15 Unknown Female Athletes That More Fans Should Know

What does it take to make it as a successful female athlete? Sure, you’ve got to ensure you’re skilled at your discipline, that your sporting prowess in on point. That will get people talking about you. But it also helps if you have the looks to get people watching.

Even mediocre athletes are spoken about with fondness by fans, have star appeal, simply because they’re attractive and showcase their beauty, and know what people want to see. But there are some from the world of sport, which for whatever, aren’t really spoken about in such a way. Perhaps it’s their sport, or they haven’t been successful in marketing themselves properly. Whatever the reason is, in terms of the sporting world, these 15 athletes have slipped through the net when it comes to being spoken about as the hottest athletes. That’s an utter travesty, because they’re right up there in terms of being among the hottest athletes around, or at least they should be.

You may not know about them, might not have heard about them, but you’ll certainly know about them and will want to find out more once you’ve gone through this article. These are 15 of the steamiest female athletes you’ve in all likelihood never heard of, but now you’re glad you have.

15 Michelle Jenneke

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Michelle Jenneke is a 24-year-old Australian athlete who specializes in hurdles. She’s only 24, but has already achieved a decent amount of attention and popularity in certain circles. Chances are you’ve never heard of her, unless you’re an athletics’ aficionado and can cast your mind back to a little bit of fame she acquired at the 2012 Olympics. She became known for that cute little pre-race dance she used to do when the cameras were pointed on her. Anything to get a bit of attention, and it worked.

But she hasn’t really kicked on or done anything of note, hence most people have probably never heard of her. If not heard about her, you definitely want to see more of her though, because she’s one steamy athlete. It won’t surprise you that she’s a model, and balances her modeling commitments with her athletics career. So far is seems as if modeling is taking precedence. Due to her steamy pics, we don’t mind one bit.

14 Marta Menegatti

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Think of beach volleyball and you think of one thing; athletes with gorgeous bodies in skimpy attire, on a sunny beach diving around on golden sand. Ok, so that’s quite a few things. But the hot athletes part certainly holds true. It’s a sport that doesn’t really get a lot of coverage. But when it’s on, during the Olympics for example, many people watch, a lot of them mainly to ogle at the sultry beauties on show like Marta Menegatti. The Italian beauty is absolutely stunning. She’s got the looks and the physique, and although recent indiscretions may have given her a bit of press for the wrong reasons, she’s still got a strong social media presence and enjoys a decent amount of popularity, particularly amongst those in her home nation.

13 Sharmila Nicollet

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In recent years we’ve begun to hear more and more about the steamy female golfers that make up the LPGA. Recently, it’s been about the dress code that they’re trying to implement, and about how a lot of the female golfers would be found guilty of violating it. There are many gorgeous golfers on tour, and many of them dress provocatively and want to look the part, want to appeal to the masses. Someone who does just that, has the looks, the body, and the dress sense, is Sharmila Nicollet. We often hear about the likes of Paige Spiranac and Lexi Thompson, and Sharmila’s name tends to get lost in among the rest. That may be because she’s not on par, in terms of her golfing prowess, with some of the others, but she’s certainly up there on the hotness scale. She’s a superstar in her home nation of India, but those around the world probably aren’t too aware of her. You should be now, and glad you are.

12 Jonelle Filigno

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The world of women’s soccer is filled with sultry athletes. Actually, I need to be more specific. It’s American soccer that’s filled with stunning athletes. The female U.S. soccer team is just ridiculous. It’s as if every other player on that team could be a model, and has just walked onto the pitch from a steamy photoshoot of some kind. Just look at the likes of Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan, and you’re going to agree. But there are also a few gems dotted about the soccer world.

One of those can be found in Canada playing for the national women’s team. Jonelle Filigno is up there with the best of them. She’s had a fair few accomplishments in the game, but it’s her beauty that makes people sit up and take notice. Hopefully, if you hadn’t noticed her before, you certainly will now.

11 Isa Guha

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Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports, but is only really played in certain regions of the world. Women’s cricket though, has never really been on par with the men’s game in terms of pretty much every aspect, popularity, revenue generated, etc. In recent years it has enjoyed a resurgence though. But the sultry beauty that is Isa Guha had already been there and done it by that time. She’s currently earning her pay as a sportscaster, and it’s probably her current career that has led to Isa enjoying a surge in popularity. Another thing that got her out there, were her steamy photoshoots, shoots that people just weren’t expecting from Isa. People certainly know her name in cricketing circles, and more in the sporting world should do too. You’d want to after seeing her pic.

10 Anouk Verge-Depre

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I’ve already mentioned beach volleyball and how it’s a sport that doesn’t really get a lot of coverage. You may have seen it now and again, may have noticed the steaminess of the competitors, may even recognize a few faces, but chances are you don’t know of them, don’t know their names or anything else about them. If she was competing in another sport, a more mainstream sport, Anouk Verge-Depre would certainly be a name, you'd recognize. As it is, her popularity’s limited to the world of volleyball, in which she’s a pretty big deal. She’s tasted success, but is basically popular because she’s one steamy athlete. Some of Instagram pics are just ridiculous, too much to handle; scroll through her posts and you’ll quickly understand why she’s so loved in the game.

9 Elena Delle Donne

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Women’s basketball continues to get bigger and bigger. The women are well supported, and the athletes enjoy plenty of coverage. There are a few who have really made it big, have got millions in the bank through contracts, sponsorship deals and whatnot. Elena Delle Donne is actually one of these players, but despite that, she’s probably the least known of that successful bunch. She’s acquired sponsorship deals with a lot of big companies, including Nike, and one of the reasons for that is because she’s a seriously steamy athlete. She’s also gained plenty of intrigue after coming out as a lesbian and marrying her long-term partner. You would think a little more would be known about her, but she's continuously been overlooked.

8 Bia and Branca Feres

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These two women have got to be a couple of the steamiest athletes on the planet. The synchronized swimmers have been making waves in their home nation of Brazil, but unless you’re from Brazil, chances are you haven’t heard of them. It’s actually pretty amazing that they haven’t had more worldwide coverage, because they are without question a pair of the hottest athletes around. Oh, and by the way, in case you hadn’t clocked, they’re both identical twin sisters, so double the hotness. Look through their Instagram page, at some of their steamy photos, and you won’t believe what you’re seeing, would find it unfathomable that you haven’t come across them before. Now that you have, I bet a fair few of you will be hitting the follow icon on their Instagram profile.

7 Ellen Hoog

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It’s fair to say that women’s field hockey isn’t exactly one of the biggest sports in the world. People don’t exactly watch the athletes in action to ogle at the competitors. It’s hard for the athletes to pull off a glamorous look when they’re all sweating, wearing their protective gear with that rather unflattering but necessary mouth guard in place. But a few have chosen to unveil their beauty off the field for cameras. Ellen Hoog is a Dutch field hockey player who has done just that. When she decided to pose nude for a seriously steamy shoot, suddenly people began speaking about her as being one of the most attractive athletes in the world. She’s got the body, got the looks, and just possesses the complete package. She’s a hockey player and model too, and you’re sure to be mightily glad I brought her to your attention.

6 Mandy Minella

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There are tons of seriously stunning women in the world of tennis. It’s amazing how tennis is a sport that seems to attract beautiful athletes. Even some of those who aren’t ranked highly can still achieve plenty in the game, in terms of popularity, due to their steamy appearances. Mandy Minella is one of the most beautiful women in the game, but it can’t really be said that she’s achieved plenty. She’s your run-of-the-mill type player, perhaps not even that, but is certainly one of the steamiest competitors around. But because she’s pretty average on the court, it means people don’t see a whole lot of her at the major tournaments and she doesn’t really get a lot of coverage. There are plenty of hotties on tour and Mandy is certainly one of them.

5 Hilary Knight

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From a steamy competitor in field hockey, to one of the hottest in ice hockey. This woman is undoubtedly one of the most stunning women on ice. The American athlete is drop-dead gorgeous in every which way, has the body, a seriously steamy physique, a tremendous amount of beauty and a personality that endears her to the masses. Again, due to her profession, it’s a serious surprise when Hilary takes off her helmet, takes off her mouth guard and strips down to reveal all.

It’s unexpected but it’s a seriously good surprise. Hilary Knight is another hockey player who’s posed wearing nothing at all, and when she did, those in the hockey world just went wild, started talking about her as being one of the steamiest athletes around. After seeing her pic, and probably doing your own research – trying to find that pic – it’s fair to assume you and millions of other sports fans will agree.

4 Allison Stokke

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When Allison Stokke first came onto the world stage on the athletics scene, people just couldn’t take their eyes off her. Her pictures began getting picked up, circulated, and pretty soon people just couldn’t stop raving about her. Allison though wasn’t best pleased about being sexualized in that manner. She wasn’t one of these athletes who embraced that type of popularity. She went into her shell, but over the years, as she’s gotten older, she’s started to put herself out there a tad. Allison is still undoubtedly one of the most beautiful athletes in the world of athletics. But a lot of people don’t really know of her, because her sporting prowess isn’t anything to write home about, and her surge in popularity happened quite a while ago now.

3 Dominika Cibulková

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In terms of underrated beauties of the sporting world, Dominika Cibulková would have to top that list. Like I’ve mentioned previously, it’s tough to stand out playing in the WTA, as the higher ranked players in the draw are all very close in terms of tennis ability, and a lot of them are seriously sultry athletes. Dominika is certainly a better player than Mandy, another tennis player on this list. But on court, she probably doesn’t look as glamorous. Dominika is short and muscular, and doesn’t exactly cut a glamorous figure. But off it, boy off it, she sure does shine. She’s got a passion for fashion, and when she gets dolled up and gets her glad rags on, she’s undoubtedly one of the most stunning athletes on the planet.

2 Amber Hill

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I’ve mentioned that you might not have heard of a few people on this list because the sports they’re involved in don’t really get much TV coverage. Well, that certainly holds true when it comes to shooting. Unless you’re actively involved in it, shooting is a sport that it’s unlikely you’re going to know a great deal about. People generally only watch shooting at the Olympics, and even then, it’s not the main draw card. It’s safe to say that people have this perception of those who compete in shooting, that they’re elderly gentlemen, quite affluent fellows.

Well, Amber Hill is different from the norm, that stereotype. She’s a young blonde bombshell at 20 years old and is absolutely stunning. Hailing from Windsor in the UK, she’s already created quite an impression as a sports shooter, but mainly because of her model looks. Go through her Instagram page, and you’d instantly think model. You certainly wouldn’t think she’d be a force to be reckoned with with a gun in her hands.

1 Amanda Latona

Discussing stereotypes, here’s another one, on another athlete from another sport. The world of bodybuilding and competitive fitness gets a bad rap. A lot of people see these guys and just think steroids. Women too, over the years have just gotten bigger and bigger, and it’s not to everyone’s taste. Amanda Latona though, has that right blend of muscle, while still having a lean and very feminine physique. It’s why she’s not only a great competitor, but a top fitness model. Getting a guernsey in these fitness mags is tough, because there’s plenty of competition, but Amanda has made a career out of it, and has modeled for all the top publications numerous times. If you’re into the fitness world, chances are you may have come across some of her steamy pics, but you may not have had a clue who she is. Now you know, and she’ll probably stick in your mind.

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