15 Interesting Female Fitness Model Instagram Accounts To Follow

What do Candice Michelle, Trish Stratus and Kaitlyn of WWE have in common? All three had successful WWE careers, all three are incredibly attractive, and all three started their careers as fitness models. All three of those ladies used their fitness model beginnings as a vehicle to propel themselves to bigger and better things. Some fitness models move on to acting or start their own business, while others become certified trainers or continue to model full time. With the help of social media, these fitness models now have the means to get noticed to a wider audience, and they use these tools such as Instagram to help promote themselves and further their professional career ambitions.

With their growing number of Instagram followers, these fitness models definitely know how to market themselves and their brand. With their steamy pics being the hook, these fitness models attract photographers, clients and potential customers for their products, meal plans or workout routines. These models take the appeal of their looks to overdrive with their workout pictures and swimwear to help in their marketing. With some models having over a million followers, their marketing is clearly working. If you’re looking for some fitness models whip you into shape, or if you just want to check out some of the hottest women on the planet, then here’s a list of the 15 fitness models you need to follow immediately. Just don’t let your girlfriend catch you.

15 Ana Cheri

Easily the apex of fitness models, Ana Cheri has over eleven million followers, and it’s not difficult to imagine why. She has toned abs and yet maintains her curves in all the right places. She has appeared in Maxim as Instagram Girl of the Week, Muscle & Fitness magazine as well as Playboy. Currently, she, along with her husband (sorry guys), run their own gym called Be More Athletics where they personally train clients, offer training programs and sell workout accessories like gym clothes, protein powder and Ana Cheri’s own personalized swimwear.

Check out Ana Cheri’s Instagram for more information on her products. Or if you just want to see more of her stunning exotic look, that’s fine too. Her Native American and Latina heritage gives her that irresistible look. Not to mention that her products and workout routines are clearly paying off.

14 Michelle Lewin

About last night💄 #rixosthepalmdubai #rixosmoments @rixosthepalmdubai

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Originally just an average girl who liked to hit the gym, Michelle Lewin is now one of the most widely known fitness models in the world. Born in Venezuela, Michelle worked at a local gym before moving to the United States in 2012. Currently, Lewin lives in Miami and due to social media, she is one of the most recognized fitness models. Her popularity on social media led her to photoshoot opportunities, gracing over 30 covers including Muscle & Fitness, Sports & Fitness to Iron Man.

If you’re not one of the 12.8 million people following Michelle Lewin on Instagram, you need to get on that. Her instagram is full of workout videos, cooking instructions from her awesome meal plans to exclusive pics from her upcoming photoshoots.

13 Dolly Castro

If you’re looking for a fitness model to emulate, but you still want to be able to shake what your momma gave you, then Dolly Castro is your girl. Dolly is a curvy girl, but there is no doubt she is in terrific shape. Her legs are thick, but in the best kind of way. Built on solid muscle, her legs are definitely one of Dolly’s best features, and she’s not afraid to show them off.

Dolly Castro has her own website full of her latest workout routines, fitness apparel, recipes, her own blog as well as amazing pictures. Her accolades speak for themselves with Dolly appearing on such covers as Blackmen magazine, Shock magazine and Good Life magazine and even won Net Chick for Hip Hop Weekly magazine. If there was ever a fitness model to follow on Instagram for a good workout regimen or just for some steamy pics, Dolly Castro is where it’s at.

12 Kerri Hayes

She may not be the most well-known fitness model, with only 55,000 followers, but Kerri Hayes is no less beautiful or knowledgeable with regards to fitness, health and dieting. According to her website, Kerri wasn’t the most athletic girl but was fortunate to be brought up in a healthy lifestyle. She eventually found a passion for fitness and began working out. At the gym with the help of friends, she found the importance of proper form and dieting and aspired to look like the steamy fitness models she had seen in fitness magazines.

While Keri Hayes doesn’t have the fanbase of Ana Cheri or Michelle Lewin, that works to her advantage (and ours) on her Instagram. She's still able to promote her favorite products and show off her workout routines but doesn’t bombard you with them either. She isn’t selling a ton of merch like some of the other fitness models and uses Instagram like most everyday people do. If you’re looking for some inspirational quotes, a down to earth certified trainer or if you just want to check out some pics without sorting through fitness merchandise, Kerri Hayes should be your gym buddy immediately.

11 Celeste Bonin

Celeste Bonin, or known to the wrestling world as Kaitlyn, somehow managed to get even hotter after wrestling. Celeste was a fitness model before WWE winning the National Physique Committee John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship. Her incredible physique made her perfect for WWE where she was a former WWE Divas Champion. While she was always in great shape in WWE, after her career in wrestling, she took the fitness routines to a whole new level.

You would think being in WWE would be the peak of hottest, but that’s not the case for Celeste Bonin, who looks even stronger and even more stunning than ever. Her personal Instagram has some of the most exquisite photos of Celeste that are must see. There is also a link to her business Instagram @celestialbodiez of which she is the CEO, where she specialized in fitness leggings and shorts.

10 Daphne Joy

What do Jason Derulo and 50 Cent have in common? Both were upstaged and dumped by their now flawless ex, Daphne Joy. One has to question the sanity of Derulo and Fitty for letting this amazing woman get away. Not only is she a perfect 10, but she’s highly talented also. There is nothing but upside to Daphne Joy who landed her first television role on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out, before appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and CSI: Las Vegas, Criminal Minds as well. Daphne Joy even has a bit part as a mermaid on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Daphne Joy is clearly too good for her exes, and the sky is the limit for her with television roles and a film already under her belt. If that doesn’t pan out, modeling, which is definitely her strong suit, isn't a bad back-up plan. Right now the beautiful fitness model from the Philippines has over 1.2 million followers on her Instagram, and she deserves a million more.

9 Laci Kay Somers

Laci Kay Somers became an Instagram sensation when she posted her first modeling video onto Youtube. She has since garnered over nine million followers on her Instagram, although she denies any of them are Tiger Woods.

Yes, somehow rumors of Laci Kay partying with Tiger Woods during his DUI surfaced. Although Laci Kay fits the profile of someone he would love to “party” with, she has denied ever meeting him or having had any contact with him of any sort.

Despite the negative attention she got from the Tiger Woods scandal, Laci Kay’s Instagram explosion helped her appear in Playboy, Glam Rock magazine and is a featured MMA girl for Strikeforce. Her Instagram is full of jaw-dropping photos and, despite not being a certified personal trainer, spends a lot of time posting some very hot workout vids.

8 Svetlana Bilyalova

Russian Instagram sensation Svetlana Bilyalova has been featured in Sports Illustrated and has accumulated over five million followers on Instagram. Born in Moscow, Svetlana discovered she had been blessed with natural beauty after posting photos of herself onto her Twitter account. After her Twitter blew up, she signed onto Instagram and became flooded with followers. Svetlana always had a passion for modeling and fashion, and with her newfound following, she moved from Russia to L.A. to pursue a modeling career.

Svetlana definitely has a bright future, not just because she’s a sexy model but because of her excellent sense of humor. Svetlana’s Instagram contains sexy pictures but also hilarious vids in which she's looking hot while showing off her comedic side. Sadly, her Instagram isn’t loaded with content, like other models, because she’s hasn’t been modeling for all that long.  However, what she lacks in quantity she makes up for in quality, with her vids to pics ratio almost even.

7 Emeri Connery

When someone’s trying to talk to me before I’ve had coffee☕️ 😐✋🏼

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If there was ever a fitness model that was born into the business, it’s Emeri Connery. Emeri came from a family of health nuts whose brother actually participated in fitness competitions. Emeri passed on sports, despite being a tremendous athlete, and focused on her studies. Passing on sports allowed her to take up the hobby of fitness, and Emeri began to follow in her brother’s footstep. After her brother taught her about dieting and training, Emeri competed in several competitions herself. Although she didn’t win, she learned valuable lessons and strategies that she has since passed down to others.

Using Instagram has not only earned her internet fame but allowed her to reach clients more effectively. In 2017, Emeri Connery became a certified personal trainer and is now giving back to her 200,000-plus followers via Instagram. And boy, does she looks great while do so.

6 Ashley Kaltwasser

Although Ashley Kaltwasser may be a stranger to most, she is no stranger at all to athletics and fitness. Ashley was a former track and field athlete and competed in an indoor pentathlon before focusing on the IFBB’s (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) fitness and figure competitions. She competed in the National Physique Committee’s Natural Northern USA Championships where she won first place. Ashley would go on to win the Toronto Pro Supershow Bikini Division and the Bikini Olympia competition in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

With fitness clearly being her specialty, Ashley Kaltwasser is currently a fitness model and her Instagram is ripe with excellent photos. Ashley has since surpassed one million followers, and she’s not afraid to give them a show on her social media. Her content ranges from fitness workout vids, to bikini photos, to vids of her just being quirky. Her personality compliments her beauty which is saying something.

5 Dianna Dahlgren

Like Ashley Kaltwasser in the previous entry, Dianna Dahlgren competed in IFBB competitions successfully as well. However, Dianna didn’t have the success in those competitions as Ashley, the competitions propelled her modeling career even further. In fact, Dianna had started modeling at the age of 13 even before going full time when she reached 18. Dianna modeled for Budweiser, Monster Energy and appeared on magazine covers of Fitness RX, Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazine. Dianna even found herself on WWE’s Tough Enough.

Dianna Dahlgren is a self described “self-motivated, self-driven badass” and this “go get em” philosophy has translated to her Instagram. She has over a half million followers, but that’s not for a lack of content. She has a wide variety of pics to enjoy ranging from bikini photoshoots to vids of her shooting guns. They’re definitely worth a peek or two.

4 Alice Matos

Better sore than sorry. #Monday #feelings #aftercardio 🍅💦

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According to her, Alice Matos didn’t always possess the greatest body, nor has she focused on fitness as long as other fitness models, but you’d never know looking at her now. The Brazilian-born Alice was far more interested in sports than hitting the gym. However, after hoping for that summer bod, she hired a personal trainer and got on a strict diet and workout regimen . After about a year of hard work and dedication not only achieved her summer bod but decided to enter herself in body building competitions. She has won the IFBB Bikini Championship, modeled for bikini swimwear brands and is currently an IFBB International Bikini Athlete journalist.

With over one million followers on Instagram, Alice Matos has become a huge internet hit. She loves showing her perfect abs and her own clothing line of fashion and fitness wear. With her Instagram stardom, modeling pics and her successful clothing line, it’s obvious why Alice Matos is one of the top fitness models in the world. Check her Instagram if you want proof.

3 Caitlin Rice

You pretty much expect a fitness model to be gorgeous, but Caitlin Rice takes that hotness to a whole new level. Not to mention she’s also one of the most down-to-earth fitness models out there. She was like most girls who enjoyed the college life of partying and horrible eating. She turned her lifestyle around and fell in love with health and fitness which became her new way of life. If this sounds like you, follow Caitlin Rice on Instagram immediately.

Caitlin Rice is a certified personal trainer, so if you want a similar bodacious booty, like she has and shows off in almost every Instagram pic, then Caitlin might be the girl for you. With over one million followers, Caitlin has drawn the attention of fans and fitness pages alike. If you’re ready to change your life or if you just want to see some of her incredible pics, Caitlin Rice should be high on the list of fitness models to follow.

2 Lais Deleon

Did you make New Year resolutions & goals or not really your thing? If I'm being honest, I'm not even there yet. I'm kinda still stuck in 2017. Let me explain... 2017 was ehhhhh just ok. Don't get me wrong, lots of amazing things happened. I'm fully aware and grateful for how blessed I am and of all my achievements. 🤗 but I expect more from myself... There were a lot of things I didn't accomplish that I set out to. Lots of growing pains. Reflecting on it, I feel I spent a lot of time constantly "catching up" instead of consistently making progress. So it's pretty typical that instead of planning & goal setting for my 2018 I'm spending the first week of the year wrapping up loose ends from 2017. 😩🙄 (taxes, payments, legal stuff, hard drives/files...) Trying not to be too hard on myself... - Lessons I learned the hard way: 1️⃣ I can't do it all by myself. 2️⃣ Before I can add something onto my plate, I must be able to remove something else. 3️⃣ There's no such thing as balance, certain areas of life will always require more of our attention at different times. 4️⃣ I hate traveling. 5️⃣ I learned a lot about my strengths & weaknesses and on what my time is best spent. - So instead of making giant resolutions for the year, this time I'm going to set shorter term goals (90 days) and break them up into the small daily or weekly tasks that'll help push me forward. An action plan I can REALISTICALLY execute. Maybe that could help you too! 💥What are some of the goals you're setting this year? - I know you ladies will ask... the dress is from @fashionnova 🌹

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Profiled on Bodybuilding.com and CutAndJacked.com, the Brazilian-born Lais Deleon traveled the world before moving to the States. At 19, Lais began training in fitness and is currently working as a full time fitness model. Lais’s exotic look, curvy body and incredible workouts helped make her one of the most popular fitness models with almost one million followers on Instagram.

Lais Deleon is currently accepting modeling jobs, and her Instagram page is the vehicle for which she can promote herself. She posts a ton of pictures of her just looking great. Not only that, she also uses her Instagram to promote her own brand of personal training depicted in her awesome fitness videos. Her career and body transformation through fitness and health has only motivated her even more to stay in shape. She continues to post more of her success on Instagram which has caught the attention of many photographers and fitness publications.

1 Cally Clarice Breaux

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cally Clarice Breaux is another incredible fitness model, Instagram socialite and ambassador of Shredz weight loss supplements. She also a two-time nationally qualified bikini competitor, as many aspiring fitness models are or aspire to be.

At the moment, she’s not the most popular fitness model on Instagram, for some reason, but that doesn’t stop her from posting some excellent workout videos and pictures. She has over 200,000 followers and growing. With her amazing abs and excellent low body workout vids, Cally Clarice Breaux has all the potential to be a top fitness model. Follow her on Instagram, but fellas beware. Cally has a husband, and he’s an absolute beast.

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