15 Female Tennis Players Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level

Tennis is one of those sports that’s synonymous with beautiful women. Go through a list of WTA players, and it’s as if every other player could be regarded to be a steamy athlete. What’s even more remarkable, is that many of the higher ranked players tend to be absolute stunners. They’ve got the tennis ability to wow and attract fans, and they’ve got the looks and a striking presence on court, to do the same. Let’s bare no bones about it, that is a pretty big reason why women’s tennis tends to be more marketable than other sports.

A lot of these tennis beauties know they’re gorgeous and know how to market themselves. They also know how to accentuate certain aspects of their physiques, and make sure the fans keep watching. Many do this by wearing skimpy skirts and tight attire on court. But off the court, they want to wear something comfortable but still fashionable and highly attractive. For many, they achieve this by wearing yoga pants. A beautiful woman with a top athletic physique in yoga pants is a sight to behold. If you agree – if you don’t you soon will - go through this article and soak in these 15 images of top tennis pros in yoga pants, those who take the wearing of yoga pants to a whole new level.

15 Sania Mirza

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Sania Mirza has got to be one of the most popular, famous people on this list. I’m presuming that might surprise a lot of you who haven’t the foggiest idea who she is. She’s a highly successful doubles competitor, and has made quite a name for herself on the doubles circuit. She’s also made a massive name for herself in India, where she hangs with the stars and is regarded to be an A-list celeb. Why is Sania one of India’s top, most marketable, most loved athletes? Because she’s highly successful, but is also beautiful and has the physique to match. She’s also something of a fashionista and knows what works.

Yoga pants certainly work. They look utterly glorious tightly hugging her lower half. Sania’s someone who’s prone to wearing yoga pants, and when she looks that good, that doesn’t come as a surprise.

14 Dominika Cibulkova

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There are tons of hotties on the WTA tour, but for some reason, Dominika Cibulkova doesn’t really make a lot of people’s lists. That though, is an utter travesty. If you’re one of those people, take a look at her Instagram page and you’ll soon change your way of thinking. Perhaps a reason why she doesn’t, is firstly because she’s not amongst the best, so we don’t see as much of her on court as some of the others, and secondly, when she is on court, she’s not the most dashing figure. She’s hot, but not exactly what you’d call a graceful athlete. Dominika is short, stocky, with some seriously meaty thighs. On occasions she’s somehow managed to get tight-fitting yoga pants around those thighs, around those legs, and when she does, they make her lower half pop more than normal. The eyes are instantly drawn to those muscular legs, and it’s because of those yoga pants.

13 Sabine Lisicki

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Sabine Lisicki used to be the German number one, but has been surpassed in recent years by another person on this list. But she hasn’t faded from our memories. Sabine is always there or thereabouts, but hasn’t really gone that one step further, something we all expected from her after her exploits at Wimbledon what now seems like many moons ago. Sabine endears herself to the public. She’s got an infectious smile and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s also an incredibly beautiful athlete with a gorgeous figure. Sabine usually wear shorts, even when practicing. But occasionally she changes things up, and when she does, boy do we get a treat. Sabine has lean, muscular legs, and when they’re clad in tight-fitting yoga pants, boy are they a splendid sight.

12 Serena Williams

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For a long time, Serena Williams wasn’t really regarded to be among the hottest players on the WTA tour. Even now, she doesn’t float a lot of people’s boats. Why? Because she’s not exactly slim and graceful and doesn’t possess the body type or playing style of your stereotypical female tennis player. Serena is all muscles, has a really powerful physique, and that’s something that a lot of people find intimidating in a woman. Her pins are really meaty, ginormous, and it’s a miracle she manages to find yoga pants that fit in the first place. Due to her physique, although she and it might not be your cup of tea, there’s no denying that Serena certainly takes the fashion choice of wearing of yoga pants to a whole new level.

11 Victoria Azarenka

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Victoria Azarenka is another athlete who may not look the most glamorous on the court. But she just doesn’t care what people think. She has her own way of playing, her own unique style, and it’s meant she’s tasted a tremendous amount of success. Although during matches, she may not look amazing, she certainly scrubs up well off it. It has meant plenty of endorsement deals have come her way, including one with perhaps the biggest sporting company of them all, Nike. Here she is on the practice court modeling some Nike attire, including those gorgeous yoga pants. You can appreciate why Nike wanted to get her on board. She models those yoga pants superbly; incidentally those kicks aren’t bad either, very snazzy and stylish, just like Victoria.

10 Ana Ivanovic

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Ana Ivanovic is arguably the hottest woman in tennis. She may have stepped away from the game now, after becoming frustrated with her yoyoing form and inability to win big events, but she just had to be included on this list. That’s because, like I just mentioned, Ana is regarded to be the hottest woman in tennis. She was during her playing days, and still is now that she’s retired. She was known for her beauty, known for her steamy shoots. Due to her amazing figure, Ana just looks drop-dead gorgeous in a pair of yoga pants. She looked great in her tennis attire, but equally as good – if not better – in those yoga pants. There are actually pics of her using them for their primary purpose – yoga. What a beautiful pic.

9 Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova was once the wealthiest, most marketable woman in tennis for a reason. That reason is because she’s successful, but more so because of her looks, her physique, the way she goes about her business on and off the court. Maria isn’t all about tennis. She’s a business savvy individual, has numerous business ventures going on simultaneously. But again, the reason she’s so successful in these businesses, is because she’s hot. That’s also the reason why sponsors have come on board. Here she is, the tall, athletic, graceful athlete, looking beautiful in a pair of yoga pants. They show off her pins superbly, almost elongating her legs – it’s little wonder she’s a fan of yoga pants, and we’re all fans of her in yoga pants too.

8 Caroline Wozniacki

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Caroline Wozniacki’s popularity really took off when she decided to pose nude for Sport’s Illustrated. Suddenly people began to see Caroline in a different light. We came to realize she has a rocking body, and can really strut her stuff and hold sultry poses for the cameras. She’s also a decent player, really is the complete package. Being a highly fashionable woman, someone who likes to look good on court, Caroline Wozniacki loves her yoga pants. From what we’ve had the pleasure of seeing, she’s got quite a collection of them too. Caroline doesn’t just stick to the generic black yoga pants. She’s got different colors, wears yoga pants to match her tops so she’s got the complete outfit. She really is a Danish delight, and nothing demonstrates this more than when she’s wearing yoga pants.

7 Martina Hingis

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Martina Hingis retired (yet again) only recently after the conclusion of the WTA Finals. It was a special, tear jerking ceremony that took place, which was the least Martina deserved, as she’s without question one of the greats of the game. She’s been around for donkey’s years, since 1994 in fact, and has tasted a tremendous amount of success in both singles and doubles events. She’s also someone who as she’s gotten older – she’s now 37 - she’s gotten better looking. It truly is amazing how she looks for her age. Martina is utterly gorgeous, looks and physique wise. Due to the amount of time she’s spent on the court, in front of the cameras, she knows what works, what to wear to make herself look great. It’s a fashion statement when Martina wears yoga pants. It’s a sight we’re going to miss.

6 Garbine Muguruza

Atardecer con voley playa! Beach volleyball sunset 🏐 🌅💛🌞

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Garbiñe Muguruza is the latest hottie to grace the WTA. She’s the former world number one, has won Grand Slams, and is one of the best, most popular players on the WTA tour. She goes about the game with a look of steely determination in her eyes, is very serious on the court, but that just adds to her sex appeal. The sultry Spanish beauty, with her prowess on the court, figure and looks, is understandably a target for all the top companies wanting to get her on board for endorsement deals. Few have been lucky. The lucky ones are clothing companies. Garbiñe is a very fashionable woman, and models those yoga pants superbly. This isn’t a modeling pic, just a sultry pose, but you get the idea. You also get why she wear yoga pants. Garbiñe certainly takes them to a whole new level.

5 Mandy Minella

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Mandy Minella; her name may ring a bell if you’re a diehard tennis fan. If you’re not, you’re probably scratching your head at her inclusion on this list. Look at her pic and you won’t be for much longer. It’s fair to say that Mandy isn’t the most popular person on this list. When you think of hot athletes, her name may ring a bell. But her tennis ability just isn’t up to scratch. Having said that, people don’t really care. The majority of people, guys anyway, just see Mandy as a bit of eye candy, as crude as that may sound. But it’s why she’s acquired what little popularity she has; her steamy good looks, her gorgeous figure. She’s tall, svelte and athletically built. She looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous clad in this skimpy attire. You can see why she does such shoots, why she wears yoga pants. They accentuate certain assets superbly.

4 Heather Watson

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Heather Watson used to be British number one, and although Johanna Konta has surpassed her in that aspect, she hasn’t faded from the memory of British tennis fans. Tennis fans worldwide also probably have some fondness for Heather, because she’s taken part in some epic matches over the years, and is someone who always looks mightily cute on court. Heather is short, petite, has the looks and physique, and this combined has the effect of making her look incredibly cute, like a really sweet individual. Nothing is cuter than a pic of this British beauty in yoga pants. She looks stunning – it’s as though she knew the paparazzi would be out in full force.

3 Angelique Kerber

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For some reason, Angelique Kerber isn’t really regarded by many to be among the hottest players in the game. I – and I’m sure many who follow my way of thinking – can’t fathom why that is. She’s amongst the best on the court, in terms of her ability and the way she looks, her beauty. Perhaps it’s because she’s rather shy, doesn’t have as strong a social media presence as other players, and isn’t someone who’s prone to posting raunchy snaps. But in the pics that are out there that we’ve seen, we can certainly appreciate her beauty. Angelique is one of those athletes who’s just got the perfect physique. She’s muscular and lean yet athletically built, and she has the looks too. This means that her wearing yoga pants is a beautiful sight. From her pics we can deem she likes to wear them during training, and when out and about as a fashion statement. That statement’s certainly made.

2 Petra Kvitová

When Petra first rose to prominence, she wasn’t really regarded to be a steamy athlete. She relies on power, isn’t exactly graceful on the court, and when she started winning events, she wasn’t exactly what you’d call lean and svelte. She was also incredibly shy and found it difficult to deal with the fame, so she didn’t really put herself out there. How things have changed. She’s now a lot leaner, and has come out of her shell a bit, starting to enjoy the perks of being a global sporting megastar. The public has also begun to see more of her, because she interacts with people on social media. Petra’s also prone to posting steamy pics, which means we’ve gotten to see a lot of her. Pics of Petra in yoga pants are certainly steamy pics. You can see from this pic that she’s fashionable, stylish, and just looks amazing in yoga pants.

1 Eugenie Bouchard

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She may be inconsistent, she may have not kicked on like many thought she would, but popularity wise, Eugenie Bouchard is certainly up there as being one of the most popular female players in the game. That’s because of personality, but more so because of her look, her beauty and that drop-dead gorgeous physique. We’ve seen a lot of that physique too, as Eugenie’s done some seriously raunchy shoots in her time. Of course, she looks great clad in skimpy attire, but she also looks terrific in yoga pants. They show of her physique splendidly, and she loves wearing them. She probably gets a lot of them too, because she’s modeled them for her sponsor, Nike. Take a wild guess why they must have wanted Eugenie in that modeling shoot!

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