What's Their Age Again? 20 Female Athletes With Surprising Ages

Generally, athletes only have a certain window where they’re able to exert their craft, rise to the top. Many athletes start out in their chosen sport at a pretty young age. They then begin to play, achieve professional status in their teens, and then reach their peak in their mid to late 20s. Some are still going strong in their mid to late 30s, and the rare breed of sportswomen progress beyond that, although that’s a pretty rare occurrence. This goes for all athletes, but female athletes in particular have an even shorter window, have to contend with a lot more. They have to think about other things, whether or not to start a family, pursue other ventures etc. Some athletes have been through these experiences, and are still around, still going strong. Some haven’t had kids but have just been ploughing on year after year.

Age is nothing but a number to these athletes. At the other end of the scale, there are athletes who’ve done a massive amount, have achieved plenty in the sporting world and have already acquired massive amounts of popularity, but are still young. Looking at their résumés, it’s surprising how old, or how young, they are. You might have to read their ages again in surprise when you find out how old these athletes are. These are 20 female athletes with surprising ages.

20 Lolo Jones - 35

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Lolo Jones is an American bobsledder and hurdler. She’s been a track and field athlete and bobsledder for about 14 years. That’s a remarkably long time to be around on the athletics’ scene, to still remain relevant. Lolo has certainly remained relevant. That’s remarkable considering she’s 35. There aren’t many 35-year-old athletes with the fan following that Lolo is enjoying. It’s no surprise that she’s got so many fans either.

She keeps fans entertained on social media too. Looking at the pics she posts, her fitness regimes and the fact that she’s in such amazing shape. a lot of people would deem it inconceivable that Lolo is in her mid-30s. She’s said she’s going to be around in her 40s too, so thankfully we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Lolo over the years.

19 Michelle Waterson - 32

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Michelle Waterson got her nickname for a reason. The MMA star had been tagged with that nickname ever since she first started out competing. Look at her pics and it won’t take you long to realize why. Michelle is one of the best looking competitors in the world of MMA, and in combat sports in general. Look at some of her pics and you’ll have a hard time believing that she’s 32. She’s got a physique of a woman a decade younger than her. A lot of those in MMA have a hard time overcoming her. You’d think she was an eager youngster hungry for success by the way she approaches things. She’s certainly hungry for success. But at the age of 32, we can’t exactly say that Michelle is an up and comer.

18 Eugenie Bouchard - 24

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Women’s tennis is renowned for having a number of steamy competitors. Get ready to experience a few on this list. Eugenie Bouchard is perhaps the steamiest of them all. She’s a decent tennis player, not exactly amongst the world’s best. But she stands out on court and off it. Genie is regarded to be one of the world’s most popular athletes. She’s seemingly had that status for such a long time. Genie has been spoken about in such a manner for an awful long time. Due to her profile, many people would think that Genie was in her late 20s. A whole lot more people would think that after seeing some of her photoshoots. But Genie is actually 24. She’s still a relative rookie in the sporting world. Just think what Genie can go on to achieve in the future.

17 Garbine Muguruza - 24

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Garbine Muguruza is another steamy tennis pro to grace this list. She’s certainly up there as being one of the best looking players in the game. Garbine has the looks but she’s also got this sense of maturity about her. Her beauty and physique aside, Garbine looks like a more mature woman, a seasoned pro. Add to that the fact that she’s a headstrong woman, has a stern personality, not to mention everything she’s achieved in tennis, and you could be forgiven for thinking that Garbine is a woman in her early 30s, perhaps even older. Staggeringly Garbine is only 24. She really doesn't give that impression with the way she carries herself. She still has many years ahead of her in the game of tennis.

16 Venus Williams - 37

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In tennis, there are quite a lot of youngsters on the pro circuit. The majority of those at the top of the rankings are in their mid-20s. They’re slowly taking over, pushing out the old guard. But Venus Williams is someone who’s remained strong. She hasn’t let these youngsters dominate. In fact, in the last few years, Venus has been doing pretty decently, has enjoyed plenty of good runs. It just goes to show that age is nothing but a number. Due to her experience, all she’s achieved in the game, her age wouldn’t really shock you. But just the fact that she’s a tennis player playing in today’s day and age where the game’s evolved and has gotten ever more physical, at the age of 37, is definitely pretty surprising. It’s a testimony to her level of fitness, her love for the game.

15 Alex Scott - 33

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When it comes to women’s soccer in the UK, there’s one name that stands out. Women’s soccer has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years and that’s in large part due to Alex Scott. She’s done plenty for the game as a whole, but her individual achievements are also quite remarkable.

Alex Scott is a funny one in that a lot of people would probably think she’s younger than she is, but there’ll also be quite a few who think she’s older. Alex is 33, but going by looks alone, she could pass for a woman a decade younger. But due to all of her achievements, people would also be prone to thinking she’s a great deal older. She’s made a whopping 140 appearances for her national team. But arguably what she’s most proud of is getting an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, a British order of chivalry}. There aren’t many 33-year-olds who can claim to be an MBE.

14 Amy Acuff - 42

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The fact that Amy Acuff is still around, still competing is truly remarkable. Sure, she’s been rather quiet in recent years. But she still hasn’t retired, is still very much an athlete. The track and field athlete and high jump specialist hailing from The States has been around doing her thing for over two decades. That’s something that a lot of people find staggering. Most track and field athletes, Olympic competitors have a certain window in which they’re able to perform optimally. That’s normally when an athlete is in their mid to late 20s. Amy’s thrown all of that out the window. At the age of 42, she’s one of the oldest track and field athletes around. But due to her athletic prowess, you wouldn’t have guessed it.

13 Janet Lynn West - 57

Janet Lynn West is an IFBB pro bodybuilder. Now, bodybuilders tend to achieve their best physiques in their late 30s, early 40s. That’s when muscles reach maturity, get that harder, denser look. But then once you start to go into your late 40s and early 50s, the body begins to fight back. It gets harder and harder to maintain your physique. It’s even harder for women due to their testosterone levels and various other factors. That’s what makes Janet’s physique all the more special. She’s approaching her 60s yet is still in absolutely amazing shape. There aren’t many like her in the world of bodybuilding with her type of physique. That’s because it’s nigh on impossible to achieve. Well, Janet has the secret.

12 Juli Firso - 23

It’s fair to assume that Juli Firso isn’t the most well-known person on this list. That could very well change once you see her pic. Born in Russia, Juli has taken the world of MMA by storm. I’m not saying that she’s an elite competitor or anything like that. But her social media profiles certainly get people interested. It means that when she’s competing, people sit up and take notice. Juli is only 23 but has already acquired quite a fan following. She also competes in MMA and owns her own martial arts academy. Again, I need to reiterate that Juli is only 23. In some of her pics she looks it. In others she seems far more mature. Also, based on her accomplishments and fan following, people would be quick to assume that she’s far older than she is.

11 Ellen Hoog - 32

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Dutch field hockey player Ellen Hoog is someone who’s solely responsible for putting field hockey on the map. It’s fair to assume that a great deal of people over the years have tuned in solely to watch Ellen Hoog in action. That’s because her popularity shot up when she decided to pose nude and take part in a load of alluring photoshoots. Since those shoots, Ellen is widely regarded to be among the most famous athletes in the world. Due to the way the looks and because of her prowess as a hockey player, people would assume that Ellen’s in her early 20s, her mid-20s at the oldest. Ellen is actually in her early 30s. But the 32-year-old Dutch superstar is showing no signs of slowing down. That makes us sports fans very glad indeed.

10 Amber Hill - 20

Competitive sports shooting isn’t really considered to be a mainstream sport. It only tends to get any coverage at the Olympics, and even then, people tune in when there’s absolutely nothing else going on. The stereotypical opinion of those who partake in the sport is that they’re older country gents, old fuddy duddies. Amber Hill is someone who certainly does away with that stereotype. She stands out like a beacon of light in the world of competitive shooting. She’s young, glamorous, and fancies herself as a bit of a model too. Many would say that she already is. The fact that Amber Hill has just reached adulthood, at only 20, is sure to surprise many people. Firstly, it’ll come as a surprise because of the sport she’s involved in. Secondly, she just looks so grown up in a lot of her pics. The fact that she was still a teenager when she took most of them is something a lot of people find staggering.

9 Jaqueline Carvalho - 34

When I mention beach volleyball, what do you think of? Most people would think of the tropical beaches of Brazil. A lot would also think of steamy athletes with great physiques. Jacqueline Carvalho fits the bill in both of those categories. The Brazilian beach volleyball player has received worldwide attention. It’s fair to assume a lot of eyes are drawn to the sport solely because of Jacqueline.

Jacqueline is another person who doesn’t look her age. But does she look older or younger than her 34 years? Make your own minds up. A lot of people would say that because of the way she looks, her physique, that she looks a lot younger. Add to that the fact she’s had a kid and still looks the way she does. But she also looks like a very mature woman, which is of course no bad thing. That mature look could give some the impression that she’s in her late 30s or early 40s.

8 Blanka Vlasic - 34

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Blanka Vlašić is a Croatian athlete who specializes in high jump. She’s one of Croatia’s most popular athletes. That’s not just because of her prowess at her events. It’s because she’s very active on social media, has done a lot of modeling shoots. Blanka may not really be seen as a steamy athlete when she’s in action. But after seeing her shoots, people have a different opinion of her. Seeing her shoots, she looks like a youngish fresh-faced athlete. She looks like she’s someone in her early to mid-20s. Blanka is actually 34. That's pretty remarkable, firstly considering how she looks, and second taking into account her achievements, what she’s still able to achieve as a high jump specialist. Blanka is another woman who proves that age is nothing but a number.

7 Paige Spiranac - 25

By her own admission Paige Spiranac isn’t really a great golfer. She’s decent, but let’s be honest, her golfing prowess isn’t why people watch her. She’s done a whole lot for women’s golf by bringing a load of glamor and mass-appeal to the sport. It’s something that’s got the LPGA’S back up. But hey, if it brings people to the game, gets people watching, it can only be a positive thing, right?

Paige is undoubtedly one of the most popular people in the women’s game. She’s achieved such a massive fanbase and has tasted plenty of success, not necessarily in terms of tournament wins, but success all the same. Judging by how Paige looks, the fan following she’s acquired, you’d think that Paige had been around for an awful long time. It seems like she has, in a good way of course. But Paige has only just turned 25. There aren’t many 25-year olds who’ve done what Paige has achieved.

6 Jo Pavey - 44

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People in the UK, athletics’ fans in general, can’t stop raving about Jo Pavey. She’s regarded to be the UK’s second best female long-distance runner. She’s still around, is still competing. Just last year she won bronze at the Osaka World Championships. What makes that achievement remarkable is that she was 43. She’s now 44 and is showing no signs of slowing down, in terms of the rate at which she’s competing and her times on the track. She’s defied the odds to win medals in her 40s. That’s some achievement. She had to wait some time before achieving fame. But as Jo would probably agree, it was all worth it. A 44-year-old long distance runner who still wins medals – that was unheard of before Jo came along.

5 Serena Williams - 36

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What Serena Williams has achieved throughout the course of her career has just been remarkable. She’s the best woman in tennis by a long shot, is arguably the greatest, most successful female athlete of all time. Look through all of her titles, and you’d probably think she was around 50. It would take the average person that amount of time to accumulate so many awards. But Serena isn’t average. She’s a superwoman. She even won her last Grand Slam whilst pregnant. There was lots of talk that after giving birth that she’d call it quits. After all, there isn’t anything left for her to achieve in the game. But she’s on the comeback trail.

That’s a testimony to her drive and determination to add even more trophies to her already massive haul. It’s also amazing she’s come back having already won all she’s won, having just given birth, and being 36.

4 Hope Solo - 36

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The women’s USA soccer team is renowned for fielding some steamy competitors. Hope Solo is among them. She’s arguably one of the most beautiful women in the game. When she lines up alongside her teammates, she can certainly compete with, if not surpass the likes of Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan in popularity. Kudos to her for keeping herself so fit at the age of 36. Hope differs from the trend of goalkeepers declining in their mid 30s. She’s taken part in some interesting photoshoots over the years in which she’s showcased her glorious, ripped, athletic physique. A lot of athletes a decade younger than Hope aren’t even to able to achieve that look. It’s incredible that she’s still going strong at 36, she’s still very much in the limelight.

3 Aly Raisman - 23

A lot of gymnasts start out young. But even so, despite being young, Aly Raisman has had one eventful life to date. She’s a two time Olympian and a member of America’s “Famous Five.” She’s also got a ton of other accomplishments. All the golds and silvers she’s one, you’d think she was a seasoned pro, a much older athlete. Also, Aly just looks so grown up. Gymnasts are normally full of poise and grace, know how to carry themselves. But even so Aly looks far older than she actually is. It’s amazing to think that she’s only 23. That’s getting on a bit in gymnastics terms. But Aly isn’t about to call it quits. She’s still got the physique, still has the desire to compete, and so we can expect to see a lot more of Aly in the coming years.

2 Natalie Gulbis - 36

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Natalie Gulbis is one of women’s golf’s top competitors. She’s certainly one of the most popular female golfers in the game. At the age of 36, she’s also one of the oldest, not that it shows. Natalie in no way looks like she’s in her mid-30s. If anything, she looks around a decade younger. She’s someone who certainly gives the youngsters a run for their money both in the golf and looks department. Natalie has blossomed throughout the years, since 2001 which is when she turned pro. But back when she started, women’s golf didn’t get the same recognition, the same following and popularity it enjoys now. That’s why it’s hard to people to believe that Natalie’s been around for so long, that she’s 36.

1 Eileen Olszewski - 49

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There aren’t many in the world of fighting and combat sports that continue fighting well into their 40s. Sure, of late, a few male boxers have made comebacks. But by and large, by their mid-30s, a lot of fighter’s careers are drawing to a close. Eileen Olszewski’s career certainly isn’t about to end. She’s about to hit her half century and is still going strong. Eileen is a 49-year-old boxer. She’s won a ton of titles and is a record-breaker too. She’s the oldest female boxer in history to win the flyweight title. She only began boxing in 2006. At the age of 49, she doesn’t look like she’s going to stop. Look at her physique, her level of fitness and she could quite possible just go on and on year after year.

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