15 Funny Photos Of Female Tennis Players

The WTA is currently in the middle of their first grand slam event of the tennis season with the Australian Open. Guess what that means, yup, some of the finest, well-conditioned, beautiful women on the planet take over our television sets. Luckily for us, most of these ladies are and were some of the best players in the world which means numerous opportunities to appreciate their talents in a variety of forms.

There are a number of ladies whose skills command attention from male viewers when it comes to watching women's tennis, but let's face it, most of us watch it for the tennis outfits (and the grunting) that are on display each tournament. When not on the court, many of our favorite females tennis stars also take part in some rather steamy photo shoots, whether it is for their own personal social media pages or as part of their endorsement deals. But to be honest, who really cares what the reason is behind their desire to share their bodies with the world, let us just enjoy and appreciate the following fifteen ladies who may have revealed a little more than the originally planned. Let's get started!

15 Arantxa Rus

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She's currently ranked 135th on the WTA list of the best female tennis players in the world, so chances are you probably don't recognize the name. That's okay, we forgive you. To be honest, we would be totally surprised if more than a handful of fans knew who the 27 year old Dutch beauty is.

Outside of a couple of upset victories over a few top ten ranked opponents at various times during her career, Rus hasn't exactly been able to make herself a household name on the tennis scene. Never fear Arantxa, that's what we are here for. While the ladies on the LPGA have wardrobe police cracking down on the length of their skirts, apparently the tennis world is a bit more liberal. Judging by the length of Rus' skirt, fans should be happy that her choice of sport isn't played on the fairways with a club. Hey, sometimes when you have an itch you just have to scratch it.

14 Maria Sharapova

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At some point in all of our professional careers, we have done something we are probably not very proud of. Unfortunately for Sharapova, the fact that she served a lengthy suspension for substance abuse is undoubtedly a little more extreme than taking a "mental health" day or "borrowing" some office supplies. However, that doesn't impact the fact that the Russian beauty is one of the steamiest ladies to grace the WTA.

When she isn't playing or training, Sharapova has been found among some of the most popular beaches in the world, rocking swimsuits that shows off her well toned body. Usually this isn't that big of a deal, however it seems as though Sharapova has multiple issues with the bottom half of her shorts. Whether she has been trying to get sand out of her nether region or picking out some bunched up cloth, the currently ranked 48th best player on the WTA has been caught in some rather compromising photos.

13 Venus Williams

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Back in 2010, the older Williams' sister had the Australian Open fans and organizers raising their eyebrows (or furrowing them in some cases) at her choice of fashion. Throughout the tournament many wondered if Venus decided to free herself from restrictive clothing and play the tournament commando style. Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

While the confusion was warranted, Williams was rocking a pair of skin colored undergarments during the tournament, leaving many to think that they were in fact seeing her "badonkadonk" flash each time her tennis skirt flew up. Fast forward to the French Open a few months later and Venus not only repeated wearing the same flesh toned shorts, but she also added a lacy and frilly tennis outfit that resembled more of what one might dream a french maid may wear. The impact of the undies lasted longer in both tournaments than Williams did as she was ousted in the quarter finals of the Aussie Open and the round of 16 in the May event.

12 Eugenie Bouchard

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She may have lost in the round of 64 in the 2018 Australian Open to the number one ranked player in the world, but that doesn't mean that people still aren't talking about Bouchard after her match with Simona Halep. While she is on the outside of the top 100 female tennis rankings based on her on court abilities, her looks carry her into the top ten in many fans fantasy lists.

Chances are the 23 year old blonde beauty has already peaked professionally, but that doesn't stop fans from admiring pics of the Canadian product in some compromising and scantily clad outfits. Whether it be see through outfits or ones that happen to focus a little too much on her finely toned body, Bouchard is the most sought after Canadian tennis pro on Google. A lot of fans believe that Genie is more focused on the attention she is receiving for everything that takes place away from the game. However it's hard to argue when she wears outfits like the swimsuit she rocked after the 2017 Majorca Open, which left little to the imagination from the back, side or front. These short shorts in the photo above weren't too bad either...

11 Serena Williams

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Arguably the most dominant female to ever step onto a tennis court, the verdict is still in the air as to where Williams falls on the looks side of things. Some believe that her figure is, how do we say it...amazon like. Others like us, believe that she is a well built woman with muscles, curves and lovely lady lumps in all the right places.

Flashback to the 2002 US Open when the younger of the Williams' sisters rocked the tennis world with a black skin tight catsuit. Designed by Puma, the one piece outfit was probably very functional and from an athletic standpoint there was probably some scientific benefit to wearing it. Who really knows. However, what fans do know is that due to the constrictive design, it presented viewers with a series of camel toe shots that may not have been as flattering to Williams as it was enjoyable for others. But hey, considering that Serena won in a straight sets victory over sister Venus in the championship round, maybe Puma really was on to something.

10 Ana Ivanovic

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As far as memorable number one's go in the tennis ranking world, Ivanovic didn't really leave a long lasting impression in many fans minds. At least in terms of her performance on the court. Over the course of her twelve year career, Ivanovic found herself ranked among the top five numerous times and captured a French Open Championship. She also became a life time ambassador for Adidas.

Now, most sports fans are familiar with the acronym that the rock group Korn created for the three stripes brand. We wonder if at the time, the company designers were familiar with it as well considering some of the outfits that the Serbian beauty rocked on court. Whether it was the US Open battle with Serena in which her dress had a losing battle with mother nature or her pink outfit that revealed a little too much when it became sweaty, fans were treated to Ivanovic's natural beauty thanks to Adidas. Unfortunately for all, including Ivanovic, injuries cut her career short at the age of 29.

9 Maria Kirilenko

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For a period of about three years, Alex Ovechkin was one of the luckiest SOB's on earth. Not only was he one of the best hockey players in the world, but he was also hooked up with one of the hottest ladies on the WTA. Unfortunately, that relationship did not last. Oh well that's Ovies loss.

Did we mention that she posed for the SI Swimsuit issue? Sorry, our bad. Did we also forget to mention that she sent a pair of her undergarments to a member of the US Army when they were stationed in Afghanistan? Again, our bad. Now if those two images aren't enough to get you through the night, her see-through white Adidas tennis outfit (what is it with Adidas and their see through gear?!) reveals a little more of her well toned body that any of her love interests or Kirilenko herself would probably care to see floating around the internet. Oh and for those who were wondering, word is that Kirilenko's fragrance of choice at the time was "Obsession". How fitting.

8 Alize Cornet

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Ever have one of those days in which you have been in the gym, on the field or heck, even in the garden when you end up sweating like a stuffed pig and walk away with a shirt that you could probably wring out and fill a bucket with perspiration? Let's be honest, we all have. However, the difference between us and Cornet would be that we aren't preforming in front of a live audience and on television across the world.

During the 2011 Australian Open, the French beauty was rocking a white tennis dress, you could probably guess what happened next. Yup you guessed it, the combination of the Australian heat, white material and an overabundance of sweat created for a very arousing visual. While no doubt unintentional, Cornet's indecent exposure created a stir among officials, as they asked Cornet to cover up during her post match interviews and in turn created a rule/fine based on players wearing clothes that would be deemed too revealing. Maybe they should just ask the players to move less and not sweat.

7 Gabriela Sabatini

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Easily one of the hottest tennis players during the 90s both on and off the court, the Argentine stunner unfortunately walked away from the game at the young age of 26. While she had been playing the game for nearly two decades, it still seemed too soon for the former US Open Champion to retire.

Although she was never able to reach the number one ranking in the world, Sabatini had memorable clashes with such greats as Monica Seles, Steffi Graf and Lindsey Davenport. What was also memorable about Sabatini was the fact that she seemed to have a thing against wearing bras. Now combine lack of chest support with her traditional white tops and a sweat inducing sport and bam bam. Now if only we could do something about that ugly headband she rocked....

Why it is that nobody has ever put a ring on her is beyond us as even at the current age of 47, she's a humanitarian, who proudly works with UNICEF and the Special Olympics is still a stunner.

6 Vojislava Lukic

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Chances are the pair of tighty whities that Lukic rocked on the cover of the Serbian FHM don't exactly fall in line with the mandated Wimbledon dress code, but we aren't the fashion police here, so we will let it pass. As for the hooded top that she chose to accompany said booty shorts, yeah, that probably won't pass either, considering the fact that her well endowed chest was pretty much exploding through it. Not that we are complaining one single bit.

Unlike many others on this list, Lukic doesn't have much of an impressive resume when it comes to the actual tennis part of her profession. With her highest ranking not even within the top 200 ladies in the game, you can be forgiven for not recognizing the lovely Serbian, who now serves as a tennis instructor and model. While you might not ever know the name, chances are you will definitely remember the body. Hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?!?

5 Dominika Cibulkova

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The 24th seed in the 2018 Australian Open saw an early exit from this year's tournament with a straight set loss to unranked Kaia Kanepi. While the 28 year old beauty from Slovakia will not be able to avenge her 2014 Aussie Open Finals loss, the 26th ranked Cibulkova still has a plethora of fans thanks to her steamy Instagram pics.

Apparently not afraid to show the fruits of her labor from hours on the court and in the gym, Dominika's social media covers the gauntlet of stunning pics from evening gowns with plunging necklines and up to there leg slits to skimpy bikinis that flaunt the junk in her trunk. While Cibulkova's success on the court has been limited to a WTA Tour Championship in Singapore, her ranking among one of the hottest ladies on the circuit is certainly not, especially when it comes down to wearing revealing outfits.

4 Anna Kournikova

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From the time that the ravishing Russian stepped in front of the WTA world as a professional there was something captivating about the young star. As time moved forward, fans were more intrigued about either what the beautiful blonde was wearing on the court or more so what she may have been wearing off of it.

On the court, Kournikova would rock short skirts, half shirts, tank tops and one piece tennis gear that would cling to all of her curves, showing off as much of her body as she could (for good reason, if you got it, flaunt it!). While she never reached the level of stardom on the court that her Google search numbers may have led you to think she did, off the court, Anna was a star. Her personal life was put under a spotlight that few other female tennis players ever experienced.

3 Caroline Wozniacki

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Both Rory McIlroy and David Lee must be pretty confident in themselves to get into a relationship with the 27 year old beauty from Denmark. The four-time PGA major winner was tied to the tennis beauty for nearly three years before breaking off their engagement six months before their wedding date. Lucky for Lee as the recently retired NBA Champion stepped up to the plate and is now ready to jump the broomstick with his bride to be.

However, before any nuptials are exchanged, Caroline has some business to attend to in Australia as she is currently battling in the semi-finals of the Aussie Open. Maybe Rory couldn't cope with the world gawking at his absolutely stunning fiance during her SI Swimsuit photo spread that included very revealing pics of Caroline in nothing but a number of body paint bikinis and very exposing one pieces. Hey, could you really blame the man? Also, who else loves the color yellow...

2 Sabine Lisicki

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It's hard when your breakthrough year comes shortly after the start of your professional career, but for Lisicki such was the case. While she had moderate success as part of the WTA, the now 28 year old German beauty has experienced the highs of participating in the 2013 Wimbledon finals and the lows of being currently ranked deep into the 200s on the WTA ladder.

Now sure, it's tough when your career has been hampered with nagging injuries, but such is the case of a professional athlete. Now based on her skimpy laced up one piece swimsuit that leaves very little to the imagination, you might think of a couple of reasons why her nickname is Boom Boom. Get your head out of the gutter!  She got tagged with the moniker based on her big time serve and her powerful forehand swing. That's the story and we are sticking to it, despite our better judgement based on a second look at her smoking Instagram posts.

1 Jelena Jankovic

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It appears as though the relationship between clothes and Jankovic is not a very good one. During the 2014 Rogers Cup in Montreal, the Serbian tennis star found herself not only in a battle with American Sloane Stephens, but also in one with her bra. While the risk of a wardrobe malfunction was high, the former number one ranked tennis star managed to save herself from any further embarrassment by getting some courtside assistance to salvage her support system from causing further issues.

This wasn't the only time in which Jankovic had issues with her undergarments as during the 2008 French Open the stunning brunette shocked onlookers as she decided to change her unmentionables mid-match. While this would usually not be a big deal, the fact that she did it courtside in front of fans and cameras drew far more attention to the wardrobe change than was needed.

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