15 Female Tennis Players Are Better Off The Court Than On It

There are a lot of people who watch women play sports simply to soak in a bit of eye candy. Female athletes are scrutinized or revered for their looks; some of the athletes love it whereas others hate it. But none can deny that in today’s day and age, it’s part and parcel of women’s sports. If you had to pick one sport that stands out in terms of the number of beautiful women, it would be tennis, hands down. The WTA is filled with sultry beauties. It really is amazing how many there are; it’s as if the sport breeds beauties and new beautiful women are coming through the ranks all the time.

What’s also amazing is how good a lot of them are. Most of those who are ranked high in the rankings are beautiful, some of the most attractive women in the sport. They’re pretty and talented – they’re a marketing firm's dream. But there are also those who aren’t as successful, but are still real stunners. Then there are those who are decent, but have achieved the majority of their popularity, fame and fortune, due to their looks. These are 15 players who are known more for their looks than their prowess on court; 15 female tennis players who look better than they play.

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15 Johanna Konta

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Britain’s Joe Konta enjoyed a surge of popularity in 2017 when she had a dream run at her home Grand Slam at Wimbledon. The British public tried to carry her through, and fans around the world took her into their hearts. But that run aside, Johanna’s achieved very little of note during her career. One thing Wimbledon 2017 did do, is make people see Joe in a different light. Due to her run, she was giving interviews, was featured in glossy spreads in magazines, and did various other shoots. some of which were absolutely stunning. Johanna herself is beautiful on and off the court. I’m not claiming she’s the most attractive player on tour or anything like that. But she certainly fits the criteria of this list of someone who’s better in terms of looks than tennis ability.

14 Ana Ivanovic

The sultry vixen that is Ana Ivanovic just had to be on this list. Not only is she gorgeous, rated as being one of the most beauiful tennis players to have ever played the game, she herself also recognized that she wasn’t good enough. She was frustrated with her yo-yo-ing form, her inability to compete at a top level, and so stepped away from the game. But that hasn’t resulted in the decline of Ana Ivanovic. She got hitched to German soccer player, Bastian Schweinsteiger, forming a sporting superstar couple. She’s also continued to post sultry pics on social media, is still doing her modeling, and is still one of the most stunning people – now associated with the game – around. Ana sizzled on the court and continues to wow and amaze off it.

13 Donna Vekic


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Donna Vekic is only 21 years old, but the Croatian has already created quite an impression on the tennis scene. She’s decent on the court in terms of her tennis ability, having won a couple of WTA titles and enjoying a few decent runs in Grand Slam tournaments. Due to her success, she reached her career-high ranking a few months ago. That ranking was 45 in the world. It’s not common for someone ranked at 45 to have enjoyed so much popularity. But Donna isn’t just your average tennis player. She’s utterly gorgeous, is a real beauty, and understandably a whole load of people have picked up on that. Seeing her do her thing on the tennis court is a sight to behold, regardless of the outcome.

12 Caroline Garcia


Rewind 12 months, and Caroline Garcia was pretty much an unknown entity on the WTA tour. But what a 2017 she had. She enjoyed a great run at Wimbledon, an event during which the tennis world began to notice Caroline, not just in terms of her tennis ability, but someone who’s seriously hot. She built upon her success and rose to be ranked at number eight in the world. That’s some achievement. So, evidently, given her ranking, Caroline is a force to be reckoned with on the court. But when speaking about Caroline, most people are still likely to talk about her looks, her beauty, rather than her tennis. Caroline’s someone who looks better than she plays, there’s no doubt about that. She’s got the looks, beautiful tanned skin, the physique, and that wide beaming smile that endears her to a lot of people.

11 Maria Kirilenko


Think of hot Russian tennis players, and one comes to mind. But I’ll get onto her in a bit. Someone who doesn’t feature on a lot of people’s minds, but should, is another Maria, Maria Kirilenko. One reason she doesn’t feature on people’s minds, is that she’s seemingly disappeared into thin air. She took a lengthy break from the game, came back, then went MIA again. Maria took some time off, and I’m talking years, for her pregnancy and then to care for her baby. There’s no official news as to whether she’s actually retired or not. If she did, it would be a real shame. She’s only 30, so could very well make a comeback. We’ll all be looking forward to that day if and when it comes. That’s because the sight of Maria on court is a beautiful one to take in.

She’s done some seriously steamy shoots over the years, including a sultry spread for Sports Illustrated, which brought her to people’s attention. She is still hot, and considering she’s not even ranked at the moment, definitely fits the criteria for this list as a player who looks better than she plays.

10 Sania Mirza

Due to her fan following in Asia, Sania Mirza is amongst the most popular female tennis players in the world. She’s a highly marketable woman and is treated like an A-list celeb in her home nation of India, is always on TV, is always spotted out and about hanging with the stars. It’s therefore no surprise that she’s a highly glamorous, very beautiful woman. In terms of her tennis ability, she is a decent player. But having said that, it’d be fair to assume that a lot of people haven’t the slightest idea who she is. That’s because she doesn’t partake in singles events, just sticks to the doubles side of the draw. She’s tasted a decent amount of success playing doubles too, but Sania is unquestionably known more for her looks, for being a glamorous fashionista, the company she keeps, than her tennis.

9 Tsvetana Pironkova

Summer colors=summer mood 🌞💛🌞💛🌞💛 by @paramidonna_

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See her on court and you can tell that there’s something about Tsvetana Pironkova. She may not instantly strike you as being one of the most glamorous women on the WTA, being one of the hottest, but off it, boy does she scrub up well. See her off the court in her day to day life, the way she dresses, holds herself, and she’s undoubtedly one of the hottest tennis players around. Her Instagram profile resembles a modeling portfolio, and she posts some really steamy pics. The 30-year-old Bulgarian beauty is currently ranked at 168 in the world and has achieved a highest ranking of 31, yet she’s a name tennis fans think of with fondness. That’s purely based on her looks, and her sizzling Instagram profile.

8 Sabine Lisicki

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The way Sabine Lisicki goes about her game is something that a lot of people find endearing. The German tennis beauty wears her heart on her sleeve, and most of the time is seen with a wide beaming smile plastered across her face. Add to that the fact she’s hot, and it’s little wonder she’s so popular. Sabine enjoyed a good run a few years back, but since then due to injuries and various other factors, hasn’t really caught on. It wouldn’t be harsh to say that she’s an average player at best. But she’s certainly not average looks-wise. In terms of her looks on and especially off the court, she’s up there with some of the hottest to have played the game. Hopefully injuries don’t continue to limit her time on court and we get to see more of her in the future.

7 Agnieszka Radwańska

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Agnieszka Radwańska has been flying the flag for her home nation of Poland for many years now and has been doing so superbly. On court, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a diminutive figure with an usual style of play, but it’s a method of playing that’s brought her plenty of success. She’s won 20 career titles, and holds numerous other accolades, one of which is being the recipient of the WTA’s Fan Favorite award, which she’s won six times. That just shows how loved Agnieszka is in the world game. It’s because of her charming demeanor, her playing style, and of course her looks – just the entire package. She’s one of the best, but she’s still probably someone who looks better than she plays. Even if she was a mediocre athlete, she’d still enjoy a ton of popularity.

6 Heather Watson


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Heather Watson used to be British number one, until Johanna Konta took over the reins earlier this year. Heather isn’t exactly ranked very highly, and infuriatingly for her fans and for herself, her form’s incredibly inconsistent. But she has taken part in some epic matches against the world’s best, proving that she belongs at the top level. She certainly looks like she belongs, possesses star quality. Her looks play a big part in that. She’s short in stature but steamy in nature. Heather is a beautiful, glamorous woman who revels in being in the limelight. From the looks of things, judging by her Instagram profile, she’s also something of a fashionista, loves to get her glad rags on and dolled up for a night out. She looks spectacular when she does.

5 Mandy Minella


It’s amazing how Mandy Minella hasn’t really achieved anything of note in the game thus far. She’s probably the least well-known person on this list, even to tennis fans. What little popularity she’s gained has been due to her looks and her looks alone. Mandy is rated as being one of the hottest women in tennis, one of the steamiest women in sports, period. Those who’ve seen some of her steamy shoots over the years would find it hard to disagree. She might not be the best at marketing herself, because if she was she’d be as popular as some of the others on this list, despite her lack of achievements in the game. There’s no doubt about the fact that Mandy looks better than she plays.

4 Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova has won five Grand Slam singles titles and a host of other WTA singles titles. Judging by those stats, you’d have to say that she’s one of the best players in the game. And she is if you look over her entire career. But of late, and I mean over the last couple of years or so, her form’s been non-existent. That’s because she had a lengthy lay off due to her doping ban, and hasn’t quite hit her straps coming back onto the circuit.

Even taking all of her success into account, you’d still have to say that Maria looks better than she plays. Winning all those titles is one thing. But Maria was at one point one of the world’s most marketable female athletes, the highest paid athlete. That’s solely because of her beauty and grace. She knew what it took to get to that stage, and went about doing it. Of course, her success on the court didn’t hurt.

3 Angelique Kerber

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Due to all the hotties in the WTA, it’s fair to say that Angelique Kerber kind of gets lost among the rest of the talent. She quietly does her thing, goes about her work without making any noise, and consequently she’s enjoyed a very good career, but perhaps hasn’t quite enjoyed the same level of popularity as some of her fellow competitors, others on this list. Angelique is a former world number one, and is currently ranked at 21 in the world. On the court she’s strong in all facets of the game without being spectacular – she’s just one well-rounded athlete. But in terms of her looks, she’s certainly not just your average tennis player. Angelique is utterly gorgeous, without doubt one of the hottest competitors in the game.

2 Dominika Cibulková

I just mentioned how Angelique Kerber is an underrated hottie in the women’s game. Well, here’s another one, perhaps even more so, because Dominika isn’t as good as Angelique in terms of her tennis, and she never has been. That’s why people don’t really speak about Dominika Cibulková in the same way they might speak about a Eugenie Bouchard or Maria Sharapova. But that’s a complete travesty, because although she might not look all that glamorous on the court, it’s a completely different story off the court. I

n fact, I’d go as far to say that Dominika is the hottest woman on the WTA tour. She certainly has the best Instagram profile. Off the court Dominika is a fashionista, dresses to impress, and transforms into a sultry Slovak goddess. See her profile and you’d mistake her for a model. If you could quantify how much better a player looks than she plays, you’d say that Dominika looks a million times better than she plays; I just plucked that number out of thin air, but you get my drift.

1 Eugenie Bouchard

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Eugenie Bouchard came into the WTA with so much promise. So much was expected of her, but she hasn’t really delivered. She’s still only 23, so she still has time, but people have begun to lose patience. But no one’s gotten tired of watching her on court, or following her off it, because she does plenty to keep us entertained. She could do absolutely nothing and people would still follow her – she just looks that good. Eugenie is rated as being one of the hottest athletes in the world, and it’s pretty clear to see why. Her sultry shoots have resulted in her popularity growing exponentially – she’s not shy about stripping down to her bare essentials, loves to give the fans what they want to see.

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