15 Female Athletes Who Need Extra Support

To be a successful athlete you have to give it your all every time you hit the pitch, court, ice, mat, beam, ring, and whatever other playing surface you can think of. High level competitors keep their bodies in top shape and work on every inch of every muscle in order to reach their peak performance ceiling in the pursuit of championships and eternal glory. Some athletes are born tall. Some are sturdier than others, some slight, some built for certain sports, but on occasion we are treated to a female competitor who has been gifted with ample assets that might make her more noticeable every time the TV cameras pan across, or up and down. No one will argue that these ladies have much more to offer than their bodies, but every once in a while it’s enjoyable to take a light look at what’s happening under that athletic attire.

Today we’ll take a look and the ladies of sport who could use a little extra "support" in a particular area. From gymnasts to MMA fighters, Olympians to wrestlers, these ladies of competition definitely rank #1 in distraction techniques to compliment their fierce competitiveness and professional athleticism. What is truly remarkable is that despite their different centre of gravity, many of these fantastic athletes dominate their respective sports. Let’s see who leads the leagues and has a legitimate claim to the championship cup!


15 Natalie Gulbis

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Natalie Gulbis is an American golfer who’s been swinging the clubs since 2001 and grabbing the attention of the LPGA’s male audience for just as long. She spent 1 year at the University of Arizona where we’re sure she drove the frat boys crazy with her body. With one professional victory to her name it gives the TV stations a pretty good reason to follow the beauty closely with the cameras covering the tour. Natalie is one in a long line of sexy golfers that the world loves to follow up and down 18 holes keeping a close eye on her swing. She’s had a few top 5 finishes in Major tournaments and hopefully one day she wins one, so we’ll keep a close eye on her and let you know when she does.

14 Maryse

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Maryse Ouellet is a professional wrestler currently rocking it in the WWE. The former model is one of the best looking Divas the wrestling world has to offer and has some cute arm candy as well being married to The Miz (The two are expecting a child together, CONGRATULATIONS!). Maryse is already the mommy of a couple of bouncing babies that are usually on full display every time she hits the ring. The Canadian born Ouellet has got to take the cake as the WWE most "gifted" female competitor at this moment in time and she flaunts it like a true pro. congratulations to Maryse on her incredible athletic build and assets and while we’re at it congratulations to The Miz as well, for obvious reasons.


13 Paige Spiranac

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Paige Spiranac is the current champion in the looks department of the LPGA and potentially in the running for most attractive female in all of sports. None of these accolades would come if it weren’t for her two best friends… her swing and her short game! What did you think we were talking about? Paige is a talented golfer, but her body is often the centre of attention and she is currently opposed to the LPGA’s new wardrobe rules that prohibit plunging necklines, leggings, and short skirts to be worn in competition. She believes that if you got it, flaunt it. Paige is building a brand for herself and as long as she isn’t distracting her fellow female golfers (which she very well might be) she should be able to present herself how she feels comfortably fit to do.

12 Mackenzie Dern

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Mackenzie Dern is a tough woman who is a Jiu-Jitsu champion and all around beautiful lady. She’s won Gold 10 times across numerous prestigious international competition and has translated her skills on the mat into a successful MMA career with 5 wins and 0 losses. Another interesting fact about Mackenzie is that the Phoenix, Arizona native is incredibly blessed in the looks department which makes her an even more intriguing femme fatale. She has been trained by some of the best Jiu-Jitsu coaches in the world but there is no way to train for the attention her body attracts. Let’s just say we wouldn’t mind rolling around and grappling with Dern, even though she’d probably rip one of our arms off, and perhaps our eyes if we stare too much.


11 Simona Halep

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Simona Halep is still searching for her first Major victory but we think she has a pair of major victories on display every time she sets out to dominate on the tennis court. The Romanian pro is currently ranked the world #1 and has a very good chance of taking home the Australian Open Championship this year to finally solidify her status as one of the best in the game. Lucky for us with the top ranking in the world comes all the TV coverage in the world so we get all the chances to watch Simona swing around the court en route to victory after victory. We’re so happy to see her do well and keep strutting her stuff towards to victory circle. Good luck this year Simona!

10 LaTasha Marzolla

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LaTasha Marzolla grew up in a tough neighbourhood in Las Vegas. In order to make her way in everyday life she had to learn how to scrap and that would lead her all the way to a stint as a cage fighter. The American has had multiple careers including some fights inside the linked fence but she might be as well know for her foray into nude modelling as she was a special edition model for the magazine. She is notably quoted saying that if she had signed with the magazine it would have been a exclusive two year contract and would have affected her career as a fighter so she chose not to take the contract. What a commitment to sport! Train hard LaTasha, train hard!


9 Alicia Sacramone

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Alicia Sacramone is a retired American gymnast. She had a chance to represent her country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in which she won a Silver medal with the United Staes team. The Boston, Massachusetts native also has 4 Gold medals from World Championship competition and has a pretty successful love life. She is now married to former NFL Quarterback Brady Quinn. Now most gymnasts are on the smaller side and Alicia’s no different standing 5'1" but a certain body type is usually associated with high level gymnastics and, let’s just say, Sacramone is a little more full than her everyday competition. Despite her dimensions, she is a world class competitor and beauty and it was always a pleasure watching her compete as a consummate professional.

8 Lokelani McMichael

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Lokelani McMichael is an all around incredible lady and athlete. She is an accomplished triathlete, surfer, model, and in the mid 90’s she became the youngest female to finish the Hawaii Ironman. Lokelani is in incredible shape and stands a gorgeous 5ft 8in tall and her body is, how do we put this? Very well proportioned. It’s always a pleasure to watch her do her thing whether it’s in the water, on the bike, or in full stride. It’s also nice to know that she has posed for GQ, Triathlete, Runner’s World, as well as Men’s Health, so there are plenty of spreads that feature here showing off her amazing physique. McMichael is just one more reason to visit her native Hawaii to see the sights and peaks.


7 Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is wrestling royalty and an absolute fox at that. The Daughter of wrestling great Ric Flair has made a name for herself in the WWE. She is currently the SmackDown Women’s Champion which is appropriate because the Flair family is used to having gold around their waists. Charlotte is also used to having gold around her chest and her natural gifts are quite noticeable during the amount of air time she garners during the WWE’s prime TV time slots. We’re very much looking forward to watching Charlotte flip and strut around the ring as she defends her championship and continues to solidify the Flair name as one of the most dominant in wrestling history. If you ever need anyone to shine your belt ringside we would be happy to volunteer Ms. Flair.

6 Caroline Wozniacki

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Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish tennis sensation who’s beauty and play have held the worlds attention for years now. She also has a legitimate chance to push for a big win at the upcoming Australian open. When we’re not lucky enough to be watching Woz smashing balls around the court we’re usually treated to her doing some modelling on the side where we can catch a peak at her glorious assets. We’d put Caroline in the category of ‘definitely more noticeable’ than most of her competition in the tennis world. We’re also super excited that her play continues to be fantastic because she earns more TV time and stays in the public eye, which is right where we want her to be. Good luck out there Woz!


5 Vojislava Lukic

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Vojislava Lukic is a retired tennis player who has some noticeable skills on the court and some noticeable gifts in her tennis attire that are tough to ignore. The Serbian born professional athlete did not have the greatest of careers over the net topping out at 203 in the world tennis rankings back in 2007 but that’s not to say she hasn’t has a great career in the modelling arena due to an incredible body. In 2009 she rocked a cover spread for FHM in Serbia gifting us with some hard copy evidence of her gifts. She’s been a presenter for Total Tennis and founded a tennis school for girls, but we have a feeling she’ll be better remembered for two things in particular.

4 Bianca Cruz

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Ok, so Bianca Cruz was never really a professional athlete but she did play softball at Arizona State for the Sun Devils and we’re pretty sure that counts. We weren’t about to leave her off this list due to a technicality because she is obviously blessed with the skills and tools to get the job done on and off the diamond. What else is there to say? The lady can swing a bat and looks incredible from every angle. If any one would like to argue with us over this one we’ll be patiently waiting for you replies with a few more photos to prove our point. Just imagine going to school in the Arizona desert, probably a lot of time spent near the pool to beat the heat.


3 Anna Semenovich

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Anna Semenovich has many talents outside of the athletics sphere including a career in singing, acting, and modelling. The former ice dancer who competed in the 1998 World Championships has got to be one of the most attractive, playful, and fun former athletes on this list and her ability to show off her skills off the ice always has us standing at full attention. She has had a successful singing career in the group and solo formats which is awesome because we like to watch her solo and in a group of beautiful women. She had a leading role in a 2008 Russian spy comedy which is appropriate because we think she’s a star, who brings two co-stars to the screen with her.

2 Anastasia Ashley

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Anastasia Ashley is a pro surfer who rocks it on the board and on the beach. The native of San Clemente, California first got our attention in 2003 when she received the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award and won her first national title. In 2014 Ashley was featured in the celebrated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition which is a feather in the cap of the most beautiful and accomplished athletes. It’s no wonder the magazine decided to feature her and her twin waves. Anastasia is an absolute bombshell on the beach and there is no denying or ignoring the fact that she has an amazing body. We look forward to watching her ride the waves for years to come if we’re lucky. She’s a perfect hang 10!


1 Angela Rypien

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Angela Rypien comes from a long line of incredible football players. Her father is Mark Rypien, a former Super Bowl MVP who passed his skills onto his gorgeous daughter. Angela is the quarterback for the Seattle Mist of the Legends Football League. The style of football played by Rypien more often than not requires the athletes to wear lingerie which is a treat for Angela’s fans but doesn’t overshadow the fact that she is a top quarterback in the league and her talent is undeniable. Another undeniable fact is that the daughter of a legend and skilled pro herself has an amazing body that is frequently on display. We would all like to be in the huddle with Angela barking orders at us and running the show.


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