15 Female Athletes Who Are Also Moms

Female athletes have a short window in order to make a go of things and enjoy a successful sporting career. They have to contend with a lot of obstacles, certainly a lot more than men. They have to make some key decisions, and what they decide may impact the rest of their careers. I’m talking about whether or not they choose to start families. A lot of female athletes wait until their sporting days are behind them before trying to have kids. But then again, if you’re into your late 30s, it’s harder to get pregnant. If they make the decision to start a family while they’re in their sporting prime, it means taking time off, and getting back to form can prove to be extremely difficult. But there are some that have managed it. They’ve had kids and continued with their sporting careers with varying degrees of success.

Everything changes after giving birth; the body, a person’s mindset; athletic achievements are no longer their number one priority. But the way some athletes have continued along their path to success in the sporting world, the way they look too, you wouldn’t think they’ve given birth. If you weren’t told, you’d have no clue they were moms. These are 15 steamy female athletes we totally forgot are moms.

15 Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard has enjoyed one pretty successful career. The American swimmer has plenty of accolades to her name, including being known as one of team USA’s steamiest athletes. Thankfully for her fans, she plays to that label, has given us plenty to ogle at over the years due to her strong modeling credentials. She hasn’t officially retired, but hasn’t taken to the pool for some time now. She doesn’t really need to because she’s enjoying new ventures, as a model, spokeswoman and all-round media personality. Being a mom probably takes a lot of her time too. Not being a professional athlete, she can now spend more time with her young daughter. She also has a son who was born in 2009. She may have stopped training professionally, but obviously hasn’t stopped training. She’s still in the limelight, does plenty of stuff, and still looks fantastic.

14 Heather Hardy

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You’d have thought that Heather Hardy may have slowed down a tad, and taken her foot off the gas when she had her daughter 13 years ago. Especially since Heather is a pro boxer and trains MMA. Due to her being involved in such a dangerous sport- and let’s face it, boxing is dangerous – many people would’ve thought that she’d perhaps want to step away from combat sports and focus on raising her little one. But Heather didn’t have that luxury. She was a single mom, and was a fighter in more ways than one. She had to fight to survive, to put food on the table, and she did that by fighting in the ring. Now it’s no longer about survival, it’s about flourishing, and Heather has done just that.

13 Kerri Walsh Jennings

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Kerri Walsh Jennings is rated as being one of the hottest volleyball players around. She’s got an amazing physique, and just looks right at home on the sand. Even as she’s approaching her 40s, she’s showing no signs of slowing down or wanting to walk away. And why should she? She holds the accolade of being the most decorated beach volleyball player of all time, male or female. That’s quite some achievement considering she achieved that feat in Rio, and that she’s a mom to three kids. Yes, you read that correctly, three! Popping out three kids whilst still being a pro sportswoman is very unusual. But Kerri doesn’t do usual. She’s different from the norm in more ways than one, and it’s why she’s achieved so much popularity over the years.

12 Cat Zingano

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So much has happened in Cat Zingano’s life. It’s pretty remarkable that she’s still in the octagon fighting, now a decade after making her debut. She’s had a decent career, is a major drawcard, although she has lost her last two fights and has spent some time in the wilderness. But she’s penciled down to fight on March 3rd 2018, so we can look forward to her comeback. Cat Zingano is certainly a fighter. She must have fought through a hell of a lot of mental demons when her husband took his own life. She had to carry on for her son, and that’s exactly what she’s been doing. Cat was actually the first mom who competed in the UFC. Motherhood was never going to hold her back, and now in 2018, due to her looks, physique, and everything she’s gone through, even UFC fans have forgotten that she’s a mom.

11 Malia Jones

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Look at Malia, her amazing physique, and you wouldn’t think that she’s a mom to no less than three kids. At the age of 40, she looks absolutely stunning, is undoubtedly one of the hottest athletes in the world. That’s what being a professional surfer for over a quarter of a century does to the body; in Malia’s case it’s resulted in one lean, toned physique. It’s that whole surfing lifestyle that just appeals to people – Malia is living the dream. Another one of her jobs, is modeling. Malia has balanced modeling with her professional sporting career, and it’s led to her enjoying a massive amount of popularity. See some of her raunchy shoots, and you think of Malia the model. Malia the mom and even Malia the surfer just gets forgotten about.

10 Alexis Davis

In 2015, steamy German MMA fighter, Alexis Davis, chose to put her fighting career on hold. That’s because she discovered that she was pregnant. Everything went smoothly, and Alexis is a proud new momma. 2015 wasn’t all that long ago. She took time off because she was pregnant and to spend it with family. Alexis lost on her comeback, but won both her fights in 2017 and is back to winning ways. It’s as if she never even stepped away from the octagon. She looked utterly amazing, just like she always does – that is when she’s not all bloodied and bruised and isn’t getting her face pummelled in, which inevitably happens from time to time in her line of work. This steamy German fighter looks on course to have a memorable 2018.

9 Candace Parker

31-year-old Candace Parker is a massive name in the WNBA. She’s one of the most popular women in women’s basketball, just has star appeal, skills, charisma, and of course looks. Perhaps you wouldn’t deem her as being super-hot on the court, but she’s certainly a steamy athlete. Off the court she certainly scrubs up well, looks absolutely stunning, which is a credit to her because she’s certainly got her hands full when she’s not playing basketball. Candace is a family woman, was married for about eight years, and has a daughter to take care of. That was some time ago now, in 2009. She didn’t take much time off and was soon back on the court, and in the years since then she’s gone from strength to strength, has become one of the most marketable women in basketball, in sports in general.

8 Sara McMann

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There are quite a lot of female fighters on this list. I’ll say it again, it’s quite amazing that there are so many beautiful women in the world of professional MMA. If they were once beautiful, you’d think a stint fighting in MMA would change that. But no, the world of MMA and UFC are filled with sultry athletes. It’s amazing that Sara McMann is at a point in her career where she’s striving to become the champ. You’d have thought all the tragedies she’s gone through would’ve beaten her down. And she has faced tragedy on an unbelievable scale. But Sara is resilient, keeps going for herself and her daughter. Sara had her daughter when she was wrestling, but nine years on having switched to MMA, it’s meant we’ve totally forgotten she’s a mom – most probably didn’t even have an inkling she was.

7 Mandy Minella

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Tennis is a sport that seems to churn out beauties. The WTA is filled with them. It truly is amazing how many steamy athletes are on the women’s side of the draw. When a lot of people think of steamy athletes in the tennis world, they think of the likes of Eugenie Bouchard and Maria Sharapova. They’re tennis’ resident hotties, who incidentally aren’t too fond of each other. But one name that might not feature on a lot of people’s minds, is that of Mandy Minella. That’s simply because she’s not that good in comparison to the majority of the other sultry tennis players. What little popularity she has gained has been due to her looks. She’s got the looks, and the body back after giving birth last year, and looks like she never stepped off the court.

6 Jeanette Lee

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Jeanette Lee, to a lot of you, is probably an unexpected name on this list. She’s a professional pool player, and in recent years her picture’s really started to get picked up. She’s a real beauty when she’s got a pool cue in her hand and without it too. Jeanette has got the looks and has got a sweltering physique, a body that would make you think she’s an athlete that’s involved in a sport of a different kind. That steely look of focus and determination in her eyes is also part of her appeal. Jeanette is married to a pool player, and together…get this, they have six kids!

Look at Jeanette, someone who’s in her late 40s, and it certainly doesn’t look like she’s popped out six kids. Well, she hasn’t; she’s popped out three and the rest are her step kids. Still it’s amazing she still looks so good at her age and with what we’re guessing to be a pretty hectic home life.

5 Zara Tindall

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I’m throwing a few curve balls here; here’s another athlete you probably didn’t picture featuring on this list, from a sport you probably didn’t know had hot women. Zara Tindall, formerly Zara Phillips, is the second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II. That makes her 16th in line to the British throne. But see her do her thing in the sporting area, and you wouldn’t think she was royalty. What sport am I referring too? What do royals do lots of? Horse riding. Zara Tindall is a British equestrian, and a pretty steamy one at that. She’s probably the hottest royal around, discounting those who married into the family or are due to. Zara married former rugby player Mike Tindall and the two had a daughter. But a lot of people would’ve forgotten about that, and will just remember Zara for her feats at the London 2012 Olympics, and for being a steamy athlete, and more so, sultry member of the British royal family.

4 Maria Kirilenko

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Maria Kirilenko has to all extents and purposes, vanished. She’s been incredibly quiet of late, hasn’t been playing tennis – although she hasn’t officially retired – and hasn’t been partaking in steamy shoots. That’s one thing we miss about Maria – her sultry photoshoots, and there were a lot of them. But the images are easily accessible and we can recollect with fondness, those beautiful times when Maria was burning it up on the court. What a lot of people don’t know, is that Maria gave birth. She kept it rather quiet, so it was a mystery why she was taking time off. But she gave birth in 2015! What she’s been doing since is anybody’s guess. Perhaps she’ll make a comeback. Age is on her side, and if Serena Williams can do it, Maria Kirilenko can too.

3 Victoria Azarenka

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The Belarussian beauty, Victoria Azarenka, is the former world number one and holder of two Grand Slam titles. At her best, she’s as good as anyone who’s played the game. Victoria’s known for her uncomplicated style of play. She’s not really preoccupied with looking glamorous on court, playing to the female tennis stereotype. Vichka does her own thing, and it’s held her in good stead. But off the court it’s a different story. Vichka transforms into a sultry tennis beauty. And she is still beautiful, still has the looks, the physique, despite giving birth in 2016. Vichka has had personal issues and has struggled to get back to form since coming back onto the WTA tour, but if you’re a tennis fan, we all hope she does sooner rather than later.

2 Michelle Waterson

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Michelle Waterson seems so petite, so lean, svelte and perfect, that it seems inconceivable that she’s popped out a kid. But, yes, this MMA beauty is a mom, after giving birth to her daughter in 2011. That’s a long time ago, half a career in the MMA world. Since then Michelle’s gotten back on the horse and has racked up an impressive record, although she’s just begun to falter of late. But let’s face it, Michelle isn’t really famed for her prowess as a fighter. She’s achieved the majority of the fame and popularity she has because she’s hot, because of her looks and her physique. She’s certainly a lean, mean, fighting machine, but having said that, just by the way she looks, if you didn’t know she was a fighter, you certainly wouldn’t have been able to guess. A model comes to mind, but certainly not a fighter.

1 Sydney Leroux

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Sydney Leroux is widely regarded to be the hottest woman in sport. The U.S. soccer team is filled with sultry beauties, but even among them, Sydney stands out. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way, has got the looks, got the body, and knows it too as she never tires of showing off her physique to the masses in raunchy pics, thankfully for her adoring fans. Sydney returned to the field in 2017 for FC Kansas City after giving birth, and it was as if she never took a break. Look at her physique, and it’s also as if she was never really pregnant – the average person just doesn’t look that good in such a short space of time after giving birth. Evidently Sydney isn’t an average person – there’s nothing average about Sydney.

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