8 Female Athletes We'd Want To Marry And 7 We Wouldn't

With millions of female athletes taking over our television screens today, it's fun to speculate who we think the most talented ones are as well as the best looking ones as well. Think back to when you were a kid and you would talk with your friends about who you had a crush on and who you also might potentially marry. Those were fun times. It is even more fun now if you are an avid sports fan to try to fantasize about which women you might want to spend the rest of your life with. Imagine all of the endless possibilities that could occur. After all, the world is an unpredictable place where you could meet somebody one minute and end up with them the next. But what if you don't want to marry that particular person and just want a fun time?

This list takes a look at both possibilities. There are plenty of female athletes that have dated other male athletes, movie stars, television stars, and any other famous people you can think of. Some of them knew it wouldn't be a permanent arrangements while others saw the opportunity to tie the knot as soon as possible. But which professional female athletes would we consider to be marriage worthy and which ones would we want to just have some fun with? This list can be the beginning of a good argument of female athletes for both sides. With that being said, let's take a look at eight female athletes we'd want to marry and seven we'd only want for the short term.

15 Marry: Skylar Diggins-Smith

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The first girl that we would want to marry is a WNBA point guard that has a lot of skill on the court and a lot of beauty off of the court. Skylar Diggins-Smith played in high school and helped her varsity team to a 102-7 career record. She played four seasons at Notre Dame, while making multiple appearances in the NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four. She also currently plays for the Dallas Wings in the WNBA. Diggins-Smith would be a woman to seriously consider for marriage.

She has a very athletic body from continuously running and lifting for basketball. She also has a degree in business that she can put to use after her WNBA career is over. Yes, she did just recently get married in May of 2017. But if she wasn't married and completely single, her combination of beauty and brains would be something to seriously consider putting a ring on.

14 Not: Hope Solo

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The USA Women's National Soccer team has gone through a lot of scrutiny, with their constant fight of wanting to be paid equally to the men's team (rightfully so). The backbone of their runs from the mid 2000s to early 2010 years was Hope Solo, who was fierce, competitive, tough, and very good-looking to boot. Solo is definitely someone you could have fun with. But, you would have to be careful that you didn't get her angry.

Solo comes off as the type of lady that it is her way or the highway. In other words, do what she says and if you don't like it, then goodbye. We all heard about the allegations of assault against her nephew. Assuming those were true, it would be a scary sight to see Hope mad on a consistent basis. Let's not forget her Olympic village escapades. But a little short-term fun would definitely make for some good times.

13 Marry: Carli Lloyd

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This next athlete is a little bit on the older side, but she is still proving she can compete with the best of them, even if they might be 10 years younger. The USA Women's National soccer team needs goal scorers. The first ones that come up in history might be Mia Hamm, Alex Morgan, and Abby Wambach. But Carli Lloyd can certainly make a case for herself in the goal scoring category as well as the looks category.

Calir Lloyd played her four years of college soccer at Rutgers where she had 50 goals in 83 appearances, very impressive. She also has scored 98 career goals in 247 appearances with the USA 21 and over team. She has done work with Habitat for Humanity which shows her giving and helpful side. Somebody that talented and that genuine is hard to pass up when it comes to talking about potential female athletes you'd want to marry.

12 Not: Elena Delle Donne

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Some men have different types of women that might make their friends raise an eyebrow. For some, it could be that they like a more imposing type of woman. For others, it could be that they like girls taller than them. This next girl to consider an evening with definitely has a knack for being aggressive in the paint while standing at a very tall 6'5. Elena Delle Donne would be somebody to definitely have a good time with.

She has won multiple awards such as Rookie of the Year, MVP in 2015 as well as multiple All-WNBA first team appearances. The big thing here though is Donne's height. She is a tall, beautiful woman, but some men find her height a bit intimidating. She also happens to be married to a woman, as one of the openly gay WNBA players. That's sure to break some men's hearts. Having a few dates and some good times though, would be ideal if she were available and willing. But her looking down at a majority of us would be tough to take after a couple of times.

11 Marry: Natalie Gulbis

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The LPGA Tour is one of the most underrated when it comes to having very beautiful women. This first woman was thrown into the professional world of golf since she was 18. She hasn't won any major tournaments yet, but she has had four professional wins in her career thus far. She has appeared in television shows, swimsuit shoots, and just about anything else you can think of. Her name is Natalie Gulbis and she is one athlete to seriously consider marrying.

She has a lot going on for her. She is smart, beautiful, and has a wide variety of interests. She also looks amazing in her swimsuit shoots based on the one we see above. Somebody with qualities like that is hard to pass up. She doesn't have a husband yet, so get on it if you can gentlemen and put a ring on it!

10 Not: Maria Sharapova

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This next female professional athlete has graced us with her presence for a number of years now on the tennis court. Maria Sharapova has won each major tournament at least once in her impressive career, with the exception of the French Open twice. She has over 600 wins and an amazing 80% winning percentage. When she isn't on the court, she can be seen in photo shoots and making appearances everywhere you look.

Sharapova is 30 years old and looks to still have some good years of tennis left in her. She also has a lot of good years left for her beauty. She looks good in anything; tennis outfits, dresses, bathing suit, you name it. Be careful though as she would definitely be on the short term side. One wrong move in a relationship and she could serve you up an ace full of anger and hurt which nobody would want to stand in front of. Then again, if some of her exes are to be believed, she may not even be the ideal partner for one night.

9 Marry: Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac is well aware of how beautiful she is but she doesn't use it to throw it in people's faces. Yes, she posts some very provocative pictures and takes part in some revealing photoshoots, such as her recent SI Swimsuit edition shoot, but Spiranac is also a pioneer of sorts in golf, as she's trying to make it more acceptable for different types of people to play the game. She's tired of the perception that golf is only for rich people and that you have to act a certain way to play it. Spiranac has also advocated for cyber bullying to stop and she's very well spoken in her arguments against the LPGA's controversial dress code. She really seems like she'd be giving her partner the total package.

8 Not: Winifer Fernandez

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Volleyball players do not get anywhere close to the amount of attention that they should get. With all of their diving, play-making, and spikes; it makes for some great competition to watch. What also helps is the spandex shorts that they wear. That is what made Winifer Fernandez famous with her signature snapshot of her laying on the ground with her rear showing off in her spandex. She would definitely be fun to have a fling with though.

Fernandez has played libero throughout her professional career and has brought home two gold medals and three silver medals to show her and the team's hard work. She definitely has a nice body and a beautiful face to go out. She is also very mysterious as we don't know a lot about her besides this vintage picture. The mysterious women are the types that you might want to consider just having fun with here and there.

7 Marry: Alex Morgan

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This next USA Women's National Team soccer player has won the hearts of millions of fans, both male and female, over the past five to seven years. With her youth and talent ahead of her, Alex Morgan made her way into our hopes and prayers as she was a goal scoring threat for the National Team. In 135 appearances with the USA 21 and over team, she has scored 81 goals. While she is indeed happily married now, she still makes for a great discussion about what it would be like to have the chance to marry her.

Morgan has been a dominant player from her younger days. She played four years of soccer at UC Berkley, while leading in scoring as a freshman. She also graduated a semester early with a degree in Political Economy. So, she is very intelligent and can get things done when she needs to. A woman who is beautiful, efficient, and talented is easily a candidate of strong consideration for marriage discussion.

6 Not: Rachael Cummins

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This next female professional athlete does not have a lot when it comes to information we can share about her. Rachael Cummins is an MMA fighter with incredible looks and even better moves inside the octagon. Not only is she involved in MMA fighting, she also is involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Muay Thai Style. Having a number of styles to pick from is an advantage to hanging out with her if you are being mugged or potentially robbed. Other than that, she is probably better off as just a fling.

She's obviously a very good looking female fighter. She looks like she has a playful side outside of the octagon. But be careful, because she has a number of different tactics to defend herself as well. The right guy for the long term future for Cummins would probably be a fighter or somebody willing to get into the sport. But for now, she is better off for a short term thing.

5 Marry: Lindsey Vonn

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One sport that we do not see a lot of beautiful professional female athletes in is alpine skiing. It is a fast sport with twists and turns at almost every corner and some big jumps that result in insane tricks. Lindsey Vonn definitely put the sport on the map with her gold medal in the 2010 Vancouver Downhill Olympic games as well as her looks and even past dating history. Vonn is marriage material, no doubt about it.

Vonn has finished in the top three of her events on 12 different occasions. It is fair to say she has had quite the career. She also has had a unique dating life, recently going out with Tiger Woods before that ended for a number of different reasons. Vonn had seen it all while dating Woods, so she could handle just about any situation life throws at her. Having the beauty, brains, and awareness of life; she is a great person to want to drop to a knee and propose to.

4 Not: Blair O'Neal

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Blair O'Neal has been known as one of the most beautiful golfers to ever play for the LGPA tour. She has won contests in the past such as longest drive in college. She hasn't won a major tournament but she certainly has won the hearts of many fans that have seen her.

O'Neal is a sight to behold. Pictures like this can be seen everywhere online as she has done many photo shoots, especially for the LPGA. Her golf career could come to a sudden end at any given moment, but, her modeling career is far from being over. She definitely would be fun to go on some dates with. But after that, she could realize she could move on to somebody better.

3 Marry: Michelle Jenneke

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This next female professional athlete grew up in Australia where she found her talent in the track and field department. She has competed in the World Junior Championships as well as the Australian Championships. In her 100 meter and sprint medley career, she has two gold medals, a silver medal, and two bronze medals. Her name is Michelle Jenneke and she definitely is marriage material beyond belief.

Jenneke is a runner, so she definitely will not be lazy and want to be active/productive when her running career comes to an end. She has a good body from working out and running consistently. Plus, her husband will have motivation to run if he starts lagging behind. Considering she is only 24 years old, her best years are still ahead of her. She could have a husband very, very soon if the right guy is smart and puts a ring on her ASAP.

2 Not: Eugenie Bouchard

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Eugenie Bouchard is arguably the most popular name in women's tennis right now. She has yet to take home a grand slam, but her various photoshoots in her young career have quickly made her a favourite among many fans. At this point in her life though, it doesn't look like she's someone who's ready to settle down or someone we'd want to settle down with at the moment. She seems like the ideal person to go on a few dates with at the moment, as her famous "Super Bowl date" seemed to have fun with her on the occasions they did spend together. However, Bouchard has also revealed a not so attractive side to her, as she's lost her cool on several occasions and many have questioned if her attitude has prevented her from winning more tournaments.

1 Marry: Ronda Rousey

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The final female professional athlete may have just created a new career for herself in the blink of an eye. Ronda Rousey was a UFC fighter that had a marvelous peak, but then ended with a few less than stellar performances. She announced on Royal Rumble that she would be pursuing a career in the WWE. It is great that we will all see Ronda back to competitive fighting in some form. It is also great to see that she can look good in almost any given scenario.

Rousey has proven she can sizzle up the screen in television appearances, movies, and photo shoots. Even in this picture wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, she looks amazing. She already has her husband in fellow fighter Travis Browne. But if she didn't, she would make a great wife to any other man as well. She is tough, intelligent, and known to like to have fun behind the scenes, even before a big fight. It definitely makes sense that Rousey is a marriage potential type of woman.

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