8 Female Athletes Who Are Surprisingly Still Single And 8 Who Could Be Soon

People think being a sportsperson is easy. You do a bit of this a bit of that, do your training, then exert your craft in the heat of battle and lap up the adulation when it comes your way. It’s a tough job but it can be mightily rewarding. Female athletes more than male athletes, have to contend with a lot. Firstly, let’s be frank, they aren’t as big as male athletes in terms of popularity – apart from a select few – the money they earn and in plenty of other ways. They also have to contend with being sexualized. Whether they like it or not, it’s part and parcel of being a female athlete.

One thing both male and female athletes have to contend with is the intrusion from the paparazzi. A lot of athletes, especially the top competitors, have to deal with the paparazzi trying to get juicy gossip, find out about different aspects of their private lives. Nothing is juicer, be it in the sporting world, or the celebrity world in general, than who’s dating who. People think that athletes, these in particular, are very active on the dating scene. That’s because they’re beautiful, talented women, so people expect that they’d have no shortage of offers, would always be dating someone. That’s not the case. It comes as a surprise when we learn that they’re single. On the other side to that there’re people who’ve found someone. They’re currently in relationships. Not that we’re wishing any bad luck, but as is the case in the celebrity world, relationships tend not to last. These eight athletes may currently have partners, but we’re predicting that they could be single soon. Here are 8 female athletes who are surprisingly single and 8 who could very well be soon.

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16 Still Single: Michelle Jenneke

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Michelle Jenneke is a 24-year-old Australian hurdler. She hasn’t been in the limelight long, relatively speaking of course. She hasn’t tasted a whole lot of success, just the odd bit here and there. But she’s already acquired a massive amount of popularity. Her popularity really took off in 2012. She received worldwide media attention. Firstly, her picture started to get picked up. People began speaking about her as one of the most beautiful athletes in the competition. But then her cheeky attitude, the playful side to her personality came through. She’s become famed for her pre-race warm-up dance. It’s an iconic part of her repertoire.

Michelle knows she’s beautiful too. She’s not just an athlete. Her exploits on the track, the attention she’s acquired, have opened opportunities for her in the modeling industry. She’s made the most of these opportunities.

In addition to being a model and an athlete, Michelle’s also studying mechanical and electric engineering. She’s got brains as well as beauty. She seems like the perfect catch.

But Michelle isn’t seeing anyone at the moment. Despite all the attention she’s received, Michelle is still very much single. It’s surprising she’s still single. But you can appreciate that it would be mightily tough to study for a degree, train as an athlete, and do her modeling and still find time to date on top of that.

15 Could Be Soon: Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is arguably the greatest tennis player – scrap that, greatest female athlete of all time. What’s she’s achieved over the years has been truly staggering. The rest of the WTA competitors must have breathed a collective sigh of relief when she announced that she’d be taking time off in order to give birth. It would give someone else a chance. Serena’s so good she could have probably played right up until the delivery if she wanted to.

By and large, Serena’s love life hasn’t really been flaunted in front of the media over the years. There’s been rumors about her dating fellow athletes, rappers, movies stars and whatnot. But everyone was mightily shocked when they discovered that she was with Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. It’s fair to say that no one saw the two together. But they got hitched at the end of last year and have a baby together. At the moment they seem in total bliss.

Like I mentioned, Serena and Alexis just don’t seem to fit. Things have progressed pretty quickly for the couple. Perhaps too quickly. These high-profile relationships tend not to last. One feels that Serena may have rushed into things. When she gets back on the tennis circuit, who knows what can happen after.

14 Still Single: Eve Muirhead

Eve Muirhead has been competing in curling for over a decade. She comes from a family of curlers; her dad was a curler, and her two brothers are accomplished curlers. As a curler for Scotland and Team GB, Eve’s achieved a tremendous amount of success over the years. More often than not, when she competes in an event, she gets gold.

Curling isn’t really a sport that gets lots of attention. But when the Winter Olympics come around, people find it strangely enchanting, somewhat therapeutic to watch the sport. People from all walks of life become transfixed, obsessed by the sport, as Mr. T did at this years’ Olympics. When Team GB are in town, people definitely sit up and take notice. Eve Muirhead got a massive amount of attention this time around.

Her beauty, stern expression and piercing eyes made her sliding on the ice one of the most iconic images of the games. Eve was bombarded with messages during and after the games.

Surprisingly, Eve’s still very much single. She didn’t do a Genie Bouchard and take an admirer up on an offer of going on a date. Eve just doesn’t have time. As reported by Express.co.uk, Eve, when asked about her dating life, said: “I’m afraid I just don’t have time. I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to curling, haven’t I? But that’s fine. It’s what I do and I love it.”

13 Could Be Soon: Allison Stokke

A week for the books! 🙌🏼🐦

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Allison Stokke is regarded to be one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. She’s had that tag for a pretty long time. It was as a teenager that she first got noticed. At the age of 17 she was competing and her pics began to get picked up. She was suddenly thrust into the limelight, became an internet phenomenon. The professional pole vaulter didn’t take too kindly to being viewed in that manner. She just wanted to do her thing at competitions, not have to deal with all the media attention that was coming her way. It didn’t get any easier for her either. But over the years, Allison has learnt to deal with it. I wouldn’t say she’s embraced the attention. But she’s started to get herself out there a bit more, has partaken in videos, ad campaigns, modeling shoots etc. But Allison still isn’t fond of the red-carpet lifestyle. The fact she’s now dating 2018 golf Master’s runner-up, Rickie Fowler, hasn’t exactly helped. It’s just increased the media scrutiny on her. For a time, people had forgotten about Allison. Now she’s with Rickie, people are suddenly talking about this beautiful woman on the golfer’s arm.

She’s older, wiser, more accustomed to it, and is probably better able to deal with the attention better than she did all those years ago. But still, it could be all too much for her. Just like Rory McIlroy left Caroline Wozniacki because he couldn’t handle the attention, media scrutiny, jet-setting red-carpet lifestyle, Allison may be inclined to do the same with Rickie.

12 Still Single: Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova’s career has nose-dived in recent years. Once upon a time she was one of the most popular women in tennis, in the sporting world full stop for that matter. After winning her first Grand Slam as a teenager, she’s continued on the path to success. Put it’s been paved with bumps – she’s had plenty of ups and downs.

The once highest-paid female athlete in the world is now struggling to stay relevant in the sport of tennis. That’s in large part due to her doping violation and subsequent ban.

Her beauty, brains and business savvy is always going to mean that Maria stays relevant. But she needs to spend some time in Grand Slam competitions. Maria’s frequently been rated as being one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. She’s tall, beautiful, graceful – she really does have the entire package. She’s also a very bolshie, headstrong woman. That’s something that could intimidate a lot of guys.

She has been in some high-profile relationships over the years, but none have worked out.

Maria knows what she wants, knows what direction she wants to go in. If someone can’t get on board her plans, proves to be a hindrance, she cuts them loose, hence she’s still looking for Mr. Right.

11 Could Be Soon: Caroline Wozniacki

Things are currently going swimmingly for Caroline Wozniacki. She’s been battling for a long time. It seems as if she’s finally reached her potential, that things have finally fallen into place. Caroline’s long been a favorite amongst those who are fans of the WTA. She was a breath of fresh air on the tennis scene. She’s very relaxed, doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s also extremely beautiful and has done plenty of modeling which has only served to gain her a whole heap of fans. Caroline’s always been at the top of the rankings, has always been there or there abouts. She reached world number one in 2010. Many felt that the ranking wasn’t warranted because Caroline hadn’t won a Grand Slam at that point. She was probably feeling frustrated herself. She wanted to prove herself. Earlier this year she climbed to number one again. This time people couldn’t argue with the ranking. It happened as a result of her winning the Australian Open. She’s also currently engaged to ex-NBA champ, David Lee. Things have finally fallen into place.

She might be engaged, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding will go ahead. Caroline’s been in this position before with Rory McIlroy. They were planning for their wedding, then Rory suddenly did a runner. Caroline’s currently going through a golden period in her career. Perhaps her relationship will be put to the side. Or, as Caroline focuses on staying at the top, winning more Grand Slams, perhaps David will feel pushed away. Of course, it’s all conjecture. But only time will tell.

10 Still Single: Lolo Jones

via deadspin.com

Lolo Jones is a 35-year-old bobsledder and hurdler. She’s focused more on the discipline of hurdling over the years and it’s bought her plenty of success. Lolo has been competing for around a decade. During this period, she’s risen to become one of the most popular athletes in the world. That’s because of her down-to-earth persona, but also because she’s beautiful. She’s regularly regarded as being one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. Those who’ve seen some of her steamy modeling shoots would be hard-pressed to disagree. At the age of 35 she’s still going strong. Lolo is still very much an athlete on people’s minds. She’s probably been on the minds of a fair few guys too over the years. But nothing has become of any relationship she’s been in. She has her beliefs, as she wants to wait until marriage and she's said it's caused obstacles when looking for a partner.

Here’s what she said on the matter to HBO Real Sports: “Here's the two things that happen when you tell a guy you're a virgin, this is the honest truth. One, you tell them [and they say] "oh ok, I respect that". But you can already see in their eyes [that they're thinking] "she's lying about this and I'll crack it.” So, we'll talk usually one to three months [later], then they're like "oh shoot, she was serious". Time for me to exit.'

9 Could Be Soon: Lindsey Vonn

Trouble 🐻 @vonndogs

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I know I’ve said this quite a few times on this list. But Lindsey Vonn really is regarded to be one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. Alpine skiing isn’t exactly a big sport. But Lindsey has made it so. She’s a celebrity in her own right. Just because we’ve probably seem her compete at her last Winter Olympics, it doesn’t mean she’s about to slink off and disappear from the limelight. Although she’s said she’s not entirely comfortable with herself or the red-carpet lifestyle, she’s still very much current, makes the news with pretty much whatever she’s doing.

After the Winter Olympics, Lindsey’s made the news because she’s reportedly dating P.K Subban. But no one’s confirmed or denied anything.

They’re being very sketchy about things. If they are together, they could be the new power couple of the sporting world. But no one’s predicting the relationship is going to last. That’s based on Lindsey’s track record when it comes to dating guys, especially guys who are also athletes. She hasn’t had the best of luck. Perhaps this one will work. Or perhaps it’ll fizzle out like the rest of them. Lindsey could very well be single in the not so distant future.

8 Still Single: Garbine Muguruza

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It’s amazing how many beautiful women come through the ranks of the WTA. Tennis is a sport that’s renowned for its beautiful athletes. One upon a time, it was Maria Sharapova at the top of the tree. Now there are a plethora of women who steal the stoplight for their looks alone. Garbine Muguruza is one of these women. But she doesn’t steal the limelight solely because of her looks. She’s incredibly beautiful. But she’s also a brilliant tennis player. She’s got a high ranking, is a Grand Slam champion and has the looks too. She really does have the entire package.

It’s pretty staggering that Garbine is still single. Perhaps it’s because the 24-year-old is just trying to focus on her tennis at the moment.

She is very career-orientated. That could make it difficult to find someone, amd make it difficult to date. But even so, a woman of her talent – all-round talent – would’ve surely got together with someone by now. Perhaps she has. Garbine is pretty private about that aspect of her life. She’s not one to flaunt aspects of her private life. Garbine has said she finds tennis very lonely, that she’s made a lot of sacrifices. Perhaps dating is one of them.

7 Could Be Soon: Ronda Rousey

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It’s pretty amazing looking through Ronda Rousey’s career. She’s had plenty of ups and downs, not just in terms of her professional fighting career, but in terms of her private life too. She’s been through a lot.

At one point in time, Ronda was regarded as being one of the most dominant athletes alive. She was decimating opponents in the octagon. But then her MMA career faltered. She suffered successive losses and there was no coming back from that. She spiraled out of control and was in a seriously low point in her life. Someone who helped pick her back up, dust herself off, was fellow MMA competitor Travis Browne. The two have been together for some and finally cemented their relationship last year when they got married. But now Ronda’s transitioned into the wrestling ring, and things could become different. Before they were in the same industry. Now Ronda’s career is reaching greater heights. Travis on the other hand has been urged to retire by Dana White. Life on the road as a wrestler is no duck walk. We’ve also got to look at both Ronda’s and Travis’ relationship histories. Based on all of these factors, one feels that it could be a pretty short marriage.

6 Still Single: Anouk Verge Depre 

Think of beach volleyball and the mind’s instantly drawn to beautiful women. Beautiful women with amazing bodies diving around on the sand on a sun-kissed beach. There a few better sights in the world of sports. Anouk is someone who personifies that image. The 26-year-old Swiss beach volleyball player has made quite an impression during her years on the pro circuit. She’s got a decent ranking and has had a decent amount of success over the years. The problem that Anouk’s had of late is that people keep quitting on her, her partners keep retiring. But it shouldn’t be too difficult for Anouk to find another partner. I imagine there’d be no shortage of people wanting to partner up with Anouk. You’d have thought that there’d be plenty of people wanting to partner Anouk in her private life too. But the 26-year-old is still single.

She keeps that aspect of her life pretty private. But as far as we know, Anouk is still very much single. She likes to focus on her career. Surprisingly dating just doesn’t factor into the equation. She’s still single, and who knows? Perhaps she’s also ready to mingle. At the moment though it seems as if she just wants to form a solid partnership, get her volleyball career back on track.

5 Could Be Soon: Eugenie Bouchard

A year later, we made it 😂 #SuperBowlDate

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Ever since Eugenie Bouchard burst onto the scene in the WTA, people haven’t been able to stop talking about her. She’s glamorous, she’s beautiful and she’s got the personality to match. It doesn’t matter that her tennis game might not be up to scratch. That’s irrelevant. It hasn’t stopped Genie enjoying a sweet time of it. Someone who’s acquired Genie’s level of popularity, you’d think that she wouldn’t have any issues finding someone. She’s pretty much got everything going for her. But Genie has found it difficult to find love. Well, she did find it difficult.

In a rather bizarre set of circumstances that made headlines, Genie was asked out online. She accepted.

At last year’s Super Bowl, they made a bet. 22-year-old student, John Goehrke, won the bet, and they went on another date to a basketball game. But now they’re not just dating for bets. They’ve been pictured numerous times together, cuddling up on the sofa and whatnot. But let’s remember, the relationship did begin as a result of a bet. It's hard to know how serious the relationship is, or if it's just a case of the two casually dating, given Genie's busy schedule. Genie could find herself single very soon once the fun they’re having flames out.

4 Still Single: Jonelle Filigno

@hairextensionsbyfrancesca 💕

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When it comes to women in soccer, very few have as much popularity as Jonelle Filigno. Team USA enjoy a ton of popularity. They’re one of the best soccer teams in the world, and the majority of the team look like they’ve just walked onto the pitch straight from a modeling shoot of some sort. But Canada boasts some players like that too. One of these players is Jonelle Filigno. She’s long been regarded as being one of the world’s most beautiful athletes. She started her career a decade ago and is still going strong. However, she made her last appearance for her home nation in 2015. Jonelle officially retired last year. It surprised a lot of people seeing as how she’s still in her mid-20s. It’s led people to believe that she wants to focus on other things in life, perhaps her personal life.

Jonelle has been very guarded about her personal life. There’s never been any news about her dating anyone. It’s always been about soccer for Jonelle. Now she’s no longer an international player, perhaps that’s going to change. She’s surprisingly single, but you can’t imagine that that’s going to last for long. We expect news of Jonelle’s new relationship to filter through pretty soon.

3 Could Be Soon: Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick has done a tremendous amount for women’s motor racing, for women in sport in general. She’s a strong, bolshie woman who knows what she wants and goes out to achieve it. It’s a testimony to her drive and determination to succeed that she’s managed to achieve so much success in such a male-dominated sport. She’s also paved the way for other female racers to follow in her footsteps.

Beautiful women and car racing – they’re a couple of things men love the most. It’s little wonder why Danica’s acquired so much popularity over the years. She’s been in quite a number of high-profile relationships over the years too. She once dated a fellow racing driver. That didn’t quite work out. She was even married, to a physical therapist. Again, marriage wasn’t kind to her. They split and went their separate ways after eight years together. As of February, of this year, Danica’s been dating NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. It’s a new romance and they seem very much loved up. But like I mentioned, it’s new, they’re still in the honeymoon stages of the relationship. Things will inevitably peter out. Danica’s going to retire pretty soon and Aaron Rodgers will be back on the field and so the whole dynamic of the relationship could change.

2 Still Single: Bia And Branca Feres

A lot of you might not be too familiar with Bia and Branca Feres. If you’re into your sports, and sportswomen modeling, chances are you’ve probably come across their pics at some point. They’ve transitioned more into modeling and being celebrity figures, life away from the pool over the years. They’ve recognized that’s where they’re ideally suited, where they can acquire the most popularity.

Bia and Branca Feres first came into the limelight as synchronized swimmers. They’re identical twins, and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, they’re incredibly beautiful. It wasn’t long before they became internet sensations in their home nation of Brazil. This led to a ton of opportunities, such as acting and modeling. They’re also media personalities.

Part of their draw appeal is that they’re identical twins. As twins tend to be, they’re inseparable. They’re always together, come as a package.

So, although a lot of people probably want to date them, and the fact they’re twins makes the prospect of dating them even more exciting, it’s tricky, firstly to go for one, secondly to get that twin on her own and try and strike up a relationship. Two stunningly beautiful women – it can be very intimidating for a lot of guys.

1 Could Be Soon: Hillary Knight

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Ice hockey star, Hilary Knight’s popularity skyrocketed in 2014 when she decided to pose for ESPN’s The Body Issue. Suddenly, a whole heap of people who hadn’t previously known a thing about ice hockey knew a whole lot about Hillary Knight. She’s another woman on this list who’s bold. She’s a headstrong woman, and it’s perfect for the sport that she’s become the face of ice hockey over the years. Not only is she beautiful, she’s a great ice hockey player too, and because of her personality, the respect she commands, she also finds herself speaking out about a range of issues that affect the women’s game, women in sport in general.

For a long time, many people thought Hilary was single. Although she’s very open about things, she’s not one to flaunt her private life. Or at least she wasn’t. She wasn’t shy in letting the world know she’s dating fellow ice hockey player, Frederik Andersen. Although they seem very happy together, it’s got to be tricky to make things work out. Both their lives are all about hockey. They’re also both based in different cities. It’s a miracle they’ve made things work. It’s got to take its toll on the couple.

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