15 Fitness Models Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level

Scrolling through your Instagram feed of unnecessary food pictures and amateur nature shots, you may stumble upon a fitness chick or two.  These ladies make their money from maintaining Aphrodite-esque bodies to gain popularity, subsequently profiting from marketing protein bars and useless supplements.

At the gym, spotting a fitness chick is not hard, and normally plays out like a nature documentary. "The 23-year-old aspiring model flaunts her tantalizing curves, donning an undersized tank top, form-fitting pants, and high-top sneakers. She makes her presence known by video taping herself, and monopolizing gym equipment. With a combination of squats, deadlifts, and hip-thrusts, she makes sure all eyes are on her." It's like a Planet Earth episode!

These fitness models have to be on top of their game to succeed in an overcrowded industry. So today, we are going to highlight some of the more popular models in the fitness industry. More specifically, we'll provide you with some photos of said models in yoga pants, or "the spandex of the Gods," as it's known. These are 15 fitness women who take yoga pants to a whole new level!

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15 Amanda Lee

via instagram.com

Slide into the DMs with fitness model, Amanda Lee. Her "booty workout videos" will be written about by historians centuries from now. Well, maybe not that extreme, but this blonde bombshell has captured the eyes of internet, eclipsing over 10 million followers last summer!

So, how does one become an internet celebrity like Amanda Lee? Well, honestly, you just kind of luck into it. According to an interview with Men's HealthLee "had no modeling experience whatsoever." She was just a personal trainer who happened to latch on to a well-followed client, setting the internet ablaze.

In order to squeeze into her tight leggings, you would assume the curvaceous model has a strict meal regimen, but according to Lee, "I’ve never dieted; I don’t really believe in dieting."

14 Cassey Ho

via instagram.com

The California native's official title, according to her website, is "Social Media Fitness Entrepreneur," or as the rest of the world calls it, "Insta-chick." Ho jumped on the monetary model of social media at an early age, starting her first online business during college. Nowadays, she has a Youtube channel, Blogilates, in which she has over four million subscribers.  Most of he income comes from ad revenue from her videos!

She has been expanding her business rapidly, and even opened her own line of fitness apparel, Bodypop, in 2014. Ho even has expanded to offering meal services to her loyal followers! While many internet trolls have criticized her for her unconventional, curve-less, body, we think that this fitness chick look darn fine contorting her body those yoga pants!

13 Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

via hbfit.com

Out of all the stereotypical fitness photos, this one takes the cake.Two beautiful girls, a pristine ocean backdrop, and an impractical pose to seal the deal. These two insta-models are Karena Dawn and and Katrina Scott, founders of the fitness program, ToneItUp.  Per an interview with Forbes Magazine, these ladies took a meager $3000 investment in 2009 and turned it into a multi-million dollar fitness empire.

The ToneItUp founders "built a women's healthy lifestyle community, offering workout content, nutrition guidance, recipes, and a network of support encouraging women to share their journeys towards better health." While many of these ladies pander to an insecure audience, Karena and Katrina seem like they have both business-savvy and a yoga pants look that makes a fitness brand successful. We can't fault them for that!

12 Caroline Aspenskog

via instagram.com

Talk about a body! Swedish fitness model, Caroline Aspenskog has more curves than Lombard St. in San Francisco. The steamy Swede can be seen across the internet, but mainly posts workout videos to her Instagram, focusing her efforts on her backside. She reps the clothing brand, Fitness by Aspen, and even competes on an the stage in bikini girl competitions. She's more well-rounded than - well - herself!

The model and competitor, who now lives in Los Angeles, sat down with Iron Magazine back in 2015 to dish out some of her secrets. For those of you looking to become the next princess of the gym, Aspenskog has some advice for you.

"Work hard. Nothing in life comes free. And like Arnold says, “Ignore the naysayers, believe in yourself, and always finish what you have started.” The key to success is to finish what you have decided to start—only then will new doors open."

11 Chanel Iman

via lipstickalley.com

Not all models nowadays come with squat booties and and ripped arms. Let's take a look at an actual supermodel, Chanel Inman. It's not just yoga pants, this fashionista looks great in everything that she wears. Inman has been in the modeling industry since she was 12-years-old and now struts on the runway for some of the world's most famous names in fashion.

While her slender, skinny figure may not fit the theme of this list, we had to include her!  Especially since she's also associated with the sports world. In 2015, it was reported that Inman was dating Lakers (now Cavaliers) player, Jordan Clarkson, but the connection was short-lived. Nowadays, she's in a relationship with New York Giants wide receiver, Sterling Shepard. The two even got engaged in December of 2017.

10 Anna Victoria

via twitter.com

Let's take a look at fitness entrepreneur, Anna Victoria. A few years ago, Anna wasn't as toned and fit as she appears now. According to her bio on her website, back in 2012, the health guru was having issues with her wellness, and began researching ways to find a solution that was tailored to her body goals. Through her search, she realized there was hole in the market for fitness advice, and filled it. She started apps like "Fit Body Guides" or "Body Love" to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Victoria's story is one of inspiration for women everywhere...

"This is what true beauty and true confidence is about – it’s about being healthy, happy, setting goals and achieving them. It’s about focusing just as much on your physical well-being as your mental and emotional well-being. It’s about Body Love!"

...and she sure looks good in those purple yoga pants.

9 Lyzabeth Lopez

via pinterest.com

Over the past few years, the standard of beauty in the fitness and fashion industry has changed. Where stick figure runway models used to be the ideal image, today's women (and the men that long for them) prefer a little junk in the trunk. Curves isn't just a vague term anymore, it's the goal! Fitness model and coach, Lyzabeth Lopez, has the hour-glass figure that women envy, and that drives men crazy.

On her website, Lopez even has a "curves calculator" to create personalized training program for every woman's body type. While it's all a a business ploy to gain popularity and increase sales, we are glad there are people out there like Lopez  I mean, who doesn't want a lady sculpted like her!

8 Alexia Klark

via instagram.com

If thicker fit chicks aren't your thing, there's Alexia Clark. Unlike many of these models who are only famous for their backsides, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Workouts" takes a total body approach to fitness, and it shows! The personal trainer and fitness model takes exercise to a whole new level. Honestly, she's more ripped than most dudes at the gym, but it's not to the point of "manliness." Clark is just a Greek goddess, looking like a finely-tuned machine: beautiful and elegant.

At only the price of small child, you can join Clark's monthly online training program. She not only promotes physical health, but preaches the importance of mental and emotional wellness as well. With just over one-million followers on the 'Gram, Clark is making waves in the fitness industry. Let's see hope to see in more spandex in the future.

7 Massy Arias

Dominican-born personal trainer and fitness model, Massy Arias rounds off the top 7 of our list. The celebrity trainer is nothing but exceptional. From almost 2.5 million followers on Instagram, to huge advertisement deals with Target and CoverGirl, Arias is dominating the fitness industry. She's got washboard abs and legs that make spandex jealous. On her website, the 27-year-old fit chick promotes health and fitness, more popularly, implementing the "30 day challenge" to get her clients in shape quickly.

Recently, Arias was under some scrutiny for doing an intense workout with her young child. No, the baby wasn't doing hammer curls in front of the mirror, Arias just had the child on her back while exercising. Come on people, don't "mom shame" her. I think some of her critics are just jealous!

6 Tammy Hembrow

via instagram.com

I have mixed feelings about adding Tammy Hembrow to our list. While she's damn fine and a successful Insta-chick, she embodies every negative stereotype in the fitness modeling industry. You've got your humble brags, unnecessary selfies, booty pictures with her kids, and the 'look how rich I am' attitude. There is just something so fake about her, at least in my opinion. Either way, with 7.7 million followers, she's definitely got the goods.

The Australian fit chick gained her fame from broadcasting her pregnancy fitness regimen and speedy recovery post-birth. From her intense workout routine to her strict diet, Hembrow has inspired her followers, so we can't fault her for that. Let's just see a little bit less of your "rich fit chicks of Instagram" posts, and more yoga pants pics.

5 Jenn Selter

via instagram.com

A lot of people just took a double-take at Jen Selter and said to themselves, "where have I seen this hottie before?" Well, you've probably seen her plastered over the internet, as her Instagram followers currently sit at 11.7 million. At only 23 years old, Selter has dominated the fitness industry, and possesses the ideal derriere for any lady hoping to break onto the scene. Women follow Selter because they want to be her, while men follow Selter because they want to be with her.

Fame also comes with it's fair share of trolls too, and Selter has been accused of having "butt implants," but the internet celebrity denies it. You can see the muscular definition in her backside, so we don't think that's the case. Keep on #seltering Jen, and we'll keep on following.

4 Michelle Lewin

via instagram.com

"Fitness Diva. Cover Model.  Role Model." Lewin takes fitness popularity to a whole new level. The Venezuelan-born beauty is the true queen of the fitness industry with nearly 13 million followers. According to her website, "Miss Worldwide" is a recognized everywhere, "whether walking the streets of Miami, Caracas, Cairo, Canberra or Moscow."

Lewin is a staple on newsstands across the world, posing on the cover of fitness magazine, looking like a Latin queen! The IFBB competitor has been labeled as the hottest chick in Miami, "and second place is not close."

While you may think Lewin has peaked in popularity, she has only been prominent in the industry for a few years, rising quickly through the ranks of fitness models. If I was a betting man, I would bet Lewin has a movie deal in the next few years, showcasing to the world that perfect yoga pants body.

3 Ekaterina Usmanova

via instagram.com

Yoga pants are no match for this Russian beauty.

Ekaterina Usmanova land in our top three fitness chicks, having the body, and hardware to prove it. While many of our entries are flaunting their ginormous behinds, Usmanova had more of a full-body approach to her fitness. She is the Fitness Bikini champion in Russia, and is even a self-proclaimed "bootybuilder." Through social media, the 2013 Arnold Classic Champion has inspired women around the world to lead a more healthy and productive lifestyle.

The blonde bombshell wasn't always this fit though, and discovered her career path like many of us do: through a nasty breakup. At the time, Usmanova was going through a divorce, and her friend introduced her to powerlifting as a way to block out her frustrations. She loved it, and now is one of the most famous fitness icons in the world!

2 Anlella Sagra

via instagram.com

Fierce, gorgeous, and downright badass. Anlella Sagra doesn't just take yoga pants to a whole new level, she takes them to a whole new planet! The 24-year-old Colombian has an entire life of fame ahead of her. In just four short years, Sagra went from zero to hero, promoting the perfect physique across all social media platforms. With almost 10 million followers on Instagram, there is no stopping this girl!

According to Generation Iron, Sagra didn't get the typical fitness model start. Originally, she focused on becoming a fashion model, and just happened to see an opportunity to join the fitness industry, as the market in Colombia was unsaturated. Sagra isn't just beauty and body though, she's got the brains to boot. Her drive to succeed has led her to the pinnacle of fitness. On top of that, she just looks like a down-to-earth girl; nothing fake and nothing flashy. We can't wait to see what this Latin goddess has planned next!

1 Paige Hathaway

via instagram.com

The fittest of the fit, Paige Hathaway takes yoga pants to the number one spot. While it was pretty difficult to find an actual photo of her in spandex (since she's usually posing in very little clothing), we hope you can enjoy the view. No, Hathaway isn't the most popular lady out there today, as she hovers around four million followers on Instagram, but she truly is the most knowledgeable model on the list.

Starting from a small town in Minnesota, Hathaway thought she would never make it out of the trailer park. But, after a few competitions and ad campaigns, her popularity blew up. In an interview with Cosmopolitan that was published a few months ago, Hathaway claimed that she earned anywhere from "$35,000 to $50,000 per month" from her supplement sponsor, on top of all her advertising and promotional deals. Wow, I gotta stop writing and go hit the gym!

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