15 Female Tennis Players Who Need Extra Support

You are about to see 15 female tennis stars who are all incredibly talented. They dominate the court and have all earned their spot in the WTA. But some of the best female tennis players in the world still failed to have the main requirement needed to make a spot on our list. Because along with looking great with a racket in their hands, these women also all needed to possess certain "features" that would catch the attention of anyone in the room.

Thankfully for you, these athletes succeeded. A point that we'll be more than happy to prove repeatedly, whether it's catching them in in the middle of a sweaty battle on the court or a scandalous moment when the racket goes away. These athletes just need to make sure they're careful and have the proper support or their time on the court may be remembered more for an attire mishap than any victory!

While some of the biggest names in the sport have earned a spot on our list, we've also tracked down some of the lesser known but still eye-catching athletes. After all, just because Barbara Luz has made under $40,000 in her career doesn't mean you won't love seeing her in action. What she lacks in raw ability she definitely makes up for in other areas of her game. This list is all in good fun, so we figured we'd show some love to tennis players all over the rankings.

Because as you'll see, it's not the size of the cheques that matter here!

15 Caroline Wozniacki

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After coming out on top at the Australian Open, Caroline Wozniacki may very well be feeling more confident in her game than ever before. After all, she is literally considered to be the best female tennis player in the entire world at the moment. She may have some steep competition coming her way, but nobody will blame her for enjoying this time in the spotlight.

While it may also be her talents on the court that truly leave people in awe, her good looks definitely haven't hurt her overall appeal. Wozniacki is also one of the more active tennis stars on social media, currently boasting a following on Instagram of over 1 million fans. If tennis is expected to continue to get more popular over the next few years, Wozniacki may be a very big part of that.

14 Anna Kournikova

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Anna Kournikova hasn't played professional tennis in close to a decade. Despite this, we're sure if you asked fans to list of some of the most recognizable tennis players of all time, Kournikova would be an easy addition to the list. And you'd have to admit, you'd probably be pretty sad if you got through this entire list and weren't given the chance to remember how beautiful she is.

Kournikova's larger than life figure extended beyond just her talents on the tennis court.

She has appeared on The Biggest Loser, serving as a trainer, and is also married to Enrique Iglesias whom she started dating in 2001. Kournikova has also appeared in various men's magazines throughout her career including FHM, Maxim and Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue that have helped bolster her status as a blonde bombshell all the more.

13 Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova's professional tennis career isn't free of scandals. After failing a banned substance test in 2016, Sharapova was suspended for over a year. But while that scandal may have deterred the passion of many athletes, that definitely isn't the case for Sharapova.

Since her return, Sharapova has put on several impressive matches including winning the Tianjin Open.

In the process she  that her career may still have many new highs to come. Now aged 30, Sharapova has been competing on the professional scene since 2001. Sharapova also knows how to cash in on her good looks and at her peak was bringing in close to $20 million a year with her various endorsement deals. We don't know if you look as good in Nike as Sharapova does, but she sure did help sell products!

12 Genie Bouchard

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Eugenie Bouchard's career has been going on a downward trend as of late with the losses piling up combined with injuries. But if she needs to hang up the racket at a young age, as she's only 23, perhaps she'll be able to lean on the money that she has amassed over her career.

Along with earning roughly $5 million from on-court performances, Bouchard has had several sponsorships over the years. This includes partnering with Coca-Cola and Nike, both of whom know how to pay handsomely to reward their most talented athletes. Bouchard was considered the 5th best player at the peak of her career but has currently slid down to #121. At the very least if Bouchard gets too sad she can rely on her social media following of over 1.5 million fans to make her feel better.

11 Tamina Paszek

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You need to be in unbelievable shape to be able to compete as a professional tennis player. And even if you continue to put in long hours at the gym and with your diet to try and make sure you are staying in the necessary shape, as time goes on, your body can slowly start to break down. In 2017 when Tamina Paszek was 26 years old, she was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, which is classified as being a chronic pain disorder.

This condition understandably has put a dent in her tennis aspirations.

Hailing from Austrailia, you can imagine Paszek was extra disappointed that she was unable to participate in the Australian Open this past January. Maybe she'll use it as motivation for next year!

10 Tatiana Golovin

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Tatiana Golovin isn't the only woman on our list to have her hopes dashed by Maria Sharapova. And unlike yourself, Golovin probably didn't take much solace in the fact that Sharapova probably looked amazing while she did it. For Golovin, the moment of defeat came when she was going up against Sharapova at the 2006 US Open.

When you also consider that Sharapova is still competing, and Golovin has since retired, you can imagine Golovin is extra disappointed that she wasn't able to knock off the ravishing Russian. Golovin's career could have been significantly stronger, as well as longer, if not for back issues causing her retirement from the sport in 2008. Let's hope she has managed to find some relief from that pain in retirement.

9 Vojislava Lukic

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With a reported total prize money earnings of a little over $60,000, Vojislava Lukic didn't exactly make a fortune with her career in the world of professional tennis. But she still competed in over 300 matches, won close to 200 and absolutely has a passion for the sport.

When she realized it was time for her to hang up the racket, Lukic turned her talents to helping coach the Serbian national team.

We're sure that her talents and level of experience is invaluable in helping inspire the next generation of players to perhaps reach even higher goals than the ones achieved by Lukic. It's hard to imagine that even if they succeed on the court, that there will be anyone that will be considered as gorgeous as Lukic!

8 Serena Williams

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This entire list could be full of blurbs dedicated to the amazing nature of Serena Williams and it probably would still only scratch the surface of her dominance. While her game took a hiatus with her pregnancy and subsequent wedding, she is poised to return and strike fear into anyone who has to line up across from her.

And now she has the support of a loving husband and the motivation of a beautiful little girl to help her really chase after her dreams! Serena has currently competed in over 900 career singles matches and boasts a winning percentage of 85.76%. Which means it is perhaps only logical that she walks into a match confident that she'll win. And at least when she loses, she knows that win for her opponent may be the highlight of their entire career.

7 Sabine Lisicki

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When Sabine Lisicki is standing across from her opponent, you better hope her opponent is going to be on top of her game. If not, she may quickly see the ball zip by her before she even blinks an eye. Lisicki has many qualities that help her as a tennis player, but nothing is as pronounced as her strong serve game. While Lisicki failed to make an appearance at the Australian Open this year due to injury, she was able to compete shortly after at the Taiwan Open.

While she did not win, at only 28 years old, Lisicki potentially still has plenty of opportunities for redemption if she can manage to stay healthy. The tricky part is that staying healthy in the world of tennis is much easier said than done!

6 Simona Halep

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Simona Halep came up short in her quest to win the Australian Open earlier this year. But she still made waves when she came in 2nd. And when you consider she lost to the amazing Caroline Wozniacki, perhaps she won't take it too hard and will just use it as extra motivation to keep chasing after her dreams.

And while Wozniacki may have had a leg up on the court, at least this year, in this list you may think Halep is even more deserving of a spot than Wozniacki. Don't worry though, you also get to stare at an amazing photo of Wozniacki for another entry! Halep competed without a major sponsor at the Australian Open, but it was recently announced that will change. Nike signed the talented Romanian to a deal that will reportedly pay her upwards of $2 million a year.

5 Maria Kirilenko

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Maria Kirilenko stopped playing professional tennis in 2014, but during the peak of her career, she was able to consider herself among the top 10 best players in the world. Which may also explain that along with earning money on the court why Kirilenko was at one point in time one of the biggest names for the Adidas brand.

Kirilenko's tennis skills also allowed her to have some Olympic experience. She was successful in winning a bronze medal in Doubles when she represented Russia at the 2012 London Games. Sadly, part of Kirilenko's departure from the game was a result of a knee injury. It also must not have helped that one of her first matches back was against Sharapova who wiped the court with her!

4 Venus Williams

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Venus Williams isn't quite as decorated as her sister, Serena, but nobody is! And it's impossible not to give Venus some serious credit, as her own accomplishments on the court still mark her as one of the greatest of all-time. This includes a Singles winning percentage of 77% with perhaps fittingly, 777 games won.

We aren't too sure if the fact that she lost some of the biggest games of her career to Serena makes it sting all the more, but nobody would surely blame her for failing to come out on top when that's who you're going up against. Let's just hope Serena doesn't rub it in over Thanksgiving! When the two combine to form a doubles team, there truly is no competition as together they have won 14 titles.

3 Malou Ejdesgaard

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During Ejdesgaard's time on the court wasn't the most memorable, especially in comparison to some of the powerhouses on our list. One thing she did succeed in, however, was in managing to create a strong friendship with her fellow Dane competitor, the much more recognizable Caroline Wozniacki.

It's unfortunate that Ejdesgaard wasn't able to pick up more tips from Wozniacki, because while Wozniacki may be the #1 player in the world at the moment; Ejdesgaard took a different path. Along with only having a career that lasted from 2010-2014, Ejdesgaard put up a career Singles record of 35-74. And while that may be disappointing (and perhaps explain the early retirement), you have to admire her determination for continuing to try! Let's just hope she doesn't become bitter of Wozniacki's success.

2 Barbara Luz

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There are not too many notable female tennis players who have hailed from Portugal. And when you factor in that Luz has only earned $39,000 in prize money throughout her career, you can perhaps understand why it's not the most tempting of career choices. But even with perhaps fewer role models to look up to as in other countries, it's impossible to deny that Luz knew how to win on the court, as her overall record is 112-86.

It's just unfortunate that she was unable to turn that talent into cash by stepping it up at major tournaments. While Luz has not come out and officially stated she has retired from the sport, with her last major match being in 2015, the writing may very well be on the wall for this stunner.

1 Taylor Townsend

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If you're a huge fan of the television series The O.C., that may be the first thing you think about when you hear the name Taylor Townsend is the character played by Autumn Reeser who appeared in several seasons.

In the world of professional tennis, however, Taylor Townsend, is the beautiful woman that you're staring at in our next entry. At only 21 years old, Townsend still has the chance to grow significantly as a tennis player. It definitely seemed at one point like she had the potential to become one of the best players in America. And while her career has slowed since she has moved out of the junior status, an interview in 2017 revealed a Townsend that is still determined to make a name for herself.

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