18 Female Athletes Who Are Actually Much Older Than They Look

Age is just a number, but when it comes to professional sports, generally the older you get, the slower you become. Retirement is right around the corner. But even at an older age, many female athletes are able to hang on to their youthful looks and pass for a much younger version of themselves. Perhaps this adds some extra years to their career due to their training to stay in competitive shape. Some women don’t like getting older, and don’t want to count the candles on their birthday cake and talk about their age. But when you look as attractive as these 18 women do, telling someone how old you are is more of a complement. Each of these women is one of their respected sports hottest stars, both as an athlete, and for their appearance.

Being the double-threat isn’t all bad, as with beauty comes endorsement deals and the spotlight, and many older, attractive women have managed to hang onto their spokeswoman jobs a lot longer due to the fact that they still look plenty years young than they actually are. So you are definitely not going to hear any complaints from us, as an older woman is definitely more experienced, and as these woman show, can still look as hot as the youngest in their game.

So here are 18 women who have found the fountain of youth, and keep the clock turning back in their appearance, even while it runs forward in their age.


18 Maria Sharapova

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Go look at a photo of Maria Sharapova when she busted onto the scene and into the pages of Sports Illustrated when she was just 18-years-old. Now look at her today. She has aged extremely well, and the now 30-year-old still could pass for her early 20s.

She is still one of the best women in tennis and has been ever since she won Wimbledon as a teenager, the third youngest woman to ever do so.

That propelled her to fame and into the spotlight over her entire career. Today, the Russian tennis star is still an active member of the women’s tour, and it’s hard to imagine that she has been playing professionally for 14 years, especially when you look at photos of her today and she could pass for a much younger woman.

17 Lindsey Vonn

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You couldn’t tell by looking at Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic skier who has eight World Cup skiing titles under her belt, that she is 33-years-old, as blonde-haired snow bunny is not just one of the best skiers in the United States, but also one of the hottest athletes on the American Olympic team.

She hasn’t changed much since she won a gold medal in downhill racing at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

That was eight years ago and wasn’t even her first Olympics, as she first skied at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City at 17-years-old. She also raced in the Winter Games in Turin, took off the games in Sochi, and was back with Team USA in Pyeongchang, still looking as amazing as ever.


16 Serena Williams

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Not much has changed for the top female tennis player in the world, who continues to win championships at 36-years-old, unheard-of in the sport of tennis when women normally bow out before they are in their 30s. She looks great for being 36 and is still one of the most dominate figures on tour, and looks like she is in her 20s, as opposed to pushing 40.

She has been ranked No. 1 in the world eight different times over her 16-year career.

She has also won 23 major championships, the most of any tennis player in the sports open history. And she did one of them while carrying her child. Tell me, how many near 40-year-olds are playing professional sports at a championship level?

15 Danica Patrick

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18-year race driving professional Danica Patrick maybe be 35-years-old, but she sure is doing a fine job looking like she is closer to 18, than 35. The NASCAR driver has broken barriers for women in the predominately male sport, but isn’t afraid to show off her feminine side, as she has been the spokesmodel for GoDaddy, which has put her in some slim swimwear in recent photoshoots. What can you say of a woman who is one of the most downloadable female athletes in the world, especially when she is constantly pushing men to their limit in cars racing at hundreds of miles per hour. She just keeps getting better looking as she gets older, and looks like she could race for another 18-years.


14 Bayley

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It may be hard to imagine that Bayley is 28-years-old, but with her side pony tail and good girl attitude, it’s easy to see why the California native can pass off for a much younger woman. She’s been wrestling for over a decade, and has maintained the same look that she has now, minus the pony tail, even dating back to her humble beginnings. She isn’t one to post swimsuit or provocative photos of herself online, as she is one of the biggest role models for young girls in the WWE, who can relate more to the hugger than perhaps anyone else on the roster. Considering the amount of bumps she takes on a regular basis, it’s impressive that she has kept her young American good looks nearing her 30s without having a bunch of surgery done.

13 Aly Raisman

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Aly Raisman was a member and captain of both the Fierce Five and Final Five Olympic gymnastics teams, and has three gold medals, two silver and a bronze over her career. She may be only 23-years-old, but considering how young gymnasts are in the Olympic games, Raisman can pass for much young.

At 5-foot-2 and 115lbs, she probably asked to show identification whenever she enters a restaurant and wants a drink.

However she is the oldest member of the team and would be the one sneaking it to her teammates. We doubt that happens, but Raisman has managed to come out of the tough competitive world of gymnastics with stunning good looks, and very few injuries and is now turning into a regular in Sports Illustrated’s photo shoots.


12 Anastasia Ashley

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Anastasia Ashley began surfing at 5-years-old, and won her first major championship when she was just 16. Now at 31-years-old, the Malibu native looks closer to her teenage years when she was winning championships than she does a woman in her 30s, and pictures of her show she has aged very well. It must be all the sun and salt water she has experienced in her career. Perhaps Anastasia has found the fountain of youth in that lifestyle? Her signature sharkini is a staple of her surging wardrobe, or her pre-game ritual of dancing to her favourite music has made many happy with gifs, and Anastasia has made her over 1.1 million Instagram followers happy, posting plenty of beach photos in slim bikinis, showing off her youthful looks.

11 Antonija Sandrić

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Croatian professional basketball player Antonija Sandric is known for her platinum blonde hair, which is generally tied back into a bun when she is on the hardcourt, and let down when she is striking a pose for the camera. At 29-years-old, the point guard was part of the national team who played at the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, and started playing professionally back in 2005 when she was just 16 years old. She looks closer to 20-years-old than 30, as Sandric has maintained an athletic physique, and was got her noticed by many in the sporting world, as she earned the honour of being named Bleacher Reports Most Beautiful Woman at the 2012 Summer Games. Not bad for a woman who finished 10th in the field and far away from a gold medal.


10 Paige Spiranac

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You don’t need to say much about a woman who is referred to as a” beautiful blonde golfer”. Paige Spiranac is only 24-years-old, but could easily pass off for a teenager, who isn’t afraid at all to show off her body, on the course or off it, as she has received plenty of criticism for her dress attire on the course. In fact, the LPGA introduced a strict dress code in 2017 for its female players, according to which tour pros are not able to wear shirts with plunging necklines, leggings, or short skirts. No surprise, Spiranac is opposed to that, as her Instagram account shows her un plunging necklines and short skirts while riding in golf courses, and taking the read on the green before finishing off a putt.

9 Asuka

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No one is apparently ready for Asuka, as the Japanese wrestler is set to main event WrestleMania after winning the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match this year. What no one else is ready for, is the realization that Asuka is actually 36-years-old, which is just two-years younger than Mickie James, who constantly gets made fun of for being the old woman on the roster. But Asuka’s age is never mentioned in WWE, probably because no one would believe that the empress of tomorrow is on the closer side to 40 than 30. Yet Asuka is one of the best wrestlers in the company, and not just on the female roster, and still remains undefeated in WWE. And with all the young talent around her, Asuka is the one who is set to lead the women’s evolution into the future.


8 Alex Morgan

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American professional soccer star Alex Morgan has an Olympic Gold Medal and FIFA women’s World Cup under her belt, and she’s only 28-years-old. But with classic good-girl looks, Morgan doesn’t appear to be nearing 30-years-old, as she looks just as fit and attractive today as she did when she was gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated back in 2012. She is the highest paid female soccer player in America, mostly due to her large endorsement deals, and appeared on the cover of FIFA 2015 and 2016, becoming an icon for the game world wide. But why wouldn’t you want an ageless wonder on the cover of everything soccer related, as Morgan is talented on the pitch, and easy on the eyes, a combo threat for any female athlete.

7 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis first made her debut in WWE back in 2004 as part of the Diva Search competition, placing fifth place, yet still doing enough to earn herself a contract. That was when she was 21-years-old, and four years later she would be on the cover of playboy magazine. Now at 35-year-olds and expecting her first child, Kanellis is still one of the best looking females in the WWE, and could pass for a mid-20s competitor pretty easily, as her look hasn’t changed much since her early days as part of the Divas division. She may be one of the oldest on the women’s roster, but that hasn’t stopped Kanellis from being one of the most successful women in the WWE, and looking just as good as when the day she walked into the business.


6 Ellen Hoog

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31-year-old ditch field hockey player Ellen Hoog has won two Olympic gold medals in her career, winning in 2008 and 2012, while taking a silver medal in 2016. But if you were to look at the Netherlands native, you definitely wouldn’t be thinking she was old enough to have played in three Olympic games, as Hoog in some photos looks more like a teenage, than a woman in her 30s. On Instagram, Hoog seems to have a pretty relaxed lifestyle which helps keep her youthful looks, as she continues to stay fit in order to compete, while wearing clothing that makes her look younger. With how young she looks, it looks like she could be ready to play in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles 10 years from now when she would be 41-years-old.

5 Blair O’Neal

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Professional golfer Blair O’Neal would be hard to miss on the golf course, as her blonde hair and country girl looks easily make her one of the most beautiful women in golf. But what may be more surprising is that Blair is actually 36-years-old, which would cause a few to take a double-take when they hear that, as many would think the near 40-year-old would be closer to mid-20s, as oppose to mid-life. The Golf Channel host, model and clothing line ambassador seems to have it all at the later stages of her golf career, which is impressive considering by her age, normally golfers start to go away from the game. But as her 253,000 Instagram followers can attest to, she could handle her own on the course and in any photo shoot when put up against someone in their 20s.


4 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella began her career with the WWE when she was just 23-years-old, and only seems to be getting better with age. When we say she signed with the WWE at 23, many would think that was only a couple of years ago, but Bella, at 34-years-old, is one of the longest serving women in the division, along with one of it’s oldest members. And, let’s be honest, she is hands down one of the hottest females in wrestling, and do well to transition from a more model type wrestler into a respectable one that holds the record for the longest reign of the WWE Divas Championship in the titles history. She may have had a little work done, but Bella could step back into the ring today and still go toe to toe with any woman, which is apparent since she was the runner-up at this year’s Royal Rumble.

3 Sally Fitzgibbons

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Australian professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons started competing at 14-years-old, and today at 27-years-old is one of the sports best competitors. She’s also one of the sports most attractive, as her over half a million Instagram followers can attest too, as Fitzgibbons looks closer to 20-years-old, than 30. The surfing goddess looks amazing and can go from surfer babe to beautiful model in a blink of an eye. She may be one of Australia’s best kept secrets, and has won her fair share of World Tour stops, including the 2017 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro competition in Western Australia. With over $1 million in career earnings, and a life living on the beach with youthful good looks, Fitzgibbons has a pretty stoked life to say the least.


2 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson has been a career athlete, first as a fitness model competitor, than as a wrestler, and not fitness instructor. The former two-time Playboy Playmate is 42-years-old, but as her appearance at the Royal Rumble showed, she is possibly in the best shape of her life, and looks nowhere near that of someone who is past her prime. Wilson was always regarded as one of the most attractive females in professional wrestling history, and it’s hard to believe she got her start in in WCW back in 1999 during the Monday Night Wars, before making the jump to WWE in 2001. But Wilson has enjoyed great success in the ring, and away from it, and remains one of the hottest athletes today, even attracting the attention of Alex Rodriguez when they dated from 2011 to 2015.

1 Rachel Wray

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Ex-Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Rachel Wray isn’t going to be a ring girl circling the cage at an MMA event, but rather she’s going to be in it, as the 28-year-old has said she is ready to fight and is ready for her shot in the cage. If you were to look at Wray, however, she would seem more likely to be the cheerleader type, and closer to 20-years-old than 30, as the 5-foot-5, 130lbs bantamweight has country girl good looks, and could pass as much as a model as she could an MMA fighter. She is currently 2-2 in amateur fights, having lost her last two, but with no time to waste as she nears 30, despite looking 20, Wray is ready to get her professional career going in the ring.


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