15 Female Swimmers With The Most Natural Talent

Nowadays in the sporting world, female athletes seem to have to do more to get noticed. They put themselves out there, showcase their beauty and physique, and thankfully for us sports fans who want to see a spectacle of some kind, there’s an increasing number of athletes who have adopted that approach.

Sports such as tennis get a lot of coverage. We therefore know a whole lot about those in the WTA. They’re rated as being among the best looking athletes in the world. When it comes to other sports, we have to wait for a major competition to come around, such as the Olympics. That’s where some beautiful gems are unearthed, come into the public eye.

Swimming is one of those sports that has a number of seriously beautiful athletes. They have some of the best physiques around, all lean and ripped. While most swimmers tend to have very lean, trim bodies, some have noticeable muscles, and have still been able to maintain some level of femininity but still have curves in all the right places. They’ve managed to achieve what many people deem to be the ultimate package. Throw these swimmers into the deep end, and they certainly wouldn’t need lifejackets, and not just because of the obvious reason that they’re professional swimmers; they have other assets to help keep them afloat. Still, there’d be no shortage of people queuing up, willing to dive in after them and get them to safety – again, putting aside the obvious fact that they’re swimmers. These are female swimmers who clearly wouldn’t need lifejackets for obvious reasons.

15 Inge de Bruijn

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Inge De Bruijn has been retired for some years now, but she certainly hasn’t disappeared from the limelight. Inge loves the cameras, loves them fixed in her direction, loves them capturing her beauty and every little bit of her steamy physique. The Dutch former Olympic Champion and world record holder hasn’t slinked away to enjoy retirement. She’s remained in the media, and still enjoys putting herself out there – really putting herself out there.

She made quite an impression when last year, she appeared on the show, Love Island. In her efforts to find love, she went commando and was taped walking along the sandy beach. From that we know Inge obviously still stays in shape. She’s extremely curvaceous, and works on her physique as a whole. It was comical looking at the guys she was with in that show – they were salivating and their eyes were popping out of their heads!

14 Charlene - Princess Of Monaco

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Charlene owes a lot to swimming. She’s led one hell of a life because of the sport. She represented South Africa at the Sydney Olympics. That year she took the fancy of a rather special fellow. At a swimming competition later that year she caught the eye of Prince Albert of Monaco. Fast forward 11 years, and Charlene became Charlene, Princess of Monaco. She’s beautiful, she’s curvaceous, she’s graceful – every bit the princess she is. Charlene’s always been like that too, has always had that gorgeous figure. When she was swimming competitively, she was very broad shouldered and muscular. Charlene had curves too, in certain places that is. She had – still does – one steamy physique, one befitting a princess, royalty, and a beautiful athlete.

13 Blair Evans

via: bondibeauty.com.au

Unless you’re a swimming fan, and by that I mean know about the sport and the competitors, it’s fair to assume that you don’t know a whole lot about Blair Evans. It’s a travesty that she’s not spoken about more frequently, because she is one of the most attractive athletes, not just in swimming, but in the world. The Australian freestyle swimmer turns heads when she’s in action. She makes people keep their eyes fixed on their computer screens too, because Blair has one steamy Instagram profile, a strong social media presence.

Blair’s beautiful, lean and muscular. Her physique might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one can deny that she’s gorgeous. In certain outfits, she’s lean and appears to be ripped beyond belief. But Blair knows how to work it, has some curves and knows how to flaunt them.

12 Zsuzanna Jakabos 

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Hungarian swimmer, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, has a pretty awesome name, and a pretty amazing body to go along with that stand-out name. Zsuzsanna certainly stands out alright. Even amongst the other steamy competitors in the sport of competitive swimming, this woman shines. She’s rated by many as being the most stunning swimmer on the planet. Set your eyes on some of her steamy photos and you’d be hard-pressed to say anything different. She’s only 28, but has already competed in four Olympic games. But that’s not why she’s a well-known athlete. She possesses one amazing physique, is all lean and muscular, but has been able to maintain plenty of femininity.

She’s a curvaceous athlete too, someone whose attributes will help her stay afloat in the deep end. All kidding aside, due to her muscular physique, you may not think she’s curvy. But she knows how to pose for the cameras, and in certain shots, her curves are evident.

11 Chloe Sutton

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This American 26-year-old swimmer takes part in freestyle and long-distance events. She’s won three gold medals in major swimming competitions, and is one of the most popular swimmers out there. That’s because of her success in the pool, but also because she’s one steamy competitor. Chloe is another swimmer who looks like a model and is certainly one of the hottest athletes representing Team USA. She’s a blonde bombshell whose smile just lights up the place.

When it comes to her physique, she doesn’t seem as muscular as a lot of other swimmers. That’s not to say she’s not fit. It means she’s more curvaceous than the average competitive swimmer, making her a perfect fit here. Chloe’s got curves that go on for days. She’s also got a smile that melts hearts, makes people go all warm and fuzzy inside – Chloe really does possess the entire package.

10 Federica Pellegrini

Federica Pellegrini is an Italian swimmer who competes in freestyle events. The 29-year-old has created quite an impression in the swimming world, in the sporting world in general. That’s certainly not because of her accomplishments as a swimmer, although she has plenty of accolades to her name. It’s because Federica is a seriously steamy athlete. I know a lot of swimmers have amazing physiques, but Federica’s is just ridiculous.

You don’t immediately think curvaceous woman when you look at Federica. She may not have curves in ALL of the right places, but she certainly has plenty. There’d also be no shortage of people willing to risk their necks and dive in after her should a dire situation like that arise. But we doubt that will happen.

9 Natalie Coughlin

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Natalie Coughlin is another American swimmer who’s known for her looks as much as anything else. She’s a 12-time Olympic medalist, so it’s a safe bet a whole load of people know her because of her feats as a swimmer. That’s when a lot of people started noticing her, including sporting magazines and photographers. That’s what tends to happen to popular athletes who are also hot; once a magazine gets them on board for a sultry photoshoot, it propels their level of fame and popularity to the next level. That’s precisely what happened to Natalie Coughlin. Her level of popularity reached new heights when she bared all for ESPN’s Body Issue.

Due to those pics, we discovered that Natalie had a whole load of curves we never knew she had. They're in all the right places too. It’s a figure that’s meant she’s regarded to be one of the most attractive athletes around.

8 Keri-Anne Payne

via healthymagazine.com

This South African-born British swimmer is an Olympic silver medalist who specializes in long distance events and open water swimming. That’s a tough gig, arguably tougher than freestyle swimming in a pool, and something that demands you be mightily fit, at the top of your game and in peak physical condition. Keri-Anne is always in top condition, always looks absolutely amazing. For Team GB, she was regarded to be one of their best looking athletes. Those who have seen some of her pics would be hard-pressed to disagree. She’s fit, but you wouldn’t exactly call her svelte or ripped. Keri-Anne is actually pretty curvy for a swimmer, curvier than most. That’s just as well because those curves could come in handy if her arms get fatigued and stop functioning when she’s in the middle of nowhere in the open water.

7 Jeanette Ottesen

via swimmingworldmagazine.com

Jeanette Ottesen is a Danish swimmer, someone who’s been around for some time having competed at four Olympic games. The swimming star has created quite an impression. Her physique might not be to everybody’s liking, but it’s certainly striking. Most swimmers are built, are muscular, but at times the Danish swimming superstar’s physique has resembled that of a bodybuilder. She’s got seriously broad shoulders, massive biceps, and a tiny waist– that V-taper physique every bodybuilder strives for. Jeanette does have curves too. But her upper body is so wide, she’d float anyway – that is if those muscular arms aren’t able to swim her out of trouble. Jeanette has become a swimming sensation over the years. It’s evident why and there’s more to come.

6 Summer Sanders

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Summer Sanders is perhaps one of the best known American competitive swimmers of all time. She’s stepped away from the competition side of things, but is still very much in the limelight, hasn’t been sitting around and twiddling her thumbs since retirement. She’s earning her pay as a sportscaster, TV host and actress. Her's is a face that’s made for TV, and thankfully people have been able to see plenty of it.

Summer looks absolutely stunning for a 45-year-old. She looks in terrific shape, so good that she could still jump in the pool and compete with the best of them. Summer has slimmed down a lot since her swimming days, isn’t as big and doesn’t possess as many curves. But back in the day she was curvaceous and had an amazing physique. It’s no surprise she was one of the world’s most photographed athletes.

5 Franziska van Almsick

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Here’s a blast from the past in the form of German swimmer Franziska van Almsick. She managed to earn ten Olympic medals with the unique distinction of never winning gold, and called time on her career in 2004. She may not have won gold, but she certainly stood out in other ways. As a model, she got a ton of attention, turned a lot of heads. She’s one swimmer who paid a great deal of attention to her modeling endeavors, and boy are we glad she did. Franziska didn’t just pose in the odd shoot. She posed in many seriously racy shoots, most of which are memorable to this day. Due to such pics, we can say with certainty that Franziska doesn’t need a lifejacket. She’s got amazing curves, and a drop-dead gorgeous physique full stop. Incidentally she still does at the age of 39.

4 Amanda Beard

via arizonaalumni.com

I mentioned that Summer Sanders was perhaps the most popular, well-known name in women’s American swimming. Well, if that’s the case, Amanda Beard isn’t too far behind in the popularity stakes. There’s a reason why she’s so popular too, and it’s not just due to her accomplishments as a swimmer. Amanda endears herself to a lot of people with her charming personality, that wide beaming smile and down-to-earth demeanor. Oh, and not forgetting the fact that she’s smokin'.

It’s funny because when setting eyes on certain pics, you wouldn't think of Amanda as one of the curvier swimmers. Being a swimmer, she’s not going to have a massive amount of curves anyway, but she knows how to work it, and there are pics out there that accentuate the curves she has. Amanda is another swimmer who’s posed without her bathing suit, so we can definitely say she has amazing curves.

3 Rebecca Adlington

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With most of those in this list, I’ve gone on to rave about how hot they are, how they’ve posed in steamy shoots and are rated as sultry athletes. That doesn’t really hold true for Rebecca Adlington. Each to their own, but the vast majority of people don’t really rate Rebecca as being hot. She’s not regarded to be a sultry swimming superstar. But one thing she does have is curves. It was actually unjust because Rebecca was criticized quite a bit during her competitive swimming days for her physique. Her physique’s changed since she retired from the sport, but the curves are still there – in certain areas anyway. Let's hope people can appreciate her for the athlete she is, and the beautiful woman she is.

2 Stephanie Rice

The instant you look at Stephanie Rice, you think model. Your assumptions would be right. Stephanie has serious modeling pedigree. She’s also tasted plenty of success in the pool, having won three gold medals. Stephanie really does possess the entire package. But let’s get back onto her looks. Many people say that this stunner from down under has flawless looks, stunning beauty. Her eyes and that smile – that alone is enough to get the palms sweating, cause palpitations. Then of course, she’s got the steamy physique to match. One thing that’s immediately evident about Stephanie, is that she has plenty of curves. And she happens to be an awesome swimmer and would certainly command attention at every pool she goes to.

1 Bia And Branca Feres

Here you go, you get two gorgeous swimming beauties in this entry. And yes, there are two of them, it’s not just one person photoshopped into the image twice. Bia and Branca Feres are identical twins, and are Brazilian synchronized swimmers. That’s where they first began to receive attention. But since those days, they’ve explored other ventures. have branched out into modeling and acting, and unsurprisingly plenty of opportunities have come their way. The duo have appeared in a ton of photoshoots over the years, have serious modeling pedigree, and due to such shoots, are regarded as being among the world’s most gorgeous athletes. Set your eyes on their Instagram profile and you’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

The twins are athletic, but have curves too. They’ve evidently worked on their physiques in order to accentuate certain assets – they know what people want to see in the modeling profession.

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