken at a live professional wrestling event held by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The WWE usually encourages fans to express themselves in the form of cheering their favorite performers and jeering entertainers who aren’t shy about breaking the rules. However, they never encourage fans to enter the ring and attempt to become a part of the action.

Here we see wrestler Randy Orton, a former world champion, getting ready to perform his signature pose from the top rope. Apparently, this fan didn’t care for Mr. Orton’s antics and decided to strike him in the groin area. Following the low blow, the fan was escorted out by security before Orton (who is roughly 6-foot-4 and weighs around 250 pounds) could get his hands on him.

13 Masked Mayhem

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Hockey is tough, physical sport that is usually played with a great deal of passion. This passion is often shared by the fans in the stands. Those who have attended a game live know that they can get a little rowdy from time to time. In fact, even the players are known to lose it, and get into the occasional brawl on the ice.

While the player in this photo, Jack Johnson, may not be brawling, he is definitely trying to ignore the two fans in the background, or perhaps he just doesn’t see them. Whatever the case may be, these two guys certainly stand out in their costumes, and the handstand looks to be getting some laughs from fellow audience members. It appears the entertainment wasn't limited to the action on the ice in this instance.

12 Swimsuit Fan

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While soccer isn’t all that popular compared to other major sports in North America, it is extremely popular in other parts of the world. This photo was taken at an Italian soccer (or football if you prefer) venue known as Luigi Ferraris Stadium, during a game between Sampdoria vs. Napoli.

Apparently, the young lady in the bikini and Converse shoes decided that this would be the perfect time for a little streaking. As we can see, the security guard in the background doesn’t appear to address this situation with a great deal of urgency. While running on the field during any sporting event is ill-advised, one has to think there was a significant portion of the fanbase that appreciated this woman's willingness to show her spirit.

11 Pole Dancer

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If one is looking for the rowdiest fans in sports, then college football is an excellent place to start. Anyone who has ever attended a college sporting event live can attest to that. When you're attending a school (or have attended a school), it often creates an unbreakable bond between the student/fan and the sports team.

This photo was taken after a football game between the Florida State Seminoles and the Wolfpack of North Carolina State. In this instance, NC State pulled off the upset defeating their number 3 ranked adversary by a score of 17-16. As we can see from this photo, the fans were understandably very excited about the victory. The prominent gentleman, with his shirt off, is especially excited about the win.

10 Stop Right There

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The Philadelphia Phillies are a Major League Baseball franchise who last won the World Series in 2008. They are the oldest one-city, a one-name franchise in American sports, having been around since 1883. Their mascot is a dragon-like creature know as the Phillie Phanatic (fanatic). Like the colorful mascot, the Phillies fanbase could also be described as fanatics.

In this photo, we see a Phillies fans who decided to enter the field of play. Based on the look on his face, he appears to regret his decision to become more than a spectator. That being said, he likely regretted it more when the security guard behind him decided to pull the trigger on the taser he’s holding. This photo reminds us why it’s best for fans to stay in the stands.

9 Getting His Kicks

via zelebrity.blogspot.com

This photo was taken at a soccer game between Ajax and AZ Alkmaar, two Dutch football (soccer) clubs. Soccer games around the world have a reputation for having rowdy fans who are very passionate about the club they follow. However, as was the case here, that passion can lead to poor decision making on occasion.

In this instance, a fan tried to come after Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado. As we can see, the goalkeeper was more than capable of defending himself against the unruly fan. Alvarado hit the fan with kung-fu like kick which knocked the spectator down. He then followed up with a few more shots, before security was able to get control of the situation. Alvarado was given a red card, which meant that he was kicked out of the game for defending himself. In protest, his teammates walked off the field.

8 He's A Big Fan

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This image was taken at the Wells Fargo Center, home of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers last won it all in 1983. Despite their championship drought, the organization has had several outstanding players. Legendary stars such as Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Barkley, and Julius Erving have all worn 76ers uniforms. As we can see here, the organization also has its share of loyal fans.

The gentleman in this photo would defiantly qualify as a big fan in more ways than one. As the old saying goes, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” and this guy appears to have succeeded in attracting the cameraperson's attention. He also appear to have found a female admirer at this 76ers game, who is giving him a little belly rub.

7 Distraction

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Trying  to distract player who are attempting a free throws in basketball, has become something of an art form. Fans have tried seemingly everything; bang sticks, tassels, and just about anything  in between. How effective these distractions methods are is highly debatable. That being said, one thing that is certain is that fans have a great time trying to get the attention of a rival player while they're attempting to make a pivotal shot.

In this image, we see a fan who is willing to go all out in order to help his team achieve victory. The hula skirt and bikini top may not be figure-flattering on this man, but the outfit is certainly difficult to ignore. One has to appreciate a fan who is willing to go these lengths.

6 Well, That's Not Very Nice...

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This photo was taken at a basketball game between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls back in 2013. This particular game would wind up being a blowout with Heat defeating the Bull 115-78. In this photo we see former Chicago star Joakim Noah being escorted out, after being ejected during the fourth quarter of the game.

The thing that obviously stands out in the picture is the woman sticking her middle finger in Noah’s face. This photo shows that it can be easy to for some fans to forget that pro athletes are people too. The incident prompted media outlets to take an interest in the fan, a woman named Filomena Tobias. According to Sports Illustrated, Tobias was the widow of a financial investor, who was accused (by his brothers) of murdering her husband.

5 Twice The Fun

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The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are two of the most popular teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). However, based on the score in the photo here, it looks like this wasn’t the most competitive contest. Attending a live NBA game is a real treat for most folks, but as we can see here, not everyone is excited about the opportunity.

This image features two basketball fans who could probably make our list on their own; the fact they are sitting next to each other makes it all the better. We see one guy taking a nap (perhaps he doesn’t enjoy blowouts), while the man next him appears to be picking his nose. This pic reminds us, that when attending a televised sporting event, the cameras could be pointed in your direction at any moment.

4 The Freeze

via Jacksonville.com

The Atlanta Braves are a Major League Baseball franchise that has been around since 1871, though they have only been in Atlanta since 1966. Their last World Series title came back in 1995. Baseball greats such as Hank Aaron, Greg Maddux, and Warren Spahn were all a member of the organization over the course of their illustrious careers. However, these days, one of their biggest stars is a between-innings entertainer known as The Freeze.

The Freeze is challenged by confident fans who believe that they have what it takes to defeat the pseudo-mascot in a foot race. Despite giving the fan a 200-foot head start, The Freeze always wins the race with relative ease. As it turns out, The Freeze is actually a 26-year old track athlete who also works as a member of the Braves' grounds crew.

3 Let Me In

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The Vancouver Canucks are a member of the National Hockey League. They have been around since 1970 when they joined the league as an expansion team. Despite having been in existence for roughly 48 years, they have never won the Stanley Cup. However, they did come very close back in 2011, before ultimately being eliminated in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals by the Boston Bruins that year. Their loss in Game 7 sparked what has now known the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot.

During the now infamous riot, scenes similar to the one shown in this picture were commonplace. By the time the riot ended, it’s estimated that the city suffered $4.2 million USD worth of property damage. Moreover, 140 people were injured in the incident.

2 Bust A Move

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The National Football League’s New York Giants were established all the way back in 1925. Their most recent Super Bowl title came in 2011 when they defeated the New England Patriots (21-17). Lawrence Taylor, Eli Manning, and Frank Gifford were all members of the organization during their careers. Despite being called the “New York” Giants, they actually play in East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Giants have a rabid and enthusiastic fan base that isn’t shy about expressing themselves. In this photo we see two New York Giants fans taking a selfie while getting down. The young ladies, located to the left in the picture, don’t seem to be impressed by this display of affection. However, the man in the camouflage pants comes across as the type of guy who doesn’t put too much stock in what others think.

1 The 12th Man

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The Seattle Seahawks have been playing in the National Football League since as far back as 1974. They captured their very first Super Bowl trophy in 2013. Football greats like Cortez Kennedy, Steve Largent, and Shaun Alexander are all former Seahawk greats. The organization refers to their fans as the 12th man and even went so far as to retire the number in their honor.

As we can see here, there is some Seahawks fans who aren’t shy about showing their support...or their underwear for that matter. This guy was quite literally caught with his pants down while drinking some type of beverage on the field. The fan on the screen the background appears to appreciate the man on the field’s efforts. This photo looks to have been taken in Seattle, meaning that guy is likely a bit chilly.

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