15 Female Sportscasters Who Mastered Instagram

The world of sport is filled with beautiful female athletes. But in the sporting world, beauties aren’t just limited to athletes. Female sportscasters are getting ever more beautiful, and it means people keep their eyes glued to the screen for the entirety of the coverage. With more and more women getting opportunities, it only makes sense that women of all looks and types are going to be on-screen. So we're going to get more of them.

Even if it’s a rather mundane event, an attractive sportscaster can act like a ray of sunshine in amongst the dullness of the action. Some have even acquired fanbases that surpass those of the athletes they’re reporting on! That’s the way it is nowadays, and we as sports fans love it - anything to bring some glamor and hotness to a sporting spectacle. But these sportscasters aren’t on TV 24/7. So, where do fans go to get their fix? The social media marvel that is Instagram. Thankfully these 15 are incredibly active on social media, and delight their adoring fans by posting steamy pics and giving them their daily doses. Sometimes, these posts have proven to be too much to handle. These are 15 female sportscasters who truly have mastered the art of Instagram.

15 Alex Curry

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Alex Curry is toned, talented, and is without doubt one of the most loved people in the industry. She loves all things sports – that much is evident as her passion shines through when she’s in action. Alex is talented at what she does, but is also pretty talented as a model. You can add that to her list of professions and passions, because some of her pics over the years have just been ridiculously hot.

Alex puts something out there, tantalizes people with her pics, her suggestive poses, keep them asking for more. But thankfully she always obliges, always gives more, and that’s why she’s got a ton of followers on Instagram, all of them regularly checking for updates, refreshing Alex’s page in anticipation for the next super-hot Instagram post.

14 Charlotte Jackson

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Charlotte Jackson is a British sportscaster who’s been wowing UK audiences for some time now. She started off as an athlete herself, then moved over to the reporting side of things, reporting on sports websites. But Charlotte was always destined for a career behind the cameras, and it wasn’t long before she started getting TV gigs, eventually joining the biggest sports network of them all, Sky Sports. She’s also become a TV personality, and known as one steamy model. Charlotte is someone who sizzles in front of the camera, in whatever capacity. Thankfully she loves showcasing her pics to the masses, on Instagram. Pretty much every pic she posts of herself is steamy, and very often they prove to be too much to handle. Even so, we don’t want her to stop posting such pics.

13 Charissa Thompson

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American sportscaster and TV host, Charissa Thompson, has worked for all of the big networks. She’s currently with Fox Sports, although she’s also done a whole lot of other things on TV. Hers is a face and body that’s made for TV, and thankfully we get to see a whole lot of it and her. We also get to see plenty of Charissa on Instagram, where she takes delight in wowing her fans in a different fashion, by posting steamy pics. A number of her pics are just, wow! They're enough to render you speechless. It’s actually pretty amazing that she doesn’t have more followers. Charissa has 165k followers, but due to her activity and the steamy nature of the pics she posts, you’d have expected her to have had a lot more.

12 Molly Qerim

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Molly Qerim is a sportscaster for ESPN's First Take, and she’s also enjoyed hosting duties on numerous other shows and websites. Hers is a name that’s synonymous with sports in America. That’s not necessarily because she possesses a tremendous amount of talent or anything like that – you can be the judge of that. When she’s on camera, the eyes are drawn to one thing and one thing only. She’s got the looks too, and a gorgeous complexion, owed to her being half Italian and half Albanian. That’s one hell of a combination if the outcome is Molly Qerim. Like I mentioned, Molly loves to flaunt her physique, and when the cameras aren’t rolling, she does so on Instagram. She’s posted countless seriously steamy pics over the years, some of which have been too much to handle, but we love her for it.

11 Holly Sonders

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Holly Sonders is without doubt one of the most beautiful women in golf. She’s done a whole lot for the women’s game, must have attracted a ton of fans to the sport, but due to her steamy, revealing attire, she’s someone who’s felt the wrath of the LPGA. She gives the LPGA nightmares, not that she cares. It’s helped her get TV gigs as a sportscaster and reporter, and has helped her gain a tremendous fan following. Holly is one of the most popular people in golf, and that’s not because of her golfing ability. Amazingly, she’s still a relative rookie on Instagram, and hasn’t even broken the 200 mark yet in terms of her posts. But what she has posted has resulted in her acquiring 77k followers, and that’s because she’s posted a number of steamy pics.

10 Shibani Dandekar

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Shibani Dandekar might not be too familiar to U.S. audiences. But here’s a rundown of where she stands as a sportscaster in terms of her popularity on Instagram. A lot of the sportscasters on this list have tens of thousands of followers, some have a few hundred. Shibani though, is very close to reaching the golden million mark, currently at 929k – that’s more than Erin Andrews by the way! That should tell you a thing or two about Shibani. She rose to fame as a sportscaster on cricket tournaments in India. But she’s also a singer, actress, and looking at her pics, it won’t take you long to realize that she’s also a model. And what a model she is.

She’s different from the norm, in that in the largely conservative nation of India, she thinks nothing of posing for racy shoots in skimpy outfits, showing her lean and toned physique. She evidently hasn’t faced any backlash though – judging by her follower count and the comments on her pics, Shibani’s received way more love than hate.

9 Kirsty Gallacher

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British sportscaster Kirsty Gallacher was born into a sporting family, the daughter of former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher. It was inevitable that she was going to pursue a career in sports, and when she studied journalism, she combined her two passions, and hey presto! Kirsty Gallacher the sportscaster arrived on our screens. Due to her manner in front of the camera and her steamy nature, she’s also become something of a TV personality.

It wouldn’t surprise you that Kirsty has also posed for the cameras in racy photoshoots a fair few times during the course of her career. And some have been seriously racy. Thankfully for us, Kirsty has made a habit out of posting such steamy pics on Instagram, including others she’s taken herself, and although some have proven to be too hot to handle, we’ll never tire of seeing them.

8 Leeann Tweeden

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Throughout her long and successful career in the media, Leeann Tweeden has done all manner of things, including trying her hand as a sportscaster. It’s fair to say that people won’t really remember her due to her sportscasting ability, but more so because of Leeann herself, because of the fact that she’s just drop-dead gorgeous. She combined her career in the media with modeling endeavors, and it’s meant that we’ve gotten to see Leeann in some seriously steamy pics over the years, the majority of which actually have been too much to handle.

At the age of 44, you’d have thought that Leeann would’ve slowed down a tad, but nope, that’s not her style. She still posts seriously hot Instagram pics, recent ones, including a number of racy throwbacks to make us smile and reminisce. Leeann knows what we want to see and is happy to oblige, takes delight in giving her fans what they want.

7 Melanie Collins

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On her website, Melanie Collins cites herself as being “one of the youngest and freshest faces on National Television.” Those who’ve seen her in action would be hard-pressed to disagree. Despite her still being a relative rookie in the sportscasting industry, it also has to be said that she’s one of the hottest sportscasters around. Her looks and physique have resulted in her gaining international exposure.

A lot of this – a great way of appealing to a worldwide audience – is by her having a strong social media presence. Some of the pics she posts on Instagram are just ridiculous. Looking at them, you’d think that she was one of the world’s top models or a high-end fashionista of some sort – those who have helped steer her towards sportscasting have certainly done a terrific job. The world of sports is all the better for Melanie Collins in it.

6 Erin Andrews

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Think of famous sportscasters and the mind is instantly drawn to Erin Andrews. She’s arguably the most famous sportscaster on the planet, and there’s a good reason for that. She’s got the physique and the personality to match, a combination which has resulted in her not only becoming a successful sportscaster, but a world-famous TV personality too. She dazzles on screen and in front of the camera in any capacity. Due to her popularity, Erin’s posed for a number of steamy photoshoots over the years. Surprisingly, most of her posts on Instagram are candid snaps. But she does post the odd pic which proves to be too much for her fans to handle. We have to wait some time for such pics to appear on her feed, but when they do, it’s well worth the wait.

5 Marisol Gonzalez

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Hailing from Mexico, Marisol Gonzalez works as a sportscaster for the network, Televisa Deportes. But Marisol is obviously more than just a sportscaster. It doesn’t take a genius to say that she’s been involved in modeling. Marisol used to be a beauty queen and even partook in the 2003 Miss Universe Pageant. She’s now sportscasting, does some acting here and there, but it’s safe to assume that most people are fans because of her racy modeling shoots, which she still does.

Those 978k Instagram followers don’t follow her because of her sportscasting abilities. They follower her because they know what to expect, know what Marisol is all about, and they haven’t unfollowed her because Marisol isn’t someone to disappoint. There are plenty of sportscasting beauties hailing from Mexico, and Marisol has got to be one of the hottest.

4 Ines Sainz

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Inez Sainz and her hubby own a production company that owns shows, and so naturally, the smart decision was for Ines to get in front of the camera. The Mexican sportscaster initially started out in the modeling profession, before moving over into sports reporting. Fans will be happy to know that she didn’t give the other up, still combines the two. She comes from a very sporty background, hence she’s very fit, and loves showcasing her physique by wearing racy outfits when she’s got cameras shoved in front of her face. That goes for when she’s on duty out on the pitch, and when she’s posing for her own pics that she uploads onto her Instagram. She’s got a ridiculous physique and thinks nothing of flaunting it – we love her for it.

3 Sara Carbonero

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Sara Carbonero’s rise to fame began in 2009 when she was voted as being the “Sexiest Reporter in the World" by the U.S. FHM. Considering all the sultry sportscasters around, that you’ve seen in this list, that’s high praise indeed, tells you a little something about what people think about Sara. But the following year at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, she received worldwide attention for being on the sidelines and supposedly distracting her boyfriend, Spanish keeper Iker Casillas, who let in a goal that cost his country. She was one of the most photographed people of that tournament, and that’s including the players.

It’s little wonder people point their camera lenses in Sara’s direction. She loves to do so herself, posing for steamy Instagram shoots. Every pic she posts is like a modeling shoot, and she throws in the occasional one that’s too hot to handle. The fact that she has 1.6m followers says it all.

2 Katarina Sreckovic

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A woman who was almost fired, essentially for being too beautiful, just had to make this list. Serbian beauty Katarina Sreckovic was said to be acting as a distraction on the sidelines reporting from soccer matches in Belgrade, and so was almost given her marching orders. That just made her more famous, and made her receive worldwide attention. Now it’s not just Serbians who know about Katarina – the sporting world knows about her and her steamy Instagram profile. Instagram is a platform she really uses to showcase her beauty. It looks like she’s followed around by a professional photographer or something, because all of her pics are seriously professional. Katarina only posts pics that have the wow factor, and sometimes ones that are too much to handle.

1 Jimena Sanchez

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Dubbed Mexico’s mini Kim Kardashian, Jimena Sanchez has been taking the sportscasting world – the world of sports and the Instagram world as a whole for that matter – by storm. She’s a sportscaster for Fox Sports, but is first and foremost a model. Her modeling pics aren’t of the conservative nature either. She’s got assets, loves flaunting them, and takes delight in showing off her looks and steamy physique to her 3.4 million Instagram followers. Some of the pics she’s posted on the social media platform can only be described as X-rated, and the vast majority are too much to handle.

Even so, as fans of Jimena, we’re like addicts, just can’t get enough, just keep coming back for more, and thankfully it’s never a long wait because Jimena doesn’t like to keep her fans waiting.

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