Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend VS Conor McGregor’s Wife: Who’s More Attractive?

With the big fight just days away, we felt the need to come up with a clash of our own here on The Sportster. In this bout, we showcase the beauties behind the men. For Conor, his beauty is long time partner Dee Devlin. The two have been together since 2008. Not only is his wife a pure beautiful soul, but she also has the look as well as you’ll see in this article.

Floyd recently stole all the headlines for his new love interest. According to the rumor mill, he’s currently dating an absolute smoke bomb in Abigail Clarke. Just by typing in her name via Google, or visiting her profile on Instagram, you’ll be amazed at this beauty's stunning look. She’s seriously blessed in every single area one can imagine. Again, you’ll see that on full display in the following clash.

From selfie battles to swimsuit encounters, this article has various like minded photos making the clash that much better. Be sure to let us know via Facebook who you think is the winner of this bout. Are you into the ride or die chick like Dee? Or, do you side with team Mayweather on this one? We want to know your opinion!

Enough of the talk, let’s begin: here are eight pictures of Conor’s wife and eight pictures of Mayweather’s girlfriend, who’s hotter? Let’s begin with McGregor’s wife rocking some beach attire!

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16 McGregor’s Wife: Bathing Suit Attire

Thanks so much @pinupgirlx for this fab kimono!! #loveit ❤️

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

We start off this epic clash with a battle of the bikinis. In this photo, Conor’s wife looks ravishing rocking the blue and white bikini. She legit looks like an angel that came down from heaven in the shot. Despite not having an active background in a sport, Dee Devlin has managed to stay incredibly lean and this bikini shot from last year is evidence of that exact factor. Maybe she’s taking part in some of McGregor’s sparring sessions? If you ever want to shed a couple of pounds, throwing around some fists will definitely do the trick!

But hey, we’re not here to talk about fitness, instead, the beauty of these two women that often gets overlooked due to the high powered status of their male companions. Seriously, most of you probably didn’t even know Mayweather had a girlfriend. If you didn’t, take a deep breath folks....

15 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: Bathing Suit Rebuttal

Hopefully, you guys are still there following this picture. Yup, that damn Floyd Mayweather is one lucky dude as it was reported in July that Floyd and this beauty, Abigail Clarke are in fact an item. Judging by her bikini shot, it’s quite evident she possesses certain different physical features in comparison to McGregor’s wife... This bikini shot will make you want to salivate for days as she rocks the red on red ensemble. Judging by her Instagram page she lives the high life as the photo was taken at Mondrian in Los Angeles. She isn’t afraid to live the luxury life and she picked the perfect partner to do so with that’s for darn sure.

Her following on social media keeps growing so if you haven’t done so yet, join the other 70K that have....

14 McGregor’s Wife: Recent Post


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

For this next battle, we decided to take things as recent as possible showcasing the most recent pictures both these beauties posted. Judging by the content in the separate pics, you’ll likely get an idea at what type of chick these two are, which is quite different.

We start with the beautiful Mrs. McGregor as she smiles for the beautiful selfie. This picture isn’t of the “Not So PG” nature but instead, just straight up beautiful as you can get, one can get lost in Devlin’s fantastic eyes. Along with that, Conor Jack McGregor Jr. is also showcased in the picture. The newborn’s day of birth was most recently in early May of 2017. Judging by the photo we can proclaim that Conor’s wife is certainly in MILF like status, looking just as great as she ever did.

13 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: Recent “Not So PG” Post

Soooo, the two recent photos posted by these beauties couldn’t have been any different. Conor’s wife posed for a beautiful selfie alongside her newborn child while Floyd’s girlfriend took things in a different direction posting this jaw dropping beach photo. Whether it’s red or orange, a bikini is a piece of clothing she should never take off. Sportster Nation is likely nodding their heads in approval reading that particular statement.

This kind of picture is the norm when it comes to Abigail’s profile, the beautiful model typically possess for pictures in the most beautiful scenic areas that life has to offer like the shot above, taken in Ibiza, Spain. One can only imagine where she’s going to be headed after Floyd’s fight. Pack your bags Clarke, you’re in for something special...

12 McGregor’s Wife: Fit Chick


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Although Conor’s beautiful partner doesn’t flaunt her body on the norm like Abigail, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t maintain a lean figure, along with some serious curves that we’ll showcase a little more throughout the article. This photo shows that she has the body to serve as a model as well, rocking the yoga pants and classic sports bra. The comment section was in awe of this throwback picture specifically because of the fact that Devlin appears to be braless. However, the greatest comment goes to a creep leaving the post, “those hips tho”. Man are people awesome haha.

Without a doubt, Conor’s wife is working hard in the gym nowadays as she looks fantastic. One wouldn’t even believe that she recently gave birth to a child just a couple of months ago. Many wouldn’t mind seeing another similar picture in the near future.

11 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: Halloween Attire

via gotceleb.com

From gym attire to Halloween attire, some would say Mayweather’s girlfriend just landed a big right hook in this encounter rocking the absolutely insanely hot Poison Ivy Halloween costume. Now we’re not going to say Conor’s wife is down for the count, but we’ll at least say that this particular photo gave Devlin a hard shot, and one that put her down for a minor count.

The paparazzi had a field day with this candid photo as the beauty was headed out for another night out on the town. A woman so beautiful as Abigail, many wouldn’t even have the courage to approach such a stunner. It took the likes of Floyd Mayweather to snatch her up which in truth, really shouldn’t shock many people. Props to Clarke for this photo.

10 McGregor’s Wife: Vegas Pool Party

via vipmagazine.ie

Most of us can agree, McGregor’s wife needs something big here. Clarke just provided the first lethal blow of this clash with her take on Poison Ivy. As a counter, we’ve now deployed a Vegas pool party picture, which certainly is never a bad idea.

This shot is actually relatively new as we dug into the archives for this 2016 photo. Rocking the black on black look, we can all admit McGregor is one lucky man. Once again, the true hero of this photo is that smile, the dude’s wife has a million dollar smile, something we definitely give her the edge for in this epic encounter.

Again, similar to Floyd’s chick, Conor’s wife should start getting her bags and diapers (for her kid of course) prepared as following the fight, we assume she’ll be vacationing for quite some time, win or lose.

9 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: The Selfie

And after 😜😜🙈🙈 good night then 🙊💃🏻 Hair by @Rosellehair

A post shared by Abigail Clarke (@abigail_clarke) on

We give props to Conor’s wife for bouncing back after that nasty blow, her smile got her back into this one. However, Floyd’s girlfriend once again answers back in stellar fashion with a fantastic selfie of her own. However, we’ll give the edge to Devlin on this facial exchange as we have reason to believe Abigail’s cheating a bit showing her chest to entice us even more. As a result of disqualification, Devlin wins this particular clash.

Okay so now that we’ve made the verdict, let’s all exhale and pick ourselves up after seeing this “Not So PG” selfie. If Mayweather needs extra motivation for his upcoming fight, he can look no further than his stunning girlfriend and such selfies.

For what it’s worth, this picture is not a private selfie taken at home, but a photo snapped at a restaurant. Without a doubt, marriages were ruined at that particular spot on the night...

8 Conor’s Wife: The Dress Battle


A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

Now we’ll see this clash take an elegant twist with the battle of the dresses. Once again, deep breaths everyone. For those of you that have breathing problems or suffer from Asthma, please have an inhaler on the spot ready for this encounter.

We start with the mesmerizing Mrs. McGregor rocking the hell out of this fantastic, cleavage filled dress. Seems like it was Spiderman inspired with the black web on the top, now imagine if those webs were red? Okay okay, back to the point here, without a doubt, Conor’s wife’s signature look is while rocking a lovely dress. Not only does she have the body and lean look to pull it off, but her face, is always the cherry on top of the dresses. The picture received nearly 30K likes which just isn’t enough!

7 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: The Dress Battle Response

This particular battle just might be too close to call, in truth, it really depends on your personal preference. This recent shot of Mayweather’s girlfriend was posted just a month ago and let’s just say, white never looked so good. Somehow, someway, the picture didn’t make the 1K cut likes cut, which is an absolute crime. Hey Sportster Nation, let’s get this pic to 1K, give it a like for heaven’s sake!

Dressed to perfection, Clarke was celebrating her birthday. She admitted, it wasn’t her first night out celebrating the historical date as she claims it was her fifth night out. When you look like that, 31 nights out seem appropriate in celebration of her date of birth... This clash it too close to call folks, we declare a draw in the battle of the dresses.

6 Conor’s Wife: With Her Man

via rsvpmagazine.ie

What makes McGregor’s wife so remarkable is the fact that she stuck by her man since day one, even when the future wasn’t exactly secure. Conor struggled with his direction early on, he wanted to give the fighting game a try but his father steered him the other way, wanting his son to have a secure job as a plumber with a steady salary. You can’t blame his dad for feeling that way, however, we can all agree Conor chose wisely picking the path he was destined for. After several physical exchanges with his dad, Conor finally got his way. An aspect that never changed, his beauty Devlin always stayed by his side through thick and thin.

For the fact that she’s a ride or die type of girl, we give her some huge bonus points in this encounter.

5 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: The New Couple

via thesun.co.uk

For this battle, the clear winner is Dee Devlin and her love story alongside her man. Mayweather and Abigail literally share no story whatsoever as the relationship is new. Many believe it probably won’t last the test of time, which in truth, would not shock too many people.

With divorce bells ringing, it’s quite clear Mayweather’s personal life isn’t squeaky clean. He’s rumored to be the father of various other children as well and many believe, he paid various women off to keep quiet. As if that’s not bad enough, Floyd also has a history of domestic abuse charges so yea, his track record really isn’t the greatest. So the question you ask, what keeps the females wanting the boxer? It's that $400 million dollar net worth which will see a huge spike in the next couple of weeks.

4 Conor’s Wife: Candid Curves

Best concert ever!! #rihanna

A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1) on

For the final pictures of this clash, we decided to showcase the top assets these two females possess. We’ll end the article with another beautiful dress picture for Conor’s wife, but before that, we’ll enjoy her serious curves which are on full display in this candid shot posted on Instagram.

Rocking the white jeans, Devlin’s booty can get you lost. Without a doubt, she’s eating them carbs and working those squats on the regular. The candid photo was posted on Instagram and received nearly 25 K likes with her backside, being the main talking point in the comments section. She attended the Rihanna concert in the picture, so one can assume she was shaking her derrière on that night. Damn you Conor, damn you!

3 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: The Outfit (Part One)

via mirror.co.uk

For Abigail, we take a unique approach showcasing her final images. The photos we display in the last two entires come from the same attire. This picture shows off her wonderful glue gains in the ensemble. If you’ve started following her on social media, get ready to see various like-minded photos as her booty is typically the center of attention. Nobodies objecting to that, unless you’re her man, right Floyd?

The photo was taken during another night out on the town. This time, Clarke was showcasing her look over in Miami at Mansion night club, a high-end venue. Without a doubt, Miami is a favorite spot for the beauty as it has both the glamour and beach elements which equals to winning.

Clarke will try to end this clash in her next picture unveiling the front of this attire.

2 Conor’s Wife: Red Dress Babe

via kinovolna.tv

Looking at such a picture, it isn’t hard to understand why Conor has hung on to his partner for almost a decade now. Despite being one of the most recognizable and powerful faces in all of combat sports, McGregor refuses to change partners as the two have been together since 2008. Looking at her sheer beauty, it really isn’t that hard to understand why.

Conor’s wife just seems like the total package, a genuine soul that even has the beauty to back it up. She’s now entering motherhood and given the recent photos, motherhood never looked better as she looks greater than ever. For now, we wait in anticipation of the fight and, to see what these two beauties will be rocking on that epic date.

1 Mayweather’s Girlfriend: The Outfit (Part Two)

via dailymail.co.uk

For those of you that thought the back of this dress was something, you likely fell of your chair looking at the front of this outfit. Along with the tight black skirt, Clarke’s lace crop top will have you searching for a bottle of water, rocking no bra, it looks her chesticles can hold just fine all by their lonesome. Mansion night club was a lucky venue that night...

We really haven’t spoken at length about what this beauty actually does for a living. Along with posting jaw dropping Insta’ photos, she owns her own nutrition line, along with working in fashion and being recognized as a TV Personality as she proclaims via her Twitter account. You can expect her fame to rise as the news spreads of her relationship with Floyd.

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