Floyd Mayweather Purchases Ridiculously Expensive Custom Mouthguards

Floyd Mayweather has spent ludicrous amounts money on some pretty luxurious and often unnecessary items over the years, but his latest purchase might be the crown jewel of his long history irresponsible spending.

With the much-anticipated Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown upcoming, Floyd must have gotten it in his head that he needed to "show out" on May 2 (not all that surprising) - and that includes all of his equipment, right up to his mouth guard.

While the rest of us use 20$ Under Armour pieces from the local sporting goods store, Mayweather will be clamping down on $25,000 dollars - literally. The custom guards were reportedly made with diamonds, gold and, of course, hundred dollar bills.

Via www.boxingscene.com
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