Go Cowboys! Top 15 Most Sizzling Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Ever

With the exception of the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, all of the other twenty-six teams in the NFL have a cheerleading squad. However, while all of these teams indeed have a cheerleading squad, there's one team that has THE cheerleading squad of the NFL. This cheerleading squad is looked at as the gold standard of cheerleaders in the NFL similar to how the Los Angeles Lakers "Lakers Girls" are looked at as the gold standard of cheerleading within the NBA; this cheerleading squad is none other than the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Having been around for close to sixty years (established in 1960), the Cowboys Cheerleaders initially started as a male and female duo dubbed "Cowbelles & Beaux". Today, the squad solely consists of females (much to the pleasure of the majority of the male demographic and to the displeasure of the female demographic). There's no reason to explain why the Cowboys Cheerleaders are the envy of many (what's already known does not need to be explained). Here, we take a look at the 15 hottest Cowboys Cheerleaders of all-time.

16 Jinelle Esther


By way of Melbourne, Australia, should you be surprised that Jinelle Esther's favorite Dallas Cowboy of all-time is former Australian punter Mat McBriar? Probably not! A four-year veteran for the Cowboys, Esther wears many hats in addition to her cheerleading gig. She's also currently a receptionist, student and Zumba instructor. Talk about a busy beaver! Esther's junk food weakness is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and she's a big fan of Pitbull as she cites him as her celebrity crush. For many, not only are they trying to land their dream job, they're trying to figure out what exactly their dream job is. This isn't the case for Esther; Esther states that her dream job was working for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team and in this case she's quite literally living the dream!

15 Jessica Marie

A graduate of the same university as Larry Bird, Jessica Marie is a native of Cedar Rapids, Indiana. At Indiana State University, Marie majored in Accounting and she currently holds the profession of an Accountant in addition to cheering for the Cowboys. Prior to being on the sidelines of AT&T Stadium, Marie worked as a cheerleader in her home state of Indiana for the former team of Paul George, the Indiana Pacers. As a dancer for the Pacers, Marie had a particular unmemorable event that she'd like to forget for all eternity. In front of thousands of fans (considerably much lesser than that of the amount of fans at a football game), Marie was beaned by a loose basketball. Talk about adding insult to injury! Marie is also a big fan of any and every thing that's covered in chocolate when it comes to desserts.

14 Jenna Lené


Jenna Lené is a 23-year-old who's a five-year veteran for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Dancing since the age of four, Lené  is a native of Orange County, California, and is currently in the midst of obtaining her undergraduate degree as she majors in Communications. When she isn't cheering on the sidelines for the 'Boys or in the classroom working towards her degree, Lené finds herself indulging in television favorites Game of ThronesOrange is the New Black and The Walking Dead. Along with her television favorites, Lené is a big fan of Halloween as it mixes two of her favorite things- scary things and crazy makeup. She's also got quite the sweet tooth as she claims she's that member of the team that's always carrying candy with her!

13 Kelsey Lauren Bond

A rookie hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, Kelsey Lauren Bond is a fitness instructor (with a body like that, that's no surprise), in addition to being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Bond's favorite television exploits include The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. In addition to her television favorites, Bond's Hollywood crush includes Bradley Cooper whereas she'd pick the ever so lovable Jennifer Anniston to be her mother and would have Vince Vaughn play the role of father. Bond would pick Martin Luther King Jr as the one famous person (either dead or alive) that she'd most love to have dinner with so she could pick his brain on issues in society today as opposed to when he was living (safe to say, that'd be a conversation we'd all wish we could be a fly on the wall for).

12 Danielle Marie

From one Marie (Jessica Marie) to another Marie (Danielle Marie), Danielle Marie is a five-year veteran of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Prior to joining the Cowboys in 2012, Marie spent time on the sidelines for the step-sister New York franchise, the New York Jets from 2008-2011. Marie's a native of Long Island, New York and was practically tailor made to excel in dancing. Marie has sixteen years under her belt of competitive dance in a studio, four years under her belt dancing for her high school's varsity cheerleading team, her forenamed experience with the Jets and her ongoing experience with the Cowboys. If she had to pick five words to describe herself Marie would go with genuine, silly, passionate, loyal and determined. That sounds like a pretty good mix to me!

11 Jennifer Kathryne

A big fan of Kit-Kat bars and strawberry ice cream (who isn't), Jennifer Kathryne has been a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for four years now. A native of Frisco, Texas, the brunette with gorgeous blue eyes is a big fan of traveling, reading and cooking. Kathryne's favorite television show is Fixer Upper which is bittersweet considering that the show is apparently coming to an end after five seasons. While Kathryne can no longer look forward to new episodes of Fixer Upper perhaps she can resort to watching older cartoon episodes of both Disney's Doug and Nickelodeon's Doug as she cited Doug Funnie as being her favorite cartoon character of all-time. Kathryne's dream job isn't one you hear every day; she wishes to be an audiobook orator.

10 Erica Wilkins

For those wishing to "shoot their shot" with an elevator pitch to the beautiful Erica, good luck because well, Erica's biggest fear is actually getting trapped in an elevator! As a result, you're much more likely to see Erica resorting to taking the stairs or the escalator. Erica's been a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for three years running now and dabbles in a number of occupations. In addition to cheerleading, Erica's a nutritional consultant, a dance teacher and choreographer. Unsurprisingly, with her athleticism and work as a nutritional consultant she's a big fan of working out. Perhaps surprisingly, Erica's also a big writer with her having a particular interest in writing poetry. Her favorite Cowboy of all-time is a favorite Cowboy for many - Emmitt Smith.

9 Melissa Wallace

Having danced for the Dallas Cowboys from 2014-2017, it's safe to say I speak for everyone when I say Melissa Wallace is missed on the Cowboys sideline. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Wallace has a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and is putting that degree to good use as she's currently working as an Intern for a Biomechanics Lab. Wallace's favorite Dallas Cowboy of all-time is Darren Woodson and has an affinity for reading. In her own words, Wallace says she "reads all day, every day". Asides from her love for reading, Wallace's favorite food is pizza whereas her favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow sherbet. She's also a huge fan of science fiction movies and when you combine this with her love for reading, it's no surprise that she classifies herself as a "geek".


7 Amy L.


From the home of the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte, North Carolina, Amy L went to school at Oklahoma State University prior to becoming a member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Amy L has been with the team for two years now and like cheerleader Erica (and many others), her favorite Cowboy of all-time is RB Emmitt Smith. Along with being a Cowboys cheerleader, she's a dance instructor. Her favorite applications on her phone are Waze (as she claims to always be lost) and Spotify (as it comes in handy in her dance classes). Her favorite holiday is Christmas and her junk food weakness is pizza as she proclaims herself to be the "PIZZA QUEEN". As much as she loves Christmas and pizza, she despises bugs, as she particularly fears spiders and cockroaches.

6 Simone Collett

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Simone departed the "Lone Star State" in favor of the "Aloha State" for college. Simone was equally impressive in the classroom as she is on the sidelines cheerleading as she completed a double BA in Anthropology and Communications. Simone's been with the Cowboys for two years now and would pick Jim Carrey and Blake Lively to be her celebrity parents if she had the choice. The reason for her picking Carrey is because of both his charm and sense of humor. In Lively's case, Simone would pick the blonde bombshell because of both her beauty and poise. Simone also responds to the nickname of "Simon" as it's what she was dubbed by her friends as a child and a nickname that followed her to college and has stuck with her to this day as a Cowboys cheerleader.

5 Stephanie Michelle

An Accounts Payable Administrator by day, Stephanie comes to us from the "Cheese State", Wisconsin. For Packers fans upset that Stephanie is cheering for the Cowboys it might've helped if your team had a cheerleading team in the first place! Stephanie went to college at Milwaukee Area Technical College before becoming a member of the Cowboys cheerleading team; she's been a member for two years now. While back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Stephanie cheered for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. She also has a particular moment from that time period that she'd rather forget; during a t-shirt toss, Stephanie ended up launching the t-shirt that was inserted in the t-shirt cannon at the person right in front of her! Safe to say, that had to have left a mark!

4 KaShara Garrett

A native of Irvine, Kentucky, KaShara attended Eastern Kentucky University where she obtained her B.S. in Physical Education for Teaching. She's since put that degree to good use as she's a gymnastics and cheer instructor for Barre Fitness along with being a member of the DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders). KaShara has been with the team for two years now and is a big fan of Oreos and Starbursts (in particular the pink ones). KaShara owns two cats, Black and Betty and cites both her mother and father as being her two biggest inspirations in her life. Furthermore, she accredits this to both her parents being supportive of whatever direction she's chosen to go with in life. In addition to responding to KaShara, she also answers to the nickname "Kash".

3 Robin Danielle

With her favorite quote being, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13", it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Robin is a fan of Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry. (Or former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones?) Robin's been a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for two years now and is a big fan of Ben and Jerry's ice cream as she lists any of their flavors as being her favorite type of ice cream. Piggybacking on her love for Ben and Jerry's, she's also a big fan of jalapeño-flavored Cheetos and any and all that's sweet. In addition to living the dream as a Cowboys cheerleader, Robin's other dream jobs include being on Broadway and being a part of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

2 Amy T.

Earlier, we saw the beautiful Amy L, now we take a look at the gorgeous Amy T. Amy L's currently an MBA Graduate Student and Fitness Instructor in addition to cheering for the Cowboys. Prior to entering graduate school, Amy T attended the University of Missouri (she's also a Columbia, Missouri native) where she picked up her B.A. in Biomedical Engineering and added a minor in Computational Neuroscience to go alongside it. Considering that her favorite movie of all-time is Remember the Titans it's safe to say that Amy T's love of football isn't just on the sideline cheering but also for those on the gridiron playing the game as well. An FYI to Channing Tatum, if things don't work out with your stunning wife Jenna Dewan Tatum, give Amy T a ring as you're her celebrity crush!

1 Lacey

Last (and certainly not least), we have Lacey! From Southlake, Texas, Lacey's been a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) for three years now. When she's not cheering, Lacey's in the classroom as she's a part-time student or working as a dance teacher or working as a cycling instructor or working as a cryotherapy technician. Does this girl sleep?! Her favorite quote is one from the Bible and is as follows: “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” Lacey's a big fan of junk food that's sweet, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and Christmas.

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