15 Funny Photos Of Female Figure Skaters

Figure skating can be one of the most graceful sports in the world. That is, of course, unless you do it poorly and then it can be one of the most embarrassing. Some of the most attractive, skilled and flexible women in the world can be left to ashes when a move, routine or jump go sideways on them. And, in today's day and age of social media, everything that happens gets recorded and shared by millions. Needless to say, there are a ton of photos out there that some figure skaters wish would just go away.

From face-plants to attire mishaps and crazy expressions, if the camera catches things at just the right time, there isn't much getting over it. Sure, things happen in skating, but it doesn't make it an enjoyable experience to realize that the entire world was watching when snot flew out of your nose of you pile-drove your partners head into the ice.

Below is a list of 15 times female figure skaters embarrassed themselves. These photos cover a variety of goof-ups and we're not totally sure who each of these people are. After all, we have to admit that we're not the biggest figure skating fans in the world. To say this is a sport we follow with enthusiasm would be lying but when you see these photos, you can't help but feel a sense of uncomfortable excitement for what you could be missing by not watching more often.

As much as we fans love the grace and beauty in which these skaters often perform, there's something about epic fails (much like a ten-car crash at a Nascar race) that make it so people can't take their eyes away.


15 A Little Too Close

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We can't seem to get over how much figure skating can be a very close experience for the athletes. Rumours often run wild that pairs skaters are seeing each other off the ice. While sometimes true and sometimes false, we never see them get too close on the ice. After all they are competing, so they need to be focused. But sometimes we get moments like these, where even though they simply made a mistake and fell, it seems that are getting a little too close for comfort. A mistake is bad enough in figure skating, but when it is captured in such an embarrassing way it only gets worse. Hopefully the judges weren't to tough on this team, and maybe they were leaving the love after all.

14 High Notes

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Every sport has some athletes that are simply so great that everyone needs to pay attention. However, in female athletics there sometimes may be other factors that make fans take notice of a particular athlete. Yes, as you can see from the photo above Anna Semenovich definitely has certain allure. She didn't embarrass herself too often on the ice, but since leaving it she has definitely drawn attention to herself. The former ice dancer has since gone into modelling, acting and yes, singing. The jury is out on whether or not she made the best decision, but at least no matter how embarrassing her performances can get, she is definitely a sight to behold.


13 Piledriver

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If you could have picked a sport that was most like professional wrestling, you likely wouldn't have chosen figure skating. Yet, this picture looks like the female skater here took a page right out of The Undertaker's playbook as she piledrives her partner into next week.

What's more embarrassing? The fact she dropped him? The fact she probably hurt him? Or, the fact that she's got the tombstone backward and if she's paying homage to the Undertaker, she's doing it all wrong! We're guessing the judges don't give out wonderful scored when you trying to paralyze your partner like this. We have to assume if he's ever asked to do this stunt again, he's going to want hazard pay.

12 Unfortunate Faceplant

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As a female competitor in figure skating, you rely a lot on your partner not to drop you. The lifts and throws require a partner who can catch or secure a safe landing. That doesn't always happen. It certainly didn't happen here.

We're not sure what the initial move was supposed to be, but something tells us this wasn't how it was supposed to end up. This lovely female looks like she's having her face rearranged thanks to a major faceplant on the ice which I'm sure left a mark. Not just embarrassing for her but there's a pretty good chance her partner got an earful when all was said and done. Ouch!


11 A Little Too Heavy

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When you lift your partner it takes skill, finesse, and strength. By the looks of this picture, the male partner here offered none of those qualities to his female counterpart. This has to be embarrassing for the female as the picture makes it look like this dude is doing everything he can just to get her fat butt off the ground.

The sad part is, she's not big so either he's super weak or she gained a couple pounds since their last trial run. Either way, she's probably not happy and she's the one who ends up looking bad that he can't lift her. We have to know at one point he could otherwise they never would have tried this stunt.

10 Rough Landing

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As Joey Styles would say, Oh My God! What else can you say when a figure skater goes off the rails so badly on a jump or routine that she inadvertently puts herself through what appears to be a pretzel making operation gone bad.

That sort of twisting and bending seems more suitable to a gymnast or maybe a yoga fanatic. The last place she probably wanted to pull that look off was on the ice surface. Besides slamming into the ice, we're sure the judges could not have been too kind to her after the event. She should get an A for effort though, as carrying after that spill was surely tough.


9 Let's Play Airplane!

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There's potential in this photo to assume that this isn't a total disaster, but what are the odds? You don't see too many figure skating stunts where the female skater looks like she's trying to make snow angels mid-air and we're not sure that she's going to be able to stick the landing at this point.

The strange thing is, the face of this competitors seems awfully calm considering she's about to wipe out. Maybe she thought she could fly or maybe she's doing a full body wave to someone she knows in the crowd. We hope it was worth it because it looks like things aren't going to end in a pain-free way. Maybe this is a subtle sign that she's looking for a partner to catch her? After all, this is the kind of pose that normally includes two skaters.

8 That's Not Gonna Score Well

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We already saw how a competitor looks like she made a trip to the local waterpark. This one doesn't appear to be nearly as graceful a trip. The look on her face suggests that she's not having a good time and she realizes the scores from the judges are not going to be positive.

She's got the legs flailing, she's got the hands down trying to brace her fall. There's really nothing more she could do to make it look like she's completely lost control of whatever stunt she was trying to pull off. Needless to say, she's probably had better performances and she'll be embarrassed by her final scores. Better luck next time is all we can say to keep things positive. It can only go up from here.


7 Bless You

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Is it possible to spin so much that you lose control of your bodily functions? That's what it looks like is going on here. This figure skater either sneezed during her performance or she's on such a spin that things just wouldn't stay where they were supposed to and out came a healthy dose of nose juice. Either way, it's got to be near the top of embarrassing moments for a female figure skater who is supposed to be graceful and beautiful.

The good news here is that the live crowd probably had no idea this even happened. Only the camera shot or a slow-motion video would have seen this and perhaps she escaped rather unscathed. As one person put it, let's just hope the arena crew cleaned the ice up after this one.

6 Not Too Happy

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The idea with figure skating is not to only flawlessly pull off all the jumps, stunts and performances with ease but to look like you're having fun doing so. We know that's easier said than done but this skater proves that it either takes a lot of work to complete a move or skating is about the least thrilling sport on the planet.

There is nothing about this female skater that says she's enjoying herself. She looks to be gritting her teeth waiting for something painful or trying to muster up that last ounce of energy to pull of something she has little confidence she can pull off. Not the most flattering photo and likely one she wishes wasn't floating around on the Internet.


5 Need A Kleenex

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Is this the same person from above? We're not sure but it's the same problem. This time, the situation is worse because it's clear something is coming out of her nose that was not supposed to and the camera caught a close up of her face as it was happening. Not the best moment for someone to snap a picture.

If this is the same person, this is something she might want to have checked out. It can't be good if every time she does a routine she's at risk of having her nose explode in a furry of snot and boogers. If we could think of one thing that was the opposite of graceful, this might be it. We're actually starting to feel sorry for this woman. This is an awful condition to have.

4 Good Luck Sleeping!

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Understandably, these outfits and makeup on these two skaters is intentional, but I'm not sure they even realized just how scary and freaky they look. This is the kind of thing that will make it hard to get a good night's sleep if the vision of two pasty-white and ghostly skaters haunts your dreams.

Our only hope for the female skater here is that the white color in her face is makeup and not from getting ill from her performance, her partner or the number of times she might have been thrown or spun during the routine. If you had to take one guess, what do you think the song was that they performed to? "Thriller?" "Monster Mash?" As long as it wasn't something like "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, we're all good.


3 No Diving In The Shallow End!

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There's a sign at nearly every pool you ever visit that says no diving in the pool, especially if it's shallow. Someone should tell this figure skater that the ice is no longer actually water and that it will hurt a lot if she tries to dive in, which is exactly what it looks like she's trying to do here.

We're hoping that she caught herself on the way down because of the embarrassing entries on our list, this one is right up there in terms of the more painful fails. Between the pile driver and the face plant, diving head first into the ice is not going to let you walk away without a bruise a concussion or something worse. Unless she was going for a front flip, this is likley not how she thought this was going to go.

2 Extra Support

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Figure skaters are often extremely attractive and while we hate to stereotype of pigeonhole the entire industry of female skaters, many of them are not the most endowed women in the world. But, this photo makes it look like this female skater is looking for any support she can get and hoping to patent or market a new type of push-up.

It's awkward that either she or her partner has found just the right place to place their arm and if you've seen other photos that happen moments after this one, you know that her assets actually pop right out of her outfit. Another embarrassing wardrobe moment that only happened because she accidentally pushed her out breasts out of her uniform. The good news is, she seems to be blessed up in that area. So, she's got that going for her.


1 Slip N' Slide

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Sarah Hughes falling almost looks like a fun trip to the waterpark or the pulling out the Slip N' Slide at your house and firing down the lawn. This is probably not how she envisioned whatever trick she was doing going but in any other situation, it kind of looks like a good time.

You have to know it physically hurts a little when you wipe out like this. Unlike hockey players, these skaters have no padding on their bums at all. But, we also know, despite the physical pain, it's much more painful mentally as it's extremely embarrassing for a skater to fall in this manner. At least we know she has mad skills if she were to ever take her kids to the waterpark.


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