12 Female Athletes In Their 20s And 12 In Their 30s Who Are Still On The Market

People read gossip mags, celebrity websites, to get up to date with all the latest goings on in the celeb world. A number of these publications dish the dirt on celebrity figures. That’s why people read them – they love all these juicy bits of gossip. And before you start, athletes are classified as celebrities. A lot of top athletes out there are treated like A-listers; they’re no different to those in the acting profession for example, just belong in a different industry. One juicy bit of gossip that people tend to lap up, is who’s dating who. That’s always something that’s on people’s minds. People want to know which circles certain individuals hang in, who they’ve been spotted holding hands with etc. Due to the preying eyes of the media and the paparazzi, we know a whole lot about this topic. But a lot of athletes don’t give us much to talk about when it comes to the dating game.

A lot of top athletes throw themselves wholeheartedly into their sport, their discipline. They’re obsessed, are on the road a lot, and so don’t really have much time to date. Either that or they just haven’t found anyone that can fulfill them the way a partner should. But it might come as a surprise to learn that these athletes are currently single and are available. Whether they’re ready to mingle or not is another thing. These are 12 athletes in their 20s and 12 in their 30s who are currently single and available.

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24 20s: Garbine Muguruza

via wta.com

When Garbine Muguruza came through the ranks onto the tennis circuit, she made people sit up and take notice. Tennis is a sport that’s known for having plenty of beautiful women. Garbine falls into that category. But not only is she beautiful. She’s an accomplished tennis player too. She’s only 24, yet has already won a couple of Grand Slams and has climbed to the top of the rankings. That in itself has meant plenty of attention’s been heaped upon her. The fact she’s beautiful increases her popularity ten-fold.

One feels that even if she wasn’t ranked at the top of the women’s game, she’d still be incredibly popular. Garbine is beautiful but also seems wise beyond her years.

She’s got this steely gaze about her, this look of determination. She’s certainly a headstrong, bolshie woman. That could possibly be something a lot of people find intimidating. I’m clutching at straws here, but perhaps that’s a reason why Garbine is still single. That and she’s a very busy woman. She’s always flitting about the place and spends a long time in all the big events due to her prowess as a tennis player, so meeting someone could prove to be difficult.

23 30s: The Feres Twins

The Feres twins are regarded to be a couple of the world’s most beautiful athletes. See them in action, see their numerous modeling pics, and it’d be hard for anybody to disagree. That’s what the Feres twins have been going for. They know how to work it, know what people want to see, know how to acquire popularity and have gone about grabbing it.

Bia and Branca Feres first achieved fame as synchronized swimmers. They were massive names in their native Brazil. It wasn’t long before their pics got picked up and their names and images of the duo began to spread around the globe. Since then, plenty of opportunities have come their way. They’ve certainly made the most of them. They’ve since become actresses and models. A lot of people know them because of their modeling credentials and TV appearances.

The twins have just hit the 30 mark. As far as we know they’re surprisingly still single and available. Although it might seem like they’d have no shortage of offers. But the fact that there’s two of them, are always together, could prove to be intimidating to some. We’ve all seen movies and shows about the trouble guys can get into dating identical twins! Perhaps that puts some people off!

22 20s: Michelle Jenneke

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It’s amazing how just doing one little thing can propel a person into the limelight. In 2012, Michelle was just another athlete, just another hurdler. But when the cameras panned on her and she did that cheeky little dance, she suddenly acquired worldwide attention. Her popularity took off due to that pre-race warm-up dance which is incidentally something she still does. Suddenly people couldn’t stop talking about this female athlete from down under. Michelle’s achieved some level of success too, albeit as a youngster. There’s not a whole lot to write home about in terms of her accomplishments on the track in the senior ranks.

Since Michelle shot to fame, people have been speaking about her in terms of being one of the most beautiful women in the world. Tons of opportunities have come her way. We can add modeling to her list of professions.

With all she’s achieved it’s amazing that Michelle is still single. That could just be because Michelle hasn’t found the right person as of yet. It could also be because she hasn’t had the time to. When she’s not training or competing on the track, when she’s not modeling, she’s studying for a degree in mechanical and electric engineering. She’s one busy woman. She’s available, but as of yet she hasn’t squeezed in time to allow dating to be part of her hectic schedule.

21 30s: Lolo Jones

via espnmediazone.com

In the world of athletics, there are plenty of new athletes that come through the ranks on a yearly basis. Every season, there are one or two that people start speaking about as the next big things, whether that’s due to their prowess as athletes or because their beautiful competitors and stand out on the track. A lot of the older generation have faded away. As harsh as it may be to say, they’ve become irrelevant in the athletics’ world. Not Lolo Jones. She’s still spoken about with a great deal of fondness by many athletics’ fans. The hurdler is now 35 but is still going strong. She’s still very much in the limelight. That’s because she’s beautiful and possesses a model-like physique. She’s also got the star appeal and personality to match.

You’d think that, based on all of this, Lolo would be a real catch. She has dated in the past, although nothing’s materialized. That’s largely because Lolo has her personal beliefs and wants to wait until marriage. Lolo wants to date, and is single and available. But finding a guy who’s fine with not getting up to any funny business – that’s proven to be a tricky task for Lolo.

20 20s: Adriana Leon

Big city, bright lights. #thecitythatneversleeps

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Women’s soccer has enjoyed a spike in popularity in recent years. It’s not yet up to par with the men’s game, and one feels that it never will be. But the players are getting more recognition from their fans and various sporting governing bodies. It’s resulted in a much-needed boost for the women’s game.

It’s people like Adriana Leon that get people watching women’s soccer. Everyone knows about the beautiful athletes that make up the USA international team. But Canada boasts a fair few beautiful soccer players of its own. One such player is Adriana Leon.

A lot has been made about Adriana’s looks over the years. When she plays, she resembles a model who’s just stepped out from in front of the cameras onto the soccer field. Eyes are drawn to her, even when she doesn’t have the ball at her feet.

As far as people know, Adriana is single and available. She’s been pretty quiet on the dating scene. Perhaps she’s so dedicated to her career that she just doesn’t have the time to date. Either that or she just hasn’t found the right person. There’s no doubt she will in the future though. It’s hard to imagine that Adriana will remain single for so long.

19 30s: Alex Scott

As I’ve mentioned, there are some seriously beautiful women in the world of women’s soccer. USA and Canada are renowned for fielding beautiful athletes. But there are a few gems around the rest of the globe too. One of those gems is Alex Scott. Alex hails from the UK and is one of Europe’s most influential female soccer players. She’s done a whole lot for the women’s game in the UK. Not only has she been capped 140 times by England. Alex has also received an MBA Order of the British Empire – one of the most prestigious honors that can be bestowed upon an individual – for her services to soccer. Oh, and on top of all of that, in case you hadn’t noticed, Alex is a beautiful woman.

In recent years the British public have been seeing more and more of Alex.

She’s in the process of transitioning away from the soccer pitch and into the media. We’ve been seeing a lot of her on TV as a pundit, and as a result of which, Alex has gained a whole heap more fans. Her popularity’s skyrocketed.

Alex has been very quiet about her personal life over the years. Not much is known about her dating life. She’s very career orientated, and so perhaps it’s just another case of her not being that serious about relationships. Who knows? When she calls time on her soccer career and moves into the media full time, perhaps that could mark a change in fortunes in her dating life too.

18 20s: Eve Muirhead

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Eve Muirhead comes from a family of curlers. Her sport doesn’t really get much coverage. But when the Winter Olympics come around, you can bet your bottom dollar that people are tuning in. People are watching curling because they find the sport mesmerizing, kind of enchanting. Even people you wouldn’t expect have become engrossed in the sport. Mr. T for example kept gushing about curling, saying he couldn’t take his eyes of it during the recent Olympics. The British curlers captured plenty of attention too. That’s not just because they were expected to go all the way, which unfortunately for them, they didn’t manage. Eve is without doubt the team’s most experienced performer. She’s someone who individually received a ton of attention at the Winter Olympics. She’s a beautiful athlete. I mentioned people find the sport enchanting. People feel the same about Eve’s eyes. Those piercing blue eyes, that focus on Eve’s face became one of the sights of the Olympics.

Eve has spoken about her dating life, the fact that she doesn’t have one. She’s found it tricky to date because her life is all about curling. It means she’s on the road a lot and so holding down a relationship can be tricky. But she hasn’t said she’s not open to dating. But dating is always going to come second to curling for Eve.

17 30s: Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann has long been regarded as being one of the most prominent women in soccer. The 34-year-old is an American-born Canadian soccer defender. She’s been playing since the early 2000s and has had a decent time of things at club and international level. A whole load of people also know her because of her modeling credentials. That suits Lauren just fine. That’s what she set out to achieve. Set eyes on some of her modeling pics and they’ll leave spellbound.

It seems inconceivable that at the age of 34, Lauren isn’t dating anybody.

What’s even more remarkable is that she keeps very quiet about her dating life. That’s just the way she prefers things. We do know that she is single. She’s said as much a few months ago – unless her relationship status has changed since then of course! She’s described her perfect date to Urban Pitch. Guys out there who are interested, take notes! “So, my ideal man is definitely a great family man, has good strong faith, loves to laugh and go on adventures and loves sports. My ideal date would be a sporting event (I love all sports), and a romantic dinner (this girl loves to eat) full of lots of laughter and great conversation…and maybe a movie (I love movies). I’m an easy date!”

16 20s: Anouk Verge Depre

🌅🌅🌅 ©️Nathan Beck SI #magazine #shoot

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When you think of beach volleyball, the mind’s drawn to beautiful women. Anouk Verge Depre certainly fits the bill in that regard. The 26-year-old Swiss international beach volleyball player has been applying her trade on the sands for an awful long time. However, it’s only been recently that she’s shot to the top of the world’s rankings. In 2016 she gained a tremendous amount of popularity. She was ranked at number one in the world. Her face also started getting picked up. That meant plenty of modeling gigs. Anouk took full advantage of all the opportunities that came her way. She’s young-ish and is hungry for success.

Her modeling shoots and her standing in the sport has meant that Anouk has now become one of the most desirable women in the world. But like a lot of athletes on this list, Anouk has remained very quiet about her private life. Not much is known about Anouk on the dating front. She hasn’t divulged anything about her dating life in interviews. Although she’s active on social media, she gives nothing away about who she might be dating. We can therefore assume that Anouk is single and available. If she’s ready to date – that’s a different matter.

15 30s: Sandra Gal

via lpgaworld.com

Women’s golf has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, although probably not for the reasons the LPGA were hoping for. A lot of beautiful women are now on the pro tour. That’s how women such as Sandra Gal have grown in popularity in the sport. It’s why Sandra’s one of the biggest names in the sport, has received a tremendous amount of popularity without setting the world alight with a club in her hand. The German pro golfer is 33 and has been around on the pro scene for over a decade. She’s currently ranked 93 in the world yet is one of the most popular players around.

Sandra is currently single and available. We may not know what type of guy appeals to her. But we do know that a caddie isn’t going to be dating Sandra anytime soon. Sandra has spoken out about one of her previous relationships. She once dated her caddie and has been very vocal about how golfer-caddie relationships just don’t work. So, guys; if you’re single and available and are not a caddie, then cross your fingers because you can still dream that you’re in with a chance of wooing Sandra Gal.

14 20s: Cheyenne Woods

via people.com

Even if you’re not necessarily a golf fan, just look at Cheyenne’s surname and you’re bound to have an inkling who she is. Yes, Cheyenne is the great Tiger Woods’ niece. The 27-year-old joined the LPGA tour a few years ago. She’s still trying to find her feet in the sport. But understandably, due to her family name, Cheyenne’s received a lot of attention. Ever since she started out people were expecting great things from her. As of yet, she hasn’t quite lived up to expectations.

Cheyenne, due to her family history and being the character, she is, has had a lot of attention heaped upon her shoulders.

By and large she’s dealt with it quite well. She’s also had a lot of attention due to the way she looks. Many people regard her as being one of the most beautiful women in the game.

Cheyenne leads a very active social life. From social media we can see that she’s always out and about doing this and that, just living life to the fullest. But at the moment it seems as if she’s doing all of this alone. Cheyenne doesn’t seem to have a man in her life to share these experiences with. Not that she needs one…I’m just saying. Cheyenne is available.


Look at Leryn Franco and you certainly wouldn’t think that she’s a woman in her mid-30s. She looks around a decade younger.

Leryn knows how to work it. She is after all, a model. Initially Leryn started out life in the limelight as an athlete. She participated in three Olympic games for her native Paraguay. As a javelin thrower, Leryn got plenty of attention. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why. But it’s fair to assume most people who know her do so because of her modeling credentials. Leryn was balancing her modeling career alongside her athletics’ endeavors. She competed in Miss Universo Paraguay 2006 and was runner-up. She’s competed in the Miss Bikini of the Universe pageant. She’s posed for all the top magazines, including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Leryn has also done a bit of acting.

Leryn has made an impression at every event she’s competed in. She’s regarded by many to be one of the most beautiful Olympians of all time. It’s therefore surprising that she’s still single. We don’t know much about her dating life. There are rumors that she once enjoyed a relationship with tennis star Novak Djokovic around a decade ago. But aside from that there’s nothing to report.

12 20s: Aleksandra Albu


A post shared by Alexandra Albu (@stitchalbu) on

Aleksandra Albu is a Russian MMA competitor. The 27-year-old fights out of Moscow. Although she’s been fighting for a long time, she’s still a relative rookie in terms of her competitive fighting experience. She’s only fought three times. On each occasion she’s emerged victorious. Those three fights have been spread out over five years. Perhaps the reason for that is because Aleksandra’s been balancing her fighting with her studying at the Academy of Intellectual Property. She’s got brains as well as beauty. Yes, Aleksandra certainly has beauty. She’s known for being one of the most beautiful fighters on the MMA scene. She’s got model-like looks and a physique like a fitness competitor, all lean and rippling with muscles. She really does possess an awe-inspiring physique.

Aleksandra’s life is all about MMA. Every post she makes on social media is either modeling or MMA related. There doesn’t seem to be any guys in Aleksandra’s life, aside from those she pummels during training sessions.

Albu also has quite an alluring Instagram page, which would certainly attract guys' attention. But Albu said she does it without an agenda and just posts what she feels like.

"I don’t have anyone doing my social media for me. So my Instagram depends on my mood. I’m a live human being. I post whatever I feel should be on my page. I don’t see the point of checking with someone else’s opinion. I suppose that visual attractiveness has an impact on a female fighter’s popularity."

11 30s: Maria Elisa Antonelli

via wikimedia.org

Maria Elisa Antonelli is a beach volleyball player. Hailing from Brazil, she’s a woman who’s warranted plenty of attention over the years. That’s not because of any success she’s enjoyed on the sand. She hasn’t tasted much over the years. Her greatest achievement has been winning bronze at the 2015 Beach Volleyball World Championships. Aside from that there hasn’t been much to write home about. But when there’s a beach volleyball competition in town, people come and watch to see athletes like Maria. She’s a beautiful athlete, and even at 34 she's turning heads and looks much younger than she is.

Not much is really known about Maria’s private life. She does like to keep her private life under wraps. She doesn’t even have much of a social media presence.

Maria’s not at the top of her sport, and so it’s fair to say there aren’t many media hounds striving to find things out about Maria. That’s probably just the way she likes it.

As far as we’re aware, Maria is very much single. The only partner she seems to have is her beach volleyball partner. But Juliana Silva seems to be the only person she’s close to at the moment – that we know about anyway.

10 20s: Aly Raisman

When Aly Raisman started out in gymnastics, she probably didn’t have a clue that she’d one day be at this point in her career. Aly is a household name in the gymnastics world. She’s one of team USA’s most decorated athletes. Aly’s been through a tremendous amount, has had plenty of highs but low points too. Look at everything she’s gone through, the stack load of medals and accomplishments that have come her way, and you’d probably assume that I put Aly in the wrong category, that she should be in the 30s section of this list. It’s staggering to think that Aly is only 23. She’s been through what most wouldn’t even envisage having to go through in a lifetime. Among her achievements, Aly won two golds at the 2012 Olympics, and a gold in Rio too. That’s just the start. A low point was when she came out and admitted Olympic team physician, Larry Nassar, abused her when she was a teenager. That could also be a high point – due to the fact she spoke out – depending on how you look at it.

Aly is one of USA’s most decorated athletes. You’d think that with all she’s achieved, she wouldn’t have time to date. She did have a very publicized whirlwind romance with ex-NFLer Colton Underwood. They dated for six months before going their separate ways towards the backend of the last year. Aly hasn’t gotten back on the horse since then. She seems to be enjoying single life and concentrating on her next competition.

9 30s: Erica Hosseini

via superstarfloraluk.com

Okay, so Erica Hosseini might not be the most well-known person on this list. You’ll probably know a fair bit about her after reading through this entry.

Erica is a professional surfer. Hailing from the USA, she competes around the globe in surfing events. But it’s fair to assume that the majority of people who know of her, know her because of her modeling credentials.

Erica is also something of a businesswoman. She’s a business owner too, selling high end surfing supplies on her website. It’s fair to assume everything is roses for Erica. Everything’s fallen into place for the 31-year-old.

Erica’s just turned 31 this month, but as far as we know she only has one man in her life. That’s her dog, Astro Boy. She absolutely adores him. There are probably more pics of her dog on social media than of Erica! Any man who may come into her life will have to compete with Astro Boy. That’s going to be a hard task judging by the amount of love going on there. Hard, but not impossible. I suppose if there’s a guy who shares her love of dogs, that’d be a start. That’d be a must if dating Erica. If you’re not into dogs, then forget about it.

8 20s: Marta Menegatti

And here’s another beach volleyball player. It is one popular sport. It’s a pity it doesn’t get more coverage. It only tends to get televised during the Olympics. That’s a shame because seeing people like Marta on TV would really draw people into the sport.

Marta Menegatti is an Italian beach volleyball player. She started out competing around 2012. She hasn’t exactly achieved much success. She hasn’t won anything with her partners since starting out and is currently ranked 42nd in the world. That tells you something about her prowess as a pro volleyball player. Marta may not have achieved much success. But she’s still acquired a tremendous about of popularity.

The 27-year-old probably never envisaged gaining such popularity when she started out in the sport. But Marta’s incredibly appealing, and so when she’s competing, most eyes are firmly fixed on her.

It’s inevitable that Marta’s had plenty of attention from guys. What she’s chosen to do about it, only she’ll know. In 2012 NBC reported that Marta had a boyfriend. But no one had a clue who he was. They haven’t been spotted together since, so there’s a good chance things have fizzled out. There’s a good chance Marta is single and available.

7 30s: Angelique Kerber

Angelique Kerber is a German professional tennis player. The WTA is renowned for having a load of beautiful women on tour. If you’re a sports fan, you could probably list many right away. There’s Serena Williams, Garbine Muguruza, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Garcia and so on. It would just so happen that a lot of these players are ranked very highly too. Someone who tends to get lost in the mix is Angelique Kerber. That’s a travesty. She should certainly be listed along with those names. But Angelique isn’t like the rest. She likes to go about her business quietly. She’s a former world number one and is currently enjoying a ranking of 11. Her form’s been up and down over the years, but in 2018 she’s enjoyed a resurgence.

But Angelique doesn’t put herself out there like a lot of those around her in the rankings. She’s only just started posting on social media. She remains pretty quiet about her private life. Therefore, we don’t know a whole lot about her dating life. We don’t know about any relationships she might have had. There have been rumors circulating that she’s dating her coach, Torben Beltz. However, these are just rumors and nothing’s confirmed. As far as we’re aware, Angelique is single and available.

6 20s: Anastasia Yankova

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It’s amazing how many beautiful MMA fighters there are. Knowing what we know about the sport, you just wouldn’t expect beautiful woman to want to fight for a living. You’d assume that they’d want to maintain their looks, not risk being pummelled in the octagon and potentially disfigured. But the fighting game is addictive – some people, once they get started just can’t stay away. It’s a lifestyle. Anastasia Yankova certainly lives that fighting, warrior lifestyle. The Russian MMA artist competes in Bellator MMA. Before she ventured into MMA, she competed in kickboxing. Since starting out in MMA five years ago, she’s maintained a perfect record of five fights, five victories. She’s also sponsored by Nike, and due to her looks and prowess as a fighter, she’s been able to do plenty of things on the side too.

The marketable Russian beauty is all about fighting. She fights and when she’s not fighting, she’s modeling. She may squeeze in time for a dating life, but the world doesn’t know much about that. All in all though, it's not like she should be in any rush. She still has plenty of her career ahead of her, and who knows; if she keeps this success up, perhaps she can find herself in the UFC one day.

5 30s: Alexandra LaChance

CrossFit is a sport that’s been getting ever more popular over the years. People recognize events like the CrossFit Games as a seriously tough sport. Athletes who compete have to be fit, strong, have endurance and strength and just have all round athletic capabilities. It’s being recognized as one of the toughest sporting events in the world. That’s why competitors like Alexandra LaChance have started to get a lot of popularity. Alexandra in particular has acquired quite a fan following. That’s not necessarily because of her athletic feats. She’s beautiful, has the right blend of muscle and beauty. Alexandra knows it too, knows what she’s got and regularly flaunts what she possesses in photoshoots. She’s taken part in many over the years, and those have only served to bring more fans, more admirers, Alexandra’s way.

We know a lot about Alexandra the athlete, but not a whole lot about Alexandra the individual.

Looking at her social media accounts, we can say that she’s still very much single. It seems as if her rigorous training schedule keeps her very busy.

Judging from her Instagram page, she does have some company at home, as her dog is very omnipresent. So it looks like any partner of LaChance has to like dogs.

4 20s: McKayla Maroney

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McKayla Maroney is now retired from gymnastics, but she has certainly had the spotlight following her even in her retirement from the sport. She's still in her early 20s and undoubtedly has many admirers, but being admired by so many may also prove to be difficult as she searches for someone who can be her other half. Maroney certainly has made waves on social media in recent years, but admittedly, she sometimes needs a break from it.

“Social media gets pretty heavy on me sometimes, and that’s why I disappear a lot. it’s purely for my own sanity, and happiness.”

As for her dating situation, Maroney commented on the matter as recently as 2016, saying she was still single. She went on to say that during her gymnastics career, dating was difficult.

"We weren’t allowed to have a boyfriend, you’re so dedicated and committed. I mean, I was in the gym for like eight hours a day and then outside of that I’d be doing school or writing songs in my free time, so there really wasn’t time for boys at all.”

Given Maroney's high profile, odds are if she had a boyfriend by now, everyone would know about it.

3 30s: Lindsey Vonn

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There were rumors recently of Lindsey Vonn dating NHL defenceman P.K. Subban after she was spotted at some Nashville Predators games donning his jersey, but for now, there doesn't seem to be anything substantial to those rumors.

While it was first speculated that the two are an item, other reports have surfaced saying the two are only seeing each other and nothing is serious yet. You'd have to think that someone who attracts the spotlight as much as Subban does wouldn't be keeping something like this under wraps if he was in fact going out with Vonn. The two have only been seen together at Predators games, but we've yet to see them walking arm in arm, so for now, we have to assume Vonn is still on the market.

Back at the Olympics, Vonn made some headlines when she tweeted on Valentine's Day that she was looking for a date in the Olympic Village. 

Vonn made an appearance on Access Live about a month after the Olympics and said she was unsuccessful in her quest: "I didn't have one guy talk to me that wasn't married, or taken, the entire night, all after-parties, not one guy," she complained.

Talk about a head scratcher.

2 20s: Eugenie Bouchard

Squatting into the weekend like

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While Eugenie Bouchard went on a Super Bowl date with fan John Goehrke this past February and the two have been seen hanging out on several occasions, it doesn't seem like it's a committed relationship in any way. Odds are, the two have gotten along really well and probably do like each other, but given that Goehrke is still a student in Massachusetts and Genie lives in Miami, on top of having a full schedule as a tennis player and modeling on the side, that's a lot of obstacles to maintain a relationship.

Following their Super Bowl LII date, fans speculated the two were in fact an item. However, on Valentine's Day, Genie shed some light on her relationship status in this post.

“So I’m discovering Valentine’s Day is a lot less fun when you’re single.”

The two also went out on a date as recently as April, but as we said, chances are it's a case of the two agreeing to meet up when their schedules allow it.

Genie's only 24 years old and she's already one of the most famous tennis players in the world, so odds are she'll have a ton of suitors and shouldn't have much trouble finding dates, that is if her schedule allows it.

1 30s: Maria Sharapova

via time.com

Maria Sharapova has never been married. She has been in some high profile relationships, but now well into her 30s, many are surprised to learn Sharapova, one of the most successful female tennis players of all time, is still on the market. Sharapova of course, was recently serving a 15-month ban from the WTA so it might have given her extra time to find someone, but being the business savvy person she is, Sharapova must've had a lot on her plate.

Back in mid 2017, Sharapova was awkwardly asked about her dating situation by a reporter. After a win over Christina McHale at the Italian Open in Rome, for some reason, the reporter's line of questioning drifted towards her love life. The exchange went as follows. The reporter asked her if she'd be happier with someone special in her life.

Sharapova: I’m a happy person.

Reporter: Even without a boyfriend?

Sharapova: No comment.

Reporter: It would be nice.

Sharapova: Is it? It would be nice. OK — for you. Are you married?

We're still trying to figure out what the reporter's line of questioning had to do with Sharapova's return to tennis. Was this his way of saying he was interested?

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