10 Female Wrestlers (And 10 Female Athletes) Who Know How To Rock Athleisure Wear

As sports fans, we're accustom to sports figures showing off their million dollar skills and physiques to match. Whether it's wrestling, boxing, mixed marital arts or tennis...the athletes that belong to those sports learn to adopt a commitment to not only their craft, but to the upkeep of their bodies. One insanely popular method of developing one's mental and physical state is through yoga. It seems wherever there's a sports figure, there's a pair of yoga pants close by. In the world of pro-wrestling, wrestlers such as WCW legend Diamond Dallas Page have helped advertised and popularize the concept of yoga in the form of his own modified version of it that many of his fellow wrestlers, and others, have enjoyed.

With Yoga growing in popularity, besides the practice itself, a very key aspect associated with it has seemed to have caught on: yoga pants. In popular culture, whenever yoga pants come up, there's this instant image framed from a peeping Tom perspective of a hot girl working hard and giving contortionists a run for their money in the name oneness. The women of sports who often dabble in the world of yoga often find themselves the subject of frequent Google searches and gawking when publicly displaying pants that garnered more attention than they were originally meant to. The old saying if you got it, flaunt it sure does not have to be told twice to the entries of this list comprised of 10 female wrestlers...and 10 athletes who know how to rock yoga pants.

20 Becky Lynch (Wrestler)

Via Pinterest.com

What's not cute about Becky Lynch, regardless of her attire? From her adorable accent to her fiery red hair and quirky personality we see quite often...she normally gains attention from a Smackdown audience. Now, seen here, for the lucky onlookers who happen to be in that gym, it's safe to say she turned a few heads arriving in those custom, dark green army meets Green Lantern looking yoga pants that fit just right. When I say fit just right, I'm not just talking about her body. This Irish Lash kicker donning 3 leaf clover green, albeit of a darker shade, seems like something strategically chosen to express the spirit of the fighting Irish. If these pants were some sort of symbol of her Irish heritage...I think most male fans of Becky's wouldn't complain if this became her new ring attire.

19 Tracy Cortez (MMA Fighter)

Via Reddit.com

If you don't know who Tracy Cortez is, well... you aren't alone. Literally while scrolling through a plethora of beautiful candidates to include in this list, I abruptly stopped what I was doing to check out this woman. I couldn't tell for certain which sport Tracy Cortez belonged to...until I gathered that this 24-year-old, MMA fighter fought in organizations such as Tuff-N-Uff,(Ironic name) where she won the Operation Knockout Women's Flyweight championship and Invicta Fighting Championship. Judging by this Instagram photo of Cortez, she deserves another title...and not just beautiful, but the Queen of Proper Rocking of Yoga Pants championship...or something along those lines. Her petite figure turns out well without Tracy looking like she's positioned in a certain way to capture more favorable features.

18 Sasha Banks (Wrestler)

Via Twitter.com

Sasha Banks calls herself the boss, she's a 3-time Raw women's champion  and clearly possesses the physique of a champ, so she fits the resume. Another thing she fits well is those black, WWE branded Yoga pants she's sporting, and not just any custom Yoga pants...WrestleMania 32 edition. With a nice, right, left and back view of these special looking yoga pants, besides noticing how much of a company girl she is, whether by force or by her own accord...we can see that those workout and yoga sessions are paying off quite well for Sasha. Sasha is a woman who clearly took her drive to the bank and made off with nicely toned legs, a petite figure, as well as athleticism on par with the best the Raw women's division has to offer.

17 Maria Sharapova (Tennis Player)

via GotCeleb.com

Take a look at Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova sporting black yoga pants on her way to her car, which is likely steering her down the road to victory of yet another tennis tournament. This career grand slam and Olympic silver medalist not only possesses the type of figure most women who do and don't practice yoga hope to achieve or maintain, but has a bit of a shape to her that looks appealing to view opposed to just plain uninteresting for an admirer of thin women with a petite build through and through. Even if you're not impressed with Sharapova's serves or overall skill, maybe this stunning shot of Maria highlights the benefit of giving yoga and a frequent workout a try.

16 Naomi (Wrestler)

Via Fabzz.com

When you think of former Smackdown women's champion Naomi, a few words might come to mind. They may include feisty, vibrant and athletic, but when you see her in an environment getting physical without an opponent, another adjective may cross your mind...wow. The rigorous training we see here can certainly be the explanation behind her nicely-toned build, which packs just enough cushion on the lower end for her whenever she sees fit to breakout her finisher the rear view. Naomi not being too big or too small generally makes her a prime target to be spotted in whatever gym she's in...and not that type of spotted, if she continues to rock those purple yoga pants. You sure don't need a full view to know that Jimmy Uso is lucky to be experiencing the glow all the time rather than just on Tuesdays like the rest of us.

15 Miesha Tate (MMA Fighter)

Via Straitstimes.com

Miesha Tate is one of those women that you look at and naturally assume is a model or makeup artist. Most who aren't UFC fans wouldn't think a woman so beautiful would be a professional fighter and a former UFC Bantamweight champion at that, but she is. Tate is not only impressive facially, but a great example of the whole package, as seen here showing off her hard earned guns, but even more worth a stare or three are the multi-color yoga pants hugging against Miesha's skin. The pleasing thing about the view is the fact she's not bone thin... she's just right. One of the best things about Tate in Yoga pants is the fact she doesn't look like she's trying hard to be stunning, which in a way makes her more attractive or should I say... a knockout.

14 Nikki Bella (Wrestler)

Via 4CornerWrestling.com

Nikki Bella's theme song's intro says you can look, but you can't touch. It's photos like this that make male fans wish they were John Cena for at least a day. The longest reigning Divas champion split peacefully on fresh cut grass displays not only an image of a woman dedicated to fitness, but one able to make a basic pair of blue tights seem much more appealing because she's wearing them and is every bit of appropriate when it comes to filling it out. Not dumpy nor malnourished, but evenly sufficient enough to meet the taste of many to be deemed a fitness queen. Much like her man, Nikki clearly chooses to push her physical limit, even while possessing the ideal physique many would aspire to have.

13 Valentina Shevchenko (MMA Fighter)

Via Sherdog.com

Besides wondering how the heck her last name is supposed to be pronounced, for non-followers of MMA, I'm sure the next thing to cross your mind would be who this tattooed woman with the Bret Hart looking tights is. Well, this is Valentina Shevchenko, a 29-year-old, bantamweight fighter in the UFC. Now that the introduction is out the way, we can get to the lovely image of a nice, petite figure being highlighted by an innocent yet daring pose just waiting to be interrupted to test out her latest submission hold or roundhouse kick. At the start of this description you may not have known a lot about Valentina, if anything at all, but it should've been abundantly clear from your first glance she works out and looks good doing it.

12 Brie Bella (Wrestler)

Via Pinterest.com

Brie Bella, much like her twin Nikki, prioritizes fitness. Even as a mother Brie is in Brie mode, finding time to meditate and to look good while doing so, which we can clearly see here. Best way to lose baby weight for mothers like Brie and even non-mothers who need a bit of variety in their workout is to incorporate a few yoga sessions in their routine, if it's there to begin with. I don't think most would argue that the words of inspiration on Brie's shirt, strong mind, brave spirit is the key motto to achieving a healthier life and for the ladies out there...looking good in tights, as seen above, without having more pounds than you care to carry, knowing your shape becomes much more visible.

11 Ronda Rousey (MMA Fighter)

Via Oxygenmag.com

One of the most popular MMA fighters of the last decade in former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has often found many different ways to make herself relevant when not found caving in an opponents's face or having hers smeared by punches. However, this piece isn't about her face or impressive record, so much as the insanely active lower half of this fighting machine's body. With toned legs and thighs strong enough to immediately stop the blood flow in any arm unfortunate enough to find itself in one of her armbars...one could understand why there's an attraction to seeing her active in yoga pants. The next best article of clothing to properly highlight one's figure outside of shorts would be yoga pants considering how loose they aren't.

10 Maryse (Wrestler)

Via Twitter.com

Taking a look at French, Blonde bombshell Maryse in that blue workout outfit likely raises many questions of how Miz landed that. Does anyone know how to say my Goodness in French? Tighter than those yoga pants is the body holding them. As only a manager for her real-life husband The Miz these days, Maryse has certainly maintained the athletic physique fans remember during her Divas champion days on Raw. Maybe it's me, but the blue not only looks nice on Maryse, but kinda makes her look like a potential gimmick for a return to singles competition could be that of the female Simon Dean or the more plausible option being the stereotypical arrogant, fashion model adding to the growing popularity of yoga pants on women in The States.

9 Serena Williams (Tennis Player)

Via LipstickAlley.com

Being considered number 1 by The Women's Tennis Association 8 different times, Serena Williams can undoubtedly claim her spot as the top Tennis player in the game. Another rank she claims is a spot on this list for most certainly being the thickest and most curvaceous woman of the 20 listed here, as you can see in this photo of Serena's casual stroll of the town. Packing pounds in all the right places, it should be clear why Yoga pants and Serena look so good together. Not just from a side angle, but from any angle she's captured at. Best thing about it is it's all natural and presented in a firm package that allows her to run, serve and wins tournaments with no problems.

8 Trish Stratus (Wrestler)

Via Wrestlestars.com

What did Trish's theme song say... it's time to rock and roll? Formerly rocking faces with her chick kick finisher and covers of multiple magazines to rocking yoga pants daily as the owner of her own yoga studio called Stratusphere, Trish at 41-years-old has certainly been keeping not only herself in shape, but others! Look at her, she doesn't look all that different than her run in 2006. Even more noteworthy...she's a mother and still that fit and hot. Now, imagine an in-ring return with Trish wearing spandex again, it be fans tuning in on either show she decides to head to, for obviously different reasons. Trish certainly has a love for yoga so high it earned her Best Yoga Studio Award from Top Choice Awards back in 2013, so it's safe to say she doesn't plan on ditching these pants anytime soon.

7 Holly Holm (MMA Fighter)

Via MMAFighting.com

Former UFC Bantamweight champion Holly Holm is nicknamed the preacher's daughter, which is a bit ironic considering how many sinful thoughts likely arise at the sight of a woman so toned and thin practicing carelessly in front of a crowded gym. This is especially attractive to men who love women who love fitness and sports, it's a special type of turn on you can't always put your finger on, though I'm sure some could only hope. Holly captured in mid-air in pink yoga pinks is something to admire if long legs and a slim build captivates you. Not sure who she's training for or even what exactly her training entails from the photo alone, but one thing that doesn't leave me questioning is how cute this particular photo of UFC's Holly Holm looks.

6 Mandy Rose (Wrestler)

Via GotCeleb.com

I don't know about you, but Monday Night Raw's Mandy Rose should seriously consider wrestling in those camouflage yoga pants she's got on 90% of the time, if not all the time. She knows she's fine as evident by the just-look-at-me pose, but anyway, the pants look nice. If I had to guess I'd say this probably isn't Mandy at her best, but it just comes off that way. Only thing one might find wrong here is the fact those pants are covering up model quality legs, but outside of that...it's probably reasonable to assume the poked out hips and selfie beg for endless attention her, like the other 19 women on this list, are receiving just for doing something as simple as looking good in a pair of tights.

5 Cecilia Braekhus (Boxer)

Via Mynewsdesk.com

Take one look at this knockout, Cecilia Braekhus, pun intended. Nicknamed the first lady, this welterweight fighter whose been the champion of her division as far back as 2014 seemed to have added another accomplishment to her long list of success...that being quite stunning in a pair of white yoga pants. Cecilia seems like the elegant type just based off her demeanor in the photo alone, which is almost the exact personality most would associate with a yoga instructor, not so much a boxer. I don't think I need to know much concerning if she truly incorporates yoga into her training routine or not to give a simple compliment to a woman who seems too attractive to be a professional boxer. The only thing that's needed is a better photo showing more of the nice body she worked so hard to obtain and maintain.

4 Brandi Rhodes (Wrestler)

Via Wrestlingforum.com

Here's some variety for you, 2 photos, front and back of Ring of Honor star Cody Rhodes' wife, Brandi Rhodes. Upon first glance you can see how cheerful she looks and if you observe the whole package can understand why Rhodes is considered a lucky man to many WWE and ROH fans. Brandi certainly looks like a yoga instructor if you had to guess her occupation and sure has the face to match the physique, a combination that's always good to see, but isn't a guarantee for anyone. Who knows what Brandi will look like if she keeps up these seemingly successful workouts, we sure know her appearance sure garnered more attention than a ring announcer needed during her days as Eden in WWE.

3 Lolo Jones (Hurdler)

Via Instagram

Lolo Jones is as toned and tall as she is talented. This hurdler with 3 NCAA championships to her credit can not only clear 100 meters in record time, but look good doing so. This isn't just limited to competition, the same carries over to how well she looks in a pair of yoga pants of any color. One could argue an athlete like Lolo would be considered pretty regardless of what she wore, but to see a tall, lean woman with a good build and model features going above and beyond to ensure that her chances of success are just about guaranteed is admirable and attractive. Like a good number of the entries on the list...I don't think Lolo would be asked to change into something more complimentary to her figure if she asked how she looked in the pair of black and white yoga pants, this assuming she'd care.

2 Lana (Wrestler)

Via Pinterest.com

If I was forced to choose whether I felt Lana was pretty or gorgeous...I'd be split, much like Lana heating up a cold, hard floor during what looks like a break from a long hard workout begins. This Russian sensation quite clearly has added yoga pants to the many articles of clothing she rocks so well on WWE TV. Whether it be dress suits, bathing suits in photo shoots or a nice, pair of rose decorated yoga pants...Lana will find a way to steal eyes away from others to put on herself. Much like the stem of the roses featured all over those pants, her legs are thin, many would say for the win. This leaving her face and overall seated selfie, much like the bud of the rose, standing alone as the source of admiration for onlookers.

1 Laila Ali (Boxer)

via pinterest.com

Laila Ali is the daughter of famous world champion boxer Muhammad Ali. This former super middleweight champion and undefeated retiree sure can fill out a pair of yoga pants with just the right amount of thickness! This tall cutie earned a perfect score of 10 for the pose, beauty and amazing physique displayed. If you had to trust anyone with your diet, why wouldn't it be this thick-thigh beast of an athlete who looks like she's been training in her sleep, with or without the help of her hall of fame father. Laila could easily be on the cover of any new or old fitness magazine to inspire a new generation of female athletes including professional wrestlers, boxers, hurlers as well as mixed martial artist for years to come.

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