10 Female Athletes Who Recently Came Off The Market (And 8 We Still Have A Chance With)

When an athlete gets into the spotlight they often attract fans who fall head over heels in love with them due to the fact they are super talented, appear to be full of charisma in interviews or talk shows and are often beautiful people. This situation tends to affect female athletes more so than males, and due to the world we live in with gossip magazines and the fact that everyone can spread the news through social media, keeping up with their lives is something that is crucial to many die-hard fans. They keep track of their every move, all in the name of entertainment.

Athletes love lives are often a hot topic amongst people, with the general public wanting to know who is in a relationship and who is not when they are getting married and when a messy split has taken place. Because of social media and magazines, it is now information that is readily available to anybody who wants it. Because fans watch and support these women so much, they instantly become attracted and dream of one day meeting them, but for some, the chances of being in a relationship with these athletes are impossible due to them already being in one.

This article will look at 10 female athletes who have recently been taken off the market, meaning that any hopeful fans truly have no chance, but will also provide a glimmer of hope by showing eight women who are now single again.

18 Off The Market: Serena Williams

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In terms of this list, there is arguably no bigger name than Serena Williams who has been the queen of the sporting world for years now, dominating the tennis world and looking fantastic while she does so.

Despite being at the very top of the sporting world, Williams only managed to crack the relationship challenge in recent years, but it is something that fans of hers and the sport, in general, are incredibly happy about. Williams actually found love online, in the Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian. The pair got married in 2017 and have since welcomed a daughter into the world, with Williams looking happier than ever. The couple are a true power couple, as their net worth is enormous together.

17 Have A Chance: Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn may have been in some seriously high profile relationships, such as her time with the love rat Tiger Woods or Los Angeles Rams Assistant coach, Kenan Smith. But Vonn is currently single after breaking things off with Smith to focus on her Olympic appearance this past February.

Vonn and Smith split up in late 2017 so the race down the slopes to her heart has quickly begun for all over potential suitors, and I would imagine there are plenty of them, with Vonn being drop-dead gorgeous. One of the world's best athletes, Vonn is incredible at skiing, but her looks have certainly gained her plenty of attention from the press, with Vonn doing things such as Sports Illustrated's swimsuit photo shoot.

16 Off The Market: Meisha Tate

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The UFC superstar might seem intimidating when you watch her inside the cage tearing through her opponents, but away from the octagon, Tate is a beautiful woman who quickly gained a lot of attention from fans. But, I have sad news for those who are lusting after Tate as she is currently off the market, dating fellow fighter, Johnny Nunez, another person that you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.

For anyone hoping this might not be something that would last or be significant, Tate is currently pregnant with Nunez' child, so it looks like he is here to stay as the MMA couple look forward to raising a family together.

15 Have A Chance: Lolo Jones

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Lolo Jones is so talented that she has mastered two incredibly difficult sports, having proven herself in both hurdling and bobsledding, proving she can work as an individual and in a team and be successful at anything she puts her mind too.

Which is why it might be surprising to learn that Jones is currently single, but then spending the amount of time it takes to train in both sports means it is unlikely she has plenty of free time for dating anyway. The talented Olympia split up from New York Giants punter, Brad Wing in 2017 which likely gave her plenty of Olympic training time, rather than searching for another love partner.

14 Off The Market: Caroline Wozniacki

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Another tennis star who has dazzled fans with her talent on the court and her gorgeous good looks off of it is Caroline Wozniacki, the lady with a million dollar smile who has stolen the hearts of fans around the globe.

Throughout her 12-year career, Wozniacki has been a heartthrob and that was only boosted by her strutting her stuff during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, giving fans a further glimpse into her life. Sady for the men who have been loving Wozniacki, she is currently engaged to NBA star, David Lee, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs, and it appears that he has this situation all tied up, unlucky fellas.

13 Have A Chance: Maria Sharapova

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In terms of tennis stars, there are few bigger names in recent history than Maria Sharapova who dominated the game until her now infamous substance test that saw her banned from the sport.

She may be back in the sport after her suspension from the infamous substance scandal, but that isn't the only thing she is back at either, returning to the dating game as well, with Sharapova currently on the market. Returning to tennis in 2018 and looking as good as ever, Sharapova is ready to once again catch peoples attention and there is no doubt that she will become one of the most talked about stars again for multiple reasons, but will she find love?

12 Off The Market: Julianne Hough

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Julianne Hough danced her way into peoples hearts on Dancing with the Stars and people have been in love with the Utah native ever since. A triple threat in the sense that she is a brilliant single, dancer, and actress, Hough seemingly has it all.

On top of that, she has a tremendous figure and is drop dead gorgeous, never a bad thing, right? Hough is a heartthrob and someone who countless people have fallen for, but sadly for them, she has danced straight into the arms of another man. Hough has recently married NHL star, Brooks Laich who plays for the Washington Capitals and it seems that the pair are happily married and devoted to each other, meaning she will be off the market for what she hopes will be a lifetime.

11 Have A Chance: Celeste Bonin (Kaitlyn)

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Celeste Bonin recently got back into professional wrestling this year after taking a break since leaving WWE. A lot of that came down to the fact she split from her bodybuilder husband.

It was a fairly messy breakup due to the fact they both owned a business together selling women's gym apparel when he tried to take control of the business by hijacking the website, which created a lot of tension and arguing. Bonin, who might be better known as former WWE Superstar, Kaitlyn, managed to solve the situation and has headed into 2018 seemingly very well. She has rediscovered her love for professional wrestling and perhaps might be looking for love once again.

10 Off The Market: Paige

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If I had written this list just a few weeks ago, Paige would actually have found herself on the opposite side of the spectrum. However, news that will upset many of her devoted fans, Paige is no longer single.

Paige had just finished a controversial relationship with fellow wrestler Alberto El Patron, which many people were happy to see her get out of. But now it appears that the Anti Diva is in a new relationship with Kalan Blehm. She has just come out of a very tough 2017 that saw intimate images and videos of her being leaked everywhere and potentially had an injury that will see her retire from wrestling, so this bit of happiness is something she certainly deserves.

9 Have A Chance: Blair O'Neal

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Golf is a sport that women are currently starting to make a major mark in, and Blair O'Neal is at the very forefront of that with her impressive abilities, proving that golf can easily be for both genders.

O'Neal has also managed to make an impact on the general public outside of the golfing world with her photoshoots proving to be a major hit due to her beautiful looks and modelling career. It might come as good news to some to know that O'Neal is currently on the market and single, something that most fans will likely be pleased to hear due to how gorgeous she is and the amount of attention she gets.

8 Off The Market: Danica Patrick

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You can turn your engines off folks as Danica Patrick is no longer on the market as she is currently dating none other than, Aaron Rodgers. That's right, two of sports biggest names are now together as a power couple.

Just as you couldn't get any more jealous of Rodgers, winning Super Bowls, earning millions and is seen as one of the top NFL stars, now he is dating one of the hottest women in the world as well, it's not bad for some. So if you were hoping 2018 might be your year to strike lucky with Patrick, the pair have known each other since 2012 and have both come out of relationships to each other, taking them both off the market.

7 Have A Chance: Paige Van Zant

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The beautiful MMA fighter known as Paige Van Zant has caught the eye of many fighting fans around the world due to her looks and the fact she can back it all up inside the octagon, which makes her even more attractive to people.

Her star power was increased with her recent television appearances on the Food Network's show, Chopped, as well as her time on Dancing With The Stars, which has just brought Van Zant more admirers. For some reason though, Van Zant has yet to find success in the romantic world and she announced that she is accepting applications for a husband on Twitter, so if you are feeling confident get to work! To think a woman this beautiful and talented is having trouble finding a man.

6 Off The Market: Ronda Rousey

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The current WWE Superstar has just joined the world of professional wrestling and is currently winning the hearts of a totally different set of males, but Ronda Rousey broke down barriers with her MMA career and did it all while looking incredible.

While in the octagon she looked incredibly dominant and scary, she was a beauty on the red carpet and during interviews and totally changed the game for women in combat sports, proving you could be beautiful and fight at the same time. She won the hearts of the world but she has found herself a man in MMA competitor, Travis Browne and if that didn't crush your dreams enough, the pair is now actually married, so you'll have a tough fight on your hands there.

5 Have A Chance: Mandy Rose

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The Absolution member is one of the WWE's most beautiful female wrestlers and while many knew who she was as a member of NXT, since bursting onto the main roster alongside Paige and Sonya Deville the entire WWE Universe has been made aware of her talent and looks.

Mandy Rose is incredibly beautiful and it is no surprise that she has become a hit with the WWE Universe, from her blonde hair and the golden tan to her superb figure, she has certainly caught the eye of people. If you are head over heels with Rose, then good news! She is currently single again after splitting from her fiance, so if you fancy your chances with the wrestler, now might be a good time to make your move.

4 Off The Market: Peta Murgatroyd

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The professional dancer, Peta Murgatroyd is one of the toughest athletes on the planet and is beautiful to watch when she is performing her craft. To perform at the level she does Murgatroyd has to have an incredible cardiovascular system, and she certainly does.

She is a stunning lady and being on Dancing With The Stars US has only helped propel her into the eyes of the public, which has made her become eye candy for male viewers of the show. Sadly for anyone interested, Peta is off the market right now as the New Zealand born dancer and Dancing With The Stars champion got married in 2017 to fellow co-star and dancer, Maksim Chmerkovsky.

3 Have A Chance: Carmella

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Speaking of professional wrestlers, while Nikki Bella may no longer be on the market after he engagement to John Cena, one wrestler who has recently become single is current Money in the Bank holder, Carmella.

The WWE SmackDown Live star had been in a relationship with fellow wrestler, Big Cass for several years and the pair had only just bought a house together last year. But it appears that things didn't last between the pair. Carmella confirmed on social media that they are no longer an item, despite appearing on a previous season of Total Divas together. While it might be sad for fans of the couple, in the eyes of many single men around the world this would likely be seen as great news.

2 Off The Market: Nikki Bella

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The WWE and reality TV superstar has been off the market for some time now to fellow wrestler and movie star, John Cena, but many people doubted it would last due to Cena being against marriage and children.

Well, all that hope was popped at WrestleMania 33 when John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella in the middle of the ring after a wrestling match on the biggest show of the year, showing his true love for the Bella twin. Now the incredibly popular female superstar is busy enjoying her time away from the ring planning her wedding which will no doubt be shown to the world on one of her reality TV shows.

1 Off The Market: Liv Morgan

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Things are quite confusing when it comes to Liv Morgan as she hasn't actually confirmed whether or not she is on or off the market, but it is largely believed she is currently dating UK wrestler, Tyler Bate. Morgan was in a relationship with former WWE star, Enzo Amore, but after the ex Cruiserweight Champion cheated on her, that relationship came to an end, which is probably a good thing considering what has happened to him since.

Since then Morgan and Bate have been openly flirting over social media and have spent plenty of time together when Bate is in America for WWE commitments, so for now, it appears she is off the market.

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