16 Times Female Figure Skaters Revealed A Little Too Much

There aren't many sporting events in 2018 that will be a bigger deal than the Winter Olympics. Millions of people are sure to tune in on a regular basis to the various sporting events. One of the most talked about events this year, helped in part by the success of the movie I, Tonya, is female ice skating.

In order to succeed in the world of figure skating, you need to be able to possess several qualities. You need to have a level of grace on the ice. You need to remember to keep smiling. And trust us when we say, you need to be flexible. Though perhaps the most important element of all, is remembering to put on underwear before you hit the ice. This may seem strange to hear, especially as advice to athletes. But when you start thinking about how short the skirts get on some skating uniforms, it's easy to understand how important that piece of advice becomes.

Especially because something tells us it's probably pretty cold out there on the ice! Thankfully for you, though sadly for them, showing too much of themselves on the ice was a lesson that these skaters learned the hard way.

We've scoured over hundreds of photos to find you nothing but the best examples of fantastic female figure skaters and dynamic duos who were caught revealing a little too much!

16 Sasha Cohen Is Definitely Flexible

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When you are a professional ice skater, there is no question that you need to be able to be incredibly flexible. And while Sasha Cohen had many qualities that helped aid her, we don't know if any were as valuable as how she managed to stretch her body out in various positions seemingly effortlessly.

Her biggest performance came at the 2006 Olympic games where she came away with a Silver medal. While stretching out her body like she is in the above photo was common place for Sasha on the ice, that doesn't make the position any more flattering for her!

15 Graci Gold Caught Showing Too Much Mid-Spin

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There are several names to keep your eye out for when watching the 2018 Olympic games. One of the biggest names out of America that you won't be able to watch is the two-time U.S. Champion, Graci Gold. She announced earlier in the year in a statement to PEOPLE that she would not be competing,

“It breaks my heart to withdraw from the 2018 U.S. Championships. I am still undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. I have not had adequate training time in order to perform at the level at which I want to. It pains me not to compete in this Olympic season, but I know it’s for the best. I wish everyone the best of luck and will be cheering you all on. I want to thank everyone for the ongoing love and support. It means the world to me.” Gold has still put out countless great performances over her years, she just must hope the photographer didn't take this particular photo of her!

14 Which Angle Is More Revealing?

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One of the most difficult parts of being an athlete might be the fact that photographers are often going to be snapping photos of you. Which means that even if you look good from one angle, there's a good chance that someone is going to be able to catch you at an unflattering angle.

And for this next figure skater, we aren't too sure if you think the angle on the left or the right is more embarrassing. One thing we do know, though, is that we're sure she wishes she had been able to keep her assets a little more concealed in her outfit. Not helping the embarrassing factor is the awkward facial expression that she had to make in order to truly perfect the move!

13 Nora Hoffmann Struggles To Keep Herself Contained

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We aren't going to be too stunned if you are not familiar with the Hungarian ice dancer, Nora Hoffmann. But there is no question that her accolades, that include being a national champion in Hungary are enough to earn her a great deal of respect. That almost became an afterthought though, as she nearly became a victim of her own outfit.

Hoffman is used to dancing alongside a partner. Which means at least in this instance, she has someone right there to help let her know when she is only moments away from experiencing a serious wardrobe malfunction. And considering the lack of fabric already used in ice skating outfits, something tells us a bra probably isn't making the cut!

12 Alexander Gazsi Stares Down Nelli Zhiganshina's Assets

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The German skater Alexander Gazsi was probably supposed to keep his head pointing towards the sky during this next particular routine. After all, isn't that kind of the point of doing movements that match up with your paired partner? But judging by the photo, it's clear that he couldn't help but take a solid glance at his partner, Nelli Zhiganshina. You may not blame him, but c'mon buddy, you're in the middle of a competition!

It is possible that Nelli was afraid that she may be about to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. So at least if that is to happen, she knows she has a partner that will become aware of it as soon as it happens. Things may get awkward if he goes to lend a hand though.

11 Anderson Reveals Too Much Up Top

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Pam Anderson isn't exactly the most subtle person in the entire world when it comes to the outfits that she chooses to wear. Did you really think that was going to change when she decided to take her talents to the ice rink? Anderson was a contestant on the show Dancing On Ice. But shockingly her experience in Playboy and on the beaches for Baywatch did not translate too well to the ice and she was the first person voted off the show.

Making the experience all the more humiliating for Anderson is the fact that she ended up popping out of her dress during the routine. At least she's no stranger to showing people what she looks like underneath her clothes!

10 The Ramifications Of Taking A Hard Fall

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Figure skaters deserve a great deal of respect. Even just skating on ice is bound to be slippery. Things take on a whole new level when you consider the extreme amount of finesse and trickery they need to put into it. So perhaps you can cut them some slack when they end their routines by taking a tumble to the ice.

But even if you aren't going to judge this above skater too hard for taking a hard fall, you may still find yourself embarrassed for the awkward wardrobe look that happens as a result of her losing the battle with gravity. We're sure she was able to pop right back up, but clearly not before the camera guy got her!

9 Let's Hope They Have A Close Relationship

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There are many qualities that you need to succeed in the world of figure skating. If you're a female and you are skating with a male, you need to make sure you feel comfortable with him off the ice.

The absolute last thing you want is to get into a huge fight with your partner who is a jerk, and then step out on the ice and let him put his hands all over your body like this. Especially when you factor in that through it all, you better make sure you keep smiling. If not, your scores are going to suck and you may just have to spend even more time training!

8 Michelle Kwan Sticks Her Leg To The Sky

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You wouldn't be the only person who wouldn't have been able to name many figure skaters before opening this list. But if there was one name that jumped out to you, it may very well have been Michelle Kwan. Who, to her credit, is arguably the greatest American figure skater of all-time. While there are many talented skaters in the States currently, they definitely shouldn't take it too hard if they never live up to the bar that was set by Kwan; who also excelled in marketing herself.

Kwan always looks incredibly focused whenever she was on the ice. But with the above photo, you may find yourself focusing on a part of her body that isn't her face! It looks to be the end of a routine though, so we're sure Kwan is feeling the rush of adrenaline at the moment.

7 Leaving Little To The Imagination On The Ice

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At the 2018 Olympics, the United States is going to be looking to Alexa Knierim and Chris Knierim to help take home a medal at the Pairs event. The last name being the same isn't a funky coincidence, as the two are married. You can imagine that must help the amount of chemistry that the two experience on the ice.

And when you consider the skimpy outfits that Alexa can see herself performing in at times, it may also help that it's her husband putting his hands all over her body and not another man. She probably just wasn't expecting the audience would see so much of her!

6 Why People Think Kiira Korpi Is The Best Skater Ever

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When it comes to Kiira Korpi's career, there are plenty of amazing moments that she can look back on. Hailing from Finland, Korpi kicked some serious butt, becoming a Finnish national Champion in 5 different years. And while her good looks led to some modeling opportunities, she may look even better when she is out on the ice.

She probably just wished that if she was going to be stretching her legs out like this, that the photographer wasn't right there to snap the photo. Korpi later retired from skating in 2015 stating that she was having too much anxiety when it came to skating.

5 Tessa Virtue Gets Stuck In An Awkward Place

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There is a stereotype about Canadians that they are polite and well-behaved. But that gets thrown out the door when you are hitting up the ice! There is no question that the raunchy nature of the pose put on by Canadian figure skaters, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, definitely added an extra level of spice to the evening.

The two have been skating together for upwards of 2 decades. Which means that while the above pose may look extra intimate, it's perhaps just another typical routine for each other. Despite their long relationship together, it has not been reported that the two have ever bumped it up off the ice.

4 Ashley Wagner Gets Cheeky With It

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Ashley Wagner was furious when it was announced that she would not be skating for the United States at the upcoming Olympic games. She had previously been on the team back in 2014 and in the process took home a Bronze medal. You can imagine even without it being gold, that it was still one of the best moments of her life. Sadly, at 26, it appears Wagner's time in the spotlight may be faded.

She leaves behind a long career that unfortunately for her, also includes moments like the above one where she definitely put more of herself on display than she had anticipated! Let's hope she manages to find success in a career path that is not related to figure skating in the near future.

3 Tonya Harding Doesn't Want You Looking Down

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Tonya Harding is one of the most talked about figure skaters of all-time. Regardless of her talent on the ice, her name will always be linked to controversy and the Nancy Kerrigan incident. Her story got told to a whole new generation of people with the recent film, I, Tonya, which stars Margot Robbie.

While Robbie managed to get through the movie without revealing too much skin, that wasn't always the case for the real-life Harding. Who, if we're sure she knew, would have ideally made this particular outfit at least a few inches shorter. Especially because she is supposed to be holding a pose of grace and dignity!

2 Ekaterina Bobrova Reveals Too Much With Dmitri Soloviev

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Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev are a talented duo skating out of Russia. Which perhaps makes the stunning red dress that she elected to go with make sense on both a fashion and nationality level!

Given the revealing nature of the pose that Dmitri is holding her in, we're sure it was also vitally important that she managed to pick underwear that matched the outfit! Especially because the chances of you getting tangled up and taking a dip to the floor has to increase when there are two of you trying to make it work. Together the two are incredibly respected in the industry, including being named Russian National Champions; 7 different times.

1 Anna Semenovich Off The Ice

Anna Semenovich hasn't put on a pair of ice skates in a professional setting since 2001. When she did, she had several accolades including appearing at the World Championships in both 1998 and 2000. But when you take a look at the photo we've provided, it's evident as to why she has also become a successful model. Hailing from Russia, Anna currently boasts an Instagram page that has over 1.5 million followers and over 3,000 photos for her fans to digest.

When talking about the impact of her body, Semenovich revealed "To be fair, my [chest] are both my bread-winners and my rivals.It doesn’t matter what I do - win medals for the country on ice, sing in a popular band, be an anchor for popular TV shows, act in movies, film music videos and record songs, go on tours – all the attention is paid to my breasts."

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