Glamazons: Top 15 Steamiest Female Athletes Over 6 Feet Tall

5-foot-3 is considered the average height for females on a worldwide basis, though the number varies greatly by country and geographic region.

There is no scientific evidence that links one's height to the amount of success they can expect to achieve in their lifetime. However, there are clearly some advantages to being a female of above average height. For example, if a young lady is interested in modeling professionally, she will likely need to be at least 5-foot-8. Moreover, a woman who is looking to have a career in a sport such as tennis, volleyball, or even basketball, will have a greater chance of success, statistically speaking, if they are on the taller side.

While there is no shortage of beautiful women 5-foot-3 and under, many of the best looking female celebrities and athletes are well above average height.

In this article, the spotlight will be shined on female athletes, but not just any female athletes, we’re talking about tall female athletes. However, you won’t see ladies who are 5-foot-5, 5-foot-8, or even 5-foot-11 on our list. To be considered for this group, athletes must be over 6-feet-tall and also be one of the hottest women in their respective sport.

Get ready to take a look at 15 most beautiful giants in all of professional sports.

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16 Michelle Wie - 6′ 1″

via thestar.com

At 6-foot-1, Honolulu, Hawaii’s Michelle Wie is one of the tallest females ever to hold a golf club. The LPGA is standout is one of the most recognized females golfers in the world and is also one of the most breathtaking females on the tour today.

Wie became a star in the sport at a very young age. In fact, at just 10 years of age, she became the youngest player to participate in USGA amateur championship. She would later go on to become the youngest player to qualify for an LPGA event, at the age of 17. In 2014 Wie won her first major, at the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open. Moreover, Wie has also participated in men’s events, though she has had little success.

15 Maria Sharapova - 6′ 2″

via CelebMafia.com

Russian born tennis star Maria Sharapova is listed at 6-foot-2. In a sport full of tall females, she is near the very top of the list. In fact, she is the 4th-tallest player to ever compete on the WTA tour and is only an inch shorter than the sport’s tallest player ever, Eva Hrdinova who stands at 6-foot-3.

Sharapova is one of the most successful tennis players in the history of the sport. She is a career Grand Slam winner and has won over 36.5 million in prize money. The gorgeous blonde is also one of the most beautiful females you will find in any sport. She has posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and even models on the runway from time to time.

14 Jennie Finch - 6′ 0″

via si.com

Depending on the source, female softball legend Jenny Finch is either 6-feet-tall or 6-foot-1. Let’s meet in the middle and say she’s a little over 6-feet. While she isn’t the tallest woman on our list, the former Olympian is definitely one of the hottest.

La Mirada, California native Jennie Finch is a former collegiate All-American softball pitcher who played for the Arizona Wildcats. However, she is probably best known for helping the USA national softball team capture the gold at the 2004 Olympic Games. Moreover, she also returned to the Olympics in 2008 and helped her team take home a silver medal. The tall blonde's undeniable beauty helped to make her the most popular woman in softball. Despite having retired back in 2011, the 37-year-old is still remembered fondly.

13 Kerri Walsh Jennings - 6′ 2″

via pinterest.com

At 6-foot-3, beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings comfortably qualifies for our list. Her warm personality and impressive height helped earn her the nickname “Six Feet of Sunshine.” The tall blonde is among the best looking females to ever set foot on the sand.

Kerri Walsh and her former partner Misty May-Treanor dominated women’s beach volleyball throughout most of the 2000s. The duo became household names following their appearance in the 2004 Olympic Games, held in Athens. They would return to the Olympics in 2008 and 2012 and once again capture the gold on both occasions. Jennings would return to the games once more in 2016 with a her new partner April Ross and go on to win a bronze medal. Jennings is known for more than just her volleyball skills; the Olympic stunner also posed ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue” in 2013.

12 Jenny Kropp - 6′ 2″

via Flickr.com

Grand Island, Nebraska’s Jenny Kropp may not be a household name, but the 6-foot-2 beach volleyball player is certainly easy on the eyes. She is also a very accomplished athlete and highly regarded in volleyball circles.

Kropp had an outstanding college career at the University of Nebraska, where she helped the school win a National Championship in 2000. The volleyball standout was also selected as a member of All-American Second team in 2001. After her college career ended, Kropp headed to Puerto Rico and played professionally for Vaqueros de Bayamon. She would eventually go on to join the AVP tour and was even named Rookie of the Year in 2007. In 2009, SoCal Beach Magazine named her the “Sexiest Swimsuit Bikini Model Athlete” on the AVP tour.

11 Amy Acuff - 6′ 2″

via sports-wired.com

American high jump specialist Amy Acuff is one of the best-looking females to ever compete in a track and field event. The 6-foot-2 Texan is perhaps as well known for her modeling appearances, as her accomplishments at the Olympic Games.

High jump competitor Amy Acuff is a five-time Olympian who appeared in the games from 1996 to 2012. Despite her many appearances, she was never able to capture an Olympic medal. However, she was a six-time U.S. Outdoor Champion. The 42-year-old blonde also gained considerable notoriety for modeling in several popular magazines. Acuff has been featured in Maxim, Esquire, and FHM. The track star decided to bare it all for Playboy magazine when she posed for the publication’s “The Women of the Olympics” issue in 2004.

10 Yvetta Hlaváčová - 6′ 4″

via isport.blesk.cz

At just under 6-foot-5, long-distance swimmer Yvetta Hlavacova has the distinction of being the 2nd tallest athlete on the list. The native of Boskovice, Czech Republic is one of the best looking swimmers out there. Hlavacova is not only beautiful, she also happens to be a world record holder.

The Czech swimmer currently holds the world record for swimming the English Channel in 7 hours and 25 minutes, a feat she accomplished in 2006. Yeah, that’s a pretty long swim! In total, she has swum the English Channel on three separate occasions. In fact, she attempted to break her previous 2006 record the following year but failed to do so. While she would complete the swim again in 2007, her time of 7 hours and 53 minutes failed to surpass her previous mark. When she isn’t swimming, Hlavacova has also been known to participate in fashion shows.

9 Elena Delle Donne - 6′ 5″

via YouTube.com

At an even 6-foot-5, WNBA star, Elena Delle Donne is the tallest woman on our list. The 28-year-old blonde beauty is one of the most recognized names (and faces) in the sport of women’s basketball.

Wilmington, Delaware’s Elena Delle Donne had an outstanding college career, which is one of the many reasons she was selected 2nd overall in the 2013 WNBA draft, by the Chicago Sky. She would go to win the Rookie of the year award in 2013, become WNBA MVP in 2015, and be named to the WNBA All-Star team on four separate occasions. Her good looks and play on the court have helped maker her of the Women’s National Basketball Association's biggest stars. As a child, Delle Donne struggled with her unusual height, but little did she know at the time, it would end up becoming one of her greatest assets.


7 Gabrielle Reece - 6′ 3″

via magazine.nasm.org

In her prime, 6-foot-3 beach volleyball legend Gabrielle Reece could have made a strong case for being the hottest female on our list. Even at age 47, she still looks nothing short of amazing. Reece was the face of women’s beach volleyball throughout the 1990s.

La Jolla native Gabrielle Reece was volleyball's first female megastar. While she was an outstanding player, her movie star good looks certainly helped boost her popularity, especially among the male demographic. She was the WBVL kills leader from 1993 to 1996, and she was also the named the Offensive Player of Year in 1994-95. Outside of volleyball, Reece was named one of the five most beautiful women in the world by Elle magazine back in 1989. Moreover, she was also featured in (and on the cover of) the January 2001 edition of Playboy.

6 CoCo Vandeweghe - 6′ 1″

via wikifeet.com

6-foot-1 CoCo Vandeweghe is one of the best US tennis players whose last name isn’t Williams. The 25-year-old blonde bombshell is the midst of her best season yet and is on the verge of becoming a major star in the sport.

New York’s Vandeweghe is currently the number 16 ranked tennis player in the world. She has advanced to the semifinal round of both the Australian and US Open this seasons (2017). She also made headlines recently by defeating world number 1 ranked Karolina Piskova in consecutive sets. Her recent success on the court combined with her marketable appearance makes CoCo Vandewedge one to watch in 2017 and beyond. In a sport that is already full of beautiful women, the vivacious blonde Vandeweghe, is yet another name to add to the list.

5 Venus Williams - 6′ 1″

via express.co.uk

Serena Williams may get all the hype, but it’s her elder sister Venus who was all the height. At 6-foot-1, Venus Williams is roughly four inches taller than her younger sibling. Moreover, her long athletic physique makes her one of the hottest females on the WTA tour today.

37-year-old Venus Williams will no doubt wind up in the Hall of Fame after her storied career is finished. As a singles competitor, she has won it at all at Wimbledon on five separate occasions. Williams has also won the US Open title twice in 2000 and 20001 respectively. Even at age 37, Williams is still currently ranked as the number 5 singles player in the world. She is without question, one of the most attractive and talented athletes currently competing.

4 Candace Parker - 6′ 4″

via sixstarpro.com

WNBA star Candace Parker has had an outstanding professional career. The 6-foot-4 starlet is a former Olympian who is currently a member of the Los Angeles Sparks. She is also the sister of former NBA standout and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Anthony Parker.

Candace Parker was drafted by the Sparks nearly a decade ago with the 1st overall pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft. She would on to be named the Rookie of the Year, be selected to the All-Star team five times, and become a two-time WNBA MVP. Outside of the WNBA, Parker helped the United States women’s basketball team take home gold medals in both 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Parker’s warm smile and athletic physique help make her stand out as one of the league’s premier beauties.

3 Missy Franklin - 6′ 2″

via Pinterest.com

At 6-foot-2, Canadian-American swimmer Missy Franklin has the ideal frame for her sport. The California native who enjoys dual citizenship in both the US and Canada is one of the most accomplished female Olympic swimmers of all time.

Swimmer Missy Franklin captured an eye-popping five gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which were held in London, England. What made the feat even more impressive, was the fact that Franklin was just 17 years of age at the time. She would return for the 2016 Olympic Games and captured another gold medal in the 4 x 200 m relay event. Now 22 years of age, the Olympic standout is all grown up and has become quite an attractive woman. Franklin is still relatively young, so we may see her again in 2020.

2 April Ross - 6′ 1″

via Pinterest.com

6-foot-1 Olympic beach volleyball player April Ross is probably best known for her 2016 Olympic run with Kerri Walsh Jennings. The tall blonde native of Newport, California is one of the greatest athletes the sport has ever produced.

Ross excelled at indoor volleyball during her high school years at Newport Harbor High School, which led to her being the nation’s top recruit by the time she graduated. She went on the play for the University of Southern California where she helped her school win back-to-back NCAA titles. Ross would eventually decide to focus her effort’s on beach volleyball and would go on to capture an Olympic silver medal at the 2012 games in London, with her partner Jennifer Kessey. Interestingly enough, she would later team with one of the women who defeated her in 2012 (Walsh Jennings) at the 2016 Olympic Games.

1 Blanka Vlašić - 6′ 3″

via pinterest.com

At 6-foot-3 Croatian high jumper, Blanka Vlašić quite literally stands head and shoulders above her competition. The slender brunette is one of the greatest female athletes the country of Croatia has ever produced.

33-year-old Blanka Vlasic has had an amazing career as a high jump specialist. She is arguably best known for her appearances in the 2008 and 2016 Olympic Games, where she captured the silver and bronze medals respectively. The Croatian beauty has also won gold medals in several other events including the World Indoor Championships, the World Athletic Finals, and the European Championships, just to name a few. She is also the daughter of famed Croatian decathlete Josko Vlasic. Fans of the gorgeous brunette will be relieved to know, that at present, she plans to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games.

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