Georgia State Coach Goes Too Hard Celebrating & Tears His Achilles

Celly hard - but don't celly too hard. If you do, you might hurt yourself.

If you don't want to listen to me, listen to Ron Hunter.

The Georgia State head coach was understandably ecstatic when the final buzzer sounded in the Sun Belt Championship Final on Sunday, as his Georgia State team had just punched its ticket to the NCAA Tournament.

Hunter, whose son is on the team, was embracing his boy when he must have felt a sharp pain run up his leg. He fell to the ground and was ultimately helped off the court - because he had just torn his Achilles.

We've seen plenty of injuries during celebrations, but this one doesn't make you snicker - if it wasn't for the fact that Hunter and his team were headed to the Tourney, you would almost want to shed a tear for the man, who couldn't even enjoy an incredibly emotional moment with his boy without injuring himself seriously.

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