20 Times Female Athletes Would Have Rather Worn Something Else

The day women began practicing sports was a better day for all humanity, and we really mean that. First, it was a better day for the many of us (which we hope is a majority) who strive to live in an equal world where men and women have the same kinds of opportunities. That is a beautiful dream, isn’t it? At the same time, it was also a better day for the people who just want to see the world burn. And here is where you ask the question: why?

Well, an image is worth a thousand words and since we are putting in a few thousand words into this list let’s just say we are going to give you a lot of images to go along with that. The reason why the day women began practicing sports was also a great day for terrible people is because of the inherent embarrassment often comes with practicing sports in front of an audience. Of course, we are talking about wardrobe malfunctions. These are common even in male sports. Seriously, you might need a little stomach, but if you Google “male athletes wardrobe malfunctions,” you will see some stuff you will never be able to unsee. On that same note, women suffer from a similar problem when it comes to wearing sporting gear. Whether people like to admit it or not, women are more prone to these malfunctions than their male counterparts. Some of them are funny, some of them are embarrassing, and some of them are just… You fill in the blanks.


20 Cycling Problems

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Let’s start with a sport that many people would not imagine would have a place on a list like this. Cycling does seem like a fun sport to practice, but it doesn’t even seem that fun to watch. Seriously, who has the time to watch a bunch of guys and gals riding their bicycle for hours? Just go and watch a Formula One race, it’s faster. At the same time, it is fun to watch the falls that happen every single time there is a cycling competition.

But back to the topic, this is one sport where we didn’t expect to see many wardrobe malfunctions or clothes the athletes would regret wearing. Nevertheless, these ladies proved us wrong. Maybe they should have complained to the stylist before agreeing to wear these monstrosities.

19 Mud Runs

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We live in the age of fitness, and people need to understand that from now on you must call people who do mud runs, athletes. Yeah, they are probably not making as much money as NBA and NFL players, but these are still people who work very hard in order to get in shape for their competitions. Just try to do one of these things, they are hard to prepare for and to run.

A silver lining here is that since we are considering these people athletes, they also fall into the category of athletes who might regret their choice of outfit for a competition. This one is a rather easy fix. If you are going to run around in the mud and get all wet, it might be in your best interest to wear something waterproof, like a facemask.


18 Stretching Problems

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Stretching is a vital part of any sport. In case you are someone who has not practiced many sports throughout their lives or at least has not practiced a sport competitively, stretching might just be the most important thing you do before physical activity. All you need to do is one quick Google search or a word with a good coach, and they will tell you that not stretching before you start competing is the easiest way to get hurt during a game.

Stretching serves to loosen your muscles and get you ready for the impact your body is going to suffer during whatever competition you are gearing up for. Unfortunately for a few athletes, the photographers don’t really leave them alone when they are doing their pregame stretches.

17 Serena Goes A Little Too Tight

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Serena Williams is never shy about experimenting with new outfits and this was definitely one that caused some stir to observers. Serena elected to go with what many called a 'catsuit' on the court, The outfit was made by PUMA with some help by Serena herself, so perhaps she didn't quite regret it, but you can't argue that this outfit definitely didn't leave much to the imagination. All we have to say is, let Serena be Serena. At least the outfit was tight enough that it didn't really lend itself a chance to any wardrobe malfunctions. If something had popped out though, you wonder just how much everyone would've seen. We wonder if Serena will ever give a catsuit like this a comeback in future tournaments.


16 On The Green

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If there is one classy sport in the world, it is golf. You have probably come across a lot of articles in recent times where people criticize the LPGA for their draconian dress-up code and the limitations they put on what athletes can wear. But then again, even with those many limitations, we can still find gems like this one.

This is where you have to feel bad for female golfers because there is no way to escape crouching to this position in golf. It is one of those embarrassing pictures that you cannot just run away from. The only way to escape this is to keep your eyes on every single photographer out there and make sure they don’t have a straight angle. Oh yeah, the photographers are to blame for this entire list, don’t forget that.

15 Track And See

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Before anyone starts complaining, no, we do not have a bone to pick with track and field. These just happen to be some of the images we ran by, and coincidentally it seems like track has a lot to offer when it comes to female athletes regretting their choice of outfit. This is a perfect example of that. Everyone understands that in order to keep air drag to a minimum and reach maximum velocity for a sprint, it is necessary for an athlete to have their clothes skintight to their bodies. And that is totally fine. We are all up for the best performances. That is the fun of the game, right?

The only thing we would like to say is that if you are going to wear shorts that could be “see-through,” you might not want to wear a thong underneath. Just a suggestion.


14 Quite The Unique Shot

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Just a few entries ago we talked about how gymnasts have to wear skintight bodysuits in order to have optimal freedom of movement to perform their flips and whatever else they might be doing. That is one of the reasons why this picture is so unique. First, we have a hard time believing anyone would be able to find something as close to an upper body wardrobe malfunction in gymnastics as this exact photo.

The thing with skintight bodysuits is that while they might expose the shape of someone’s body more than regular clothes would, they are also great protection against wardrobe malfunctions. And now that we are thinking about that, maybe they are really the way to go in gymnastics. Yeah, the loose gear could turn out to be way more embarrassing.

13 Diving Problems

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Here is yet another sport where you wouldn’t really expect to see many choices of outfit that female athletes would regret wearing. Diving just seems very straightforward when it comes to sports. You go up on a very tall platform, you jump, flip over a few times, and then land as straight as an arrow. In case you haven’t watched a diving competition, it is more entertaining than you would think. Thankfully, the next Olympics are right around the corner, and you will probably get a chance to see some competitions on TV soon.

But as with all other water sports, diving has the problem that the outfits have to be really tight to a competitor’s body. And unfortunately, this can be the cause of many embarrassing photos.


12 Swimming Time

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Since we were already in the water, let’s stick with water sports for a bit and talk about swimming. Perhaps no other sport has a better reason for athletes to wear super tight suits to compete. In case you didn’t know, there were even suits that swimmers wore not too long ago that were so tight they could only be used once. That was a time when a bunch of world records were broken since the suits were technologically ahead of their time. Thankfully, those were banned, so that now we can see people competing with their own strength. But even the classic swimsuits that are not as tight as the high-tech ones can cause a little embarrassment.

Even though they should be made to avoid things like this, sometimes you just can’t escape the bad combination that is a person's body and a tight outfit. Flavia Zoccari unfortunately suffered an embarrassing moment when her swimsuit split on her backside, giving everyone more than what they were meant to see.

11 Surf's Up

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So, we have agreed that the supertight bodysuits are the way to go in certain sports. The downside would just be too much if athletes were to wear clothes that were any looser than what they already wear. But even with that in mind, there are some of these bodysuits that are just way too tight. Unfortunately for Stephanie Gilmore, her surfing outfit couldn't hold it together, and saw her suit part down the middle between the top and bottom half.

Well, who are we to judge? We are here talking about it anyway, right? We are sure most guys are not complaining about anyone wearing something like this. But her husband, boyfriend, or dad cannot be too happy when he sees a picture like this on the web.


10 Getting A Refreshment

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Everyone who has practiced a sport at some point in their life knows this one truth: water is life. If you are someone who spent most of your days playing video games and never really bothered to play some pickup basketball games or sign up for any leagues of any kind of sport, you probably made it this far just drinking Mountain Dew or Ginger Ale. Nevertheless, if you are someone who has practiced a sport, you know that you need water to survive. Nothing (with the exception of Gatorade, Powerade, and everything else in between) can match water’s ability to help you recover from a long run or even maintain your rhythm without losing all your fluids through sweat.

That being said, sometimes getting a refreshment can open you up to embarrassment depending on how you get said refreshment and on what you are wearing.

9 Maria Sharapova

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A list of athletes regretting their choice of outfit would never be complete without an entry dedicated to Maria Sharapova. The queen of tennis is also the queen of choosing outfits that might end up embarrassing her depending on the angle a photographer catches her from. Here we found a tamer example to show you.

Although it is kind of embarrassing for someone to see that much of your skin, you have to give props to female tennis players. A lot of athletes from other sports could take their cue on wearing those tight shorts under the skirts. Sometimes they are too tight, but more often than not they can save you from embarrassment. Maybe we will go back to the topic and show you a little example of how things were before tennis players started wearing these.


8 Sticking With Tennis

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Since we are already on the courts, let’s just stick with tennis for a bit. And speaking of sticky, that is the state you get during and after a tennis match. For people watching from outside, tennis might not seem like a very demanding sport. But the truth is the complete opposite. These gals are running under the sun on a court that often reflects the heat at them for hours.

The truth is that tennis is about as tiring as a sport can get. And what comes with tiredness? Sweat. And if you know you are going to sweat, you must understand that you should steer away from white clothes. White clothes and fluids are mortal enemies. You might as well not be wearing anything because the clothes will betray you. Unless you are cunning and wear something beneath to stay safe from the photographers.

7 Power Pleat

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We're kind of wondering what Nike was thinking with these so called Power Pleat outfits for Wimbledon. Nike stated that the outfits were designed for "designed for incredible cooling and comfort," but it caused many problems for the athletes back at Wimbledon in 2016. On top of being prone to malfunctions, the power pleat outfits were also criticized for not falling into Wimbledon's strict dress code.

One of the rules of Wimbledon states: "Any undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white except for a single trim of colour no wider than one centimetre (10mm). In addition, common standards of decency are required at all times."

Nike for their part, defended the design but there was much debate as to whether it fit the traditional requirements of Wimbledon. It didn't bother us!


6 A Controversial Figure

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This might be the most controversial entry on our list because the lady we are picturing here is someone who doesn’t seem ever to be bothered about what she is wearing nor does she regret any choice of outfit. Nevertheless, we decided to add her here because there are a lot of athletes who would undoubtedly steer away from wearing these kinds of outfits to competitions.

The beautiful lady at hand is none other than Allison Stokke. In case you are not familiar with her, she was one of the first athletes to become famous because of the Internet. After all, the one thing the Internet loves more than professional athletes and celebrities is beautiful people. A video of Allison went viral while she was in her teens and she became an international symbol, even though she never won a major competition.

5 Don’t Mess with Her

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If there is one particular kind of athlete within track and field with whom we would strongly encourage people not to have arguments with or antagonize in any way, that group would be the throwers. We mean any kind of thrower. It could be the people who do the hammer throw, the shot put, the discus throw, or the javelin throw. These people are stronger than you realize, and you do not want to get on their bad side.

This beautiful lady over here, for example, is someone with whom we would not want to have a fight with. First, because she is obviously strong enough to throw that javelin as if it was a football. And there is also the fact that she has a javelin. You could kill people with those.


4 Triathlon Problems

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Within all sports, the people who probably have the most trouble with their outfits are triathlon competitors. Just think about it, you don’t just have to worry about one outfit you are going to wear during a competition. You have to worry about three. Yeah, it seems hard enough for some people to come up with one good outfit to wear during a competition, so just imagine trying to do it with three.

In case you're wondering why this lady looks familiar, yes, that is Teri Hatcher, who many may remember from Desperate Housewives, or her memorable appearance on Seinfeld (they're real, and they're spectacular). The poor lady couldn't unzip without photographers grabbing every angle they could! In all seriousness, triathlons are as tough as sporting events come and lends the opportunity to several wardrobe mishaps.

3 Again With The White

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We really cannot enforce this enough. If you compete in a sport where you are going to do a lot of sweating, you should try to stay away from white clothes. We know that sometimes federations and whatever regulatory organizations within a competition force you to wear a certain kind of color in order to compete. But if that happens, maybe just try to wear clothes of a different color underneath. These are just suggestions, but it wouldn’t hurt people to follow them every once in a while. That is unless you are okay with photographers snapping pictures of you like this whenever you feel some kind of itch.

Because if you don’t mind, you can be sure that the good folks on the Internet don’t mind it either. Much on the contrary, they love this stuff.


2 Can’t Help It

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Sometimes the people who hate soccer say it is not as good a sport as American football or basketball because it is not as physical. That is clearly because these people have never watched a women’s soccer game. If you have the time, just watch one, we dare you. Depending on who you catch playing, the games can be vicious. While in proportion to their male counterparts, the female American players are way more talented when it comes to their skills compared to the rest of the world, they are still as physical as they come.

Furthermore, unlike in the men’s game, the women’s game faces the problem that every shirt tug or short tug can result in some very embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. So maybe players should consider wearing compression shorts or any other kind of shorts under their playing gear to avoid incidents like this.

1 Photographers Are the Worst

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No one wanted it to come to this, but if we had to point fingers, we would say the real problem here is with the photographers. If you have kept up with us until this very end, you should have probably figured that out as well. These guys and gals are always looking for the perfect photo, and more often than not, it seems like when it comes to female athletes, the perfect photo is the most embarrassing one.

Take a look at this picture for example. What good did it do to the world (other than giving us a good example for this entry) for this photographer to take a picture of a swimmer while she was floating over one of the lanes? If you need to clear any doubts about why this picture was taken, just pay close attention to what is really focused on the photo. Yeah, this is the photographer’s doing.


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